Coming This Week: Harry Potter 3D Experience Movie Pack and PS3 Bundle

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Coming This Week: Harry Potter 3D Experience Movie Pack and PS3 Bundle

The holidays are just around the corner and we have already started to roll out some new and exciting announcements for the fall. If you don’t already own a PS3, we’ve got the perfect bundle to add to your Christmas wish list.

We’re happy to introduce a brand new PS3 bundle to coincide with the recent release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 on Blu-ray. The Harry Potter 3D Experience Movie Pack PS3 bundle will be available starting this week for $249.99 (MSRP) and includes a 160GB PS3 system, a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Blu-ray Disc (both the 3D and 2D versions included), and you’ll also receive a voucher to download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. As a special bonus, you will also get a 30 day free trial for PlayStation Plus, which gives you access to free PSN games, great discounts, and exclusive content.

The Harry Potter 3D Experience Movie Pack PS3 bundle

Relive the mystical magic of the final Harry Potter installment over and over again in full stereoscopic 3D. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 is the last adventure in the Harry Potter film series and the battle between good and evil has never been more intense. With dramatic 3D enhancements you can immerse yourself right in the action as Harry, Ron and Hermione search for Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes in their battle to destroy the Dark Lord.

The 3D experience is sure to be a major hit this holiday season as the lineup of 3D compatible games for PS3 and 3D Blu-ray movies continues to expand. Right now, there are more than 60 games and more than 70 Blu-ray movies available giving you a ton of options for 3D right in your living room on PS3. With the release of the new PlayStation 3D Display on November 13th, we are striving to make 3D an accessible entertainment option for all PS3 owners.

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  • neostardust

    Very cool bundle, this with the new 3D Display under the tree..makes the best holiday gift ever! I might pick up the movie though.

  • worst bundle ever!

  • Wheres Deathly Hallows Part 1 in 3D? That was released on Blu Ray and should have been included in this bundle.

  • Here’s an idea…. Why not make some special edition consoles instead of just making different boxes to put them in? There is no savings with these bundles, so where is the reason to buy it?

  • killersense

    i just wanna know why we do not get custom made ps3′s like in japan where they get the final fantasy ps3, Tales of Xillia ps3 or the ni no kuni ps3. I would love a custom made uncharted or god of war bundle and would give me a reason to upgrade my old ps3. I am not talking about a bundle where you get the standard black ps3 and a copy of uncharted 3 thrown in there which was released recently. I am not a fan of gears of war but that limited edition bundle looked awesome and just want something like that for the ps3.

  • @3 Elex163

    What are you talking about? The first part has never been released in 3D…..

  • ein_nineteenth

    First I’ll quote:
    “….Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Blu-ray Disc (both the 3D and 2D versions included),
    and you’ll also receive a voucher to download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets….”

    In my opinion, this bundle would be better if it came packed with either.
    A) Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azakaban, Goblet of Fire Order of the Pheonix and Half Blood Prince
    (Goblet of Fire was filler in both the book and film in my opinion, but whatever)

    B) Harry Potter Deathly Hollows 1 & 2 with a voucher for two out of the 6 remaining movies.

    C) Two of the Harry Potter Games and Two of the Movies.

    Like I said, just my opinion. Not being ungrateful or anything two of these bundles would make nice gifts for my nieces and nephews this year. Although I’m going to wait to see what other bundles you guys are going to put up. Keep up the great work and here’s to more variety in the up-coming posts.

  • I will probably get the 3D version of the movie, after all it was the best movie of all harry potter.

  • Rygonian_Cmd

    The entire Harry Potter collection on BD would be nice. Bundle it at $300.00 and with a 320 GB. Now your playing with power! Do the digital copies download to the hard drive?

  • nice

  • Do a ‘Star Wars Movie Pack and PS3 Bundle’ :P

    + Cool box cover that is;)

  • @6 Berae Yes it has look it up.

  • jeffsmither

    Should have bundle it with Lego Harry Potter games too.

  • If I just buy the movie, would I get the voucher for the first 2 movies too?

  • @4 @NeoHumpty you need to work at your math the ps3 alone costs 249 and this bundle costs 249 with 3 movies and a 30 Day Ps+ subscription so obviously there’s savings and therefore a reason to get it

  • @Kim Nguyen: Why does Sony hate its American customers? Why don’t we get to buy those cool other color consoles and special edition themed consoles like the Final Fantasy that Sony sells back in the home land? We understand they love their home land customers more, that’s painfully obvious, but how about a little love for the most important consumer market in the world, Americans? Even those Euros get special consoles sometimes. So America is last in Sony’s heart? Honestly, that’s not only unfair, it’s an idiotic business practice.

    No more boring, blah black!!!!!!!

  • gee thanks Kim Nguyen // Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3, I really hate Harry Potter Movies though, but its the thought that counts

  • jimmyfoxhound

    I’d buy a second PS3 if you guys would at least give us a new color. I’d really want a custom PS3 but I’d even take the Gran Turismo 5 plain blue PS3 that came out a while ago.. please..

  • CommandingTiger

    I’m not a fan of Harry Potter, i’d rather go with an unbundled PS3.

    If you are going to bundle movies, why not go with
    -Pirates of the Caribeans: fontain of youth.
    -Or Twilit saga bundle,
    -or even a Marvel Thor & Captain America bundle.

    Or why not give a 20$ or 10$ credit for the PSN with a 30day PS+ trial?

    Just saying.

  • White_Fang2K6

    Wait, the voucher is to download the movies or the PS1 games of HP: Sorcerer’s stone and Chamber of Secrets?

  • There are so many great 3D Blu-ray discs. And you managed to bundle the PS3 with the two worst 3D transfers of all time according to most review sites (that’s also why they never made it into theaters). Everyone starting their 3D experience with these discs will probably stay away from 3D for a long time. Whichever product manager is responsible for this should really re-think if he has chosen the right job.

  • WOW,this is hilarious lol

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