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Jan 10

Jan 10

PlayStation and Taco Bell Give You a Chance to Win PS Vita Before it’s Available in Stores

Jill Erb's Avatar Posted by Marketing Alliances Manager, SCEA

PlayStation and Taco Bell just dished out some exciting news live at CES! While the US launch of PlayStation Vita is still more than a month away, PlayStation and Taco Bell have teamed up to give you the chance to win yours before they go on sale in stores. Starting January 26th through March 11th, one winner will be selected EVERY 15 MINUTES!

The folks at Taco Bell are eager to give you three ways to win your very own PS Vita: Unlock, Battle or Boast. Here’s a quick breakdown:

UNLOCK THE BOX: Beginning January 26th, Taco Bell’s specially marked $5 Buck Box – which includes a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium fountain drink – will also provide a code that can be entered online for an instant chance to “unlock” and win a PS Vita.

BATTLE: Download Taco Bell’s new mobile app to check out the exclusively designed Reality Fighters Dojo game where you can “battle” your friends to win a PS Vita.

BOAST: Taco Bell’s online contest will encourage you to submit a photo or video “boasting” about what you’re willing to do for a PS Vita. Submissions will then go into an online gallery where you and your peers can vote for the winners – it could be you!

PS Vita: Taco Bell $5 Buck BoxPS Vita: Taco Bell $5 Buck Box

Regardless of whether you win with an Unlock, Battle or a Boast, your prize pack will include one PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi system, one copy of the PS Vita exclusive Little Deviants, one 4GB PS Vita Memory Card and your choice of one of the following: ModNation Racers: Road Trip, MLB 12 The Show or LittleBigPlanet.

Mark your calendars for January 26th. In the meantime, start sharpening those battle and boasting skills — we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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iBOCK_ said:

January 10th, 8:44 pm

This is a nifty little promotion! :)

playaplus said:

January 10th, 8:46 pm

just heard, got psyched…and im suppose to go to bed in a bit lol

P-NoyBoy said:

January 10th, 8:47 pm

I love taco bell, now I have an excuse to go there errday

jvasq said:

January 10th, 8:54 pm in a little heart disease for a chance to win a free vita…looks like im dying at age 30!!!! taco bell HERE I COME!!!!! :)

Phaetill said:

January 10th, 8:55 pm

I think I might gain a lil’ weight starting Jan. 26…….

And have cronic diaria…….

Oh yeah,PS vita ftw

Dosx001 said:

January 10th, 9:01 pm

We should make a forum to see all the winners, and tell us all about it.

Lolsa1 said:

January 10th, 9:15 pm

I already have my money saved up for the Vita, but if I win this I can save my money and buy more games :D Good luck everyone.

QDOG8 said:

January 10th, 9:16 pm

When and Where can we get the Taco Bell Battle app for Android? Or will that be out on the 26th, too?

    Jill Erb's Avatar

    Jill Erb said:

    January 11th, 11:38 am

    The new Taco Bell mobile app will launch on Jan 26th and will be available for iOS and Android systems.

thejonesyman said:

January 10th, 9:35 pm

Looks and sounds delicious!

Hooligantuan said:

January 10th, 9:38 pm

“Let’s put the magic of Sony’s new handheld together with the magic of dog food on a tortilla to our mutual benefit, Taco Bell.”

‘Lol okay, Sony.’

mystic247 said:

January 10th, 9:40 pm

i never win nothing even a free taco everytime the mess up my orde lol. is there a way to eneter without purchase.

Hooligantuan said:

January 10th, 9:41 pm

True story, this dude I know, late one night, he swings by a Taco Bell because man, hungry, right?

So he pulls up to the window and orders a rack of beefies and some nachos.

Girl on the intercom says, “We can’t do beef tacos tonight.”

Guy is all “lol, what? You’re Taco Bell.”

Girl says, “Yeah, the beef tube is broken.”


The BEEF is in a TUBE and it is BROKEN. The BEEF is extruded from a TUBE onto a tortilla, and it is BROKEN, so he could not get the tacos. Like a giant toothpaste tube, only BEEF TUBE.

