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Dec 12

Dec 12

Naughty Dog’s First Comments on The Last of Us

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Unless you’ve been far, far away from the internet this weekend, you should already know that the VGAs afforded us our very first look at Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. If you haven’t, watch the trailer now! Then come back.

As soon as Zachary Levi walked off stage and the lights came up (I think the credits were still rolling!) we grabbed Naughty Dog co-presidents Christophe Balestra and Evan Wells to ask them about their next title.

You surely haven’t heard the last of The Last of Us; stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for more.

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mystikalguy said:

December 12th, 2:09 pm

The Last Of Us looks amazing & its a must have for any PS3 owner IMO. Nicely done Naughty Dog.

How about making some The Last Of Us Avatars available in the PS Store tommorow

twistedfloyd said:

December 12th, 2:10 pm

Sounds good, really like the intro to these characters. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for this game.

Alicestar_Rem-01 said:

December 12th, 2:11 pm

I’m really excited for this game, especially considering that Naughty Dog is behind it. Their games are pure quality experiences.

I hope Ellie is the main character here. She reminds me a bit of Drake in sense of personality.

TarzanSr said:

December 12th, 2:13 pm

Naughty Dog must be on a Game Making roll with these awesome games coming out they are dominating with awesome PS3 Exclusives.

GoodFella2487 said:

December 12th, 2:14 pm

@ Mystikal, “A must have for any PS3 owner”? Get off ND’s balls for a second, they have a lot to prove with this game to separate it from the rest of the zombie titles out there.

dreww3 said:

December 12th, 2:15 pm


aat08 said:

December 12th, 2:18 pm

Awesome suit Jeff. Wish you could host the VGA’s instead of that loser.
As for Naughty Dog: I love you.

Firelogic said:

December 12th, 2:18 pm

Seeing the Naughty Dog logo come up was amazing. It was quite possibly the best part of the trailer, lol.

ckpotc said:

December 12th, 2:19 pm

Can’t wait to play it! I love Naughty Dog.

CandyCaptain said:

December 12th, 2:19 pm

The trailer takes place in Cincinnati, will update with more as I get it!

Cyris said:

December 12th, 2:22 pm

This game will be remembered as the best PS3 game. Once this comes out, we will have no choice but to move on to the PS4.

hardtokill234 said:

December 12th, 2:24 pm

So how many times have I watched the trailer up until now? mmmm I gotta say about 50 times and yet it seems that it gets better every single time I click the repeat button. If its anything like Uncharted then this game is gonna nock the socks out of my feet. Hope to see more news on this week :)

remanutd5 said:

December 12th, 2:25 pm

comment number 1 is really funny lol , anyways very excited about the game , of course i cant say its a must have for every ps3 owner because each of us have different preferences , and i have to see more to consider it a must have for myself , hopefully the game turns out to be great , good luck naughty dog


December 12th, 2:25 pm

@#5 Shut up. This isn’t a zombie game.

FonFahbre said:

December 12th, 2:25 pm

@GoodFella2487, You need to chill out. Naughty Dog has yet to disappoint so it’s only natural that people are confident about their next project.

tonydamiani said:

December 12th, 2:25 pm


KwietStorm said:

December 12th, 2:26 pm

It’s crazy that a developer as well known as Naughty Dog/Sony was able to keep this a secret for so long, considering everyone knows what time you sneeze these days. Good thing you guys never mentioned the second team. Really interested to hear more about the game.

FonFahbre said:

December 12th, 2:39 pm

@KwietStorm, Sony needs to start doing that in their E3’s. It created a lot of excitement for me just by the fact that It was a secret project that we’ve never heard about!

CandyCaptain said:

December 12th, 2:41 pm

But Yea if you look up Dennison, and Coleralo Avenue, you’ll find that similar places can both be found in the real life Cincinnati Ohio. On the same sign that says Coleralo, I note the there is a 52 North Highway indicator, not sure if I am reading that right though.

The swinging banner I have yet to identify what that says….. :/

KingLazy93 said:

December 12th, 2:46 pm

Can’t wait to see more news on this game!

CandyCaptain said:

December 12th, 2:46 pm

U.S. 52 crosses the Ohio River into Huntington, West Virginia.
The sections of U.S. 52 that follow the Ohio River are known as the Ohio River Scenic Byway, which is part of the National Scenic Byway Project. The section between SR 125 and SR 73 (near Portsmouth) is also designated as Scenic Scioto Heritage Trail. This portion of U.S. 52, along the Ohio between Cincinnati and Huntington, is the only part where it falls in geographical sequence, south of U.S. 50 and north of U.S. 60.

This would explain why the city is flooded in the trailer seeing as how the Ohio River runs rather close to this highway, which is close to their location.

CandyCaptain said:

December 12th, 2:48 pm

Given that this takes place after a epidemic, as previously indicated(even in the trailer in the newspaper as they run out of the building) it would make complete sense that combined with the overgrowth and no maintenance whatsoever that the river would start flooding the city.

TwinDad said:

December 12th, 2:50 pm

Looks like the are using the UC3 engine. I’m curious if they added more melee to UC3 because of this game.

GT-420 said:

December 12th, 2:54 pm

Looks like the movie Legend with the Fresh Prince. Interesting and actually different. So are there zombies or just deranged humans?

“OMG must buy day 1 !!! ” What kind of idiot says that from a trailer with no gameplay?

