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Nov 22

Nov 22

Deploying at Vita Launch: Zipper’s Unit 13

Brian Soderberg's Avatar Posted by President, Zipper Interactive

On behalf of the entire team at Zipper Interactive, I am proud to announce a new shooter, Unit 13, designed from the ground up for the new PlayStation Vita. It’s been very exciting developing a game for the first portable console with precision dual analog sticks, the perfect platform for a fast action, hard-hitting, third-person shooter like Unit 13. In addition, Vita’s front and back touch interface provided a unique and fun way to interact quickly with in-the-world elements of the game.

Fast action, on-the-go gameplay was a key goal for the Unit 13 team. The game is designed for players to move quickly into the action, choosing from one of six Operatives with unique abilities to tackle 36 action-packed missions across nine unique locales. Missions come in a variety of sizes and difficulty. Some are smaller bite-sized battles; others are longer, more challenging, multi-objective missions that are a good test for any skilled shooter fan. As you make your way through the variety of missions, you unlock the right to take on the tougher High Value Target (HVT) enemy battles. After completing an HVT mission, you can share them with friends and nearby players through PlayStation Vita’s “NEAR” feature.

Untitled-2 copyUntitled-8 copy

The Zipper team put considerable effort into leveraging Vita’s WIFI and 3G functionality to provide exceptional social gaming and competition with friends and opponents from around the world. Unit 13’s live notification interface, enabled through 3G, keeps players up to date on leaderboard positions, new “Daily Challenge” content, new unlocks, shared High Value Target missions, and challenges from friends as they move past you on the leaderboards.


In Co-op, you can play Unit 13 with a friend all with high quality voice chat enabled through the PlayStation Vita. Coop teams compete for top positions on the global, regional, and friend mission leaderboards.

We’re super excited for all of you to give Unit 13 a try. We believe it’s the perfect portable shooter on the best portable gaming platform, the PlayStation Vita. And it’s available right around Vita launch!

See you on the leaderboards!

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Darvious said:

November 22nd, 2:20 pm

It is Awersome! loke awersome too
Im anxious to put my hands in my psvita … but only in July >.<


November 22nd, 2:40 pm

there’s that over the shoulder view again…

ManaKnight said:

November 22nd, 2:48 pm

Glad to see Zipper support VITA. Definitely a buy for me.

Doomi said:

November 22nd, 2:49 pm

Why dont you guys just listen to the fans and make a socom 2 hd remake

Dominator94- said:

November 22nd, 2:51 pm

SOCOM FIRETEAM BRAVO 4 will been a lot better.

BizarreSocialite said:

November 22nd, 3:02 pm

MAG isn’t dead a lot of my friends still play. I will admit I moved on to bf3 but somehow I always am drawn back to MAG. Zipper you went forward and did something only other developers dream about. MAG was different. You know bf3 is only 32 people? They said consoles could’t handle it. Did you know DICE doesnt listen the way you did? You would ask people what the wanted to see and you tried your damn best to deliver. Don’t forget about MAG zipper. Please don’t forget how amazing it was. It’s something that everyone loved. Remember the one thing you did that was amazing and deserves it’s place as a marking stone for future fps games and mmos.

ImprisonedTitan said:

November 22nd, 3:05 pm

“Daily Challenge” sounds awesome! Looking forward to some gameplay videos!

Btw thanks for the Roper Report! You are still dearly missed!


bigz512 said:

November 22nd, 3:07 pm

This actually looks pretty sweet.

I’m a HUGE 3rd person shooter fan.

36 Missions? sounds like a good length to me, considering most 3rd person shooters have AMAZING replay value.

Not to mention that these graphics are gorgeous. The colors look so vibrant and sexy.

submission44 said:

November 22nd, 3:16 pm

Game looks sweet.. can’t wait to see some vids

LaZyTiMe said:

November 22nd, 3:47 pm

What about MP Chris?

Also, since we still have some time can you please add a view option that pulls the camera back and up so the characters head isn’t in the way like it is in S4?

