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Dec 28

Dec 28

Happy Holidays From Evolution Studios! A Gift from Us to You!

Phenom Evolution's Avatar Posted by Community Development Manager

Every member of the team here would like to extend their gratitude to you for supporting and encouraging us throughout a very eventful year. During the course of developing MotorStorm Apocalypse (and the many updates and DLC goodies that have followed), and since our unveiling of MotorStorm RC, your ongoing enthusiasm has really kept us going. As a thank you, there’s a new MotorStorm Apocalypse livery on PlayStation Store right now, and our artists have created this card for you:


We love this time of year. There are tons of great games out and there are always high hopes for a White Christmas, because few things are as exciting to drive on as freshly fallen snow. Maybe we’ll get to take the truck out for a spin again…


We’re also looking forward to 2012, to showing you more of MotorStorm RC and creating exciting new things. We’re hiring too, so if you’d like to be a part of the family (and you’re particularly highly skilled in C++ programming) then please head over to www.playstationjobs.com

Enjoy your holidays! We hope to see you on the new mirrored tracks playlist in MotorStorm Apocalypse (look out for us in the black carbon ‘Evolution’ liveries)! All the best for 2012 and keep in touch – we love hearing from you!

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DeadFable said:

December 28th, 8:29 am

Now that is an awesome looking Toyota! I would love to have that. You have to make an account for Flickr now to view it larger?? wtf..

MaxxAmmo said:

December 28th, 8:33 am

Sweeeet 4×4, does everyone who works for you get that as a perk for working there?

Tarienn said:

December 28th, 8:33 am

I’ve been waiting for at least one Motorstorm to be downloadable! I’ll be getting it soon.
Also when I try to look at the christmas card larger, it says it’s set to private. Fix plz?

kaori714 said:

December 28th, 9:02 am

I can’t see the picture without Yahoo see my Google profile !!! I don’t want, it’s not a gift, it’s phishing ! Shame on you.

remanutd5 said:

December 28th, 9:08 am

ok phenom i have been wanting to have this opportunity and now the time has come , i may not spend time on the community forums as much as other fans but im a day 1 fan and Motorstorm is my favorite new IP from sony this generation , having said that , i really wish you guys take this new opportunity sony is giving you since the really bad reception on motorstorm apocalypse ( which btw wasnt your fault ) and Matt really worried about the future of the studio before sony decided to support you on your next project ( Motorstorm RC ) .

this is a wish i want you to consider , if you guys are planning to release a future motorstorm game on the ps4 , the game should be a worldwide festival with lots of exciting locations like desert , island , snow and even water ( imagine racing on moving boats ? omg epic ) and please make it as brutal as you guys can , even more brutal than the original motorstorm , and add cockpick view , voice integration , epic brutal crashes , more social features and even better handling of the cars , oh and the game should support youtube as well ,believe me the moment sony announce motorstorm on ps4 will be the moment i will pre order my ps4 ( yeap im that crazy about the franchise )

remanutd5 said:

December 28th, 9:11 am

btw i really love the GT driving force wheel support but i still havent figure it out the ps move integration , for some reason it doesnt do anything when i try to use it , very glad to see a lot of new players online ( that means the game has been popular this holidays ) very glad to see the weekly challenges for free and lots of DLC for free too

anyways Happy Holidays to you all EVO , thanks for giving me so much entertainment this generation , Motorstorm is my all time favorite off road racing game ever . ( btw i have gaming for long time )

remanutd5 said:

December 28th, 9:16 am

oh if you guys want to stay competitive that Motorstorm Apocalypse price has to go down , i think $29.99 – $39.99 should be good and it would probably attract more buyers

GGCAN said:

December 28th, 9:28 am

Happy Holidays to you too Phenom.

@ 7 – remanutd5……as far as I’m aware, Motorstorm Apocalypse has been a greatest hits for a while now and the price was dropped at that time to $39.99….not sure where you are getting your pricing.

I know at BestBuy in Canada, it’s 39.99 and it’s not a sale item either.

marlyt said:

December 28th, 9:48 am

@8- his pricing comment refers to the PSN store’s digital price and it is too high. But it is a great game .

@7 you make some excellent points. I was really surprised that their new game is going smaller rather than larger in scale. Maybe even disappointed…maybe. It looks interesting enough and I think we can give Evolution the benefit of the doubt until we see the finished product, but I’m certainly not anticipating RC like I have the last two games. I think cute is better left to Mario and company. We shall see. I hope it’s like Micro Machines with a flamethrower.

remanutd5 said:

December 28th, 9:48 am

at 8 from NA PSN store

megamixer said:

December 28th, 9:57 am


Shame on MS:A PSN price for north america. SCEA or whomever is doing you guys a great disservice.

