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Feb 17

Feb 17

PlayStation Blogcast 012: Veni, Vidi, Vita

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

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Have you guys heard about this PlayStation Vita thing? Top sources tell me that it packs a luscious 5’’ OLED screen, dual analog sticks, console-quality graphics and a host of social networking features. And it launches wide next week on February 22nd, 2012!

To celebrate the impending launch, today’s Blogcast is dedicated to all things PS Vita: Our game recommendations, our favorite hardware and OS tips, and some suggestions to make sure you have MAXIMUM FUN next Wednesday. If you’ve already snagged a First Edition Bundle, hop into the comments and let us know what you think so far!

This week’s star-studded cast includes appearances from Josh Duhamel (Transformers), Chloe Grace Moretz (Hugo), Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games), Geoff Keighley (Gametrailers TV), and a conversation with SCEA’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and PSN, Guy Longworth.

Of course, this week’s episode also delves into the rich, creamy goodness you’d expect from PlayStation Blogcast including next week’s PSN and retail game releases, a new flock of user questions, and plenty of sultry game talk (including lots of Twisted Metal discussion!). Do join us.

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The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

  • Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. Special thanks to Astro Gaming headsets for providing audio gear.
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    Kchow23 said:

    February 18th, 12:26 pm

    Listening to the blogcast, right now! but I missed it on Thursday :S

    Dance Monkey!!

    krae_man said:

    February 18th, 1:05 pm

    Sid, that isn’t really an explanation. I’m sorry but from a customers standpoint “Our job hard/complicated” is meaningless to me. Designing and making a PS3 is complicated and hard but I still expect it to work and not break. That’s not an unreasonable expectation and niether is expecting an early and consistant update time.

    Other regions have been able to do it, Other online merchants who sell digital goods don’t have the same issues. Honestly we would really appreciate it if you guys would stop making excuses and fix the problem.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 18th, 2:02 pm

      I get that you want a dedicated publish time, but that’s just not how our system works right now – that’s why we’re careful not to promise a specific time on Tuesdays, because it does vary some weeks. If that ever changes, you’ll be the first to know.

    arouil22 said:

    February 18th, 1:26 pm

    I absolutly love the Vita. The screen and controls are amazing. I can’t wait to see the AR games and the apps for Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and Skype. I have allowed a several of my friends to try it out and a few of them have plans to pick on up now. Great Job Sony!

    Destiny89 said:

    February 18th, 1:28 pm

    When are you guys going to update the PS3 to actually be able to see the vita online? because going online on the vita dosent show us online to friends on the PS3.
    Trophies unlocked on the Vita dont show up on the PS3 either
    even pictures taken form the vita and sent out to friends on PS3 they wont be able to see the pictures. seems like PS3 needs an update to start doing all that

    Zilas said:

    February 18th, 1:29 pm

    Where did the option for copying PS One classics to the PSP from PS3 go?

    drunkguys20 said:

    February 18th, 2:14 pm

    i wish sony would have released shank 2 demo when the full game came out but it dosen’t bother me cause i got the full game of shank 2 and Gotham city impostures wish there was a mute function in that game

    Northstar77 said:

    February 18th, 2:21 pm

    Any idea if there will any PS3/PSVita combo packs for games that will be exact ports at least. Marvel vs Capcom for example. Ruin is another that comes to mind. If so will they be available at retail or Digital or both? I wouldn’t mind paying 59 for both the PS3 and Vita disk and card bundles together. I will not be buying the same game twice though.

    Elvick_ said:

    February 18th, 2:33 pm

    @Zilas: You have to download the game, and then use the install ‘bubble’ to copy from the PS3 to PSP. That’s why if you install the game on the PS3, the bubble now stays there.

    I don’t know why they changed it. I hate it this way. It was better before, but maybe this works better for some reason.

    GuZ_707 said:

    February 18th, 2:40 pm

    Hi i just want to know how long the first edition offer will last? i dont get paid until next week around friday but i want the 3G bundle that comes with the memory card and game. i hope the offer or bundle is still available next week.

    Im really looking forward to playing the ps vita, the first game i will buy is fifa 12 since im a big soccer/fifa fan, i cant wait!

