Jan 31

Jan 31

PlayStation Plus February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

February is nearly here, so it’s time to have a look at what’s coming to PlayStation Plus.

To start, we’re excited to bring new release The Simpsons Arcade Game as a free offering for PlayStation Plus subscribers! Releasing on February 7th, subscribers will be able to relive this classic title remastered in HD, complete with the online four-player cooperative play it’s famous for. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Plus subscribers will have access to download a bonus PS3 full game – Far Cry 2.

PlayStation Plus

You’re also going to want to check out the other free games coming throughout the month, including Square Enix’s PS one classic Final Fantasy V, two PlayStation minis, six additional PSN games, and the SEGA Genesis Bundle – timed with SEGA’s two-week release and sale on the Store put back in Plus just in case anyone missed them.

In the discount department, PlayStation Plus subscribers will want to keep their eyes out for great sales on games like new release The House of the Dead III (30% Off) Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Bundle) (20% off), and Hamilton’s Great Adventure (50% off PSN sale price). There’s plenty more we couldn’t squeeze into this post, so keep your eye on the Store Update PlayStation.Blog posts in February to keep up with Plus updates as they come.

Finally, next Tuesday we’ll release an early-access demo of The House of the Dead III exclusively for PlayStation Plus. Here’s a trailer of this PSN exclusive arcade shooter with HD graphics, Trophies and full PlayStation Move support.

Some content and/or release dates outlined may change including the addition or removal of content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread.

PlayStation Plus

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PS3 Full Games: Far Cry 2 – 2/14 (V-Day Special One Week Offer)
PSN Games: The Simpsons Arcade Game – 2/7
Sega Genesis Bundle – 2/21
Altered Beast – 2/21
Comix Zone – 2/21
Golden Axe – 2/21
Sonic 1 – 2/21
Sonic 2 – 2/21
Streets of Rage 2 – 2/21
Battle Fantasia – 2/14
Fatal Inertia – 2/14
Hamsterball – 2/14
Inferno Pool – 2/7
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 2/14
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars – 2/14
minis: Hungry Giraffe – 2/7
Gold Medalist – 2/7
PS one Classics: Final Fantasy V – 2/7
Full Game Trials: Grand Theft Auto IV – 2/14
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 2/21
Tom Clancy’S H.A.W.X 2 -2/21
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -2/28
Early Access Demo: The House Of The Dead III Exclusive Playstation Plus Demo – 2/7
Media: Qore Episode 44 – February – 2/7
Avatars and Themes: The House of the Dead 3 Dynamic Theme
Start The Party 2 Dynamic Theme – 2/21
The House Of The Dead III – Agent G Avatar
The House Of The Dead III – Lisa Avatar
The House Of The Dead III – Z1 Avatar
PSN Games Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Bundle) – 2/14 (PS+ Price: $23.99)
The House of the Dead III – 30% off Crazy Taxi & SEGA Rally Arcade – Drive Me Crazy Bundle – 20% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $9.59)
Sonic Rivals 1 – 25% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $5.99)
Sonic Rivals 2 – 25% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $5.99)
Sar – Search and Rescue Mini – 20% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $TBD)
Hamilton’s Great Adventure – 50% off Sale Price – 2/21 (PS+ Price $2.50)

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Smoshi said:

February 7th, 11:02 am

It’s 2/7 when can we expect Simpsons and Final Fantasy?

Shatgan said:

February 7th, 1:43 pm

Where is the update?

hawkdream said:

February 7th, 2:33 pm

today is the 7th and no final fanticy v or simsons where is it

fire2box said:

February 7th, 3:21 pm

Beating a dead horse but it’s after 3 PM PST/6PM EST. Lot’s of people want to start playing The Simpsons and have been waiting years, maybe even a decade to do so.

Please update the store so we can finally download and then play it.

fernandokuso said:

February 7th, 4:08 pm

Cade a atualização???

AlabamaAngyl said:

February 7th, 4:43 pm

I know this has been repeated, but where’s the update? It’s closing in on 7pm CST, and no games. I was really looking fwd to FFV. :(

Smoshi said:

February 7th, 4:52 pm

I’ll be waiting patiently for the update.

leandroao79 said:

February 7th, 5:33 pm

What´s happening? It´s almost 2/8 and contents are not available.

johntatsi said:

February 7th, 5:39 pm

Whens the update? It’s already 2 hours behind schedule? I really want to play the Simpsons game?

AlabamaAngyl said:

February 7th, 5:43 pm

I think this article got it wrong… this other article states The Simpsons Arcade will be released tomorrow, Wednesday Feb 8th, not the 7th. I’m pretty sure now that we won’t see anything else until tomorrow either.

DanSD said:

February 7th, 6:10 pm

8pm CST & still wating.. Sony needs to more audible to their paying customers.

Why isn’t this updated the first of the month?

fire2box said:

February 7th, 6:13 pm

The games are up at least Simpsons and FFV are for PS+.