Idea: Get the PS2 version of Arctic Edge out on PSN as a PS2 legacy release. Doing so would enable people to own and play all 5 Motorstorms on one console! :D

On another note, I got another refurb PS3 back from Sony today! Maybe I’ll do some ‘storming later in its honor. btw Any plans for future MS:A updates?

MS:A isn’t a Greatest Hit yet. It hasn’t been out long enough and there aren’t any copies out there with GH packaging.

remanutd5 said:

December 28th, 10:00 am

at megamixer very good idea on the ps2 version of Arctic Edge

exterminator_123 said:

December 28th, 10:39 am

We NEED more support in MSA -_- hopefully i will find u to WRECK U with my heart xD jk^^

exterminator_123 said:

December 28th, 10:41 am

Where the UPDATE for PS Move……….

poodude said:

December 28th, 11:07 am

Happy holidays to everyone at Evo! I never cared for racing games before I played Motorstorm, so thank you for creating this amazing franchise :).

poodude said:

December 28th, 11:10 am


It’s $39.99 at Best Buy but I actually picked it up at EB Games for $19.99 and I don’t think that was a Boxing Day Promotion. Other stores like Amazon and Future Shop seem to have it at $59.99 still. I agree wit remanutd5 though that Sony should drop the price so it’s universal across all stores.

Elvick_ said:

December 28th, 11:22 am

I’ll be picking up the other two Motorstorms early next year, I have the first. And will pick up RC at launch, I’m not the biggest fan of racers because I’m terrible at them but I want to support you guys. You had a rough year with Apocalypse and I can’t not support you guys now.

Viewtiful_Josh said:

December 28th, 11:31 am

I would so love to join!! My C++ journey is barely in it’s basics, so I am a bit behind. :P This is my inspiration to learn computer science. :)

P.S. That truck looks awesome! I’d be quite worried to ride along it, lol.

JH-FallenReaper said:

December 28th, 11:51 am

hey guys,i cant log in to the servers and its only MotorStorm apocalypse because i can get online in any other game,ive tried like 20 times and it says check connection settings or something like that please help i want to play online,im level 35 so its not a first time use?

DaveedT13 said:

December 28th, 12:11 pm

Happy Holidays to Evolution Studios!

I didn’t play as much of MS:APOCALYPSE as I wanted after buying it because of the splitscreen and online party problems the game had…is that thing fixed now?? A lot of time me and my little brothers that live in another hosue could not connect to a game properly together… : ( Wich is a big let down, don’t know it’s seems so hard to do with real stability on PS3 for some first-party big dev like ES and ND (U3)…this have to be way improved soon…and for PS4 i’ts an obligation. Anyway, another topic I suppose…

Still, MS:APOCALYPSE is an awesome game in more than one way, awesome destructables and dynamic environments, I really like the chaos in the game and the amount of stuff blowing up during a race…superb work on that ES!

GGCAN said:

December 28th, 1:37 pm

You’re right…not sure where I thought I saw it was a greatest hits now.

But I do know that the game went to 39.99 (in Canada anyways), back in the Fall of this year.

I was kind of shocked it went down that quickly, as in my opinion, it’s a great game…got lots of play out of this game from day 1 and the free DLC that came with it made it all the better.

Just too bad with the timing of this game and what happened in Japan, or I think it may have been a much bigger seller.

hockeyshot44 said:

December 28th, 3:24 pm

I think MS Apocalypse is a great game but it’s not worth 59,99$ for sure ! I might buy it if there is a price drop in the future…I’ll just wait to see if that happen.

snowman_perez said:

December 28th, 5:41 pm

Happy Holidays EVO!

Thank you for making my such an awesome series of games( and my favorite). Phenom, any word on when the US PSN store will get the bonus rally car for Mototstorm Arctic Edge?

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 28th, 7:30 pm

Happy Holidays Evolution Studios!

I got a Playstation 3D Display for Christmas and I love the 3D effects of Motorstorm. I also have another pair of 3D glasses and I cannot believe how well the Simulview feature works! I recommend anyone who gets the chance to try motorstorm in 3D or with simulview.

p.s. I REALLY hope you will make another (traditional) Motorstorm for the PS Vita or even a port of any of the PS3 motorstorm titles.

wyatt11295 said:

December 28th, 8:20 pm

Never played motor storm before only demo it was okay.

budking_21 said:

December 29th, 9:16 am

i played moto storm a cupple of times its not all that its ok something to pass the time.

jvasq said:

December 29th, 5:43 pm

I wish my University taught us C++. They touch it in a class but we are mostly taught JAVA. I know some but not enough. I just recently taught myself swing now its time for C++. Thanks.

Glak18 said:

January 2nd, 7:50 am

I’ve always wanted to be in the video game industry. I miss working with C & C++ so much, too bad it seems like all jobs are on the west coast :(

Best of luck and a Happy New Year to all!

fnv_fan said:

January 3rd, 2:15 pm

imma little bit late but happy holidays and pls send me that truck :)

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