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Jan 23

Jan 23

Twisted Metal Goes Gold, Comes with Starhawk Sweet Tooth Skin

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Producer, Twisted Metal

Hey everyone, I’m back with some great news—Twisted Metal‘s gone gold in North America! We—the crew over at Eat Sleep Play and Sony Santa Monica—have been working so hard for the past few years and it’s tough to express just how happy we are to be one enormous step closer to putting Twisted Metal in your hands this coming Valentine’s Day. We put a lot of love into this game and can’t wait for you all to play it and let us know what you think.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Our friends over at LightBox Interactive have been cooking up something really amazing, and I’m excited to show it to you all today—the Sweet Tooth Outcast Multiplayer skin for Starhawk, coming May 8th! Every copy of Twisted Metal will include a voucher for this awesome skin. On top of that, if you pre-order Twisted Metal you’ll get early access to Axel and a free upgrade to the Limited Edition that comes with a code to download Twisted Metal: Black.

Twisted Metal: Starhawk Sweet Tooth

We’ll be sharing even more news up through Twisted Metal’s February 14th launch, so be on the lookout! Until then, let us know—what about Twisted Metal are you most excited for?

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RACfan-753 said:

January 24th, 3:58 pm

That is awsome but i was just woundering are those bonuses going to be in canada to cause it said NA above
but Ive pre-ordered it already but now theres that TM black bounes i called EB games about that upgraid to limited edition they now nothing about it so im kinda pissed if i dont get that game with this awsome new one. What im trying to say is dose someone have info on this issue?

Nightmare_Lord said:

January 24th, 4:23 pm

like I said in my 1st post Gamestop had no clue about this Gamestop/EB Games are the same company now, so what I suggest is you cancel your per-order from EB or whatever and order it from Amazon which is show the cover with the words Limited on it, and saying you get the code.

devilmosh said:

January 24th, 6:52 pm

What I’m most excited for? Besides playing it, you guys are already doing it. I’m getting Twisted Metal for Valentine’s Day and Starhawk for my B-day (May 4th but it’s close enough), and the connection is making it all the better!

The fact that your love for the games and the fans is shining through so well keeps me excited :)

Mac-_0 said:

January 24th, 10:26 pm

This is why I’ve always have and always will love Twisted Metal and I hope they bring twister or twister’s sister back again too.

crashsmash01 said:

January 25th, 6:31 pm

what I’m getting for my Birthday Present:
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal Black
Sweet Cover Art
A Amazing Starhawk sweet tooth skin code.
all this was also seeing ghost rider 2 and having a party at dave and busters.
Thanks David and everyone at both starhawk and twisted metal for making my 20th birthday very godly.
or dare i say…….very sweet c;

garyd12 said:

January 31st, 10:59 am

Ahhhhh Yea! Can’t wait!

kessler817 said:

February 1st, 3:37 pm


demskulls said:

February 4th, 8:27 pm

im really excited to get the new twisted metal.I pre ordered it right away gotta get me that download of twisted metal black.CANT WAIT TO GET THIS!!!!! see you all online when i blow you up XD


February 8th, 2:59 am

I wish the Demo diddnt have to end.Finally,a reason to look forward to Valentines day! ;)

Travis2006 said:

February 8th, 9:54 pm

Hopefully They Put Up Some Cool Twisted Metal Avatars On PSN! Who Agrees?

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