Just log into PSN store and search their names then click download on them. They’ll have the + icon’s on them.

johntatsi said:

February 7th, 6:29 pm

just type the games name in the ps store search bar and they will show up

Rodrigocds36 said:

February 8th, 6:29 am

Inferno Pool – 2/7 ?


February 8th, 12:41 pm

I am sorry but this is pretty damn lame in Plus rewards!

i paid $50 for a one year sub and i have yet to find anything i actually enjoy, where is some good games like Need for speed, Where is discounts towards games like COD:MW3???

Give us something to WOW us, if you want to keep members or customers throw us some bones, give us something sweet, These others here are just brain dead in responding this is the best + ever!! seriously those avid gamers or those die hard gamers that have been in this since the Atari age know better.

I say put out some quality stuff not this lame things.

AlabamaAngyl said:

February 9th, 9:59 am

Hey, I for one enjoy all the games they give out. It’s a heck of a better deal than what I get with my other consoles, at a significantly reduced monthly price. I’ll never forgive myself for missing out on the first three Resident Evil games they put out in December. I hope they release them again soon!

WAR0979 said:

February 12th, 1:05 am

OK, it’s now coming up on 2/14 and you still haven’t given us Inferno Pool which you said would be available free to us on 2/7. I’m not one to complain but if we’re paying you to provide free games and discounts and you release a list for what games you got for us, the least you could do is give what you promised. I haven’t had a month yet since I joined 5 months ago that I disliked what you gave us members but waiting until late at night on the 7th to actually put up the games and than not even giving us what you promoted is kind of a poor business structure.

capice2003 said:

February 12th, 9:53 am

Mannnn Im loving this selection but, I am waiting to see when will Jet Moto 2 be released. Ive been waiting for a while to see if it would go down but to no avail! Who’s team do I have to fire up a jet on in order to get this accomplished I am waiting just waiting paitently to unlock Enigma and race in aheaven and hell all over again! Playstation the the muthaEFFEN win!!!

badpancho said:

February 12th, 11:32 am

Inferno Pool 2/7 ? So ?

Major_Hoare said:

February 13th, 10:29 am

Hungry Giraffe for GOTY 2012!!!

RVKelley said:

February 14th, 6:03 am

Well it’s February 14th, 8:00 am CST, and I don’t where FarCry 2 is available for free. When will this item be made available for free today??

WAR0979 said:

February 14th, 6:42 am

OK, I’m getting tired of being nice. Where the hell is Inferno Pool!?! You have it listed for 2/7…now it’s 2/14 and you still haven’t lived up to your commitment to your members. And why the hell is it always taking forever for you to put up the updates. 2/14, get off your asses and do what we are paying you to do. Slow and unfaithful service this month.

leptoonERs said:

February 14th, 7:04 am

@RVKelley, PSN updates such as these are usually pushed around 3 PM CST.

Mrs_Freeman_phd said:

February 14th, 9:08 am

sorry guys but the reality is you can’t be getting upset at sony because you don’t know how to read the stuff they post this is clearly posted at the top of the page

“Some content and/or release dates outlined may change including the addition or removal of content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums”

just be patient…..

mrpedmc said:

February 14th, 1:30 pm


intrigue169 said:

February 14th, 1:49 pm

it is feb. 14th and you can’t get the far cry 2 game today for some reason

GabriellRam said:

February 14th, 2:01 pm

Its 4 and you still haven’t given us Inferno Pool which you said would be available free to us on 2/7. I’m not one to complain but if we’re paying you to provide free games and discounts and you release a list for what games you got for us, the least you could do is give what you promised. Please add inferno pool!

intrigue169 said:

February 14th, 2:06 pm

free games my ass, the jan game suck(back to the future) bad they could not pay me to play. this month they are saying they will give out far cry 2 but is not yet available today on the 14th. how do all their games get 4 and 5 star raitings when they suck bad. when my subscription expires I will not renew if they can’t put out about 6 games that are werth the time to play. if they can’t do that it is not really a good deal because by the time they are free you can get the same game on ebay for $10.00 give or take with shipping and own the game without taking up your harddrive space.

The one hour game trials suck too because it takes about 4 hours to get hooked on a game, they should make them 24 hour game trials

Thats my 2 cents wirth

JokerZombie- said:

February 14th, 2:18 pm

Inferno Pool was not given on 2/7 as stated…

LividLeon said:

February 14th, 2:23 pm

I’m not seeing Far Cry 2 for free only as a full game trial. Come on Sony.


February 14th, 3:25 pm

wow that the last time i pay for PlayStation plus dumb games jan. suck get games that are not $10 like so call of duty games like world at war or mw2 come Sony show xbox were better than them.can you put cross game chat on i been waiting for a while.

