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Feb 16

Feb 16

3 Great Reasons to Try PS Vita/PS3 Cross-Play Content

Wilson Cheng's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Wipeout 2048 for PS VitaWipeout 2048 for PS Vita

The day is approaching for you to finally get your hands on PlayStation Vita! For some of you, that day is already here with the delivery of the First Edition Bundle. As we’ve discussed in several previous Blog posts, the connection between PS Vita and PS3 is one of the most compelling features that sets gaming on PS Vita apart. Because we want all of you early PS Vita owners to check out the cross-platform gameplay experience, we’re offering content on both platforms for one promotional price with two launch titles, Hustle Kings and WipEout 2048. Our friends at Capcom are also offering shared content for no additional cost with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS VitaUltimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS Vita

Here’s how it works:

  • If you purchase Hustle Kings for PS Vita, you will get Hustle Kings on PS3 for free. If you already own Hustle Kings on PS3, you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version for free.
  • If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch on PS Vita later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions)
  • DLC purchased for the PS3 version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can be used on the PS Vita version for free (and vice versa).

Hustle Kings for PS VitaHustle Kings for PS Vita

As we’ve noted previously, WipEout 2048 owners on PS Vita will be able to race against WipEout HD owners on PS3 across four tracks beginning at launch, which is separate from this promotional pricing. Hustle Kings also offers turn-based multiplayer pool between PS Vita and PS3 at launch. And Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 offers the “Ultimate Controller,” an exclusive configuration in which you can use PS Vita as a controller to play the PS3 version of the game, complete with touchscreen special move selection. All of this cross-play functionality is among the unique, new ways to play that we are ushering in with PS Vita.

Let us know which games you are most excited about below, and be sure to check out the full list of launch titles here.

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snakeeyes211 said:

February 16th, 6:17 am

Where can I find the augmented reality games for my vita?

ZalAamir said:

February 16th, 6:18 am

Awesome news, but im Abit confused with:

If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions).

So wipeout hd and fury dlc will be coming to wipeout 2048?

Or will i get those games for free on ps3?
If I already have wipeout hd and fury how would I benefit from this?

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:11 pm

    Wipeout HD and HD Fury will be out as DLC for Wipeout 2048 later this Spring. If you already own the games on your PS3, you will be eligible to download for free on your VITA as well

snakeeyes211 said:

February 16th, 6:18 am

I love my vita.

Link01 said:

February 16th, 6:20 am

“If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions).”

Could you guys please clarify this? Does this mean that WipeOut HD and Fury are coming to Vita via DLC for 2048? That would be amazing if it were true, especially if they had a new trophy set separate from the ps3 versions (I would buy 2048 instantly).

phat-smurf said:

February 16th, 6:23 am

If I have WipEout HD and Fury on the PS3, do I get WipEout 2048 free?!?!

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:13 pm

    You will need to buy Wipeout 2048 on PS Vita. You only get Wipeout HD and HD Fury for free on the PS Vita if you already own the games on PS3.

Jetup said:

February 16th, 6:24 am

The WipEout 2048 note needs a better clarification
WipEout HD/Fury a DLC for WipEout 2048?
Or are you getting WipEout HD/Fury for the PS3 for free if you have the Vita version?

Jetup said:

February 16th, 6:28 am

From EU PlayStation Blog:

“If you purchase WipEout 2048 and you already own WipEout HD and the HD Fury DLC on PS3, you will be able to download them for free when they launch on PS Vita later this spring.”

Wait…that still didn’t help…

phat-smurf said:

February 16th, 6:30 am

I think if you already have WipEout HD + Fury, and you buy 2048, then you get the 2048 DLC when it launches

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:13 pm

    That is correct phat-smurf

ZalAamir said:

February 16th, 6:32 am

@jetup: sounds like they’re porting the game to Vita

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:15 pm

    Additional details on Wipeout HD and HD Fury DLC will be forthcoming

johnnyp70 said:

February 16th, 6:50 am

I bought Wipeout 2048 retail as opposed to from the online store. Will I be able to take advantage of this? I have Wipeout HD already.

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:16 pm

    Yes you will be able to when the DLC comes out later this spring on PS Vita

windsmere said:

February 16th, 6:57 am

So how will we get our free Hustle Kings? Will we get one of those PSN messages with the link inside? I would love to play this on my Vita. I was also really hoping Sony would do something like this for HK and some others that are also coming to VIta. Thanks!

