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Jan 27

Jan 27

MLB 12 The Show Franchise Mode Improvements

Aaron Luke's Avatar Posted by Designer, MLB 12 The Show

Next up on our MLB 12 The Show developer blog tour is our Franchise mode and the improvements coming to players this year. One of our goals going into this development cycle was to enhance the trade logic for CPU teams to better mimic their real-life counterparts. In order to do so, we had to examine the current system and identify the faults to then build and improve upon it. This year we are considering more factors in each trade offer, with the end result being more realistic trades. Teams are valuing their rosters much higher this year, and they aren’t going to ship out prospects so easily, nor will they offer up too many players to fill a positional void. You’ll also see more trades that better suit the teams’ current strategies (i.e. playoff push vs. rebuilding strategies).

PS3 Trade

Another addition to the trades system is the interface itself. We’ve revamped the trade screen to bring you more detailed information about the players involved and the likelihood of the trade offer being accepted. All of this is aimed at providing more information to help you make sound moves. Here’s a look at this feature on PS Vita. As we’ve said from the start, MLB 12 The Show on PS Vita will utilize all of the core gameplay features found in the PS3 version, and this is no different here!

Vita Trade

I know there’s a lot of interest out there about our PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita integration this year so I wanted to make sure I touched on our Cross-Platform Saves functionality. This feature allows you to take your Franchise, Season, and Road to The Show save files up to the cloud where you can then access those files from either your PS3 or PS Vita. You are limited to one file per mode per PSN user account, which can be overwritten as many times as you’d like.

Cloud Upload

Moving on to other areas of change, we’ve gone back through the player generation logic to bring you more realistic skill sets for the CPU generated players. You will now see more authentic pitch repertoires, with velocities to match, and less overall balanced players (more speedsters, good hitting/average, below average fielding, etc.).

Manager Roster

After addressing the player generation issues, we dove into the team lineups and how they slot players. We’ve come up with a more accurate system that better mimics real Major League lineups. This enhancement is carried throughout all of our season-based modes, including Franchise, Season, and Road to The Show. Once again, here’s what this feature will look like on your PS Vita screen!

Vita Lineup

After we addressed the important player logic issues, we looked at areas of the user interface to further improve your Franchise experience. The Franchise home menu has been enhanced, bringing you more team and league content, including…adding in your next game information, displaying the current standings, and showing you the current league leaders for batting and pitching. These additions aren’t limited to the Major League ball club, and are also accessible to your Triple-A and Double-A teams.

Franchise Home

One last interface area we expanded upon was the player card. We’ve revamped the display to bring you more content in a sleeker package. The player card is also now available during games. You can access a player’s card in any game screen that allows you to highlight that player.

Player Card

As you can see a lot of focus has been placed on improving the Franchise mode experience this year, enhancements that can be found on both PS3 and PS Vita! Don’t forget, MLB 12 The Show for PS3 and PS Vita will be hitting store shelves in just a few weeks on March 6th. Be sure to keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog and TheShowNation.com for more information in the coming days and weeks on this year’s game.

Welcome to The Show!

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kilburni86 said:

January 27th, 10:07 am

LOVE all the improvements this year. They definitely play towards a franchise Simulation junkie like myself.

One more thing though…are there plans to release a vita-specific trailer (or demo prior to release) or gameplay footage? I’ve seen a bit here and there but I’d love to see everything explained in a little more depth!

kilburni86 said:

January 27th, 10:08 am

Also…are the vita menus touch-friendly? I’d imagine that setting up trades and/or adjusting lineups would both benefit from the inclusion of touch!

GroovyJooky said:

January 27th, 10:27 am


i_like_toast said:

January 27th, 10:31 am

vita/ps3 play sounds pretty neat….you guys are trying to get me to a buy a vita aren’t you?


January 27th, 10:32 am

Now, if you could only allow us to change the number of games per year in franchise mode like you can in season mode (There should be more options for what that number is, but whatever) everything would be peachy. I hate having to play a watered down franchise, and there is no way I can play multiple seasons at 162 games per (and I’m not going to sim). Why can’t this be done? This seemingly small gripe is actually a big deal as far as I’m concerned.

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 27th, 11:05 am

@5, what are you talking about, you always could change the number of games in franchise mode in the show.

BUFF8824 said:

January 27th, 11:13 am

@kilburni86 – Yes, Vita Menus can be toggled with both Touch & Button controls.

mountain_duwe said:

January 27th, 11:39 am

Cannot wait for this game, as is the case every year

thaSLAB said:

January 27th, 12:02 pm

Great stuff, Aaron! Can’t wait!

jamesgrenard said:

January 27th, 12:25 pm

David Freese with F power huh?

I guess they missed Game 6 of the World Series

obama-chngweneed said:

January 27th, 12:29 pm

Sony, San Diego:

Please make a PS3/Vita The Show Bundle.
I really want both version, but I dont wont to (nor will I) pay for both versions.
can you please make a bundle for $60-$75

obama-chngweneed said:

January 27th, 12:30 pm

Go Cards!!!


not bad.

