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Nov 04

Nov 04

UPDATED: Upcoming Change to PlayStation 3 and PSP Game Content on PlayStation Network

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

UPDATE: On November 17th (Pacific Time), the PlayStation network will undergo maintenance. Once this maintenance window has completed, the new policy will apply. If you want to purchase content under the current rules, please do so before this maintenance begins on November 17th.

We’d like to inform you of some upcoming changes to the usage policies for PlayStation Network game content. As of November 18, 2011, the number of devices that can be activated on one PlayStation Network account for game content purchased from the PlayStation Store will be updated as follows:

For game content purchased after November 18, 2011, a new policy will apply and the number of devices that can be activated will be as follows:

  • PS3: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PS3 systems.
  • PSP: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PSP systems.

Please note that this update will not affect game content purchased before November 18. The PSP rights include PSP-1000/2000/3000 series as well as the PSPgo system.

PlayStation Network users are able to change the activation setting through each device, and Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.

For more details on how to activate/deactivate the devices, please visit here or contact consumer services.

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iS33theTRUTH said:

November 9th, 6:02 pm

Also, for those people going accept what you have, please shut up. Before you know it, it’ll be down to one system and you’ll say “well, it’s better than 0” People like you make me angry. I have an Xbox account and we have been through all the junk theat Microsoft has put us through. Hate to see it happen here too becuase you guys settle for less. Haven’t you learned in school that you deserve the best? We are the customers. We hold the power. If they do stupid stuff to us, we must rebel.

That’s just what I think. Don’t mean to offend people.

scarlx said:

November 9th, 7:59 pm

sony, i bet u understood why people rage rite? 3 is still acceptable but 2 is pushing the edge. i bet there’s like thousand of angry comments that has not been published here.. u’re going to allow more hacking on ps3 with this attitude.

at least with 5 they are still paying for games. soon they won’t.

EnDeRzGaMe07 said:

November 9th, 11:39 pm

I have a hunch that S0NY’s planned this all along to start it @ keeping it only for 2 ps3 Systems purposely [2 b safe.] They say you can”activate 2 PS3 systems” rt now. KNOWING how many complain they get to bump it up to “3” systems. S0NY wants to keep this feature as low as possible knowing how many people would be complaining rt now by their Selfish decision. Which is why they didn’t say “PS3: Users will be able to play the game on up to 3 activated Ps3 systems” because they known the whole time “WE” the public would of been complaining why not “4.” If my hunch is wrong, then S0NY is SINFULLY GREEDY, and BAD KARMA will bring them DOWN.

EnDeRzGaMe07 said:

November 10th, 12:03 am

I have to Tnx Kiki 4 telling me to post the comment above #901 for em’ about S0NY b/c it seems Kiki’s comments won’t show up at all or it would pop up w/in 24hrs after being posted. I ALSO DN’T agree w/ SONY Pushing one of the best feature too 2 systems, so what’s Next S0NY you gonna start charging Us to PLAY ONLINE NEXT MONTH OR ON NEW YEAR’S DAY (OR NEXT YEAR) b/c your not make Enough $$$ @fter the18th? I have a [X], so I’m not too worried… XP

I See your also PUSHING BACK NOV 18th Date of PSN D00MzDAY to the NOV 17th Maintenance -WHAT A LOW BLOW S0NY THIS IS S0 UNCALLED 4…
You COWARD (Eric Lempel) so Much for being a Director of Network Operations when you can’t even answer our ?’s personally on Your Blog =]

chamocandela said:

November 10th, 1:57 am

hi SONY, yes I posted this before but not answer from you, so here it goes again:
“I just bought MW3 elite which includes all the maps to be released after nov 18. Will I be able to play them in 5 ps3s because I purchased them before Nov 18?. Or, will it be 2 ps3s because the maps will be downloaded after Nov 18?”

