PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network will be offline for routine scheduled maintenance on Thursday, January 19th from approximately 8am until 9pm PST.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP, and Media Go.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.
  • PlayStation Home
  • Music Unlimited & Video Unlimited services

In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from

Users who are already signed into their account on PlayStation Network before the start of the maintenance should be able to stay signed in to their online session, but will not be able to access any of the services listed above. Users who attempt to sign-in to their PlayStation Network account after the start of the maintenance may be presented with the site maintenance notification page if they haven’t signed in recently.

During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game Trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when maintenance has concluded. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • @krae_man
    Did you check it recently? I had the same problem with my download list, but after I checked it 3 days ago it’s back to normal, for me.

  • @Shy_guy92, it works sometimes. I just did it today and it took accessing it 6 times to get the history to appear in the correct order and stay that way long enough to download another batch of games.

  • People are such babies. Play single-player tomorrow or read a book.

  • guitarded77

    @ krae_man
    My fat died a few weeks back and I had the same problem. 800 items on my download list… I was keeping track on paper doing add-ons, PSN games, etc in order. When the list got out of whack, I’d back out and repopulate the list and it was always in order the second time. Anyway, Sony does need to fix this.

  • Wow that’s like the whole day.

  • VendettaLion

    Awesome, cross game chat update… no!? Oh well, I guess whatever Sony is working on with this “maintenance” is important to us (mildly sarcastic).

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Again!?!? WTH? Enough with these all day maintenance things. You pay for XBL, but at least they don’t pull off these types of BS.

  • o_silver8ack_o

    Wow, brand new ps3 slim and copy of BF3 and I can’t play it all freakin day tomorrow. Thanks Sony. I knew there was a reason I was paying for xbox live before.

    I still love you, but I also hate you right now.

  • Perfect day to do maintenance! I will be gone all day anyways!

  • Thank you for the heads up, Mr. Seybold. I can live without the PSN for one day (unlike some people, apparently).

  • As long as improvements are made to PSN I don’t care if it’s down all day, besides I have Xbox Live to hold me over til then.

  • Good on you, Sony; I figured I’d take a break from Battlefield 3 as I was getting back into Skyrim again :)

  • The maintance is WORLDWIDE, so as they are in Japan they start the downtime that is suited over there.

  • FJ1100_rider

    are you finally going to get that website online ? you know , the one we were promised that you can deactivate a dead ps3 from ? I know there is that qriocity site nut outside of the U.S. it doesn’t allow you to deactivate a ps3 .
    it just gives you the same old message to deactivate from the console and that’s obviously not possible after ylod

    I have 2 dead systems I need deactivated before I even think about getting a new ps3 or a ps vita one day

  • a_striped_lombax


    Just because you’re not intelligent enough to add 3 hours to each time doesn’t mean everyone else is the same.

  • a_striped_lombax

    On the status of the update though, I think it is nice that Sony not only does a thorough check and perhaps even update of their servers, but also allow the anti-socialites an opportunity to go out and do something else for one day.

  • While its great they are keeping us posted on this stuff (you should really do it more often) i have to agree with people stating that the time in which this is happening is a bit off. Why do it on such busy hours? its only making you guy less money. I think it would be a much smarter idea to start it off either late at night or early morning. While i understand everyone lives in different timezone the times arent all that far behind. i live in Hawaii and i believe the maintenance would be from 6am to 7pm so it isnt that far off from PST.

  • Please fix this: Remove the horrible, unplayable, buggy game called AMY.

  • @#4 Supreme_Entity :

    You have to think like a Japanese company. Yes we all know that Sony maintains their servers somewhere in the west coast of the USA (cough SAN DIEGO cough). But Sony is still a Japanese company after all.

    So the maintance hours are from Thursday January 19, 2012 8AM to 9PM PST right?
    So, add 17 hours to that. What do you get?
    Friday January 20, 2012 1AM to 2PM JST

    Of course this also gives Sony a way to not pay their techs extra since most of the work will be during normal business hours at the data center.

  • Tell me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t say explicitly that it won’t be possible to play online games. The maintenance will affect the services and management related to psn, but not gaming itself. It also says that while you play single player, you can still collect trophies, and that feature wont be affected. So, in my opinion, according to what I read, be happy, is not the end of the world. If it is, it won’t matter in any way!!

  • VooDoo_Child_187

    All I have to say is I hope its a real routine scheduled maintenance and not another PSN BLACKOUT. I would rather them do this at night when people are asleep because I play threw out the day. But oh well.

  • crzyhrse666

    Thank you for letting us know. Keep up the good work

  • No BF3 for me? :(

  • I never have a problem with PSN;) So god knows what you fix or make better when you do this LoL;)

  • It shouldn’t take this long (and shouldn’t need to be done this often) and maintenance should be done during non-peak hours. Sony employees should be inconvenienced (by working overnight) – not their customers. Their primary competitor does far fewer updates, always in the middle of the night, and has trimmed the process down to about 4 hours. Software has always been Sony’s Achille’s Heel…

  • Time 2 read. thanks sony for the heads up.

