Join Us: Play PS Vita in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Miami, NYC Next Week

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Join Us: Play PS Vita in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Miami, NYC Next Week
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Last month, we threw open the doors to a San Francisco location where gamers could just walk right in and go hands on with PlayStation Vita. The reaction was rapturous, but why should California get all the love? Frankly, I think the Golden State is starting to get a little spoiled.

Starting next week, Vita Hill Social Clubs are opening in five of America’s great cities, and we’ll be holding grand opening meetups in all of them:

Tuesday, January 17th

Chicago (click here to RSVP)
1444 N. Milwaukee Ave
Your host: Jeff Rubenstein from PlayStation.Blog

Miami (click here to RSVP)
749 Washington, Miami Beach
Your host: Rey Gutierrez from PlayStation.Blog

New York City (click here to RSVP)
154 Stanton St.
Your host: Sid Shuman from PlayStation.Blog

Wednesday, January 18th

Atlanta (click here to RSVP)
800 Peachtree St.
Your host: Rey Gutierrez from PlayStation.Blog

Boston (click here to RSVP)
579 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge
Your host: Sid Shuman from PlayStation.Blog

All meetups start at 5.30pm local time, ending at 8.30pm. Attendees will feast on free food and beverages, have unfettered access to a dozen PS Vita titles, and enter for chances to win PlayStation prizes. PlayStation.Blog’s design guru Rey Gutierrez even whipped up a special T-shirt for the occasion, which will go to the first 100 people to show up to each meetup. So, you know, don’t be late.

Vita Hill t-shirt (back)Vita Hill t-shirt (front)

These new Social Clubs are opening in addition to the existing location in San Francisco. We’ll also be opening Social Clubs in Austin, TX and the L.A. area soon. Click here for all locations, addresses, and hours of operation.

Be sure to RSVP to let us know you’re coming (ATL BOS CHI MIA NYC). Hope to see you next week!

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7 Author Replies

  • the manager from the playstation lounge in NYC told me that they were gonna have ps vitas on display for the fans to try them out in about 2 weeks

  • oh and they will have a midnight launch party on feb 22nd

  • ten3ightyHD

    Any plans for anything in Orlando, FL.?

  • Hey If I get the Vita with the 3G AT&T service, do I need an AT&T plan?

  • I wish I could make it. I going to buy a Vita as soon as I can get the money.

  • Yeah_its_Bob

    Yes. Finally something in Miami Ill be there!

  • Don’t have a face book so I’m leaving my RSVP here for the Atlanta meet up. See you guys there. Also any list on what games we could see there?

  • New york!!! you better have plenty of those babies because I don’t plan to share!!

  • ReptileHand

    Wait, so is this free? Like anyone can go right? I could make a trip down to Boston to get my hands on the Vita and see if I like it or not, because believe it or not, I could potentially buy one when it comes out … along with Katamari a week later of course :)

    I’d also like to get my hands on one of them t-shirts :P

  • XxDeathDoctorxX


  • I wish stuff like this would happen in Canada :(

  • Exalted_Knight

    I cannot scream loud enough! OMG!!!!!!!! I am so there!!! Wearing my Japanese PlayStation shirt that PlayStation sent me as apart of the rewards program! I hope to get to meet Rey! Sounds like an amazing event! Count me in 100% and Long Live PlayStation!

  • So, we’re S.O.L. if we’re a PlayStation fan and we don’t live near these five cities? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to leave school and travel 300 miles to Chicago to try Vita. I understand that the PlayStation Blog guys can only be in so many places at once, but I really hope there’s a greater effort to get gamers in on this. I’m looking forward to buying my Vita, which makes this sting a little.

  • Can you rule out Colorado now so the suspense doesnt kill me?

  • ARRRGG, you guys finally come to FL but it’s in the worst most southern part. You should have gone to Orlando or Daytona. Everyone can pass through to there. Miami is a 4 hour drive >.<.


    My only concern: It says to RSVP but the only way we can do so is through FB. Do we HAVE to RSVP in order to attend the event or be eligible for prizes and so on? I ask because I do not have a FB and simply can not and will not get one.