Muerthoz said:

January 10th, 9:43 pm

Hopefully the Taco Bells around here will conduct this promotion better than the Subways handled the Uncharted promotion. Went to 3 Subways in my area. They all had stacks of the Uncharted cups but wouldn’t give them out because “they were told by corporate not to give the cups to anyone”.

ItsNymo said:

January 10th, 9:46 pm

After eating a little healthier by going to Subway several times for the past few PlayStation promotions there, looks like I’m going to gain some pounds just to win myself a Vita! And if I do: It will be soo worth it…And soo delicious…

FORMIK said:

January 10th, 9:49 pm

*Puts note card to head*

“Two ways something is released sooner than expected.”

“What is, this PlayStation Vita promotion and eating at Taco Bell?”

snakeeyes211 said:

January 10th, 10:00 pm

Will the first edition ps vita’s little deviants be a full retail game or a downloadable?

    Jill Erb's Avatar

    Jill Erb said:

    January 11th, 11:34 am

    Can’t speak to the first edition PS Vita bundle, but the prizing for this program will include the full retail version of the Little Deviants game.

Bigcalv2002 said:

January 10th, 10:28 pm

And heres where they say “only available in america”. It would not surprise me in the least. They shafted us canadians for the subway promo, so I doubt that would change for taco bell! How about throwing some promos to those of us whom do not reside in america?

and @16, you obviously have not gotten a response to your repeated questioning about little deviants, what makes you think you will get one now?

FJ1100_rider said:

January 10th, 10:30 pm

gee thanks , another contest giveaway that’s only for americans , what . do you think canadians don’t want to win a vita ?
maybe you could get a contest one day we can all enter or take part in ? partner with a restaurant or retailer they have all over north america like burger king or kfc next time

x1_1X1_1x said:

January 10th, 10:32 pm

Tacos and games.

bkmelendez said:

January 10th, 10:36 pm

Now I have an excuse to get fat at Taco Bell. Mountain Dew Baja Blast FTW!

Matrix_Lion said:

January 10th, 10:38 pm

My stomach will not allow me to enter this.

Ultranium said:

January 10th, 11:04 pm

I had a big box meal a few times, and it’s not too bad. It’s certainly not the healthiest thing to eat. I think the subway promotion for Uncharted was a better fit for the playstation brand. Either way, I never win in any of these contests. I think the odds are too low, or I’m just not that lucky.

Criscross87v3 said:

January 10th, 11:06 pm

So after a couple of promotions with Subway Sony goes to Taco Bell? The Chicken flat breads always made me sick, but hopefully these items won’t. This contest will be me giving Taco Bell one more chance.

D-Squad3 said:

January 10th, 11:09 pm

Eww I hate Taco Bell. Seems like a lot of Vita’s will be given away for free, I mean every 15 minutes? Won’t Sony lose money doing this? I guess they just want to spread the popularity hoping that people will want to buy one when they see it in public.

MrBeatdown said:

January 10th, 11:29 pm

Comments 12 and 15 just gave me my 100% daily value of lulz.

MarinoBrea said:

January 10th, 11:40 pm


BEEF TUBE…you make it sound dirty…

Elvick_ said:

January 10th, 11:50 pm

@17: I’m not bothered, we get the better First Edition bundle in my opinion. A wi-fi model instead of a 3G model. Not only cheaper, but probably what most people want anyway so we lucked out there.

Sgt_0951 said:

January 11th, 1:18 am

Its good that you don’t have to buy and/or eat Taco Bell’s garbage to participate in the promotion.

Not that it matters, though. Haven’t been very impressed with the Vita so far.

DarkOne_PR said:

January 11th, 2:09 am

its this valid in Puerto Rico???

    Jill Erb's Avatar

    Jill Erb said:

    January 11th, 11:40 am

    Sorry! The promotion is not available in Puerto Rico.

AWESOMEgamer875 said:

January 11th, 3:24 am

And we wonder why Americans are fat… Its because of amazing promotions like this!! What better way to spend a day than mounds of tacos and videogames?????

remanutd5 said:

January 11th, 5:04 am

any ps vita tv spots featuring kevin butler coming in the near future?

ChaseHammerJ said:

January 11th, 5:31 am

I will buy 1-2 MAYBE 3 of these boxes to give it a try, probably not more than that.

