Honor Twisted Metal’s Return by… Blowing Up Sweet Tooth’s Truck

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Honor Twisted Metal’s Return by… Blowing Up Sweet Tooth’s Truck
Honor Twisted Metal’s Return by… Blowing Up Sweet Tooth’s Truck

As you know, the epic return of Twisted Metal is less than a week away and we’re going launch it with a bang … literally. Ever since the announcement at E3 2010, we’ve been fighting over who gets to keep the real Sweet Tooth truck, and we had an idea … let’s shoot at it till it blows up! So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

We happened to get our hands on a couple M249-SAWs (for the layman: fully automatic machine guns) and enough ammo and explosives to wipe out a small nation. Put those things together and we’re gonna make the truck go boom (for the layman: we’re blowing Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck off the face off the earth). But here’s the kicker: it’s not gonna be us who are shooting it. It’s gonna be you!

PS3: Twisted Metal - Sweet Tooth's Truck

That’s right, we’ve hooked these guns up to a satellite so you can control them remotely from your computer. Yes, you read that correctly. You can shoot a real gun with real bullets at a real truck from your computer, in a crazy, two-day, shoot-till-the-truck-goes-up-in-a-gigantic-ball-of-flames-style internet spectacular. It’s all happening at via live stream.

So go to right now to sign up for a chance to shoot. I can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than shooting up a truck from your computer and then going out and buying Twisted Metal. Get your trigger fingers ready, America. It’s shooting time.

PS3: Twisted Metal

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  • rockinjs864

    How could you not love that crazy guy jaffe 4 days I can’t wait keep up the good work jaffe your baby is about to be delivered

  • rockinjs864

    P.S. you know I’m about to go sign up to shoot that m@th3r4ck!n truck

  • Am I the only one who feels bad for sweet tooth’s truck? :P

  • StealthReborn--

    While I understand why you want to blow Sweet Tooth’s truck up, I personally think that perhaps you should’ve auctioned the truck off. I’m certain someone would’ve purchased it at a fairly high price and you could take the money and donate it to charity.

    It’s such a sweet ride. (pun intended) – Seems like a waste. =(

  • cosmis_chaos

    Sweet Tooth isn’t going to like this one bit

  • HouseOfSuffering

    this is pretty funny. If I get to do it, I’m gonna shoot the ground or into the sky……or maybe the engine block or axles to get some ricochet action going on.

  • juggalo2013

    This is pretty neat, but I would much rather see this thing get auctioned off in one piece.


  • I hope sweet tooth will come to stop this madness! haha beware of sweet tooth

  • Emerald_Swords

    That is totally awesome!! Gotta love Jaffe XD


  • This is cool except that is it only for American residents. : (
    Canadians got screwed….

  • This promotion makes me soooo happy. :D

  • You shouldn’t bother writing some many cuss words in a commercial if you are just going to censor it. Just makes it sound lame.

  • was gonna sign up but I don’t use Facebook or Twitter.

    delete, delete, delete

  • PaperCarrier

    I may not get to shoot it but I at least want to see video of the truck being shot to death by random online participants.

  • Saw this on GTTV. Awesome promo. Who doesn’t like shooting things?

  • @akadewboy Uh. . . they didn’t script this, that’s just Jaffe in his niche. Sony bleeped those words out for their website because they have to abide by stringent standards to appease conservatives so that they may be portrayed as a family friendly company.

    The original commercial and all its profaneness can be found here:

    No one can contain Jaffe and his foul mouth–least of all Sony. But they respect his work so they continue to contract him to direct games for them.

  • This is fantastic.

  • @KidCommando (15), man, you’re such a rebel. Antiestablishment and all that jazz. Anyway, I’m going to enjoy blowing the hell out of this truck!!!

  • Coolest promo ever!

  • haha david jeffe is so badass!!!

  • ahahaha that was sick as always jaffe!!!

  • crashsmash01

    I’ll consider this my day before my birthday birthday present.
    already signed up. this should be fun as heck.

  • i would have loved to signed up, but i don’t have either twitter or facebook.Kind of dumb how those who dont have a profile . Would be more easier to just have enter email,name.And will playstation be producing those sweet tooth mask? maybe a limited edition and regular kind…? can anyone answer that.thank you.

  • Oh damn you Jeffe rock! long wait is here TM come to old kid lets Sh@t up just as we did on PS1 :)

  • Ok, this is cool. However I would like to point out one thing. This is the creator of Twisted Metal, he above anyone should know that this isn’t Sweet Tooth’s truck. This is Needles Kane’s truck. The truck is called Sweet Tooth, the driver is Needles Kane. Just sayin’…

  • Hell_Awaits16

    Cool,already signed up

  • Im so exited for TM!! I got Head-On when it was re-released on the PS2. I miss car combat!!! I’m not usually an online gamer but Twisted Metal is going to change that. TM never got better than when you played with friends and so the online will be very awesome!!!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the cash to get it on launch date but I’ve made my peace with that. All I’m going to miss is Axel for a few months. I don’t mind! Twisted Metal is worth it’s full price and I’ll pay for Axel too when he’s available!!!

  • This is the coolest promotion ever…wow. LOVE Sony!

  • David Jaffe, u r my hero! :)

  • First time I am exited for Valentines Day.

  • Jaffe is just that guy. You just can’t argue with that.

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