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Jan 12

Jan 12

Unit 13 Infiltrates PS Vita March 6th, Covert Mission Video Walkthrough

Seth Luisi's Avatar Posted by Director of Development, SCEA

We are at CES this week showing off the latest, near-final build of Unit 13 and we have something special in store for the PlayStation.Blog community.

First, in case you missed the announcement from the PS Vita CES keynote yesterday afternoon, Unit 13 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 6th. We are quite excited to bring this new title to PS Vita. Thanks to the excellent dual analogs sticks on the Vita, Unit 13 represents the first full shooter experience on a portable gaming device. But don’t take our word for it: the press have been playing it and really like what they see. Check out the recent coverage from Kotaku, Destructoid, and IGN.

We also have, as another PlayStation.Blog exclusive, the first view of the North American box front!


But what I am really here for is to provide an exclusive video walkthrough of a new level and game type in Unit 13. This is the first detailed video walkthrough of a Covert mission:

For those not keeping up on Unit 13, there are four different mission types. Direct Action missions are larger, multiple objective missions that reward tactical play. Deadline missions are medium-sized missions where players have to race against the clock; they reward speed over tactics. Elite missions are small- to medium-sized missions with no health regen or check points. Elite missions reward taking as little damage as possible. Finally, the Covert missions are stealth missions where you need to get in and out without the enemy knowing you were there. It rewards players for remaining unseen and you get a bonus for leaving enemies alive. However, if you are discovered, you can still recover if you take out the alerted enemies fast enough. Each different game type has different scoring rules and each one makes the best use of the six different operatives and their equipment.

With 36 missions playable in single player or co-op, along with dynamic versions of those missions; plus nine HVT missions to unlock and share via near; six different operatives; 10 levels per operative that unlock new abilities, weapons and equipment; plus the daily challenge missions and leaderboards for all 36 single player and co-op missions, I predict that Unit 13 will keep you busy for a very long time.

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Braehole said:

January 23rd, 9:28 pm

Looks good Seth, Im excited and hoping for good hit detection. That double knife kill looked a little wierd but who cares if it’s fun to do. I would move the camera back a bit more or at least give me the choice to do it please. My PSN friends are waiting for me to tell them its not like Socom 4 with the big slow characters and wierd camera movement. The older skinnier, faster models seemed to be more satisfying to play and would make you feel more like an elite soldier. But I’m sure you know whats best after making so many games and whats really fun or not.

x59FIFTYx- said:

January 30th, 4:58 pm

Thank u zipper interactive for not putting in that lock on target thing. now let diffrenciate the boys from the men with real shooting.I am a big fan of socom 1,2&3.
1. Whats the cost?

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