EnDeRzGaMe07 said:

November 10th, 3:46 am

@ chamocandela

S0NY’s blogmen have stopped answering, so they aren’t going to answer any questions on THIS Blog. You should try asking ur Question on the COD Elite blog. I already kno the answer tho, and it sux b/c even tho you pre-order the DLC for MW3 b4 Nov 18, the dlc won’t be given out to u b4 den. They r releasing it on Nov 18th date purposely [Sony won’t release it b/c the producers want to make money on people who dn’t preorder it. or own the dlc you’ve purchase.]
so to answer your question:
No, you won’t b able to put it on multiple ps3 you could only put that dlc on 2 ps3 max b/c they now pushed the update 1day forward, so when maintenance begins on Nov 17th the Update will take place when you log in after maintenance ends

limalha-de-ferro said:

November 10th, 4:01 am

this is so wrong, i mean, WTF????
if i pay for the game and i have 10 Playstations, why can´t i play on all of them??? i payed for the game dammit :S

this is another [DELETED] up move from sony to further “improve” their costumer service…

…if only the internet could convey the irony in these words :)

stupid sony, this is why people stopped buying games you idiots!!!!!

T5144891169 said:

November 10th, 6:19 am

Nobody expect should expect a reply from Sony.
Sony attitude if people screaming at us we stay out of it.
They caused started this debate but will not participate in it.

Said before people 5 ps3 same as should be allow to keep them as long IP for all system match.
I think try to punish account sharers but just going about it the wrong way.
I am not genius but could show few simple tricks to stop account sharing in 10 minutes
If like believe account sharing issue they already tools need to limit/stop this but their IT guys just to smart.
I am not affected by the change but think Sony going about this the wrong.

Sony does loose alot $$$ with account sharing.

T5144891169 said:

November 10th, 6:23 am

Nobody expect should expect a reply from Sony.
Sony attitude if people screaming at us we stay out of it.
They caused started this debate but will not participate in it.

Said before people 5 ps3 same as should be allow to keep them as long IP for all system match.
I think they are trying to punish account sharers but just going about it the wrong way.
I am not genius but could show them few simple tricks to stop account sharing in 10 minutes
For the account sharing issue they already have the tools need to limit/stop this but their IT guys are just not that smart.
I am not affected by the change but think Sony going about this the wrong.

Sony does loose alot $$$ with account sharing.

1 person buy’s the game and share via same account 4 of buddies accross town is wrong at least for me.

pariah164 said:

November 10th, 8:12 am

Okay, so where can I de-activate one of my PSPs?


November 10th, 8:48 am

Well it’s simple when the 3ds came out @ a whopping $250 bones with no online,netflix or nintendo ead made games it sold accordingly and nintendo dropped the price-SONY SHOULD LEARN FROM THIS as WE DO HOLD THE POWER and if we IGNORE psn the MESSAGE will be loud n CLEAR to sony that we the customers CONTROL what HAPPENS-SHEEP who get led around by anyone need not apply,because no matter how badly treated they’ll keep coming back,LOYAL CUSTOMERS WON’T.

dilbig5 said:

November 10th, 11:23 am

You peopel still complaining? Dang, I hope they would make it like the PSP and can only use the content downloaded from that account only on that account.


November 10th, 4:37 pm

@ dilbig5 when ps3 hadn’t won the HD format war sony was touting it’s media center features and AFTER blu ray defeated hd-dvd you could have a bedroom,main room and rec room bd player but if you felt like it they could ALL be PS3’S and sony encouraged this connected home mentality so because i have 1 psn account and 3 ps3 systems i’m screwed by the same people who said go forth and set it up that way.

Counting Vita as a “psp” is another mistake because if i had 2 kids and myself owned a vita i could put games on all 3 but if you didn’t know vita was supposed to be able to take full ps3 psn games on road trip’s but now if i own 2 ps3 systems 1 must be deactivated for me to take even pac man ce dx with me.

Why sony’s doing this i get perfect strangers can rip off content providers by sharing illicitly “bought” games but
the hard core croud are not the sheep sony can lead around unfortunately dilbig5 you seem to belong to the sheep crowd believing anything you’re told then defending the undependable people who are striping away part of what being a media center was all about.