The stupid thing is there are people that will buy about 2 a day for the entire duration trying to win this thing when they could just buy one on ebay :P

At this time i would like to offer this to those people: Give me the money you were going to spend on the contest ($300 or more) and I will guarantee you a Vita within a week lol.

CommandingTiger said:

January 11th, 5:32 am

any chance this kind of promotion elsewhere, on other fast-food.
Maybe Subway, KFC, or even A&W (soo goood)
Have mini games via Facebook and more promotions.

CommandingTiger said:

January 11th, 5:40 am

don’t any kevin butler tv adds, he’s too arrogant, doesn’t give a good image of the franchise, we need a young good looking guy and a beautiful lovely girl brunette.
We need announcers that gives detail about the products, not just visually, sure, the vita trailers were good with just the visual, but in tv spot, you’re limited to a few seconds, so give the best info for each games, you can’t cover all the features, but the most important aspect of each games.

ItaChu said:

January 11th, 5:53 am

too bad its only in the us and not Puerto Rico too… id go everyday :P

Santos21 said:

January 11th, 6:18 am

wait a minute, so tacos,games,sony,vita, and non stop diarrhea until this promotion ends? yep! taco bell every day it is then.

xCh0z3n-0n3x said:

January 11th, 6:34 am

ohhh mannn… there’s a Taco Bell by my now i know where to go either on break, or when i get out! :D:D:D

AzureSkieth said:

January 11th, 7:00 am

WOW! And I thought there would never be a reason for me to actually want to eat Taco Bell. Start to enjoy the food recently. Guess I’ll have more time to learn to appreciate it. xP

BananaFish said:

January 11th, 7:36 am

READING BETWEEN THE LINES: Does this mean that LBP is a launch or launch window title? I could be wrong but I’m thinking that nothing has been announced regarding the release for LBP vita…

Phhhh said:

January 11th, 7:40 am

~1300 calories for 5$ yum.

jazzyrider said:

January 11th, 7:46 am

What app– android, iphone, or pc? Link??

TwinDad said:

January 11th, 7:52 am


LOL. So much for thinking outside the box.

If this involves eating taco bell, I’m out. If you have eaten Mexican food, and I mean real Mexican food. You would never eat at Taco bell again.

C_Y_P_H_E_R said:

January 11th, 8:10 am

i love taco bells the box, and they are less fattening than burgers. but i would feel better if it was a salad with chicken strips. not that i always eat salads. at least it isn’t exclusive to large size acidic syrupy sodas, excluding tea of course. i want a vita. but you can’t take this stuff serious whatsoever. it’s all just fun, calories and more calories. the winners probably don’t care for them anyways. all i can think when i buy a meal with a code on it is the winners codes are in the garbage somewhere. something with a better chance at winning, i believe would be better. like coupons for a vita, upcoming vita games or a job in game testing. creative thinking.

GabeP said:

January 11th, 8:26 am

Playstation + Taco Bell? Seriously?! No joke, these are two of my most favorite things. And I’d be getting a chance to win a Vita? Omg.. This. Is. Amazing!

Bad_Brains said:

January 11th, 8:32 am

I may try one if I can order them meatless (I’m vegetarian). Although last time I had Taco Bell I had wicked diarrhea. Truth.

fester420 said:

January 11th, 8:35 am

sweet january 26th is on a payday

Benmo316 said:

January 11th, 8:51 am

I’m really excited to see the Vita getting this kind of promotion. I hope to see some GOOD commercials soon, maybe one during the Super Bowl? That’d be huge!

PuppetShoJustice said:

January 11th, 9:07 am

@24 No, Sony won’t lose money doing this.

1)You can’t sell games without an installed user base. Getting these things into our hands is critical.
2) I’m sure they cut out a nice deal with Taco Bell.
3) The Vita memory cards are woefully overpriced so they’ll still get you.

It’s an interesting promotion. I may try my luck a couple of times since I’m going to need to eat anyways and fancy myself a gamble on occasion. I’m just not interested in handheld gaming consoles anymore so my prize would either end up in the hands of a friend or an eBay buyer.

xsonarisx said:

January 11th, 9:28 am

USA only? Pretty cool promo nonetheless.

bloodbath666 said:

January 11th, 9:34 am

/looks like I’ll be going to Taco Bell for the first time in 6 years.

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