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Jan 25

Jan 25

David Jaffe Wants YOU: Twisted Metal Tournament in San Francisco on 2/2

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

Hold on to your butts: Twisted Metal is coming to San Francisco, guns blazing, this coming Thursday, February 2nd for an all-access community meetup and multiplayer tournament to celebrate the game’s launch on February 14th. The action will go down at a hip little establishment called Mezzanine (located at 444 Jessie St.) from 6:00 to 9:00pm. The man of the hour, Twisted Metal Co-Director David Jaffe, gives us the full details in his special video invite below.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who: You! This event is open to the PlayStation community, but you must be 21+ to attend. Bring ID!
What: Twisted Metal Multiplayer Tournament and Community Meetup
When: Thursday, February 2nd from 6:00pm to 9:00pm (Protip: Come early!)
Where: Mezzanine, located at 444 Jessie St. in San Francisco)
Why: Multiplayer competition and gameplay, plus sweet rare prizes
How: Participants can RSVP here or sign-up at on-site check-in.

Twisted Metal PS3

I advise that you bring your A-game: The multiplayer tournament champion will win a very swanky and very rare Twisted Metal laser-etched PS3. But if you’re self-conscious about your skill level, never fear. Attendees will also be getting special Twisted Metal items (exclusive to this event!) all night long. You’ll need to be present to score them, though.

Oh, and a special treat for the Twisted faithful: Game Director David Jaffe will be in attendance, so bring those dusty old copies of Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal 2…

To make things easy, why not RSVP? See you next Thursday!

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ERC1980 said:

January 25th, 5:08 pm

holy cow that sweet tooth ps3 is off the hook!

wish they would host an event like this in anaheim

some lucky sob is gonna win that thing!

ItsNymo said:

January 25th, 5:24 pm

oh man, I DEFINITELY have to make sure that I’m free next Thursday! Cannot wait! See ya here in San Francisco, Jaffe!

Surfaced said:

January 25th, 5:25 pm

I wish people would stop hosting events at the Mezzanine. Last week it was Capcom’s Resident Evil Experience, now this…

I can’t attend just because “there’s alcohol on the premises.” I mean come on!

You people are really making me consider shelling out the $200 for a fake ID.

Kchow23 said:

January 25th, 5:27 pm

Why aren’t PS3s like that being sold in game bundles!!?!?!?!?!? I would’ve bought a God of War 3 or Uncharted PS3 if it looked anything like that.

Hooligantuan said:

January 25th, 5:36 pm

If you win the tournament, can you trade the prize for a PS3 that isn’t ugly?

Elvick_ said:

January 25th, 5:36 pm

@4: Japan usually gets these kinds of things all the time. It’s lame that we rarely, if ever, get one and if we do they’re usually in some b/s contest like this.

If it weren’t so expensive to import a system, then I’d have been all over tons of them.

Firecrest said:

January 25th, 5:38 pm

Lol Jaffe, I love your vulgar, outspoken &*!. :P

Too bad I don’t live on the West Coast because I would jump on the opportunity to be there, especially being a freakin’ huge TM fan. Hop on over here on the East Coast sometime and then we’ll talk.

BTW, any TM avatars going up on the PS Store soon? I’d buy those in an instant.

PshycoNinja said:

January 25th, 5:49 pm

Why do you guys always hold these on weekdays!!! Some of us have these things called jobs and have to go to them in order to keep buying your products. Man I swear. I am a huge Twisted Metal and David Jaffe fan but I just can’t ask for 2 days off a week before hand(I need to travel up there! I live in the San Diego Area!). Some of us have to submit time off two weeks in advance. I would destroy everyone there if I was able to attend. Been playing Twisted sinse I was 6!

ein_nineteenth said:

January 25th, 5:54 pm

1. Most of the comments are right. Designed PS3s shouldn’t be one-off items like the MGS4 or the Japanese ACE designs. Maybe a limited edition bundle run for a while. I would have killed for a MAG etched PS3 with the logos of Raven, Valor or SVER available or a light up Pixel Junk controller, stuff like that.

