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Feb 13

Feb 13

PS Vita Livechat Starts at 3pm Pacific

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Live streaming by Ustream

If you see a white space above here – please refresh the page – you should then see the livestream. If you’re still having issues watching, please click here.

The PlayStation Vita: after over a year of hype, the first of us will get to take one home (or on a plane, train, submarine, or hot air balloon) this week. The Vita is more than just a shiny OLED screen and dual analog sticks; it’s a complex, cutting edge device, and we know you have questions about some of its finer points.

Over the weekend we took questions via Twitter, and today John Koller and I will be answering many of them and demoing features as appropriate. No smoke and mirrors, we’ll do it live!

And for those of you who think you already know everything there is to know about PS Vita, we’ll show a few other things to you for the first time. It all starts at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern, so see you then!

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trapper12 said:

February 13th, 4:03 pm

Hey Jeff, you said some info about the information we need to put on 3G version of the Vita and about the AT&T app on there. Do we need to have a credit card or debit card to access the free 250MB or can we just access the free data plan given to us and decide if we want to use the 3G feature or not in the future? I missed that part.

LilAnthony12 said:

February 13th, 4:04 pm

And another thing will u be able to use ur psn account for vita?

GRG89 said:

February 13th, 4:04 pm

What happen to the White PS Vita?


February 13th, 4:17 pm

The lack of a Gravity Rush release date is getting more annoyingly frustrating. I know I’m not the only one who has it as their top “must have and main reason for picking up a PSV so early”, list. It was supposed to be “launch window” and it was said that the window was the first month after release, which made me suspect it’d be either March 20th, maybe March 27th at the latest and I’m still holding out hope for that.

On another note, glad I didn’t let myself order and PSV games right off the bat of the PS Store, knew it’d be better to wait. Was hoping Escape Plan was going to be the game or that there would be a choice to choose from but SSD is fine I guess, especially if we’re gonna have to wait a freakin’ month to get the game. Maybe I should put in some time with the PS3 version that I’ve had for ages but never really got into.

WCKidRock said:

February 13th, 4:17 pm

@LilAnthony12 yes you use your SEN account to log into the store and play online etc…

as for the remote play…if you have 3g yes you can play on the go….otherwise you have to be near a wifi hotspot.

wish there was a replay of the chat as I missed most of it

WCKidRock said:

February 13th, 4:19 pm

oh and sorry I didn’t read the post properly…didn’t realize you asked if you could play all ps3 games…they have said no to all right off the bat….eventually….not holding my breath as they promised a lot of remote play with the psp and it was a very short list

blease1 said:

February 13th, 4:28 pm

will we be able to switch carriers for the 3g version the at&t 2 gig plan for some one who travels is lacking my kids would eat it up in no time…would rather have sprint

Wylde123-awe_som said:

February 13th, 4:31 pm

is the PS Vita just a new and improve PSP?

PirateKingAtomsk said:

February 13th, 4:40 pm

The only thing I want to know is how system activation will work.
Will it take one of my PSP activations to play PSP games I’ve already bought on my 3000 and PSPgo or will it have it’s own separate Vita activation.

PixelSniped said:

February 13th, 4:42 pm

Will we be able to play games like mw3 or bf3? on the psp they only had the really old medal of honors, or crapy first-person shooters.

WCKidRock said:

February 13th, 4:43 pm

@Wylde123-awe_some it almost has the power of the PS3….even a quad core processor (ipad has dual core….just sayin).

I am waiting with baited breath to take a look at the OLED screen…have heard it looks awesome and blows away all other handheld gaming systems to date

xX-CL1M4X-Xx said:

February 13th, 4:53 pm

Will the Vita have access to an app marketplace and/or the use of additional apps similar to that of Android/iOS platforms instead of the standard preloaded apps?

dlhdav7 said:

February 13th, 4:56 pm

It sucks to be the ones that jumped the gun and paid for stardust !!lmao !!dumb azzes !!!

nbuubu said:

February 13th, 5:30 pm

Really wish they’d been clear on how the free game works.