Kon-sama1491 said:

November 10th, 7:11 pm

I’m not gonna go on rampage and “LOLLLOOL im gonna sell all my sony stuff” like some people almost did here, but im really dissapointed, i used to support your consoles since ever, every people i talk to that is into gaming, i used to praise your consoles sometimes to a “fanboy” stance, i even persuaded a friend to sell its 360 with a lot of games to get a PS3, and trust me he was a Xbox fanboy, and dont worry, before someone goes “you shaerd with him” no i haven’t, he has his account and me mine.

And yet you manage to keep pulling things from your loyal people. Surely im not gonna sell my PSPs nor my PS3 i totally enjoy using them, nut im not gonna support like i did, certainly im not getting a vita despite how awesome it looks, like i posted around here before, who knows which of its features will turn out to be time limited like with the PS3, and i decide this not, for the act (the account limit) itself, but for the way you treat your loyal consumers, i know you might have lost a lot of money by pirates, it just sucks, but that doesn’t give you the right to treat every one like if we were, of course until you add it to your always changing TOS

shermanator98 said:

November 11th, 5:34 am

so i can dl my cod maps that i bought b4 the 17th 5 times? or 2?

T5144891169 said:

November 11th, 7:00 am

Before the maintenance on the 17th you can download it on up to 5 ps3 but after maintenance of 17th is complete it’s only available for 2 ps3

Uzumaki_Adilson said:

November 11th, 8:24 am

Damn, Sony. Why only two PS3s and two PSPs system allowed to play the games from the store? This will do any good? KEEP THE GOOD AND OLD FIVE! You’ll keep receiving the payment for the games! Now people will stop buying! I have 2 PS3s and one DIED due to the precious red screen of death of this system of yours, so, how can i deactivate that thing?! DAMMIT!
This site will EVER be made?
Let the people share the games, what’s the bad thing on that?
Seriously, i’m starting to deslike this company…

RavenSPe said:

November 11th, 10:59 am

They are once again hurting honest consumers and it does not affect pirates. I personally have 4 PS3s and now two will be downgraded come Nov. 18. I’m a large purchaser with over 150 digital games and can no longer justify purchasing PSN content.

I already made the investments into multiple consoles and am now being punished. So for the first time I will now be advocating the use of homebrew for those who had already owned 3 or more PS3’s. It is SONY that has devalued my purchases and has forced my hand to find an alternative use for the consoles.

So should a jailbreak become available for firmware 3.73 (I will not be updating them further) then I too will be a homebrew user. Sad sad time to be an honest consumer.

Kiki_blaze5789 said:

November 11th, 12:10 pm

I got this NEW answer from a S0NY employee (keeping this member’s name anonymous.) I now know if you own multiples like (four systems) with the same users on all four (say your main 2 ps3 are at home (point “A”), and the other 2 ps3 are at your family/friends (point “B”).) You would have to deactivate the “2” Ps3 at home (point “A”) before heading over to point “B” to activate the “2” Ps3 with the same user name (that has the same Sign-In ID from point “A”.) Likewise, before returning back to your destination (home) you would have to do the same process before leaving (Otherwise you won’t be able to Log-in ONLINE at point “A”.)

Kiki_blaze5789 said:

November 11th, 12:24 pm

Here’s a Good Question, I’m pretty sure even one of S0NY’s employee can answer this:
It was never answered to begin with when the blog got posted (maybe no one thought of it or maybe I over looked the answer), but here it goes… So what happens if I travel, or visit a family member/friend – do I now have to deactivate my (1) ps3 (from point “A”) before going over to the new location (point “B”)? When I get to my new destination do I have to reactivate my (1) Ps3 (same system from “A” location) just because the IP address will change (when going online with the “same user” on the “same system” but “different location”) on my Ps3 at point “B”? If the answer is YES, THIS WILL BE A WAIST OF MY TIME WHEN I”M BE RUSHED OUT! So if I don’t hear from someone with authority soon (assuming S0NY’s blogmen has given up answering us) to this question I’m going to have to ask one of S0NY’s employee personally. (I well then come back with the answer soon and post it for you all to see “IF” I don’t get my answer on this BLOG.)

