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Nov 15

Nov 15

UNCHARTED 3 DLC Hits PSN Today, Fortune Hunters’ Club Benefits

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We’re now two weeks into the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and you’re all part of the Fortune Hunters’ Club now, right? If so, awesome because we have a gift this week for you! If you’re not, you can still sign up and it’s a terrific deal at $24.99. As a member you’ll be getting a total savings of 45% off the seven multiplayer packs (three character skin packs, four map packs) that will be released for UNCHARTED 3. This membership includes all currently available and upcoming DLC packs for UNCHARTED 3 as well as an exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme that will let you know when new UNCHARTED 3 DLC hits right from the XMB of your PS3.

Uncharted 3 - Fortune Hunters' Club

Today the PlayStation Store will be loaded with a new DLC pack for your multiplayer adventures with Drake and crew. Load your AK47, grab your Para 9, equip your favorite boosters and kickbacks and get ready to take the fight to the Helghast. Killzone 3 skins are coming for UNCHARTED 3 and suddenly your buddy who liked to play multiplayer as Elena all the time might not look so friendly anymore.

This week’s pack grants you exclusive Killzone 3 skins for your in-game avatar. You’ll get the Capture Trooper multiplayer character skin:

Capture Trooper MP skin

ISA helmet for your customizable character:

ISA Helmet

and the Helghast Helmet for your customizable character:

Helghast Helmet

This pack is new bonus content on top of the three character skins packs you’ve already received if you’re a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club. And as a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club, you’ll be getting this Killzone 3 content for free. That’s right, nada. If you’re not, well, you’ll have to pony up $1.49 for these exclusive in-game Killzone 3 items.

After the Helghast invasion, what’s next? Start planning new multiplayer strategies as we are working on a collection of maps entitled “Flashback Map Pack #1” We’ll have more information for you soon, but we wanted to give you an early look at our next UNCHARTED 3 DLC project. So, if you’re a Fortune Hunters’ Club member, this will be your first map pack. Here’s a sneak peek of what some of those maps will look like…can you name the maps?

The Cave - Uncharted 3The Fort - Uncharted 3

We’ll have full details about all the coming DLC content being released right here on the PlayStation.Blog very soon. This week it’s time to get your Helghast on, Fortune Hunters. See you online!

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Bovrillor said:

December 11th, 8:22 am

As a Fortune Hunter’s Club member, I’m pretty cheesed off with all this recycled content. I paid for all this stuff in UC2, now you’re abusing my pre-order by throwing it in again.

UC3 was already a let-down with the short and plot-hole-riddled single player campaign, don’t make me regret my £60 combined spend.

Vigilante1717 said:

December 13th, 2:11 pm

i do like the capture trooper skin, but im really hoping for a solid snake skin! lol or a kratos skin! omg that would be awesome. that and more visual updates of the great uncharted 2 maps like the lost city, train wreck, the temple, and sanctuary! it would also be cool to have some more competitive and co-op modes. all in due time i suppose. either way it turns out naughty dog always delivers!!

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