SNlP3RofDEATH said:

November 22nd, 4:29 pm

Wow looks like Socom 4 already with that stupid Over the shoulder view that takes up half your screen. I guess that is what we all want it a Hardcore shooter, Half our screen blocked so we can not see someone on our left shooting at me. Zipper Please give the rights or have another company make a HD remake of Socom 1 or 2. No one cares about any other titles from you guys since you messed up MAG, SOCOM 4. The Fans want a true Socom game. Also if this game has lame gun sound effects and crazy bullet spray I am sure not many will buy it. You guys are also lazy bums who just use everything from one game and transistion stuff from it to the next game, for example look at MAG, then look at Socom 4, then look at the screen shots. All I see is Copy and Paste when I compare the three

SNlP3RofDEATH said:

November 22nd, 4:35 pm

Honestly Guys,,,,, Just go vote for Socom 1 HD and Socom 2 HD. Forget this game

etur0 said:

November 22nd, 5:17 pm

@SNlP3RofDEATH do you know you can change where the camera is at and you aren’t a true fan of Socom I have been playing socom since day one and I love all the socom games including socom 4 so I’m a true fan of socom and if you want to play socom 1 & 2 then play them on your ps3 if it has ps2 bc if not then play them on your ps2

btw there are still tons of people playing socom 4 mag and even fire team bravo 3 and I’m in a clan that has been around longer than the first socom and all of use loved them all

anyways I can’t wait to play this along with all the other awesome games that are coming to the vita

ProdigyPoop said:

November 22nd, 5:26 pm

Interesting. Still looking forward to LittleBigPlanet, Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes, and Call of Duty more though. Hopefully LBP is a launch title–other wise my pre-ordered Vita will be collecting dust for a bit.


November 22nd, 6:28 pm


CRICKETS………….. …………………….. ……………… …………….

JEC94 said:

November 22nd, 8:06 pm

I feel bad for zipper really,at least they try…..well I do like MAG,MAG 2 for PS4 with 500 players?

Mo-green28 said:

November 22nd, 10:18 pm

So is it squad based or no? Don’t want to play a rambo game.

KentoMaiku said:

November 22nd, 11:03 pm

how long has the title been in development??

DarkOne_PR said:

November 22nd, 11:38 pm

Hi i just wanted to say that im interested in it and if it will be like Motorstorm RC… Pay once get both??? thanks!

BTW: I still have Socom4 and i like it online but never got the chance to make a proper team with my friends bc u didnt make lobby b4 entering a game!!!! WTF with that! that alone made my friends trade the game at gamestop…

Mattsta001 said:

November 23rd, 1:44 am

Game looks OK, a bit generic. Should also be a PSN/Vita game like the Motorstorm game. You guys really need to change your UI design. It looks ugly and dated and it looked ugly and dated in MAG too. Not sure about the viewpoint either, needs to be pulled it back a bit more in line with comparable third person shooters. Not played SOCOM 2 but think a lot of those players prefer that camera view?

Would really like to see a SOCOM game with 4 player campaign coop, maybe based on a real life spec forces mission, pulled back camera view, cover system and customisable characters based on the world’s special forces. If SOCOM 4 had had all those things I would’ve picked it up.

nampad said:

November 23rd, 4:07 am

Seems Zipper is reading the comments on the US Blog:

Please make a new MAG. Its a great and unique experience

JimmyAlfredo said:

November 23rd, 5:47 am

Built from the ground up my a$$..

Circle of prayer bullet spray
blinking diamond objectives
OTS/zoomed in view
ugly menus

this is MAG mini, I mini Socom 4 mini….ahhhhh Zipper blows…

now these guys can’t even handle multiplayer.??

let me guess, if I put it on a harder mode, the enemies don’t get smarter, they just magically see through bushes and walls like in socom 4

Stackcluster said:

November 23rd, 6:14 am

This game is perfect for the 13-17 years old.

LordRaoh said:

November 23rd, 6:59 am


Been waiting on a proper socom, even picked up a used ps2 to play a real socom

Pre ordered the failures Socom confrontation/Socom 4, expecting fixes. They arrived broken with missing features

Instead of socom everything but and now we get Unit 13?