Revised_Anarchy said:

February 16th, 6:57 am

I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the wording in this:

“If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions).”

to be totally unclear.

What does this mean? It’s so poorly-worded that I can’t parse it at all.

air_beagle said:

February 16th, 7:02 am

I’m in the same boat as everyone else with regards to the Wipeout 2048 statement. Like johnny, I bought the game at retail. Does this still apply? And what does the part about Wipeout HD/Fury mean? I got those two games for my PS3 as part of the Welcome Back package. Does that still count as well?

Revised_Anarchy said:

February 16th, 7:09 am

I think our friend Wilson may have just accidentally announced that Wipeout HD/Fury is coming out on Vita.

kNoWlEdGe22 said:

February 16th, 7:19 am

I don’t understand… so confused…

Je ne comprend pas…

No comprendo…

Please… clarify…

MarkakaJin said:

February 16th, 7:27 am

I bought Hustle Kings on the PS3, months ago. How do I get the PS Vita version for free?

DwayneW1987 said:

February 16th, 7:40 am

Basically what it means is wipeout hd and wipeout fury are going to be considered dlc on wipeout 2048. When it comes out you will have it for free if you have the playstation 3 version.

Yes? No?

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:19 pm

    Yes, apologies if this is unclear. Wipeout 2048 will be getting DLC – these will be Wipeout HD and HD Fury. If you already own the PS3 games, you get the PS Vita DLC for free

Revised_Anarchy said:

February 16th, 7:49 am

@ DwayneW1987

That’s what I expected they’d do, based on the bit of HD content that’s already in 2048 for cross-play purposes. But, the specific wording used suggests that it’s an independent release, because it lists Wipeout HD and Fury as separate list items from Wipeout 2048 DLC.

AguilarX said:

February 16th, 7:49 am

wow! wasnt really expecting this from Sony. never thought they would really have the guts to go through the “buy ps3/get vita” route. glad im getting the vita on the 22nd!! gotta support them giving people what we want

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:19 pm

    Thanks for the support AguilarX

Shacojin said:

February 16th, 7:56 am

Loving my PlayStation VITA!! Thank God I already purchased Hustle Kings.. BTW.. On the content manager is it possible to transfer music playlists from my PS3? If not.. it would be great if you could add that!

zombie9 said:

February 16th, 7:58 am

I wish they would work on better remote play so I wouldn’t have to buy a game twice. cough rayman:)
I get free games for a Vita I don’t own sweet SONY!!!

gus_xl said:

February 16th, 7:58 am

@17/18 I was a little confused on that one too. I own HD / Fury, and I’m planning on picking up 2048 on vita.. so I’ll guess I’ll find out when the DLC comes out..

vanwinkle said:

February 16th, 8:12 am

Wow this sounds amazing. But I’ll agree that we need clarification on the WipEout thing. I can’t imagine all of WipEout HD and Fury coming as DLC for 2048, although that would blow me away if that’s what it’s actually saying.

    Wilson Cheng's Avatar

    Wilson Cheng said:

    February 16th, 5:20 pm

    Please stay tuned for more detailed information to this

remanutd5 said:

February 16th, 8:17 am

im really loving my vita , i love near , messages , trophies , party , friends apps , i think the web browser needs work, loading times on the games should be shorter , there should be an option to erase notifications individually , why we can see ps3 friends online but they cant see us ? i hope you guys fix that on an update

LokeSTL said:

February 16th, 8:18 am

I was only able to play one Mini on my Vita last night(Flying Hamsters). The rest of them come up “cannot be downloaded to the Vita” when I look them up under my downloads. I tried downloading a few to my PS3 and transfering them to the Vita, but the Vita’s content manager doesn’t even show them. What’s the deal?

Are Minis received for being a PS+ member able to be played on the Vita? I’m thinking that might have something to do with it… But Flying Hamsters was one I got from PS+ and it works fine. Help Please!

