Jan 17

Jan 17

New Year Brings New UNCHARTED 3 DLC, Fortune Hunters’ Club Grows

Eric Monacelli's Avatar Posted by Community Strategist, Naughty Dog


Happy 2012! We’re starting the year off with a fresh batch of UNCHARTED 3 DLC content and more in the pipeline that prophecies forbid us from fully portending quite yet. Hope you’ve all gotten 2012 off to a rocking start even with all the 2012 phenomenon chatter. If not, we’re about to make your end of days talk and your UNCHARTED gaming life much more awesome.

First off, today we’ll be releasing four maps we teased a couple of weeks after the UNCHARTED 3 launch.

You’ll be getting the Cave, Fort, Lost City, and Sanctuary maps in this download pack. Dynamic lighting effects, new particle effects and a slew of technical changes have been made to these maps. The lighting was reworked from scratch. New textures and weather effects are apparent and freshly decorate all maps. We poured hours of development time into these maps to make them be really fun in the UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer ecosystem. This map pack is a taste of how far we can go to remix some of your favorite maps into a completely new UNCHARTED 3 gameplay experience.

If you’re a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club these maps will be available free to you. If not, you can gain access today by purchasing the FHC from the PS Store. It’s a fantastic deal at $24.99.

Initially, the Fortune Hunters’ Club offered a total savings of 45% off the seven multiplayer packs (three character skin packs, four map packs) that will be released for UNCHARTED 3. We’ve kicked this deal up a few notches and are now offering 14 total packs, 7 new packs that we will be revealing as the year progresses! As a FHC member the savings for these 14 packs will be over 60%! Current membership and any new membership purchased will include all currently available and any upcoming DLC packs for UNCHARTED 3 as well as an exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme that will let you know when new UNCHARTED 3 DLC hits right from the XMB of your PS3.

Besides the fun new maps you’ll be playing on today, we wanted to tell you about some future hits of DLC. We have three new character skins packs coming at you next. The Rogues Pack 1 and Rogues Pack 2 will let you play as some of the major thugs and minor characters from UNCHARTED 3. Donut Pack 1 will giant-size some of your favorite UNCHARTED 3 heroes and villains.


Details on how and when the three new skin packs will be available, and what DLC is coming after that, will follow in our next blog update. We have a lot more DLC coming at you. To whet your appetite, here’s a hint to as what it may be:


Any guesses to why Lazarević is holding half a Janus head?

As you see we are currently hard at work on completely new DLC for your UNCHARTED 3 online adventure. As soon as all the content is fully baked, tested through QA and we have locked release dates you’ll be the first to know. For now, let’s explore some new maps together. See you online!

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Carl-G said:

January 17th, 2:55 pm

Couldn’t you spend all this time your spending making DLC for ‘Uncharted 3’ on making ‘Uncharted 4’ instead? :P :D ;)

papolatte said:

January 17th, 2:58 pm

Not sure why I’m seeing so much negative feedback. I’m very appreciative of all of the content for such an awesome price. You rock ND! Thanks again, for being one of y favorite developers on any platform right now!

I can’t wait to own all of this DLC, and can’t wait to purchase the next game you come out with.

P.S. You guys are the reason I am getting a PS Vita. I can’t wait to play Golden Abyss. I am so excited, even though now I will have to try and figure out how I’m going to pay off this semester. Either way, can’t wait to play.

Mauzizz said:

January 17th, 3:06 pm

Will the glitched treasures in co-op adventure also be fixed?

shadydangerous54 said:

January 17th, 3:09 pm

FCK it!!! Imma download mines first thing tomorrow!!! Thanks PSN…

Marcellino said:

January 17th, 3:18 pm

As a day-1 member of the Fortune Hunters Club, I must say that I will be very disappointed if UC3 does not follow a similar model to the way UC2 handled trophies with DLC. I thought UC2’s method was a brilliant way of giving trophies to the people who wanted them, while not interfering with the Platinum trophy. Why you guys would not do something similar with UC3 is beyond me. Please considering trophies with later DLCs, as it gives me more of an incentive to stick with UC3 longer!

4300 trophies and counting!

burddawg70 said:

January 17th, 3:24 pm

I’m laughing at the complaints about the DLC – $24.99 for 14!!!! That’s DOUBLE the promise…..so what 4 maps are retreads, at least it is something else while they come up with other maps that are probably bad a$$!!

