Welcome to PlayStation Vita

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Welcome to PlayStation Vita
Welcome to PlayStation Vita

PlayStation is just days away from embarking on another historic console journey with the launch of PS Vita — the most ambitious entertainment device you’ve ever held in your hands. PS Vita was first unveiled to the world as NGP, the “Next Generation Portable,” in January 2011 and formally christened as PS Vita during E3. In the time leading up to the big global launch day on February 22nd, we chronicled the designers as they created the world’s most advanced handheld gaming system and heard from some of the most-respected game developers in the business.

We also recently revealed what’s in the box for the PS Vita First Edition Bundle launching to early adopters on February 15th. Today, we wanted to welcome you to our world with this new video. Guy Longworth, Senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing, and John Koller, Senior Director of PlayStation Handhelds, show you everything you need to know to enjoy the out-of-box experience moments after you wake your PS Vita for the first time.

The day we’ve been waiting for is nearly here! Remember, kids: Never. Stop. Playing.

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  • I’m not even into portable gaming, but the Vita is looking so damn sweet. Might have to consider getting one.

  • Now this is some Serious stuff. Cant.Wait. definitely getting the 3G + Wifi!

  • I am getting the 3g/wifi model. I can’t wait until the 22nd! Add me brolol07. I play about everything

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Well actually I can wait. I decided to get the 3G version with 8gb card than get the early launch with the 4gb card.

    @darkedgex stop whining that the Vita doesn’t do what you want. If your so happy with your UMD games then stick with the PSP. You want video out to your tv? Why? If your going to watch on your tv then download movies for the PS3. If you can’t decided Buy the SD/HD combo it cost the same as HD only. Then you can watch on Vita and TV. MKV? Yeah I’ve seen it. Mainly a lot of anime or torrents use that format.Remember Sony has a video store. However if you really look you’ll find many web sites that canter to PSP formats.

    If your not going to get a Vita that’s fine. But many of you sound like your either trying to convince others not to buy. We don’t need your list of reason you don’t want one. That’s your decision. We have our own list. 1) we love games 2) we don’t care why you don’t have one. 3) We love these games.

    So do something constructive and go somewhere that wants to hear your venting. Come February 22 Just Don’t bother us. Because we will be playing.

  • All i can say is i have the psv pre-ordered and so does one of my friends, we are like this many days till we freak out lol.

    It looks like pure awesomeness, i hope the remote play gets sorted out as playing your ps3 games when you do not have access to the tv would be so great.

  • Great piece of hardware for sure, I’ll problably get one in the first 3 months.
    Sony needs to implement the remote play function quickly…
    Sony must build PS Vita’s cross-platform functionality with the PS3, the value offering will be incredible and problably will kill WiiU before even release.
    PS Vita – New Standard to control PS3. This is the control pad for ps3 that everybody is waiting for?? or only me?

  • Please, can you confirm if we need to rent the at&t service to get the 55$ in psn bonus?

    How sensitive is the touchscreen, like the iphone 4s one?

    Any chance to HD remakes or ports from PS2, like valkyrie profile 2, ffxii and kingdom hearts?

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