But anyway, no use complaining about it. Those kinds of designs tend to be impractical in this day and age.

2. Is there seriously no love for the East Coast anymore?

The last thing we got was the Uncharted thing back in October/Novemeber- I didn’t go as I’m not a fan but I did tell people who were fans.

3. Hope you guys have a good time.

cfdgg22 said:

January 25th, 5:59 pm

DOPE QUICK QUESTION, what would yal think of having a light map editor mode in twisted metal??? i think that would be a really cool add on to the game that they could do later on this year! if any1 replies thank you in advance.. that is all.

cfdgg22 said:

January 25th, 5:59 pm

ment to put a !mark after DOPE… o well

EvoAnubis said:

January 25th, 6:05 pm

Jaffe cracks me up, man. Even knowing this is for the official blog here, he just can’t help himself. Jaffe says what’s on his mind in exactly the form it initially comes to him as. I gotta respect that.

FieryCaptain said:

January 25th, 6:09 pm

That PS3 shell is smoking!!!!

nirojan45 said:

January 25th, 6:12 pm

Jesus, that one’s sexy PS3. “Twisted Metal laser-etched PS3” sounds nice to me.

MarinoBrea said:

January 25th, 6:17 pm

heh heh, David always acts so nervous, it so hilarious it almost feels scripted but the awesome thing is it’s not!

mywhitenoise said:

January 25th, 6:17 pm

Why are these things ALWAYS in the middle of the week!? If it were on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I’d make the drive.

saab01 said:

January 25th, 6:26 pm

That PS3 looks sweet

cheechoo said:

January 25th, 6:31 pm

Man! I wish it was 18+ i would be there in a heart beat. BIG Twisted fan

CpnChaos said:

January 25th, 7:14 pm

Aww, man! 2/2 is my birthday too! Would be cool to spend it there, but I’m an East Coast man myself. Still, have fun out in the great Bay Area!

twistedfloyd said:

January 25th, 7:27 pm

I would kill (not really) to be able to go to this thing. Too bad I’m on the East Coast as well. Great idea Sony! Hope Twisted is a massive success for all involved!

When is that demo coming out???? I NEED MY FIX!!!!

D-Squad3 said:

January 25th, 7:31 pm

OMG we need more of those type of PS3s to be available in RETAIL!!! Come on Sony! Only Japan gets special PS3s and Xbox 360 gets their franchises on their consoles too! I bet people would be willing to buy one of those.

C_Y_P_H_E_R said:

January 25th, 7:39 pm

Any word a Ps3/Twisted Metal bundle?

Senjutsu_Dav said:

January 25th, 8:21 pm

Since I live in Montréal, Canada, I won’t be able to make it, haha. Sorry, next time… When it’s in Montréal, ^_^

killersense said:

January 25th, 10:07 pm

for the love of god release that ps3 for retail. i never understood why sony does not sell these kind of ps3’s. i waited for the uncharted bundle to replace my old fat ps3 then was disappointed it was normal slim ps3 and nothing special.

Nightshade869 said:

January 25th, 11:45 pm

I wish stuff like this happened in Seattle, WA lol. Seriously though, if this console was actually sold bundled with the game for 349.99 it would sell like hotcakes.

N9nE-9 said:

January 26th, 12:10 am

damn, I wish I lived near San Francisco, that TM etched PS3 is an awesome prize. Can’t wait ’til this game drops, I been waiting for a new Twisted Metal for many moons…

wocyob said:

January 26th, 2:22 am

Bah wish I lived in San Fran! Anyway I always love to hear Davids talk seems like such an awesome dude. TM cant wait to play!

migtest345 said:

January 26th, 3:34 am


KillaCams-10 said:

January 26th, 3:51 am

Twisted Metal avatars would be awesome and help promote the game. I would buy multiple ones in a second, make it happen PS Blog. See you all in the Destruction Derby February 14.