Kon-sama1491 said:

November 11th, 2:51 pm

ok i posted something similar in siliconera, but i’ll post here so any of sony people could read it (hopefully), now it makes sense why you lowed the number for PSP too, with that “PSP to digital” program for vita people could take a serious advantage, by buying a used UMD, register it and then he’d have 6 copies by paying way less, instead if the user has a UMD and register it, he is getting, in a technical way “his free game and paying for the second download”, endinbg up with 3 “legit” games.

If you made rhis clear since you posted this announce (hopefully this is the real reason why you’re doing this) it would have made a lot of sense and could have avoided many rampage, mine included.

Also that vita PSP games improve sounds really nice, and guess i went of topic -_-‘

Drunk_Nun said:

November 11th, 3:45 pm

What kind of a company takes away features and actively devalues it’s own devices? I’m trading my third PS3 for an Xbox since it’s useless now. This company is going downhill fast and completely removed any reason to buy a Vita. Well, unless you want to make your other devices useless. What a joke!

This doesn’t even affect pirates and is completely a non issue to them. As far as game sharers, now it’s easier than ever to share PSN games, you just take turns activating each others system to an infinite number. And most PSN games are completed in about 2-8 hrs max so I could get through dozens of games/activations weekly.

The only ones this effects are the honest consumers! I hope your company changing its mind before it’s too late, you’ll rot with Netflix in club greed and ignorance.

MTK4355 said:

November 11th, 8:49 pm

Gamesharing and piracy are legitimate issues, but this is not the way to fix it. Too many innocent casualties.. It won’t affect me, (1 Ps3 and 1 PSP with a Vita preordered) but I still will not support it. Physical media for me from now on. Be reasonable Sony, make it 3 and keep a lot of loyal customers.

To everybody that admitted to game sharing on this blog…… Seriously?! What were you thinking? How is that improving our argument against this unreasonable change?

Get a job and pay for your own games! You brought this down on everyone, and you come here trying to justify your actions to the people you are stealing from in front of all the people who will be affected by the consequences of your actions…

Just Brilliant.


November 11th, 9:19 pm

Well as someone who has multi ps3’s on a wireless router which may change the ip address when it “expires” and generate a new ip address i would certainly expect better from sony. IMHO between 360 and ps3 most of 360’s innovation is found in xbla and some kinnect games while sony has been blazing a trail of innovation with disc based games like team ico’s fine work,3d dot game,uncharted and psn games and because of this fiasco with multi-ps3’s i believe sony might make this like copy protected saves and part of plus.

Basic free psn gets 2 systems but plus gets the full Monte,which is sad because real features like dedicated servers for every game,cross game chat and a bigger cloud would be a much better insensitive to join ps +.

BTW a 3rd,4th or 5th ps3 isn’t useless as they’re still a bd player-xbox is not though if sony does screw you it’s not good for psn but to play online it’s $59 a yr with xbox and no netflix or hulu without gold.


November 11th, 9:48 pm

What a year for sony/playstation fans because 1st there was the hacker attack,then they were more than inept @ admitting anything and finally psn burned-went offline.

So apparently now is the best time to take more away from fans,isn’t this supposed to be the season of giving not
so what else can we take away from the most “valued” customers.

Not since ps3 arrived with sony execs touting it’s power and saying,”work harder or get a 2nd job” because it launched @ $499/599 have they been so awful to their fans.

Yes other os shouldn’t have been an option if it was a security threat and while bc was nice ps2 games weren’t really HD lookers and cheap HD remakes with trophy support has made up for bc’s absence but this move is the worst of all though sony might set the bar extra low to gauge to reaction and adjust accordingly,IMHO someone thought it’d be a great idea to make this plus specific so “fans” and people this would affect most would shell out if they haven’t already for auto sync trophies and coping of protected data but ps + is still a preferred shopper club more than anything.

chevano said:

November 12th, 7:35 am

Well today came 2 of i guess last 4 pre orders i will do @ sony for now and maybe forever, i am stil thinking about it.
I still feel misused by sony on this.

I am a big spending loyal customer and don’t deserve to be treated like a criminal.

What is really bugging me ,that there is nobody who can answer out questions here, they just let us all down.