My only complaint….LEVELS – stuck on 75 and XP growing with nothing to do! :) When will that CAP be lifted.

Also, the FAL is a joke, dump that POS……
Lastly, waaaaaaaaa about trophies, get along little doggie and worry about something else.

Thanks ND for creating fantastic games

IGlowInTheDark said:

January 17th, 3:42 pm

Hey Eric, I have a question about the FHC. Will it always be available or is only for a limited time?

As for the requests for some double xp weekends, I would rather have weekends with an increased chance of getting some of the rare treasures, just saying.

Link01 said:

January 17th, 4:10 pm

@ 80 “Regardless of what Eric said, you DO NOT get every bit of DLC available for Uncharted 3. Doughnut Lazarevic was excluded from the skin pack, and had to be purchased for $.49. So unless Eric is offering a refund to those of us who purchased the doughy villain, he is incorrect.

+ Eric Monacelli on January 17th, 2012 at 3:17 pm said:
If you’re an FHC member you should be able to download the Doughnut Lazarevic skin FREE. Go to the PS store from inside the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer menu.”

I agree. I paid .50c for the doughnut Lazarevic too and I’ve been a FHC member since day one. I waited over a week before I decided on the purchase.

Crazymanwalking1 said:

January 17th, 4:41 pm

Damn i really need internet, I cant download any of my Fortune Hunter Club DLC. stupid neigbor locked his Wi-Fi

musicman1234 said:

January 17th, 4:52 pm

This is not in my inbox like you said it would be by joining the fortune hunters club.

musicman1234 said:

January 17th, 4:55 pm

Also total disappointment if their are no online trophies from what I am reading. Lazy Dog? Nah..Can’t be.

met321 said:

January 17th, 6:05 pm

Sorry but someone needs to get fired…what is this @!## i already paid for this stuff its called U2 you guys suck…those maps should have just carried over from U2 i just played them they were better before you messed them up…thx for nothing ND you could learn something from Media Molecule there dlc carries over to the new game and don’t even try and justify this.

georges113 said:

January 17th, 6:39 pm

ok so do i get all the upcoming dlc’s free or just 4 of them and everything else is at 45% discount?? and do i get any free characters
all of this if i have the fortune hunter club???

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    January 17th, 6:42 pm

    Simply put: $24.99 entitles you to 14 DLC packs for Uncharted 3. Flashback Map Pack 1 is the 5th pack we’ve released.

georges113 said:

January 17th, 6:40 pm

and i only get those maps and all others free if i join now or if i join in like a month ill still get em right cauz i gotta talk with friends about this??

KarateChampChad said:

January 17th, 6:46 pm

This made my jaw drop. ND has yet done it again. :D

Can’t wait for all of this, thank you Naughty Dog.

ninjavet said:

January 17th, 7:32 pm

Would the future co-op adventure mode DLC count as one of the packs in the Fortune Hunter Club? All of the wording I’m seeing keeps referring to map packs or character packs and I just wanted to be completely clear before I made a purchase. Thanks

Link01 said:

January 17th, 7:37 pm

Guys, please just fix the game. I honestly don’t even care about DLC at this point. I played a few rounds on the new maps and couldn’t even enjoy them due to the ridiculous rage that comes from spammers, laggers, over powered weapon abusers, and all out unbalanced feel. Put up some dedicated servers and BALANCE the game. Stop playing weekly videos of people spamming with the sniper rifles too.. you’re just proving the point that it’s ridiculous.

V130_1286 said:

January 17th, 9:08 pm

Eric, please tell me that there will be A FLASHBACK MAP PACK 2 which contains the other 4 maps from U2 and if possible new map packs with U3 theme and maybe golden abyss… Uncharted defines game!!!

Speedemon1066 said:

January 17th, 11:34 pm

Eric, thanks for the answer on the Adventure Elena! I just got into the Fortune Hunters club.

So looking forward to my Doughnut Elena! Family life with Nate has taken a toll on her…

El_Corndog said:

January 18th, 1:29 am

How’s about word on when you’re going to lift the level cap? The fact one even exists in the first place makes no sense.

Khronikos said:

January 18th, 2:23 am

Seriously, what the heck did you guys do to these MP characters. Does anybody else care that Lara’s head is like 5 polygons stitched together? U2 looked much more polished than this.

