PlayStation Home Redesign Coming This Thursday

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PlayStation Home Redesign Coming This Thursday

The next stage of PlayStation Home‘s evolution will arrive on your PS3 this Thursday, November 3rd. This enormous update integrates games, quests, community events and user-generated content, while providing players with additional navigation, shopping, socialization, and entertainment options.

This massive PlayStation Home redesign will launch with a number of new, free-to-play games, including:

  • Bootleggers ’29: Set in the seedy underbelly of the Roaring Twenties, this PlayStation Home exclusive first-person shooter found in the Action District pits cops vs. criminals in a Prohibition-era game of Capture the Cask. Boasting real-time multiplayer action, a variety of vintage weapons and unlockable rewards, and the unique ability to play as your PlayStation Home avatar, Bootleggers ’29 is a 100% free-to-play game that introduces a classic narrative to the modern shooter genre.
  • PlayStation Home Hold ‘Em: A series of backroom poker tables hosted in the brand new Sportswalk district, PlayStation Home Hold ‘Em squares players off in a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all battle of the bluffs. Only the best of the best will progress to the high stakes tables and collect all the prizes in this free version of the wildly-popular Texas Hold ‘Em card game.
  • PlayStation Home Sports Trivia: Test your sports expertise against the PlayStation Home community and unlock a series of themed rewards in this massive sports trivia game, found in the Sportswalk. Packed with over 10,000 trivia questions, this game will challenge the memories of even the most die-hard sports fans.
  • RC Rally: Build and customize your own remote controlled car and race against friends over multiple courses, performing stunts and tricks and unlocking numerous upgrades along the way. This fast-paced PlayStation Home original game can be found in the new Pier Park.
  • Cogs: A 3D version of Lazy 8 Studios award-winning Steampunk puzzle game, Cogs can be found in PlayStation Home’s new Hub. Build a variety of machines from sliding tiles and unlock exclusive PlayStation Home rewards in this highly-addictive puzzler.

PlayStation Home: Bootleggers '29

Bootleggers ’29 in PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home: Home Hold 'Em

Home Hold ‘Em

PlayStation Home: RC Rally

RC Rally in PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home: Cogs

Cogs in PlayStation Home

Your adventure will start at the Hub, which hosts a featured game front-and-center, an Activity Board that includes a robust questing and events system, and stores packed with games, personal spaces, and avatar enhancements. From there, players can navigate to genre-based Districts that are packed with exclusive games and content served up according to each player’s interests, style and game preference. The following game Districts and redesigned core spaces will be available tomorrow:

  • Action District: A gathering place for hardcore gamers, the Action District has a gritty, urban feel reminiscent of a first-person shooter level and provides a direct travel point to action and horror games. Visit the Action District this Thursday to play two classic PlayStation Home Total Game Integration events that allow players to unlock content in Killzone 3 and Dead Island.
  • Sportswalk: The Sportswalk has an exciting outside-the-stadium feel with instant major league sports scores, headlines and highlights and sports-themed games.
  • Adventure District: At the launch of the PlayStation Home redesign, the Adventure District will present the UNCHARTED 3: Fortune Hunter total game integration event, providing a third-person adventure experience including a partial recreation of the Yemen level from UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer mode and a cover-based shooting system complete with weapons and gameplay inspired by the hit series. Players can earn unlockable content that can be used in the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Blu-Ray Disc game as well as additional PlayStation Home rewards.
  • Pier Park: A waterfront boardwalk leads players to carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games. Take a ride on the Pier Park Ferris wheel or visit the arcade for more games.
  • PlayStation Home Theater: The PlayStation Home Theater sports an ultra-modern architectural design and hosts a wide range of videos programmed specifically for PlayStation gamers, including episodes of Pulse and Qore, trailers and interviews from the PlayStation Blog, and exclusive user-generated videos in the popular Community Theater.
  • PlayStation Home Mall: The all-new PlayStation Home Mall is loaded with thousands of pieces of content from some of the most popular game and entertainment IPs in the world. Shop for PlayStation Home games, extravagant personal spaces, costumes, clothing items and other avatar enhancements, and tons more in the redesigned Mall.
  • PlayStation Home Hub

    PS Home: Action District

    PlayStation Home: Sportswalk

    PlayStation Home: Play Pier

    With more than 230 ready-to-play games, upwards of 10,000 virtual items, and new community events happening every day of the week, PlayStation Home is the place that the PlayStation community gathers to play a wide range of games with their friends. Whether you are a seasoned member of the community or someone that hasn’t visited PlayStation Home in a while, never has there been a better time to come into PlayStation Home join up with our community of millions of passionate PlayStation gamers.

    See you in Home!

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  • How will playing the games in home help unlock stuff for dead island and Killzone 3?
    Will you have a competition of some sort or find codes somewhere?

