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Dec 28

Dec 28

A Twisted Metal Message from David Jaffe

Chad Cox's Avatar Posted by Producer, Twisted Metal

Hey all, we have a special holiday message from David Jaffe, Co-Director of the new Twisted Metal and co-founder of Eat Sleep Play.

While Dave and the team are hard at work finishing up Twisted Metal, he wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday and make a special holiday announcement!


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mcksalg said:

January 3rd, 8:01 am

WOOOO TMB is epic!


Is it me or does No Face look like Bruce Willis?

EPRaider08 said:

January 3rd, 8:31 am

Definitely picking this up day one. I’ve been a huge Twisted Metal fan ever since playing TM1 back in the day. Can’t wait to try this one out.

Seiven said:

January 3rd, 11:31 am

Whoa language alert @ 1:06 – love you Jaffe, but I have a kid now and have to watch what his little ears hear. Glad I was watching this without him, but truly excited and looking forward to this release…I was most upset by having to give up my Shadow of the Colossus and TM:B when I finally gave up my PS2, I got back my SotC with the HD remake and will be able to play some TM:B again when I pick this up day 1. You guys at Eat Sleep Play are awesome!!

Haseo_Uchiha said:

January 3rd, 2:14 pm

I can’t wait for this game’s release, I played all the TM games and I cherish all of them. I remember when I was only about 12 years old and I played the heck out of TM2, Twister was my favorite car. Playing this new Twisted Metal game will bring back that little evil kid inside of me that has been sleeping since TM:B, the evil kid that liked chasing down other cars and blowing the hell out of them up. This Feb is going to so nostalgic.

Oh and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a Twisted Metal game for the PS VITA! In fact, please make it your next project! Would be awesome to see a TM game on such a beasty-gaming mobile device.

Also it be awesome if DarkTooth made an appearance in the game.

AvPPie123 said:

January 4th, 5:14 pm

I can’t wait! i used to play the twisted metal all the time with my friends it was so fun! i will be getting this day 1!

mercenary24 said:

January 4th, 7:43 pm

I love twisted metal ,i played all the old 1s ,

mercenary24 said:

January 4th, 7:57 pm

will it sopport 3D

Undead_NinjaX said:

January 4th, 10:55 pm

SO freaking hyped for this man,I love you so damn much Mr.Jaffe (no homo) lol.Man a sexy NEW twisted metal with one of its top seeling games ALSO! man.Hey also would you ask question about your previous titles? Like twisted metal 4 and so on? Either way THANK YOU FOR CONTINUEING THE BEST SERIES EVER!!!

Vahkiti said:

January 5th, 7:42 pm

Oh man I LOVE YOU. I still have the PS2 version but the smoother controls of the Dualshock 3 will definitely benefit this game. :D

Anyway, to my question, I was once told this wasn’t going to be like black, it was going to be more like head on, but seeing the M rating on your blog and your comments here made me wonder. I like Black, and if this IS a sequel that’s awesome! But I guess I’m just looking for some clarification. :P

wottagunn said:

January 5th, 10:39 pm

I realise I may be asking this a bit late in hopes for a reply, but David will this TM:Black coupon be included in other country releases of the game? (ie Europe, Australia etc?)
I’m an Aussie and will be crushed if I don’t get a coupon for my 2nd fav PS2 title (War of the Monsters being no.1).

Cheers, and I hope for a reply.

hadi2012 said:

January 6th, 4:31 pm

I can’t wait this game ^_^

but limited edition is not avillable too much in my country. :(

Oculuz said:

January 7th, 8:44 pm

Hey David!

When i just had bought my ps3 some years ago. My first tought was. ” Wonder if a new Twisted Metal game will be made ”

And YES it will!! Damn im so glad. Have so much memories with this game and its music.

Me and my younger brother played this game when we was in the age of 13 and my brother 9.
I was so damn addicted. I practce every day so i could beat all of my friends who i manage to convince to buy this ├╝ber awsome game. And i even recorded the music to a tape so i could listent to the music on my walkman when was walking to school.

This will be so damn good! Can’t wait!

Oculuz said:

January 7th, 8:45 pm

Some question and ideas for you Sweet-Dave :)

How about be able to customize our cars? Color, Car model. And make achivements the way to unlock new looks?
Would be cool if there were some sort of weapon choice for our cars. Simular to CoD.
Be able to chose what kind of Special attack my car would have. Maybe there could be defensive specials aswell? Or clock, block, stun maybe amble to Jump?

We could have this costumized car thing in special battles? maybe not in TD or Nuke mode.
Let’s call it Arena, Duel or plain and simple Twisted? :)
Just some ideas i had to get off my chest. Would be cool.

Either way, i know this game will rock and will bring me many houers of joy and happines.
Look fantastic!
Keep up the good work Dave! you are the man!
And sorry for my very very bad english!

VvaTcH-N-LeArN said:

January 8th, 4:36 pm

i pre ordered this game back in like june/ july LOL as soon as i could i was at eb buying it ill be eating and playing no sleep for me

can’t waiiiiiitt

crashsmash01 said:

January 13th, 10:38 am

me and my Friends Grew Up on Twisted Metal all our childhood and now for my birthday (feb 15th) ill be getting the new twisted metal game w/ TMB free :D
perfect birthday present?? i’d say HELL YES!!!!
i look forward to playing it once i get it,especially with friends.
thanks for the awesome birthday present David Jaffe!!!!

crashsmash01 said:

January 13th, 10:39 am

and thanks to sony for giving out the free extra XP

twilightransport said:

January 17th, 9:11 pm

Quick question Jaffe is Minion and Manslaughter in the new twisted metal? I hope it is the tank(APC) Minion !

Racefreak15 said:

January 18th, 1:04 pm

ive been a fan of twisted metal since i was 7 it was bad for me to play but i didn’t care lol. Played tm 2 my fav and i still have it. its so old but it keeps me entertained plus i then got tm balck that was so sick :D but my dad sold it because it was bad for me but i bought it again lol and i bought the extra twisted edition. just amazing and now i cant wait to get this one im trying to buy a ps3 just to get this game only. plus now im 18 so i can get it my self :P im saving up every penny i get. plus i heard about the racist guy. Im black and love all the soundtracks u guys put on the game so to that guy screw off and just enjoy the game >:)

sparkytooth50001 said:

January 22nd, 8:05 am

This is why im buying a PS3 in febuary. Waiting for a ps3 but at the same time waiting for twisted metal:D. That and GT5

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