DaveedT13 said:

December 12th, 2:55 pm

Can’t wait to see gameplay footage…
Please ND, be it a THIRD person perspective game…just like Uncharted.
I’m not too big on the zombie genre but if they really add a great story and cinematics elements (I trust ND on this!) to it…and a real SURVIVAL FEELS to it…maybe it could be really great. : )
At least they are not zombies from the dead…!
If they add online to it, or to the sequel, please, ND, think outside the box and don’t add competitive online to this…just COOP…and a DIFFERENT COOP not with plain “horde/survival” mode with 50 zombies killed each minute…something that have more “atmosphere”…that make us feel lonely and easy targets to the zombies…PLEASE! : )

D-Squad3 said:

December 12th, 2:56 pm


walkx09 said:

December 12th, 2:58 pm

Nice. I hope this is going to be open world maybe Infamous style, or Dead Space style semi-open world. I love Uncharted, but I hope this is something a little different in pace ;)

gamer_316 said:

December 12th, 2:58 pm

it is just me or does the girl look kinda like the actress from Juno? lol but on a serious note is this gonna be like Uncharted with zombies? well regardless Naughty Dog’s work is always incredible so I have no doubt this will be a fantastic game

DaveedT13 said:

December 12th, 3:01 pm

Oh, I forgot…congrats ND for going “mature”…good decision beause most of your audience is “mature” anyway and adults really appreciate the real efforts you put into your games.

Nice move also on incorporating the “bullets sequence” it gives some of us real HOPE on your game being about real survival with real care taken to a post apocalyptic world were ammos (and food hopefully) are sparse…

angelspawn77 said:

December 12th, 3:04 pm

I actually agree with GoodFella’s comment although I don’t think I would have said it like that. The game looks interesting, very interesting and it definitely has potential. I love ND and their games, but lets not be crazy and start calling this game game of the year and a “Must own” game. These kind of statements should be reserved for when you actually play the game not before. I have faith in ND that this will be a fantastic game, but I’m not gonna be a blind fanboy and start praising the hell out of it when we’ve only seen a trailer with no gameplay at all and it tells us little about the game.

That said I can’t wait for more news to come out and hopefully some gameplay soon.

sandrewb said:

December 12th, 3:45 pm

You need to do an edition statue like Uncharted 3 for $99. I would look amazing sitting by my Nathan Drake Statue

Senjutsu_Dav said:

December 12th, 4:05 pm

Looking nice. Still, there is way too much zombie games now, so they’ll have to prove that it’s different. Even if this shouldn’t be really hard to do since it’s from Naughty Dog, lol.

But I don’t see the point of talking about this game now, unless it’s gonna be released early 2012. Years and years of hype can actually remove the hype in a certain way. I prefer a maximum of about 6 months before the release.

ReptileHand said:

December 12th, 4:17 pm

I smiled the minute the Naughty Dog logo showed up!

CerealxKiller13 said:

December 12th, 4:19 pm

So stoked for this games release. Another win for Naughty Dog! Next year looks pretty promising for game releases so far. GTAV and now this!

Gay_Angel said:

December 12th, 5:00 pm

Hello! Wow I’m really excited for “The Last of Us” especially after seeing Naughty Dog was behind all this, I’m really enjoying Uncharted 2, I have beaten the first Uncharted and hopefully I can get Uncharted 3 soon. :)

Q--Killer-Ksa--Q said:

December 12th, 5:15 pm

Awesome suit Jeff. Wish you could host the VGA’s instead of that loser.
As for Naughty Dog: I love you.

Go_Buddie_Go said:

December 12th, 5:38 pm

I suspect we won’t hear more until E3 2012 >.<

Awesome job Naughty Dog, Keep up the superb work ^____^ Been playing your games since the Crash Bandicoot series and you never seem to disappoint me.

RurouniSaiya-jin said:

December 12th, 6:09 pm

This game has piqued my interest. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it

bushisprez said:

December 12th, 6:38 pm

Lol Zachary Levi is not a good host. NPH should have returned but he seems real busy lately. Last Of Us looks like Uncharted with Zombies but thats just the cutscene trailer.

V130_1286 said:

December 12th, 6:46 pm


Elvick_ said:

December 12th, 6:46 pm

Can’t wait to see more

Berae said:

December 12th, 6:57 pm

Cant wait! Its gonna be awesome! I wonder if its an open world…

Kchow23 said:

December 12th, 9:12 pm

Trailer looks great and I hope you guys bring your own twists and flair to the genre! Can’t wait to see gameplay.

AguilarX said:

December 12th, 9:50 pm

I dont know if anyone cares but I think NYTimes confirmed that The Last of US is a third person game.
color me excited, i dont want another left4dead/dead island

X_GrimReaper_91 said:

December 12th, 11:39 pm

The Last of Us looks like another Naughty Dog must have, nice job you guys.

Enigma777 said:

December 13th, 1:47 am

I just want a year! Gimme a year!

jerk_man said:

December 13th, 3:50 am

seems like a lot of people are into this. before i get hyped, i’m gonna need to see some gameplay and here more story line. imo hype can ruin a game. people are already building this up to something it may not be, just because it’s naughty dog. it’s a new direction for them, and will probably be different than their previous games. for all we know this game can be their downfall. so stop hyping this up, and take the info they give you, and when they show some footage of gameplay, and way not, if it looks truly amazing, then you can hype it up.

R3d-Taz_lp2 said:

December 13th, 4:50 am

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December 13th, 4:52 am

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December 13th, 4:55 am


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