Justp94 said:

January 27th, 12:40 pm

Could you guys Implement something like Madden’s Ultimate Team????? That would be super addicting and fun. :)

submission44 said:

January 27th, 12:52 pm

Game looks real good. Thx for the announcement. Please throw out some videos. Possibly showing some touch screen integration

DLord227 said:

January 27th, 12:55 pm

It all sounds good and I would make a suggestion that if you play a shortened season the CPU sims the stats for a 162 game season to keep the numbers sort of uniform

Benmo316 said:

January 27th, 1:01 pm

This was a very insightful article. Thanks Aaron! I can’t wait for March 6th!

backbreaker65 said:

January 27th, 1:26 pm

I love the improvements very streamline. My only gripe with SCEA San Diego especially the MLB team is the antiquated way they do blogs. It is time to Use video too show these things so we can see confirmation of how these things work.

The trade system you should sim til at least August and then see show how these things work. Once upon a time a picture was worth a thousand words, but now a video is worth a billion. Step your game up MLB the Show team.

GooDer_gAMe said:

January 27th, 1:29 pm

With your new “online everywhere”, does this include Franchise as well? Like the ability to play with (or against) a friend during your games?

NuclearWinter25 said:

January 27th, 1:29 pm

@13 I don’t know if you have heard, but they said they are adding in a “Diamond Dynasty” mode. It is rumored that it uses cards and is a lot like Madden’s Ultimate Team. It would be cool as baseball entails itself more to cards than any other sport.

knick9mm said:

January 27th, 2:36 pm

Is Challenge of the Week gone?

Aaron Luke's Avatar

Eric Monacelli said:

January 27th, 3:19 pm

Awesome stuff. Can’t wait.

brolol07 said:

January 27th, 4:20 pm

I like to see cloud storage part so I can have my franchise or player on the road with me.

XFRod said:

January 27th, 4:21 pm

#19 – I hadn’t heard about the “Diamond Dynasty” mode but, it really makes since. The Ultimate Team mode in Madden is one my favorite modes. Plus, with Topps already involved with MLB 12, I can envision a series of actual, physical baseball card packs. Real world card packs that have ulta-rare insert cards with DLC codes for in-game players.

Ooh, they could also do that with cards on the back of Twinkies boxes… Anyone remember the old baseball cards on Twinkies box- No? Just me? Sigh…. Memories…….

brolol07 said:

January 27th, 4:21 pm

go Cardinals

KEO_LOCO said:

January 27th, 5:25 pm

to the guy who said 60 dollar bundle thats the price of ONE game why would they give you a free one. just sayin

lesscan said:

January 27th, 5:31 pm

It looks like they left out the idea of being able to trade 1 player for cash or for a PTBNL. :-(

KEO_LOCO said:

January 27th, 5:33 pm

a bundle for 85-90 would be a better option

obama-chngweneed said:

January 27th, 9:29 pm

paying more is a better option? lol no.

when you by MotorStorm RC you get it for free on the Vita, since its essentially the same game. And it has cross play ability.

MLB The Show 12 is essentially the same game on PS3 and VIta, same engine and everything, and it has cross play functionality.
as a pre-order bonus, they should include a voucher download code in the PS3 version, so you can download the Vita version for FREE or heavily discounted, to make the cost of the Vita version like $10-$15… absolutely no more than $20.
you already paid $60 for the game, so the may as well reward you for pre-ordering.

PLEASE do a bundle!!!!

Bearclaws said:

January 28th, 9:41 am

Honestly, what will make or break me from buying this years installment is knowing whether or not they include changes that the MLB has already announced for the 2013 season (Houston Astros will be moving to the AL Central division, and the playoffs will be extended). Considering that in RttS mode you won’t make your MLB debut at least until the 2013 season, I think these should be important to the game.

raymes0428 said:

January 28th, 3:11 pm

Question about crossplatform support. Everything I read talks about the “cloud” I am not a Playation Plus member is Playstation Plus a requirement for cross platform suppoprt or can I transfer my saves via USB Cable???

BRWCRW19 said:

January 28th, 7:32 pm

Can you also address the issue with RTTS where your character gets traded in his first year every single time? Kind of defeats the purpose of the choose your team option.

xRedxViolence said:

January 28th, 7:48 pm

sweet so you guys did in fact update my blue jays photos with the new caps to go with the new logo love it!
should of added the ability of 3 & 4 way team trades.

Baustista could of used a boost in the field but oh well can’t wait to try this game out.

zovuna said:

January 29th, 9:26 am

David Freese gets his Clutch bar filled up based solely on the WS. The guy never had a 100 RBI season, not even 100 RBIs total in 3 seasons. But, he had a few good whacks in the WS, and that gets his Clutch bar filled up, interesting, but to me another example of over-rating a player.

Patriots18 said:

January 30th, 10:13 am

“David Freese gets his Clutch bar filled up based solely on the WS. The guy never had a 100 RBI season, not even 100 RBIs total in 3 seasons. But, he had a few good whacks in the WS, and that gets his Clutch bar filled up, interesting, but to me another example of over-rating a player.”

Dude David Freese only played 17 games in 2009 and then only 70 games in 2010 and then missed 2 months in 2011. He has not played a full season yet but after his injury in 2011 he returned and batted .297 and 10 HR and 55 RBIs and was clutch in the post season. He probably does not deserve a 100 rating but his other numbers will knock his skill back some. I would say he is rated pretty well for what he has done.

viceroy400 said:

January 30th, 9:33 pm


lezzzzzz said:

February 4th, 9:39 am

Please does anyone know if the PS Vita PS3 integration (cloud save) will work in the UK

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