PS – One of the games I was trying to load was BreakQuest, which is on the list of working titles.

remanutd5 said:

February 16th, 8:19 am

i have uncharted and little deviants , waiting on my wipeout 2048 copy to de delivered !!! then i’ll get escape plan and i will wait for san diego studios to announce online multiplayer on modnation to get it

BxNYCBonaoDR said:

February 16th, 8:33 am

I’m not interested in any of those games. How about MLB 2012 The Show? Having to pay $60 for the PS3 version and another $40 for the PS Vita is just not going to happen. I’ll now have to decide which of the two I am going to purchase. I’ll probably buy the PS3 version because its going to have more features than the Vita version. If only we gamers could get a version of both the Vita and PS3 MLB 2012 The Show bundled together for $80. That would be perfect and I will buy that in a heartbeat.

Sevyne said:

February 16th, 8:36 am

Oh this is awesome! I have Hustle Kings on the PS3, Wipeout 2048 for Vita, and the MvC3 DLC. Totally get to take full advantage of this!

Ftwrthtx said:

February 16th, 8:41 am

I own Hustle Kings for the PS3 but can’t find it for the PS Vita anywhere. Has it not released yet?

Also, where are the Twitter app, Flickr app, and skype for the PS Vita?

rriyo said:

February 16th, 8:43 am

If they want the feature to be USEFUL they will HAVE to provide crossplay for FREE for EVERY game in the same way Valve does with Steam.

Seriously, take a hint. Someone does it BETTER and FOR FREE.

Crazy-Maisy said:

February 16th, 9:03 am

Yes, the Wipeout 2048 info is so convoluted, I make sense of it here and here but then the next part throws it all askew.

I have Wipeout HD/Fury HD as part of welcome back on my PS3’s.

I also bought Wipeout 2048 as a physical copy (PS Vita Game Card)

I also bought Wipeout 2048 for my son, same physical copy type (PS Vita Game Card)

PS Vita + Game card version of Wipeout 2048: What will I be able to do on my PS Vita and what will my son be able to do on his PS Vita?

Does each Wipeout 2048 get the DLC free?

What’s the Wipeout HD & Fury HD statement, what releases in Spring? DLC for this or the PS Vita Wipeout 2048 DLC or is this DLC for the PS Vita, the very DLC that is mentioned for the PS Vita Wipeout 2048? AUGHHHHH

BBurgSteve said:

February 16th, 9:05 am

Re: Wipeout HD/HD Fury/2048:

To me, it’s not 100% clear, either, but what I can make out of it is this:

If you own Wipeout 2048 on PS Vita, you will get all of it’s DLC packs (likely consisting of additional modes, tracks and craft) for free when they release.

If you own Wipeout HD/HD Fury on PS3, you will be able to download HD/HD Fury for PS Vita when it releases in the spring. That is, a separate, full game + DLC Pack (which is equivalent to another full game).

What I’m wondering is if they will offer the same thing for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD. Bought it on PS3 about a month ago shortly after it was released, and recently learned that it is also being released on the Vita in a month or two.

Sevyne said:

February 16th, 9:06 am

@rriyo Honestly, they didn’t have to do this at all and you are complaining? People are such self-entitled bastards.

BBurgSteve said:

February 16th, 9:08 am

I also wonder if Sony is making all of these download offers to boost Memory Card sales… =-/

Crazy-Maisy said:

February 16th, 9:09 am

On the billionth go-around I think it’s saying this:

You have to own Wipeout HD & Fury HD: If you do AND you buy Wipeout 2048, then …

this Spring when Wipeout 2048 DLC is released, you can download it for free. (DLC is “Wipeout HD” and “Fury HD” for Wipeout 2048 on the PS Vita)

Is this the correct parsing of the mysteious Wipeout 2048 verbage in the post?

Sevyne said:

February 16th, 9:09 am

As far as the Wipeout confusion goes I took it as this,

“If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs (WipEout HD and HD Fury) for free when they launch later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions).”

instead of how it was typed,

“If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions).”

So Wipeout HD and HD Fury ARE the DLC for 2048 that you’d get for free if you already own HD+Fury on PS3.

Revolutionary said:

February 16th, 9:10 am

@ 30
What a terrible comparison. Macs and PCs can be very similar in terms of components and processing power, and Valve games are Source engine based which can be scaled to run on a wide variety of computer configurations. Even DirectX 7 video cards! (We’re up to 11.1 now, in case you didn’t know)

The Vita and PS3, on the other hand, are very different in both terms of hardware and power. To think that every PS3 game under the sun should work on a Vita is nothing short of ignorant, and a pipe dream.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

February 16th, 9:10 am

What does this mean for MLB The Show and LBP?