Pretty obvious who the head team is on ND (the other one) or else you guys are really just making this stuff way too fast. This new engine certainly has some drawbacks or something.

Khronikos said:

January 18th, 2:25 am

Sorry, that was Laza lol. Anyway, glad you guys added a but more to this than the original 7 packs and I still think you could improve the dam poly counts on these mp characters., Seriously, what gives.

shanghaiswf said:

January 18th, 4:26 am


Bilbo-the-Moon said:

January 18th, 6:04 am

looking forward to Doughnut Elena!

But I hate how Sully kinda steamrolled the Co op Adventure this time in Uncharted 3. I want elena to do some steam rolling and dominate the Co op Adventure maps.

So what I’m asking is that Elena have lots of parts in these new Co op Adventure maps. Eric, please teel Naughty Dog this. People want her for Uncharted 4 but intill then Co op Adventure with lots of Elena will suffice!

But you did respond well to Infamous’s post.

‘Don’t want to spoil anything…’ Sounds promising in the Elena regard. ND: Elena FTW!

abbasman47 said:

January 18th, 7:38 am


DOES THAT SAY? doughnut pack? does that mean my dream came true? DOUGHNUT Chloe??


Cloud_X1 said:

January 18th, 9:55 am

Bring back Elimination!!!

Cloud_X1 said:

January 18th, 9:55 am

Bring back Elimination!

DuneHopper98 said:

January 18th, 12:46 pm

YESSS THE MAPS ROCK! Im definately gunna play A LOT more uncharted now. :D

DuneHopper98 said:

January 18th, 12:48 pm

And im also glad that co op adventure is gunna get some DLC. thts my favorite co op type!

DuneHopper98 said:

January 18th, 12:52 pm


T-Cal said:

January 18th, 1:03 pm

What, No Trophies….. LAME!

ReptileHand said:

January 20th, 5:00 am

“Oh no trophies! LAME!”

“Oh they’re remastered maps! LAME! I want new maps!”

Oh they’re… they’re beautiful…

W-wait, this one has a completely different n-new look!

Sanctuary has the Aurora Borealis!

Lost City is covered in snow! oooooo!

Woah! Cave is all .. n-new :O! It’s got grass and vegetation everywhere!

Fort is WOOAH! It’s raining ! this is so cool!

These are a perfect equivalent to “New” maps.

I want more!

>Flashback Pack >>#1<there’s going to be a #2 :D

This is so worth $10. It’s even better with the Fortune Hunters Club. It feels good taking a break from Uncharted to get into it again with new maps :D

I just played all 4 in a row for the first time and my mind = blown. They aren’t remastered… they’re revamped to a whole new level!

Tigris-Phalanx said:

January 20th, 1:19 pm

YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! You should really let us know the exact date it’s coming out like 2 months before though.

HurricaneHulme said:

January 22nd, 6:48 am

Hey ND, great work on DLC, well worth getting FHC, glad i made that choice, also can you add the other Uncharted 2 skins back to Uncharted 3 like Dutch,Dillion,Blaine and Javier, i really want to have access to all Uncharted 2 skins =D

Zathaniel said:

January 24th, 3:13 pm

Does anyone one know if there is a way to turn off the dlc’s temporarily like in uncharted 2?

saab01 said:

January 24th, 8:06 pm

How come I cant sign into the naughty dog website to post issues?

Does anyone else have an issue where they are not being shown as legacy in game. I am legacy 3 by the way but some times when i check in game it doesn’t show me as any legacy can anyone explain this.

What about all the issues with the game when will they be fixed.

Not being able to pick up treasures from the treasure chest while playing online.
Bad re spawns.
Hearing the opposites teams talk on there mics in game

Avalanche said:

February 1st, 6:32 pm

what made you guys choose Fort, Cave, Lost City, and Sancuary? i WILL speak for everybody when i say Temple, Village, and Plaza are better than all of those…

abdelhai said:

February 1st, 11:40 pm


sonic12453 said:

February 4th, 8:29 am

Villains co-op…why else would Lararavic have a AK-47 w/ blind fire accuracy on his back

MrT0oSolid said:

February 6th, 11:02 pm

when im playin UC3 online sometimes my controller just stop workin but i dont know why…. ( it just this game that happen with ) so am i the only person this happened too or is it my wifi

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