On the original blog post on this site, they said:

“…we will now be including an AT&T DataConnect Pass good for one free 250MB data session (a $14.99 value) upon purchase of one 250 MB data session, and a PlayStation Network game – both provided upon 3G activation on the AT&T mobile broadband network.”

Which implies the game voucher is sent the moment you first activate on the AT&T 3G network.

But the Amazon.com description says:

“1. Select and sign up for an AT&T DataConnect Pass plan.
2. Login to your PlayStation Network account on your PS Vita.
3. 30 days after your DataConnect Pass activation, you will receive a game voucher code redeemable on the PlayStation Store.
*For details and limitations go to us.playstation.com/psvita”

So which is it? It makes little sense to force people to wait 30 days for Super Stardust after they’ve paid for the first month.

Link01 said:

February 13th, 5:38 pm

I’m happy that the game I want (SSD) is the free game for the first buyers, but seriously.. you guys are requiring us to pay for at least one subscription …. that was a hidden low blow. Either way, I’m psyched for Vita though!

zebang8689 said:

February 13th, 5:43 pm

lol the vita looks no different from the psp… except for the camera and the roundness… ill probably stick w/ the psp b/c better than spending money on vita..


February 13th, 5:50 pm

Cross play as it’s being done with MLB12 The Show (or Warrior’s Lair, ugh that name is still awful) is going to bomb just as it did with the PSP if people are going to have to buy two copies of the same game at full price to take advantage of it without waiting for price drops. Even with the control issues more worked out, few are going to spend $90-$100 on release day on just one game. A voucher for a sharp discount on the PSV’s DD version if you buy a PS3 copy (with some authentication so you don’t have people just selling or giving it away) or limited bundled might suffice.. I know free DD PSV copies is WAY out of the question but if Sony wants a lot of people to actually use it then a bone is needed to be thrown. A bundle at $79.99 would be more than fair, IMO.

Also, in the commercial there were two things that came to mind. One “good luck walking about like that with the ton of glare from the PSV’s very reflective screen, at least it wasn’t sunny” Two, the lack of knowing whether or not he actually made it to his destination. I’m guessing he didn’t due to being hit by a bus or taxi from being engrossed in his PSV and not his surroundings.


February 13th, 6:01 pm

Also, there’s the whole remote play thing, I know I don’t need to go into depth on this as I know Sony is well aware of the videos showing it off and how it’s enabled on the PS3’s end by basically a on/off switch. But when are those of us who have zero interest in doing what needs to be done to achieve this unofficially going to be able to replicate that legitimately? I know there’s a lot of testing that needs to be done which obviously wasn’t with those videos but what is there any other hold ups? Are publishers not keen on the idea due to this notion that people won’t buy PSV games if they have access to their PS3 library? I’d hope not since remote play of games is going to be nearly unplayable through the internet thanks to latency and will only really work well when connecting directly to your PS3. Not to mention that even with the control issues mostly resolved there are still some others, such as games that make significant use of the Dual Shock 3’s pressure sensitive buttons. Speaking of which, is there a reason the PSV’s buttons aren’t pressure sensitive?

gandelman said:

February 13th, 6:17 pm

Will there be a way to use old psp UMDs on PSvita??

Sevyne said:

February 13th, 6:30 pm

@gandelman You could build a little Vita Fortress out of them? Aside from that, they’ll be of no use it seems.

spark32 said:

February 13th, 6:47 pm

Hey is it just me, or is the Diablo 3 on PS3/Vita on that Livestream? @54:05
I can’t tell if its D3 or some other RPG.

kingelectric8509 said:

February 13th, 6:50 pm

Will players have the ability to play Revelations using cross platform play?

Lethal_NFS said:

February 13th, 7:13 pm

Very excited to pick up my Vita tomorrow night! Can’t believe I missed the live chat..

Adactus said:

February 13th, 8:04 pm

i know that you access your PS3 friends on the Vita, but will the Vita have its own list of friends of at the very least will the max limit of friends be increased at all for the added PSVita community that is going to invade my friends list?

chaindrive30 said:

February 13th, 8:11 pm

Reviews have praised The Vita’s features specifically cross game chat and fried list management. It’s been said cross game chat isn’t possible on the PS3 but I wonder if they will tweak some PS3 features to match that of the Vita? I wouldn’t mind a slight change in some things at all.

demonfox5132 said:

February 13th, 8:20 pm

is it going to be like psp like open disc reader or download games from psn is it going to be like psp go download games from store

casinoemp said:

February 13th, 8:44 pm

If you buy the download version of the game, does it include the online pass?