RVKelley said:

February 14th, 4:04 pm

Here I sit in front of my playstation ready to jump into FarCry 2, been thinking about it all day, and what do I get –NADA! C’mon Sony, you gave me a great reason for being a Playstation Plus subscriber, despite my Xbox Loving buddies making fun of my inferior gaming network, and now you are yanking it away. Please post the game you promised, so I can rub it in their faces!!

WAR0979 said:

February 14th, 5:08 pm

It’s now 8pm and still nothing, not one game promised is available. Where do we file for refunds? Ripping off your paying customers is a great idea Sony.

Kieferw said:

February 14th, 6:01 pm

I just joined plus today does that mean i cant get farcry 2? beacuse I cant seem to find it

samarone77 said:

February 14th, 6:46 pm

It’s great to be PLUS. Super Update for Valentine’s Day. Super Games, Battle Fantasia, Fatal Inertia, Hamsterball, Inferno Pool, Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars and Far Cry 2 all free! I’m playing! Thank you :)

Krondelo said:

February 14th, 6:46 pm

Yeah I am more pleased than I ever would have imagined with PS+. Best free games ever when I got Tomb Raider, The Simpsons, and now FarCry2!?

Thank you Sony for delivering! now if only the store would update!

Krondelo said:

February 14th, 6:49 pm

People are complaining too much, but the fact that its almost 2/15 and the store isn’t updated. It makes me wonder why they even put the date as the 14th.

leskey said:

February 14th, 10:34 pm

I have been a Plus member since day one, I buy a year, and there it is. Between PS3, minis, and PS1 games, I have to have almost 100 free games from this service. The free online storage is the best part in my opinion because anyone who has had to do a hard reset knows what that’s like… Anyone who complains should just let your sub run out and just shut it. Really? Look at how much this service pays for itself.

Code name: Chocolate Thunder…
I kill zombies every night

Andygee2009 said:

February 15th, 4:15 am

as anyone got far cry 2 yet? anyone no when store updates in uk??

Darkstar2610 said:

February 15th, 4:36 am

do anyone got the free copy of far cry 2 yet? cause i can’t (by the way I am from denmark) does that mean i can’t get it?

Nefercare said:

February 17th, 12:18 pm

TY! Got Far Cry 2, but no one is playing online, please join the multiplayer.
ComixZone is awesome wil download it for sure, I had it when I had my first Sega Genesis but never finish it, now is my chance!
Thanks PSN+

trapyahweh said:

February 21st, 7:12 pm

Hey to the people that say no one has been playing Far Cry 2. So far its been easy to get into matches for me

DanSD said:

February 21st, 7:13 pm

This is probably the best PS+ offering I’ve seen since I joined in June. Sony should offer free one-month PS+ trials more often. I never would have started a PS+ subscription, if it weren’t for the free trial that showed me all the goodness PS+ has to offer.

Fatal Inertia is a fun game, but the online multiplayer feature doesn’t work, and would be 10-times better if I could play online with others. Far Cry 2 campaign and online multiplayer are both enjoyable. Inferno Pool online is pretty fun, too. Mahjong Tales and Hamster Ball are fun time wasters. If you’re a fan of old-school RPGS (which I am), FFV is nice, too. BattleFantasia online multiplayer is just “ok.”

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars takes the cake, though. This game is so much fun (online).

Online multiplayer games have been a very rare treat for PS+ subscribers. I hope we get a lot more online multiplayer games in the future.

All this, and there should be the Sega collection coming out later, tonight. Although, it’s after 9pm CST, and they still haven’t been added. I’d rather the blog state that these items are coming out on the next day, because they never come out before 8 or 9pm CST.

trapyahweh said:

February 21st, 7:14 pm

Also when will the store be updated. Its almost Wednesday. So far as a whole I’m not liking the swiftness of PSN

wolfpacleader86 said:

February 21st, 8:11 pm

@trapyahweh Sony probably pushed the store update back another day because the Vita “officially” launches today. So, you’ll have a FLOOD of Vita games incoming since all Vita games are supposed to be available for download. You’ll probably see titles like Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Touch My Katamari, Army Corps of Hell, and etc. be on the store today ALONG with the free PSN titles. Besides, since mostly everyone waited until tomorrow to get their Vita(I got the First Edition Bundle, so I didn’t have to wait), the network will probably be a little congested. Sont was probably preparing for that…

zombiexstomp said:

February 21st, 10:33 pm

i was kinda disappointed to discover that there was no HotD2 unlock in house of the dead 3….that was kinda the reason i bought it……

zombiexstomp said:

February 21st, 10:37 pm

far cry 2 is pretty cool, ubisoft never really lets me down,i just wish the maps were smaller

manzoor47 said:

February 22nd, 7:58 pm

been playing Far Cry 2 all week :D. Thank you PS Plus!!!!

BackDoorBandit9 said:

February 25th, 1:41 pm

So when do PsVita owners get discounts off games? Currently everything here is useless for me.

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