  • Ugh i feel stupid becuz i asked someone else about this information before coming and seeing it verified here lol…..but i do have a question that i do not believe that i have seen asked or answered here yet. Specifically, with this new update, is there going to be something in place that will prevent members of home from freezing the servers using the various merging glitches? I know that many people have given up home after having data corruption issues from simply being frozen over and over in various locations in home. I myself have forgone going to many places because of it. I sincerely hope that this issue is being addressed becuz as i understand it, and as i have seen done, the person doing the freezing notifies his frends at the location about it, and they are able to avoid the freeze by going into the navi to a specific spot…they then get the ok thru a message and they come out of the navi and they are the only ones in the space. Please tell me that this is going to be addressed with this update, and I would love to be able to enjoy the new stuff without being frozen out repeatedly.

    Thanks for all your hard work and attention to us! And next time, I wanna beta test something! How do i get an offer to help?

  • Does this include a graphics upgrade?

    PS Home is great, but I’d like to see the graphics as high as possible.

  • @ goodtimecat You go into your wardrobe to prevent yourself from being frozen, problem is you don’t know when to come out. The people who freeze are doing it with outfits they merged with a hack and now the outfits are saved in their presets. Short of permanently banning anyone they see freezing. I don’t really see any way to fix it other than forcing everyone to delete their preset outfits, when the core client updates again or something. Even that may not work if the person can just save their presets on a flashdrive or something.

  • Will I be able to access Home with Vita?

  • If they don’t speed it up …. i don’t care about this at all


  • Dear Playstation,

    I appreciate the effort you have put into this. The environments look great and I think some of the new functionality is interesting. Recent PSN updates have also made PS3 much nicer to use (auto download, etc.).

    HOWEVER, despite the fact that Playstation and PSN have many improved features, some of which work well, the primary problem with Playstation is that it is still a completely segmented experience. It feels like every feature for PS is made in its own little bubble; oblivious to everything going on with the other features (in terms of look and functionality).

    In short, all of these good features (Home, Playstation Store, Online Play, Friends, Trophies, etc.), need to feel like one continuous experience.

    Xbox Live, even though it doesn’t have all the features PS does, still feels way better and easier to use than PS, because it is all made as one easy-to-understand, seamless (both visually, and functionally) experience.

    Your response would be appreciated.

    – Daniel

  • I’d really love it if we had the Macross Frontier Valkyrie that sat in the Japanese Central Plaza over the Summer… guess it’ll never happen now.

    Still, looking forward to the makeover. I was in the beta and it was pretty impressive. Glad the doors are finally opening to the rest of the virtual world.

  • RIP Central Plaza. You will be deeply missed.

  • Hello Locust_Star

    Last night, I bought The Scary Achits Skeleton Mariachi Band. I thought be small skeleton mariachi band. So big and skeleton mariachi band play music like mexican. I love it. Dia de los Muertos. I can wait tomorrow playstation home new.

  • @Talgron
    Then that is going to be a crying shame. I am no prophet, but I am gonna tell you that tomorrow is not going to be the success that Sony is hoping it will be. I have heard talk all week about how they are going to tie up the servers via freezing them just so they can play the new games being offered. All of the merged outfits I have seen thus far include the android. If that is the case, then that outfit needs to be removed. Idk….the whole thing is sad to me….the rumor is going around that there is going to be a patch for it tonight, so of course everyone and anyone who knows how to do it is doing it tonight thinking its their last hurrah. Why hasnt LS responded to this ? THIS is something more than a passing issue. I would really like to hear something more than…they know about it and are working on it….

  • Goodbye old playstation home.

  • Glad to see that the HUB becomes official tomarrow. I was in the BETA for it and it was and is going to be awesome. Things I definatly can’t wait to try out is the RC Rally and the Hold Em Poker. Also will the people who were in the HUB BETA get the other Quest Costume? I chose the Military items but I am wanting the Smuggler items also. Tomarrow is going to be Amazing.

  • I still think a KB or just play station commercial is needed for this great great update I love Home and I’m sure this update is going to bring a whole lot more users to the home experience

  • That looks really good.

    Are there any enhancements to launching a game directly from home?

    Any chance of making HOME a permanent option to handle all of your PS3 features instead of the XMB? Not a replacement but an option to use either as the default interface.

  • Man, I wish I was back in the states so that I can try this out. This update is MASSIVE! I never thought a third person shooter game would be possible in Home. Home has come a looooooooong way. I remember when home only had the Plaza, a theater, and a bowling alley. Look at it now.