  • Thank you for letting us know.

  • cool stuff

  • MEGATRON2413

    I hope it will be back online in no time . thanks sony

  • LOL of course, the only night my girlfriend is out of the house and the PSN is down. Why not do it during the night? Wouldn’t piss off enough people that way?

  • After i installed firmware 4.0, i can no longer see how long time is left
    when i download something from Playstation Store. Before the update you
    could see how long time it was left on the download to be finished

    And the “download in background” button is gone, it’s just a small box with 3 dots.

    Hope this maintenance will fix these problems.

    Anyone else with the same problem after 4.0?

  • Like a bunch of other people already asked – INCREASE CLOUD STORAGE for ps+ subscribers please…. With the 50+ games I have im no longer able to backup saves

  • Major_Hoare


    Sony is located in Japan so the schedualed maintenance is during off hours for the homeland.

  • grimreaper2345

    ok thanks for da heads up n people get over it ps was down for months go find something to do besides playing games

  • grimreaper2345

    does anyone know how to scan ur ps3 for viruses???

  • ReptileHand


    You’re not the only one? I thought it was just me, yeah there is a bug where it scrambles the download list after 20 items.

  • La_maravich_22

    Please explain waht kind of maintenance you do to the psn please add new features better servers to the game give a really online experience like steam or xbox live and do good things because the sony first party games are the best but the real sony fans need more that good games we need a entretaiment console with apps new interface new people working on the ps store update because sony give the update always later please fire grace chen

  • CaptainJames99

    Patrick seybolds post: “regularly scheduled maintenance”. posted right before he leaves the office for the night before the “maintenance”. riiiiiight, ssuuuuure yeah whatever.

    real world translation: “We’re too cheap to do it right the first time now its F%&&ed up and we gotta fix it before the new boss finds out”.

    The rest of my comment is directly at Patrick Seybold: You need to man up and start being honest with gamers. Our hard earned dollars keep you in a job. This wouldnt be such pile of ahem bovine excrement if you’d give actuall advance warning, say more than 12 hours. Nor should you keep everyone in the dark about whats being done, at the very least say “We’re fixing X, Y, and Z” in the broadest general terms instead of nothing. This is the most important Patrick, reply to comments and answer questions, stop hiding behind these fanatical basement dwellers like a coward.

  • MarcJGoGGleS

    Want to fix the jail broken cheats for Socom Confrontation?
    Im tired of having my game frozen and having the gameplay ruined by those who exploit the game.

  • mkharper0124

    Are we still down?????

  • why r we still down

  • well i was able to get online and on the store but my ps card wont work -.- ill give it till the morning to see if it works

  • @Zeo_Karnz (#92): Yeah, I have the same problem. PSN card won’t redeem, says bad code, though I’m sure it is not. What the hell.

  • I wasn’t going to join in on all this pointless ranting & whining but I’ve really had enough of this crap. First thing, the scheduled maintenance is them implementing small changes as you the user complains about damn near everything needing improvement. They are working to better their product so they can maintain a decent market with their competition. Second thing the difference between development across consoles, the XBOX 360 was not Microsoft’s first run around with network access, they had years of implementation and correction of their network capabilities. Yes their network features may be ahead but Sony is greatly increasing with time, it takes tons of money to make these little changes even though we the customers only view them as a few megabytes.

  • Third thing, the PSone games, we all know that Rayman, Dynamite Heady, Legends of Dragoon, Tales of Legaia, Tales of Destiny, Saga Frontier, Lomax, Gex, Twisted Metal and a ton more are all games we’d love to see. What people don’t understand is that different companies own the rights to these games whether they are on Sony’s systems or not and they are helping with the development most likely. If one company can release and get their product out first then so be it. Everyone knows that Square better known now as SquareEnix now has one of the biggest archives of games in video game history, their RPGs are amazing but they will take a while to bring them out without flooding the online store and the customers with huge updates.

  • . Fourth thing, remember the PS3 lost its compatibility with the PS2 games when certain updates were implemented, even with emulators at that time many games played pretty crappy and now Sony is taking the reins and working on compatibility their self to please the loyal PlayStation fans who miss playing PS2 games on their beloved systems.

  • My final thing to speak on is DLC, realize that I have a 500 GB hard drive, every single PSone game downloaded, soon all PS2 games downloaded and mini games like crazy, I have 138 physical PS3 games in my house, yet my PS3 has 140 GB of space remaining, stop complaining about Cloud Storage, buy a damn bigger HDD and when it runs low Cloud Storage will have by that time been increased greatly. To any whom object to what I say please feel free to speak, and PlayStation + kicks ass, I’ve saved a ton of money over the last year on PlayStation Home items and DLC/Games.

  • Earlier today i bought 2 $20 psn cards, i input them now under redeem codes & no dice! Is the account management still down?

  • xx_X2010X_xx

    @PlayStation and all services are restored but people trying to redeem codes through Account Management & Qriocity are getting error’s.

  • Emerald_Swords


    Try waiting a couple of hours if you still can’t get them redeemed, phone up support.

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