About 40 procent of my friendslist will not buy any dlcanymore, and thats over 90 procent i talked to, and their friendslist will do the same, so sony do your math and see how much you lose on this stupid idea.


November 13th, 2:45 pm

This is BS they have to stop taking away features that us gamers were given to begin with. Little by little they are taking away all of the good things that we had.
I guess thats why they dont say “It only does everything” anymore because soon it will do nothing.

CaptainJames99 said:

November 14th, 10:40 am

Heres some facts as a recap:
1) eric lempel has not made a single reply here or anywhere on the blog or forums since this was posted.
2) he sends his excecutive assistant or whatever to reply for him
3) the only people are the right wing crazies who should be heavily medicated not representing Sony.
4) nobody who is a PS3 owning gamer supports this.
5) it is wholly designed to make multiple SP3 households to pay multiple times for the same Downloads.
6) it won’t stop piracy as has been erroneously alleged
7) piracy is already far less on PS3 than all of its competitors, even less than the PSP.
8) Many of those who have stood up for themselves have been abused by cowards and censored.
9) The only defense offered by the howling trolls is to call us criminals because we stand up for whats right.

These facts are not in dispute. There is no evidence to the contrary. What this shows is that this company is lack of integrity and extreme cowardice. The biting of the hands that feed them through this embezzelment is beyond words to describe. Since a large part of the PS3 userbase is well under 18 this is flat out stealing from children and doing so heading into the christmas season. Grinch is an understatement.

CaptainJames99 said:

November 14th, 10:45 am

Here’s something else to remember. I’ve already heard statements that there are fresh hacking attempts against PSN over this matter. I have not participated in those since I chose not to. But Sony has once again made itself a target. Just remember this, neither the public nor government regulators will tolerate another month long full outage like that in april. I really don’t care what happens to the company at this point but anybody who owns a PS3 or PSP should protect themselves. Don’t leave your credit info, SSN or anything else important exposed on this network. I won’t be using a CC here ever again. But with this going on I won’t be using PSN cards either. Better safe than sorry.

Qmoney88 said:

November 15th, 7:00 am

I have never seen a bigger group of immature whiners before in my life. Ask yourselves this, how many consoles can you share content with on any other system? You all do realize that with every piece of dlc and game released on the psn, sony and associated devs are potentially missing out on 4 sales per item. The fact that they let this go on for as long as they did is amazing, and still having the ability to share with one other ps3 is more than any other console offers at the moment. If there werent websites dedicated to creating groups purely for sharing purposes, thus abusing the system, this probably would never have happened. But your right, how dare sony actually make everyone PAY for their own content. Im also glad that some of you are considering no longer supporting sony, less whiny [DELETED] on psn.

EntropyMu said:

November 15th, 8:03 am

The flexibility of your old policy was the reason I chose to buy a Playstation 3 instead of an xbox 360. Now their policy is actually better for me, as I can play all of the content I buy whenever I log in on another xbox. I won’t be able to do that with your crummy account handling.

Good luck with your next system.

Zoidzerg said:

November 15th, 9:09 pm

So torn. Buy some games now so I can enact my boycott after the change? Or do not buy them since I may be done with PSN. Only 3 more days to decide!

TheTenth said:

November 16th, 5:47 am

I had a YLOD on my 60Gb in july 2009, sent it and got a refurbished console (not the same one) back, the first one wasn’t deactivated
I got a YLOD last week, I intend to buy a slim now, but I can’t deactivate the second PS3, will I be able to use my PSN on the new one??? It’s not much about the downloaded games, but the friends list, trophies …
And even if the PS3s can be deactivated online, I don’t have the serial number of the first one so I couldn’t deactivate it anyway … (maybe a Sony guy could find it for me?)

Jdurg said:

November 20th, 9:07 pm

With a properly designed website, and enhancements to the XMB, this could work out quite nicely and only impact the abusers. On their website, they need to make it so that there are no limitations to the frequency of activations, and give us the ability to selectively activate/deactivate media from specific consoles.