  • Hey Jeff or Sid, can we still try out the Vita at the locations after the grand opening events, because I really want to drive down over the weekend to Miami to get my hands on it!

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      Yes you can. But you won’t see us, and that’s hardly worth it, right? Right??

  • So while going from Miami to New York… Stop by charlotte! We got the democratic convention showing up so were a big enough city for Sony to show the Vita!

  • RSVP’d and ready to go

    So glad there will be a meet up in Chicago been dying for one since that Uncharted 2 event Naughty Dog had at Muvico.

  • Robbie_G_lrish

    What’s that? You guys are coming to Saskatoon!? No wayyyyyy!!! See you guys there!!

  • Any chance that these make their way up of the border? Vancouver, BC… FTW!

  • UUUGGHHH…..i dont live close enough!!!!>:(

  • eliteinvaderd1

    That Shirt is awesome! miami beach here i come!

  • You guys thinking about coming to el paso?

  • eliteinvaderd1

    If you are fortunate enough to win a system does it come with a game? or a Memory card ?

  • eliteinvaderd1

    just wondering :D


  • AceOfSpades725

    Nice shirt design Rey! Wish those shirts were at the SF Blog meetup though. Good to hear others will be able to get their hands on the PS Vita soon!

  • See you in NY Sid gonna try and make sure you get the best welcome from NY. Oh yeah I take a Med or Lrg in my shirt… LOL

  • focaldragonfly23

    is there gonna be one in los angeles

  • snakeeyes211

    I am in Miami. I am going.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :-)

  • snakeeyes211

    Will the first edition ps vita’s little deviants be a full retail game or a downloadable?

  • chickengrasshead

    How about Santa Monica, California ?

  • Ernesto_Beltran

    anyway its coming to puerto rico

  • xSiLeNt_BeAsTsx2

    Do you think you can make it to michigan?

  • will there be other free swag besides the t-shirt for the first 100 people?

  • So Xperia Ion announced and screen resolution is far superior to Vita with a smaller screen and a 12M pixel camera. I just don’t get Sony’s product strategy. So inconsistent. Still operating like many different companies with standalone products that don’t really share very much DNA. How do you expect developers to deal with that kind of variety?

  • twistedfloyd

    YES thank you so much for coming to Atlanta! I will do my best to be there if school work permits!

  • tonydamiani

    lol I love how my city always gets excluded from all PS3 things thats why a lot of people here buy other consoles :\ I mean c’mon u can do something like this in PR….other consoles do it…. >_>

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      Well you know, we can’t even consider “your city” if you don’t tell us what it is…

  • FireDragonMonkey

    Will there be anything in Canada? I’m in Montreal and it would be great if I could get to see the Vita in person and hold it before I decide on buying it :)

  • Warlos123456

    Y u no go to Minnesota!?!?!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Washington DC?

  • ExpiredWindex

    Would be nice if us Canadians would get some Vita love too!
    We got good beer, sexy women (even sexy gamer girls), cookies and of course me!
    Why we not getting any vita love :( ?

  • NightHawk17

    Do we need to RSVP? I don’t have a facebook.

  • JoeTheBeast16

    Sid, i think he was asking if we had to have a contract for the 3g service or if we just buy cards from month to month with the amount of data that we want for said month.

  • JoeTheBeast16

    **Like a prepaid phone card type deal**

  • Whenever you decide to hold Canadian meet-ups, please make sure you give some advance heads up.
    A week or two would be preferable.

    The last Toronto event left me disapointed because I was scheduled to work.
    That and the middle of nowhere thing, that didn’t help either.

  • Sweet! Are you guys giving t-shirts away at the SF vita hill?

  • wow, nice t-shirt ^^
    anw cant wait till the launching day of Vita in US :(
    Im the big fan of FIFA FOOTBALL.

  • If you guys want to hold an event in the Vancouver area, we would be happy to host it at Gamedeals. Can’t wait to play some WipEout 2048.

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