– Can you play LBP 1 and 2 (and possibly PSP) levels if you own LBP Vita? If not, then you should. I know about the DLC Costumes being compatible, but this would be major. Millions of levels to play Day 1.

– If you buy the Blu Ray version of MLB 12 the show, do you get a voucher for MLB 12 the show free on Vita? Or, at the very least, for an extra 30-50% off?

That, my friends, is what one would call a system seller. Hope you Sony execs are smart enough to realize that. Well, along with getting remote play up to 100% on PS3 games.

Crazy-Maisy said:

February 16th, 9:15 am

I think my #35 comment is the correct parsing, this would make CROSS PLAY of WipEout better, more a full experience.

gravislord said:

February 16th, 9:28 am

Hustle Kings VITA: Looks like it isn’t out until next week as I couldn’t search for it on the store.

Remote Play: SCEA needs to educate developers on this feature as I am *pretty sure* it is up to the game developer to enable that feature (flip the switch) in their game.

luvtoseek said:

February 16th, 9:35 am

@30, rriyo- no buddy… you need to take a hint. Princing structures, production costs are vastly different for PCs. A proper comparison is Steam & EA’s Origin. Ever wonder why Live or Nintendo’s online store do not have features or packaged sales like Steam? Now you understand. They are different ecosystems; consoles & personal computers. At least Sony & Valve has a running start in their Portal 2 cross-platform play; which I hope is standard for future Valve console released titles.

Thank you Sony on this awsome Vita/PS3 connectivity element! I’ll strongly consider purchasing future supported titles.

@38, look for the Vita trailer for LBP, I saw that Dlc is confirmed… not sure about levels. Though it does state that ALL the tools are present- it seems level support is very likely.

MarinoBrea said:

February 16th, 9:45 am

This is similar to an idea I had shared in this blog some time ago, but my idea is more ambitious (better).

Implement a system that when you buy a PS3 or Vita game that is available for both platforms in DIGITAL VERSION you should get a ****special discount voucher***** that enables you to download the other version for like half the price. Many people would buy the games DIGITAL just for this, and it would make Vita even more enticing.

I don’t think you would lose sales by doing this, all the contrary it would make more people interested in Vita (PS3 owners, hardcore audience the portable is targeting), and you would be selling more NEW, DIGITAL games, and thus strike a good hit to your nemesis the resale market.

So what do you guys think? I should work at marketing for Sony, I would set you up straight!

deademo said:

February 16th, 9:57 am

kk that what im talking about

MarinoBrea said:

February 16th, 10:12 am

hmm, post not showing up?

mikey666 said:

February 16th, 10:25 am

Weak sauce.

Wow! So if I pay for a full game twice to have it on 2 platforms, I only have to buy the DLC once?!?! Gee willikers, Sony, thanks!

GeekElite said:

February 16th, 10:30 am

IGN is adding further confusion by stating in their article that in all cases, if you own the PS3 version of any of these games you’ll get the Vita version for free. Yet, that doesn’t seem to jive with what this blog post says.

My interpretation – and you can tell me if I’m wrong – of the above post is:
– If you buy/own either version of Hustle Kings (PS3/Vita), you get the other one for free.
– If you own WipEout HD and/or WipeEout HD Fury on the PS3, you’ll get the equivalent DLC packs for WipEout 2048 for free on Vita when they launch, but you still have to buy the full version of 2048.
– If you buy/own any of the UMVC3 DLC on either platform – and ONLY the DLC (not the full title) – you will be able to download the equivalent DLC to the other platform for free.

Is that close to right? This post, and the articles based on it, can’t seem to come to a consensus.

MarinoBrea said:

February 16th, 10:32 am

hmm, nope

DaMann22 said:

February 16th, 10:45 am

@EVERYONE, go over to the EU site and they actually RESPOND to the questions given by the members. They responded that even if you have Wipeout HD/FURY you still need to purchase the Vita 2048 game and THEN you will get the tracks from HD/FURY to play on the Vita.

DaMann22 said:

February 16th, 10:46 am

@45, you are exactly right on all three accounts, according to the replys on the EU Blog site.

rriyo said:

February 16th, 11:02 am

@ 33, 37 & 41

lol. Valve offers Portal2 crossplay free. Buy the PS3 version and you get PC & Mac for free.

So everything you just said is void.

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