Sony also needs to enhance the XMB so that we can quickly activate an existing, online console and de-activate a specific DLC item with only a few button clicks. With the two console limitation, it would be like one purchase is equal to two physical discs. As long as activation/deactivation is quick and simple to do, it won’t hurt legitimate users but will severely hurt the abusers.

The key thing is that this needs to be done right. Make it easy, don’t put limitations to the frequency of activation/deactivation, and let us quickly activate/deactivate specific DLC from our consoles.

muppetmanone said:

November 21st, 8:11 pm

Sony really seem to be testing the patience of it’s customers and the patience seems to be running out. There are other ways, far more simple ways of stopping game sharing. Maybe limiting the game downloaded on a system to the user account that downloaded it rather than letting every user on that system have access to the content. The way Sony have gone about this is just going to discourage people from using digital content from the PS Store.
I’m also on my 3rd PS3 with no way of deactivating the other two so I’m hoping they go through and create a deactivation site soon… about time they thought of it.

gymnastKQ said:

November 21st, 9:36 pm

So is it down to 2 now? I haven’t seen anything about it since that last update.
I just don’t get why sony keeps replying with peoples questions on what they do when they have 3 or more ps3s and sony says you will be able to activate/deactivate through ps3s and PC, but i’m pretty sure they are asking if they are going to have to buy 2 copies of DLC’s now or just stop buying online all together. Or if you can deactivate and then activate another ps3 now you have to re-download, the DLC you want to play with. Well with a crappy wifi connection like I have, there goes my night, having to download 500 mb that takes 3-4 hours. I do understand they want to stop ‘abusers’ but it just seems to me that its affecting quite a lot of true sony fans that have nothing but sony products (ps3s, PSP’s…) in there houses and cabins, or second houses, which I am sure they are most willing to buy DLCs for games that they like, but more likely not twice, or constantly re-download things.

hatchin87 said:

November 22nd, 8:06 am

I don’t know if this comment will ever be seen or answered but I’d thought I’d give it a try.

Why can’t we deactivate ONE specific system? I would hate to deactivate ALL the ones I have just to deactivate one. The only way that I’m aware of to deactivate a specific one is if you have the system in question and said system is working. That is not my case. I thought it was going to be easier when you guys said we’d be able to deactivate a system online, but it seems you guys only made things even more annoying to do. Is there a way to deactivate a system without turning on said system? And if not, maybe you guys should have it that we’re able to deactivate a specific system without the hassle of deactivating all the others we may have active.

SombraPR said:

November 22nd, 11:19 pm

so this guy fully supports its cuz he say he can deactivate it remotely???? wheeerrreeeee???? , i dont really care bout 2 3 or 5, i just want the option to deactivate dead ps3’s via the pc or some other option

gymnastKQ said:

November 23rd, 9:51 pm

you can’t, they were supposed to come out with a website that does so but haven’t which is why even more people are getting pissed.

Eurodrom said:

November 24th, 4:38 am

It seems even worse:

I used the new “deactivate all” feature described under

Since all of my PSN content was bought WAY BEFORE November 17, I expected to be able to re-activate my account on all 5 systems, as promised under

However, when trying to re-activate the third PS3 system, I get the following error message:

This PS3 system could not be activated.
Your account already has 2 (!!!) PS3 Systems activated for game content.
To activate this PS3 system, you must deactivate another system.

So is Sony cheating on us (even more), or is this a bug that will be fixed?

I have also posted this in the Playstation Forum:

eX-cLu-siVe said:

November 24th, 5:35 pm

Where is this website at ? Real lame follow up on sony’s part.

ninjalisacat said:

November 25th, 6:40 am

In response as well to # 941: TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY

As I am playing my on-disc games yesterday for …well holiday & all..which I haven’t played much in a while so this was a bit of amsurprise… the actual DLC I have ALL PURCHASED BEFORE 11/18 stopped working in my games & crashed my games. Nothing even works whether I can re-dl it or not…which of course I can’t. So why break our already purchased content breaking your own new rules? Yeah btw…everyone…even those who support this right now….when all your 60-80$+ disc games stop functioning properly because your content before Nov 18 is useless…you may change your mind. I was ok with this until I can use nothing even if it was purchased 2yrs ago.

