Pac-Man and Mega Man Join Street Fighter X Tekken’s PlayStation Exclusives

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Pac-Man and Mega Man Join Street Fighter X Tekken’s PlayStation Exclusives
Pac-Man and Mega Man Join Street Fighter X Tekken’s PlayStation Exclusives

Street Fighter X Tekken‘s roster is already bursting with fan favorites from both sides, and today we can add two more iconic characters to the list – and in this case, they’re exclusive to PS3 and PS Vita players…

Two iconic mascots, Pac-Man and Mega Man, join the fray with existing PlayStation exclusives Cole, Kuro and Toro. However, both mascots arrive in altered forms to create battles unique to Street Fighter X Tekken; Pac-Man rides Tekken’s Mokujin, while Mega Man references the “classic” bad box art from the original US Mega Man.

Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS3 launches March 6, with the PS Vita to follow!

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  • ShadowOfEden

    lol, the original Megaman! I was not expecting that! I remember him on the old cartridge when he actually had a gun and not a gun-arm.

  • first.. this is will be a total button smasher… will it be available in 3d… just asking

  • noooo

  • mountain_duwe

    Capcom are the biggest trolls ever. This is hilarious.

  • Same here, It is a surprise to see pac-man as well. I’m curious to see it in action. My copy is already pre-ordered for several months now since I’m a big Tekken and Street Fighter fan.


  • Are Cole, Kuro and Toro on the PS3 or just Vita?

  • More PS Exclusives for the BEST Fighting game of the year!?
    EFF YES!
    This is awesome, no matter how goofy and nutty it is. Great Job Capcom!

  • Awesome! Was already buying the game. this deal just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

    Now please, put the SSFIV DLC on sale in non-bundles. I can’t access the First SF Costume pack due to buying a piece of the bundle. Thanks!

  • Capcom sure knows how to troll people.

  • Can we get a release date for Vita? If there is one game I want on Vita over anything else shown so far, this is it!

  • HAHA! Well done, Capcom, well done!

  • As a troll myself I look up to you Capcom. I could never top this

  • An already awesome looking game is made even more awesome with the inclusion of these characters.

  • Capcom really hates Mega Man now, don’t they?

  • I never thought these would be PS3 exclusive too. That’s amazing! 5 exclusive characters!? Sony is on a roll when it comes to fighting games. I hope Sony can make a deal with Team Ninja to include Nathan Drake in Dead or Alive 5 or something now.

  • For an extra co$t though right? So tired of being milked for extra money after paying full retail price.

  • kNoWlEdGe22

    I’d love to know when the Vita version drops… can’t decide which console to pick this up on…

  • Incredible.

  • What did they do to you, MegaMan? What did they just do..? :'(

  • Alright Capcom; Now that is some mega trolling!

  • SmokeAdellic

    3D or no deal…

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    This… is awesome!

  • still waiting 4 bruce, lee, and lars but this is fken awesome!

  • that is…. weird.

  • lol way a these characters in a Street Fighter X Tekken game

    There not in Street Fighter or Tekken

  • C_Y_P_H_E_R

    megaman is more like a cyborg. that guy they call megaman there looks like what a realife version of him would be in a stupid movie.

  • darknight47ish

    I cant wait to play as the old nes cover art mega man :) Capcom keep the suprises coming :)

  • test

  • Hooligantuan

    Bravo, Capcom.

    Excellent troll.

  • And on his 25th birthday, Capcom.
    Have you no shame? My boycott of your products continues.

  • lol

    you know, you should release mm legends 1 and 2 on PSN, wheter you charge 6 or 10 for each one. you can have my 12/20 dollars for both games once they are on PSN.

  • Hope these all stay exclusive forever which I doubt.

  • wow, those are really stupid~

  • Cole is cool though~

  • I just want to ask 2 questions for the PS Vita version:
    1. Will it require a memory card
    2. When will it release because that’s the version I prefer
    (Please answer)

  • Going to be epic

  • Ugh… worst Megaman ever! and why include those two cats when we could’ve had Kevin Butler!? Though I like the Pac-man addition.

  • QuantumMercury

    This is just getting insane lol, They should just call it Capcom vs Namco.

  • i hope it comes out for the vita soon….

  • JoJoStarFire

    Pacman? Really? This I have go to see…. I could imagine his moves would be throwing a powerball in the air eating it, then dizzing the opponent.

  • Kuro and Toro are Japan PSN mascot so they are not going on any console other than Sony.
    Megaman is the original Megaman from the NES (look it up and you will see before you say they mess him up)
    Pac-man reminds me of Tron-bone.

    I knew I want this now my pocket change is going to be completely depleted now in March.

  • Suddenly Capcom feels Japanese again. Hopefully they keep supporting their Japanese brothers.

  • I really appreciate these new and quirky additions. My compliments to the development team. Bravo! Bravo! I’m looking forward to purchasing the Vita version when it is released.

  • The fat Mega Man is hilarious. This was bought the moment Cole was announced, but this is all an added bonus.

  • lbpmagician

    WHY THAT MEGA MAN?!!?! Seriously, is Capcom just looking for new ways to piss off his fans? I wasn’t sure about buying this game on Day 1, then I read Mega Man and thought “instant buy”, but after reading further and watching that video, I decided I’m not getting it until it’s inevitable revision.Thanks a lot, Capcom.

  • Sigh…..March can’t come fast enough. Capcom/Namco you tease, delighting us with a retro Mega Man, an epic Pac-Man, and two of the cutest kitties. Cole alone sealed the deal. Now I this just wants me to camp outside the store. What other delightful characters are you hiding?

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82

    this game is going to be AMAZING!..I know alot of you super MEGA MAN FANS out there are very disappointed in CAPCOM but you should know by now that they have a HUGE SENSE OF HUMOR..big enough to put the old ugly fat beer belly MEGA MAN and PAC which i thought was hilarious..but the funniest part of all this fantastic news is that its all EXCLUSIVE to the PS3..(ps3 fanboy laugh) i would like to hear some news about how we can get a discount on a psvita version when we purchase the ps3 copy..please and thank you!

  • That Mega Man character never existed outside artwork for the first game. It’s like they created a whole new character, but it’s hard to call it a “tribute” to Mega Man. It’s more like a new Dan, actually.

  • Now that someone mentioned Kevin Butler. I think they should include KEVIN BUTLER in the game, that would make it EPIC. :D An probably give the COMMUNITY for a chance to create or suggest SPECIAL MOVES for that character. :3

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