  • @ goodtimecat Unfortunately the home team doesn’t seem to respond to criticism, even if its helpfull constructive criticism. You probably won’t get anything more than we are addressing this issue outta them, which to me is code for we ain’t doing jack. I know what you mean about them freezing more tonight i just got frozen not 5 mins ago. As far as the merges go I don’t know what they have merged, it could very well be the android but i suspect there are more than one merge that freezes people but I have seen people walking around with android merged with normal clothes and no freeze. I’ve also seen people walking around with missing body parts, Unfortunately I think in the end to fix this freeze problem for good, we will all have to suffer by losing something, be it some costumes or having our presets forcefully deleted. Its not like home hasn’t taken stuff away from you before. Anyone seen their minis light lately? Hell the same people have been asking what happend to their Chris Angel coffin for months and not a single reply.

  • Network connection error D3505 Goodbye.

  • I wish the developers could see us. We was all standing on the bench. Full. Saying our goodbyes to the plaza. We will miss it. Then boom. We all counted down and disconnected. Proud memory that we will have of the last plaza.

    So long, farewell, and goodbye old PlayStation Home.

    Greetings new PlayStation Home.

    I made my last goodbye and played the pumpkin game one last time.

    Error Code:

  • Can’t wait to see it! Been excited about it since I first learned about it a while back. Props to everyone who’s working / worked on it!

  • This looks like it might be the best update yet but, I have a feeling I will look at my central rock and remember all the good time I had there. Now it is time to have good time in the Hub and move forward.

  • With the merged outfit thing the easiest fix is for everyone else that is annoyed by it then start reporting the people that are doing it. I have no interest in hacks, mods or anything of the sort. The only thing I miss is the game shark for after I beat a game but with the trophies I understand why it went away. So to all other PS Home users out there if you see a person using the outfit merge thing then go through and I report them ok.

  • Great to finally see it going live, guys!

    On a side note – it’s not a secret how much a lot of us will miss CP. Read @16 and Locust’s reply and had to chime in. My idea? Make some money on it and release it as an expensive personal space in the future ;)

    I know I’d buy that!

    Either way, thanks for the continued work to make Home an ever more enjoyable gaming “social network”, don’t forget that some of us still realize how much work this is, and we appreciate it. Thanks for the beta invite as well! Surprised it’s going live so fast! :)


  • I bet everyone is excited for the release! It was so much fun testing this before release and i cant wait to see what else is coming! Thanks Locust Star!!!

  • + canup101 on November 3rd, 2011 at 1:40 am said:

    With the merged outfit thing the easiest fix is for everyone else that is annoyed by it then start reporting the people that are doing it. I have no interest in hacks, mods or anything of the sort. The only thing I miss is the game shark for after I beat a game but with the trophies I understand why it went away. So to all other PS Home users out there if you see a person using the outfit merge thing then go through and I report them ok.


    dude you seriously need to stop being so up in other peoples business.

  • Really nice PS I loved the beta but I love the ful looks ten times beter just asking will they feep the old CP for special times only.

  • + monster_boss on November 3rd, 2011 at 3:31 am said:

    + canup101 on November 3rd, 2011 at 1:40 am said:

    With the merged outfit thing the easiest fix is for everyone else that is annoyed by it then start reporting the people that are doing it. I have no interest in hacks, mods or anything of the sort. The only thing I miss is the game shark for after I beat a game but with the trophies I understand why it went away. So to all other PS Home users out there if you see a person using the outfit merge thing then go through and I report them ok.


    dude you seriously need to stop being so up in other peoples business.



  • lol and you too – Aeryn_James on November 3rd, 2011 at 4:04 am.
    if i was to worry about what everyone else is doing, then i wouldnt have fun glitching and playing games in home. so if you want to be an Ophra then dont sniff around me. i dont play that game.

  • Home is not working for me, it says essential maintenance whats going on?

  • i dont think it will be open till 11am pst – 2pm est

  • I agree what all Theundertaker….had to say….please take his idea…into consideration…And I have something to add…It’s good that we getting this New HOme..starting in the right direction, but please don’t stop here..This may be a Big step..but you all have plenty more to work on…as far as avatar upgrades…more dances,emotes,etc/..and We need You-tube or Netflix/movies of our own…to share and enjoy with our friends in our paid apartments..MUSIC OFF OUR HARD-DRIVE..I think we deserve the best of things…because we spend a lot of money on here..But…keep up the good work…and just listen to make Home what it was before……….Big ups to the new hub….

  • *hopes for wayback events; weeklong flashbacks to the older Spaces that have since left us (sans, unfortunately, the Irem trio)*

    Hope the maintenance is over before I have to turn in for the day!

  • Firstly i have to say “I LOVE PS HOME” ok now let’s see the hub looks real nice but be afraid be very afraid,if you are expecting a nice smooth ps home experience then forget it be prepared for lot’s of lag,slow loading times,error’s in the store’s,space’s freezing and having to reboot,people merging clothes and freezing server’s,idiot’s running round and acting like they are 12 years old,etc etc etc (said in the voice of The King Of Siam).I doubt you will ever get what you ask for i.e streaming music,video’s or movie’s to personal space’s.Too many copyright issues i should think.