I am pumped to get my Vita. It should be coming this Wednesday.

ZENegade said:

February 13th, 10:21 pm

I, @MRLComedy, get a free copy of Resistance?! Thank you guys so much!!!! :D

TheGuardianFID said:

February 13th, 10:58 pm

My Uncharted GA copy is waiting to be played, 24 hours to go. 8)

StealthBlade98 said:

February 13th, 11:41 pm

I have a question: if PS Vita is NOT supposed to be a port system then why is Final Fantasy X HD remastered coming out for PS3 and Vita? Is this not one a port means? you’re bringing a console game and bringing it to a handheld?

Also if lets say FFX HD comes to both platforms will there be a bundle for both games on one box or if the next CoD game comes on PS3 and Vita will that game be bundled together? Seriously would like to know.

punguy said:

February 13th, 11:52 pm

i have one important .can u change the start up screen to cross media bar like the psp.

StealthBlade98 said:

February 13th, 11:54 pm

Oops, sorry for the typo Jeff and john, I meant “Is this not what a port means? ”

I tend to type fast without looking at the keyboard sometimes and make a bunch of mistakes. lol

punguy said:

February 14th, 12:02 am

that dude on the left look like seth rogan.

fester420 said:

February 14th, 4:49 am

Crap I wasted 10 bucks on stardust delta a few days ago only to find i am getting it free? Thanks for the screw over sony.

dilbig5 said:

February 14th, 5:41 am


That’s your own fault, not Sony’s.

FL_Stud said:

February 14th, 6:35 am

Will PS Vita importers, like myself, get the opportunity to purchase the AR cards for Pocket Soccer and other AR games which are included in the US vita boxes?

eatheror said:

February 14th, 8:17 am


Just wait until a friend gets one and photocopy their cards. Or give it a few days and look for a PDF with the AR codes scanned. It won’t take much.

deademo said:

February 14th, 10:31 am


feedthereaper said:

February 14th, 2:03 pm

Do you think the price of either of the PS Vita’s (Wifi–Wifi/3G) will drop in about 4 months?

wardenxx said:

February 14th, 2:32 pm

first chance i got to sit down and watch tonight, really great show. even more excited now…


YouFromTheFuture said:

February 14th, 2:52 pm

Will psn games (such as shank 2, and infamous 2: festival of blood) work on the vita (without remote play)?
Also, will games that are going to support cloud/cross play/’never stop playing’ model have a unified version that is supported on both systems? Or are we to pay full price for both games respectively (totaling $100) to utilize said feature?

lotus-devil said:

February 14th, 6:43 pm

I’d like to know what the deal is with the recent announcement that the UMD Passport/Transfer app will not be coming to North American gamers with the release of the PSVita system. I’ve been avidly looking forward to the release of the PSVita, and the ability to transfer my beloved PSP games over to the new system (note that I have the original PSP, so I’ve been playing UMDs since their inception). But I just can’t understand why the only way to get my old UMD games on the Vita is to purchase them all over again on the PSN. I was greatly looking forward to having all these games on one system, and the idea that I’ll have to buy these games again I feel greatly decreases desirabilty for the system. One of the number one things gamers have asked for since the annoucnement of the PSVita was for it to be UMD compatible, or to have the ability to transfer UMD games to the system. The fact that there is clear segregation between PSVita releases across the globe disappoints me as a long-time Playstation multi-system owner greatly.

firebld said:

February 14th, 10:05 pm

Got PS Vita 3 days after Japan Lunch,, only got uncharted game that come wt the box. PS store not supported until 22-feb in my place.. lovely gadget. upgrade os 1.5 got better connection wt pc n my PS3

cant wait foe new games coming,,,,

Shawnator10 said:

February 15th, 4:57 pm

Will there be an youtube app on the ps vita

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