WTG Sony!!! on breaking everything… including your own new promise/rule of “Any content purchased before Nov. 18 with be unaffected” …yeah …unaffected indeed. I thiink NO LONGER WORKING qualifies as …..affected.

Virodeath said:

November 25th, 8:35 am

I had just bought two more PS3’s as gifts for my kids this xmas to have in their rooms as well as having a PSVita pre-ordered, but if this is how it is going to be I guess I will just return them and get them 360’s. I hate to do that (have always been a PS3 fan) but atleast you can activate them on the xbox account and play all content on them.

What a [DELETED] thing to do to your fan base… No sense in keeping Playstation Plus either I guess.

What a disappointment…..


ninjalisacat said:

November 25th, 8:46 am

To add further to this:

“Please note that this update will not affect game content purchased before November 18.”

So far I count 452 items that have stopped working. Feel free to do the math. ALL “game content purchased before November 18” no longer works at all. It cannot be loaded from within the disc-based games the content was purchased for. This is not what THAT ^^ would imply these NEW changes would do to content that was already downloaded, installed & PAID FOR. I think I will have to pass on spending any MORE unless we get some kind of patch/update to make the “game content purchased before Nov 18… ” *truly* be unaffected AS STATED. Otherwise, I imagine yet another class-action against Sony in the US is in the makings when everyone realizes they just got bent over & robbed. There’s a legal reason why the change only affects (supposedly) content purchased after the change is implemented & Sony’s team of corporate attorneys knows this full well. I certainly hope this is seen as a bug/glitch & restored to what was agreed to prior to Nov 18…that somehow their update had trouble distinguishing the different purchase dates shown in the download lists on the content in our accounts & will be remedied.

junist72 said:

November 25th, 12:56 pm

Can’t agree more with ninjalisacat, my pre-Nov18th stuff got damaged too and I can’t re-download anything. AND it’s all MY content that I PAID for. Nice going Sony, just ignore all of your problems and keep coming up with these new rules.

Lasani said:

November 26th, 10:50 pm

see how sony is not even bothering to reply to our issue…

Next gen no matter what , I will go for xbox. SONY is unreliable, they advertise their features and take it out after some time…

Not trustworthy at all….

who knows they will advertise next gen cd player in PS4 after 1 year they take it out…

delirious_nomad said:

November 27th, 10:28 am

A: I have tried it and you can still play DLC as long as you aren’t hooked to the internet… so my PSN titles wtill work in my bed room… yay for limbo!

B: where the heck is the website to manage my PS3s Sony? my sons friend went viral and I have no idea who has what all i know is my # of consoles has been met…

C: it is twice as good as XBOX 360… as far as I can tell it is linked to each console and GamerTag… and you can’t have your GamerTag on but one 360…

delirious_nomad said:

November 27th, 10:35 am

oh and it is as simple as deactivating your ID on one and reactivating it on the other hardware… the biggest problem I for see is when the son’s friends come over… There will be no 3 4 5 PS3 nights unless they bring their own…

CaptainJames99 said:

November 27th, 11:42 am

I have to shake my head at characters like Qmoney88. This guy is whats been mentioned here in the first few pages. Namely a SCEA insider who comes on another account screaming at gamers for daring to ask for what they paid for. Most insulting is the condescending HOW DARE THEY attitude. The hypocrisy of having a name based on money yet screaming at gamers for costing SCEA sales. Yet conveniently forgetting the DLC gamers are concerned about keeping is paid for with hard earned cash. Well SCEA and Eric Lempel in perticular. You had better get your accountants busy after the holidays and see how much this has really decreased your sales. This should be an example of how not to screw with your only source of income. The only other example of this behaviour was a homeless man I met years ago who asked for a dime and when given a dime he asked for a quarter than a dollar then $10.

Mimito said:

December 2nd, 1:46 am


Good job Sony. Thanks for telling us we can deactivate our PS3s online.

I checked and it says I have to do it ON THE ACTUAL PS3s. Or deactivate ALL of them. What is wrong with you??? If you will cut us somewhere at least let us chose where!!!

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