  • Can’t wait! It’s about time..sick of the beta people bragging. Lol.

  • I wasn’t on the beta but it looks awesome cant wait to have it in my PS3

  • The forums are down until 11PDT and I can’t hear all the chatter about the new Hub space(s). So I logged in to the blog and to see if tolks are talking here. Nope… nothing.

    I want to hear all about it, build my excitement so when it’s my turn, I’ll either be satisfied (or sadly disappointed). Can’t Wait!

  • It’s great 3 network error’s,2 frozen server’s and 1 game of poker that booted one player then froze 30 minutes later,and guess what i’m not dissapointed it’s just as assumed it would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL Wow so ok I just tried this supposed ” New” PS Home and it’s the same as it’s always been just with a different coat of paint . Slow,laggy,freezing,etc etc .

    I won’t bother with it again unless I need to spend a few cents like I did last month in order to qualify for that $10 credit(which I still haven’t received even tho my friends have) .

  • Pretty neat, but it’s still rather slow for loading.

  • Unfortunately Talgon is right, homes dare I say it “management” ignores bug reports as a matter of routine. As we can all see in the very comments here only the brown nosing comments get replies which is par for the course. As for those deliberately glitching the servers causing people to lockup or crash nothing has been done and thats likely to continue in the foreseeable future. Someone suggested permabanning offenders is the only cure but that isn’t true. Home should’ve been patched to prevent this already. If those doing the work on home had done the minimum of due diligence it would’ve been done. Theres no excuse for it. Nor is there an excuse for home as a whole still being in beta 3+ years later. Its long ceased to be about “beta testing” home. It’s now an excuse since when something invariably goes wrong we get the excuse “its only a beta we don’t have to do jack”. And yes I fully expect the same small handful of trolls to pop up defending the mess as “its free so you can’t complain”. Well heres a newsflash for you. It isn’t free! guess where the money comes from? it comes from all of us who spend money on home and other products which do produce a profit.

  • lol, so many people on trying the new spaces that i can’t even connect :(

  • lol @145 – by the way…it is free, no one is forcing you to buy sht…its your choice and you chose to pay for it….so dont be complaining that its not free…and look at minecraft, been in alpha and beta for how long?? about 4 years. beta means there are not yet satisfied with the game to call it a full game. and thus means it will have bugs and content updates i,e, the hub update. and the reason the new update is lagging on the first day….well DUH do people not know how many are trying to download/ sign in to home! beta testing to fix bugs but not mass amount of people lag. theres no way to avoid it, people are impatient

  • why home freeze everytime my Ps3? do you never fix home bugs?

  • I have been in the NEW Home for about an hour and 4 network erros so far, which i dont mind considering is the first day, However, this “New ” Home Experience feels like the old Experience, you know
    ” Clear the Cache” “Stay Tune ” “We dont have no news to share at this moment ” ” we are working on it “.
    All this New Home got , was a brand new Face, but the lagging , the freezes and annoying people asking
    “Yo, wanna be in my Family ” remains, we need a lounge , a space if you will , for adults and im not talking about any Hanky Panky, im talking about Adults having conversations about whats going on in the world , and not LiL wayne`s rapping with whoever.
    Its been said time and time again, since late 2009 about the 50 items limit and the 2 active items, and nothing has been Done, The Basic Clubhouse has a feauture that you can change clothes without living the place, whats stopping you from making a personal space with the same characters ?

  • If we have Qriocity and we pay for the songs , why not make it so that we are able to listen to those songs in Home , in our Personal spaces , so we dont get bore out of our minds, the same with those useless TV`s in some of my personal spaces, we dont get YouTube or any feature except for trailers of a minute and a half that repeit themselves over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again .
    I also have receive feedback from a lot of people , and they all say the same thing , The ” New ” public spaces are too SMALL .
    and to finish with this, where is the Home Kiosk , i dont want to be going from Store to Store to see whats NEW , bring it back if you will.

  • Glad PS Home is back and all, but same as what someone asked earlier, where’s my Uncharted 3 Nathan outfit code? I know you said that Amazon, is responsible for the distribution of the codes, but I guess what we would appreciate is if some staff from PS Home could contact Amazon and give them a heads up about the extra pre-order bonus. Any attempt on our part to contact customer service simply gets a confused response of, “We don’t know what you’re talking about” and “You should contact Sony.” Basically, both PS Home and Amazon are giving us the run around. Maybe Sony’s people could contact the Amazon people that they actually set this up with and reminded them that “Hey, we gave you these codes to give out.”

  • The new Play Station Home looks stunning!

  • let us get into the stadium in sports walk please?

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