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Feb 07

Feb 07

PS3 System Software Update (v4.10)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network


Hi, everyone. We are releasing a new system software update (v4.10) for PlayStation 3 today that will include a few minor changes that we want to make you all aware of.

First off, once you download the new system software, you will be asked to accept a change to our Terms of Service. In an effort for more unity between PlayStation Network (PSN) and other Sony Entertainment Network services, your “PSN Account” will now be named “Sony Entertainment Network Account.” Please note that this change is one in name only and will not change the PSN that you know and love. You’ll still play games online, still have access to the latest downloadable games and add-ons, and still experience a wide variety of movies, sports and music across PSN.

With this system software update (v4.10), we’ll also be updating the PS3 Internet Browser with improved display speed.

You can find more details after the firmware goes live here. We look forward to your feedback in the comments below.

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LeoDaLyon said:

February 10th, 1:52 am

Whatever happened to playing music and being able to navigate the XMB at the same time? We used to be able to view photos, send and read messages, edit albums in the photos, music, video and game categories. Bring this feature back!

kingbideo2 said:

February 10th, 8:41 am

Still no HD for Youtube

Emman1984 said:

February 10th, 2:05 pm

I would love for them to update youtube even in HD or SD cause how come it so blocky on the PS3 but I can view it clear on my PC, HTC Hero (3 years old phone) and my ipod touch only PS3 have a bad choppy Youtube video or at least have a service to play music video on the PS3 I would like that. oh and another thing this is off topic but since November 17th I could not even enjoy videos off the PSN Store cause it say my current PS3 is not actiavated for videos so I’m screwed for watching videos on the PS3 all together

LFC5731 said:

February 11th, 7:42 am

Hey Sony,
My PS3 hasn’t been working since the System Update 4.10 it keeps getitng stuck on 99%
I have tried Sfety Mode about 2 times and it takes me to the same screen. I have tried with a USB as well but I can’t even get on to the home screen. I left my PS3 on 4 hours this morning to see if it would change at all, but still nothing has changed at all. MY PS3 has been working fine untill this System Updae 4.10. Can anyone help?


alexisibarra said:

February 11th, 2:33 pm


cleberdecampos said:

February 11th, 4:22 pm

since the atualization, my ps3 isn`t reading red dead redemption goty edition.
when i put the bluray, the ps4 does a strange sound. then tries to read. another strange sound. and then nothing.
it doesn`t recognize the game (no icon on game tab)

my other games are normal (tested with mortal kombat, battlefield 3, assassins creed brotherhood).

does anyone have the same problem?


Graystarkiller said:

February 12th, 12:09 am

I’m glad you decided to fix the browser but, what is this new pop-up blocker and how do I deactivate it???

Tazjohnson said:

February 12th, 3:49 pm

February 12, 2012 and its not working. I really, really, really am pissed off. So many weekends ruined from so many problems.
This damn update wont fire off and all I get is a headace.
How long is this glitch gona take to fix?

DeMoN-KING78 said:

February 13th, 1:22 pm

ok I don’t know whats going on or what i am doing wrong but i cannot do the update. Every time i try to download the update it only gets to about 11% and then freeze and nothing more. Is anyone else having this problem? i tried to unplug the system and turn it off and on and i still cannot get the new update to download. i know i have internet connection because i can use the web on the system but I cannot log into the network until i get the stupid update downloaded first. can anyone help me out and let me know how to fix this if its possible?

thank you!

Deathgod099 said:

February 14th, 6:26 am

Hey I have been trying to get this system update every way I can I but each time I try to download from the internet I get 0% to load and it just times out. And when I download it from the site to a Flash Drive it comes up saying you already have this Version 3.75 from a disc. I know I got the net on the system and it is wireless with a connection at 50% to 70% strength. So can anyone help me out ?

Dishes_Delicious said:

February 15th, 5:19 pm


My PS3 did the same thing as yours. It now will not recognize games consistently. If it does read the game it ends up freezing anyway.


iceweasel69 said:

February 15th, 8:31 pm

Can someone post the telephone number to contact playstation about the static/voice feedback issue on the Wireless Stereo headset.

iceweasel69 said:

February 15th, 9:51 pm

Headset issue:
Platform: 80 GB PS3 Metal Gear Solid Edition
Games: Black Ops, BF3, World at War
Headset: Sony Wireless Stereo Headset
Firmware: 4.11
Problem: After upgrading to the mandatory 4.10 update, the Sony Wireless Headset functionality changed. A mic feedback/echo was distinctly noticeable (you can hear your own voice in the headset). Additionally, the quality has been reduced substantially. There is static that can be heard constantly within games. Prior to the update there was absolute silence.
The firmware 4.11 update did not correct this issue.
These issues are not experienced when using the Sony Bluetooth Single ear headset that shipped with the SOCOM game.

BaldWookiee said:

February 16th, 6:27 pm


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