ItaChu said:

January 26th, 4:17 am

that ps3 looks awesome …. it would be cool if that sweet tooth image came out as an avatar at least :)

Emerald_Swords said:

January 26th, 5:24 am

Twisted Metal dynamic theme pl0xxxx

Khamakhazee said:

January 26th, 6:00 am

Love to be there but can’t make it. Tell Jaffe he’s doing a great job. Maybe if i’m lucky i’ll be playing with/against him online some day.

onslaughtree said:

January 26th, 6:18 am

That Skin is SWEET——–Tooth. get it, Sweet Tooth ??!! whatever.

Ratchet426 said:

January 26th, 7:00 am

I don’t know why, but I always get a bit of a David Lee Roth vibe from Jaffe. Maybe it’s just his voice or his outspokeness, but if Diamond Dave had a younger, less manic, techno-whiz kid brother, I think it would be Jaffe :-)

Is it just me?

LUGIEZ said:

January 26th, 8:49 am

Event sounds real cool. By the way is the the Steve Jobs biography I spy?

TheTwelve said:

January 26th, 9:20 am

I’m going to have to be there!

thebgj said:

January 26th, 9:55 am

I could sure go for a nice ice cold diet Coke.

Arjmand said:

January 26th, 10:12 am

Man I swear if I didn’t have school in Toronto I would be there in a heartbeat. Why must San Fran get all the good stuff! I need to make my way there ASAP!

kingkranz said:

January 26th, 10:25 am

Twisted Metal is freaking sweet! I got mine pre-ordered. David Jaffe is a cool dude!

Benmo316 said:

January 26th, 10:41 am

If that PS3 was released with Twisted Metal as a bundle I would re-buy a PS3! That’s amazing.

mcbuttz78 said:

January 26th, 11:08 am

I think sony should start selling these kinds of ps3’s Limted editons. they would make a killing so would dev teams of these games. I mean everyone is begging for ps3 of such nature and look..

Its a good thing to have tourney for a ps3 like this. Im 100% behind the idea but at the same sony should take notes . If there money to be made from something like that then please make it. Becuase everyone on ps brand wants something like that on their loved console for their favorite games.. Hats off to david jaffe and sony . but We hope brong more ps3 console like so to the brand for sale at store limted editions

vp-psn legionairee groups

JonJonXD said:

January 26th, 11:25 am

Awesome! I wish I could go, but I kinda live on the opposite side of the country :p

KwietStorm said:

January 26th, 1:08 pm


Phillyblunz said:

January 26th, 1:24 pm

Hey Jaffe can we get some sixaxis control for Twisted Metal?

After playing Motorstorm with it I am ruined for old school last gen controls.

Please comment on the possibility of a future patch to allow sixaxis steering.

Starhawk already lost my day one purchase by abandoning Sixaxis, an inherent capability of the PS3 since launch.

How can we expect third party devs to embrace motion control if First party devs dont even want to invest the time to set it up.

Cant it just be scaled in?
Full left tilt of analog stick = 45 degree tilt of controller.
Stick centered = controller level.
Every increment inbetween has a matching variable in either case.

Think 4-20mA
20=100% I’ll even do it for you.

J-tight said:

January 26th, 1:27 pm

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MCP-511 said:

January 26th, 1:56 pm

If it has working VOIP it will be far better than bf3!
I loved twisted metal 2, this one is on my list.

Just4Fun1712 said:

January 26th, 7:50 pm

a tournament huh? thats pretty cool dave i’ve always been interested in the twisted metal series this is just another awesome game to add to the series :)

cjmc18 said:

January 26th, 11:37 pm

david jaffe iis too epic to be real! LOL!

heyugetoverhere said:

January 26th, 11:51 pm

TM DEMO YESSSSSSSS! THX JAFFE THX SONY. Hopefully the demo will bring new fans into TM for years to come.

stalepie said:

January 27th, 5:43 am

Yeah they really ought to sell that PS3 — one that looks just like that. People love it!

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