My friends were right, I was a fool for sticking with the Socom brand, thinking it would return as the true Playstation Shooter.

Thanks for nothing

Have some pride, absolve Zipper into another company or change their name before releasing another game. Zipper is split by two markets, its hardcore socom fans (or battered wives which is what socom fans are) and the non socom fans laughing at zipper/fans

All the shooters coming out I said “I’m not concerned with those, I’m waiting on socom, When the next socom comes out on ps3 it will change the game”

I don’t know who’s dumber, Sony for overlooking the true power of socom, zipper/slant 6 for releasing broken games or me for holding on to hope. I vote with me, it’s my fault. No worries though, won’t happen again, I’m not falling for the banana in the tail pipe gag from sony and zipper again

Goodbye socom, we will miss you

MonkeyKing1969 said:

November 23rd, 11:32 am

Looks like a port of the SOCOM 4 engine. Thus I don’t want it. Zipper loves these technical back of teh box bullet-points like 256 players or always on 3G status, but we are all just waiting to see when they will give a crap about making a good game again?

rockinjs864 said:

November 23rd, 12:17 pm

@ Jeff time is coming closer for the vita and still no news about how much the 3G data plan will be I need this information so I can decide which one to get as its looking like I want to get the one that comes out 2/15/2012 but I need to know how much the data plan will be before I jump on ship for the 3G model I’m sure something has to be already planned with it just a month away from coming out in japan why can’t we get a price for the 3G data plan in america?

terrencec06 said:

November 23rd, 12:49 pm

Game does look. I will give you that. But lately Zipper you haven’t been treating your true fans very well. So you make it very hard for me to support you. I know Sony may be pushing you guys to change things up but it’s hurting you guys more then anything. Number one way to stay in business is to listen to the customer. Best of luck to you Zipper.

Hardcore Socom Fan.

Sasuraa1 said:

November 23rd, 1:32 pm

No online multiplayer! Low blow zipper! :(

Hooligantuan said:

November 23rd, 3:26 pm

Really, I don’t want to see Zipper’s Unit 13.

I want to see them zipper their unit 13 times.

CraverShot15 said:

November 23rd, 11:56 pm

This game should be cool can’t wait :)

KingKannibal said:

November 24th, 3:31 am

Can’t wait! big fan of Third-Person shooters!

Unrelated question, will SOCOM 3 or Combined Assault be coming to the PSN Store? It would be awesome to also be able to play these games on the Vita!

Phillyblunz said:

November 24th, 9:30 am

First thing I noticed is the screen shots look exactly like SOCOM 4 screenshots, which is immpressive but dissapointing. I really hope you guys arent tryin to recoup losses of SOCOM 4 by re-releasing on vita.

The way i see it the PSP is the Playstation portable, meaning playstation1.

This new “PSP” should have been the PS2P, and you could simply re-release the thousands of PS2 games for it with very slightly updated graphics as the Vita is less then 600p. (actually that makes it perfect for any COD game).

If this device was suppossed to be PS3 quality the screen should have been 720p, its not so just focus on the PS2 games we all grew up on and love and due to feature removal cant enjoy any longer on our PS3’s.

I loved MAG for a long time, was in the first and every subsequent open beta, but constant changes to weapons made it almost unplayable for me after awhile. There are still several places to get stuck, etc.

Wanna keep dedicated fans? Listen but dont act right away, consider the consequences first always!!
And support your IP’s!!! I want MAG to last forever, but you guys tweeked it until 80% of the fun was gone, then you were.

The_Grey__Warden said:

November 24th, 10:01 am

The only thing I’ll buy from zipper after SOCOM 4 and MAG will be SOCOM 2 HD. i’d rather not buy another piece of trash zipper.

omegakaoz said:

November 24th, 9:26 pm

Nice so Zipper is once again making another Socom game which most likely flop lmao. Whats next zipper you gonna shut down all the servers from socom and mag in order to run this unit 13? Are you guys gonna be serious to your fans and not disappoint them like last time? And youre just gonna sweep mag aside as if it never existed nice going zipper. Mag had so much potential, could of gave CoD and BF, Well mainly BF a run for its money. Not even gonna give this Unit 13 a try because i can pretty much predict what will be your next move. Never again will i buy a zipper product unless you guys make socom AND (i stress the AND) MAG better. STOP wasting your time and money for pieces of garbage.

Yeah is it me or zipper doesnt learn and the shooter genre is going downhill?

omegakaoz said:

November 24th, 9:39 pm

And for those people saying to forget about Zipper’s mistakes, im guessing someone else is buying zipper games for you or your just too stupid to realize that there here just to milk us. Im no socom fan, more a mag fan but like i said i would want to see both socom and mag be remade better.

SleezyBigSlim said:

November 25th, 12:46 pm

So this is what Zipper has been working on? How about making MAG more balanced so SVER doesn’t always win.

KILRbuny said:

November 27th, 7:25 pm

i am ABSOLUTELY excited for just about every game i’ve seen for the vita, save for a couple. but looking at games like this, uncharted: golden abyss, and resistance: burning skies makes me really excited for this. i will be sad when dedicated gaming handhelds are phased out. i love my iphone, but i just don’t enjoy covering half the screen with my thumbs trying to play a real game.

M1NUS-1 said:

November 28th, 9:53 am

Looks great.

Pre-ordered Vita just for this game.

Loved SOCOM 4. :)

taylor5299 said:

November 28th, 2:48 pm

it looks very good….for a handheld title. but will it have something to make it stand out? unique levels or progress customization?

hernanez388 said:

November 29th, 9:10 pm

AWESOME! cant wait for FEBRUARY 15 to get that.

hernanez388 said:

November 29th, 9:12 pm


omegakaoz said:

December 1st, 8:15 pm

Boycott Zipper interactive screw these guys…


December 2nd, 4:07 pm

Take Socom 4, add in some pistols, add in some aspects of BF like different classes (ex: support, assault,etc.), remove online multiplayer. Presto you get Unit 13. It’s sad how you insist that a remake of Zipper’s best selling games can’t work but you throw trash like S4 and this out there and think that’s the better way to go lol. I won’t feel sorry for Zipper when Sony finally realizes you’re not a profitable dev to keep on the payroll and they kick you to the curb. You’re about to learn a harsh lesson in ignoring your fans when this title hits the shelves, just like with the sales of S4, I’ll be telling you “told you so” with Unit 13. 300 k units sold best case scenario. Either that or it will sell like a million copies for lack of choices when the Vita releases and you’ll make the mistake of thinking you were on to something and then totally bomb on your “Unit 13” sequel and scratch your heads wondering why it only sold 150 k the second time around. It’ll be because the second time there will be other choices and no one will care about your kiddy catered casual games anymore.

RavenSPe said:

December 4th, 11:29 am

Developed by Zipper Interactive? NO THANKS! Vitas wont sell anyway, not with all the account restrictions they have. One account locked per unit and insanely expensive memory cards that are required for use, ridiculous!

GaRcHoW said:

December 10th, 12:46 am

This game should be called Chapter 13 cause that’s where this S4 look a like is going to put Zipper.

You morons need to wake up. No one wants anything from you, but Socom Legacy or Socom 1/2 HD.

Braehole said:

December 19th, 9:02 am

Just found this today! Wow I hope they get back to the different Socom 1 and 2 game play. Socom 3 and even worst Socom 4’s Call of Duty wannabe game play is played out. I hope they get back to there roots and they’ll have a big hit here for sure. Please Zipper don’t screw this up! Trying to be like everyone else is not the right path…

Braehole said:

December 19th, 10:00 am

Damn it Zipper… Just preorder a Vita for your game. Don’t let me down please! Push out the release date if you need to for smooth controls and hit detection. Make me feel like a badass Special Ops soldier taking guys out by shooting them with one sho to the face!

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