    RydogV said:

    February 18th, 2:41 pm

    Great show although I was getting a bit nervous…the late arrival threw off my entire Thursday night ;)

    Vita release obviously the highlight of the upcoming week (alright so maybe the first part of the year). While I do not have a lot of plans to be “mobile” in the weeks to come that is not going to stop me from playing the new console every chance I get. I am using the Vita as my gateway into genres and titles I have yet to experience. Escape Plan, Wipeout 2048 and Super Stardust Delta are all going on my memory card 1st thing. I hope 8 GB is enough! Retail purchases will include Hot Shots Golf and Marvel vs Capcom.

    Down the road, Gravity Rush and Unit 13 will be definate buys as well.

    As the Vita discussion wane in the weeks to come I hope there will be room on the show for things like StarHawk. The Beta goes full public soon and new maps are promised. Is anyone on the team playing it? I would love to hear a segment on impressions. I have been playing off and on since the UC3 codes went active.

    Have a great weekend!!

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      February 18th, 11:07 pm

      As things settle, I know I’ll be playing more Starhawk beta. Also, we’re planning a trip to Austin soon, so expect to hear from Dylan Jobe himself!

    Poozilla024 said:

    February 18th, 2:45 pm

    Please can we get something a little more in depth to explain how NEAR works.Seems like a great app since its Saturday before the launch i live in a small town in Missouri and just running off the wifi in my house i pick up 107 people in my area!Thats INSANE before launch even really didnt expect that.When i got my psp years ago seemed like no one i talked to had one.But with this great app i can find people around here to play with.Problem is the manual for it on the console doesnt help much and everyone is just a brown smiley face.Dont know if no one is sharing their profile or what.Please Sid get something posted to help us understand NEAR.I think it would really benefit the community and launch.

    Kane22_ said:

    February 18th, 3:01 pm

    OK Sid for you to tell us that the store updates have been getting better i laugh at that cause here recently they haven’t. actually there getting later and later. hire people who know what there doing or start doing your updates on Mondays so there actually ready on time and early on Tuesdays. instead of us waiting until literally almost Wednesday. i hate how you guys use content as your excuse even though sometimes when the store updates even late the content is a joke. i hope you guys actually take this seriously cause if you don’t. the ps4 or whenever its gonna be called is gonna have one heck of a time. to me all you guys did was move your updates from Thursdays to Tuesdays with hardly any time improvement . when Nintendo can do an update every morning on Mondays at 10am MS Wednesday morning at 5am sometimes a little bit later. and here you guys Tuesdays whenever. after all these years you guys are acting like you still don’t know how to work on a network.

    Arjmand said:

    February 18th, 4:13 pm

    Hey Guys,

    1) I just want to say a few things about Guy Longworth. I really think he brings a new level of energy and enthusiasm to the brand, I have a really good feeling about this guy. I saw his video on the blogcast, and I just saw his interview with Geoff Keighley and I think he’s a fantastic fit

    2) What happened to the “Origins” segment?? I really enjoyed those, I’d like to see them make a comeback!

    3) Vita launch is only 4 days away! Never Stop Playing!

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      February 18th, 11:08 pm

      Thanks, I’ll pass on your thoughts to Guy. We’ll be bringing back Origin story once we get out of Launch Mode. Too much Vita things to talk about!

    NIGHTRAVEN3 said:

    February 18th, 4:27 pm

    @ Comment 50: YES! i’m hooked on those! i want to try more AR games now!

    I’m loving my Vita! $371 bucks well spent! it’s an almost perfect handheld! There were a few things that stood out that i noticed could use some tweaking in Vita’s OS, but there nothing firmwere update couldn’t fix i’m sure.

    Example: you cannot use the buttons in the UI at all. that does get in the way in certain instances also, how you cannot use buttons to select what you want to copy when getting music, photos or video. Having the D-pad to page skip up or down would be amazing.

    Simple add-on: the date in the upper right corner! this would save us having to hit the power button to go to sleep mode, then waking the Vita up again just to see it.

    The brightness meter: the lowest brightness is way too bright in the dark. We need the ability to make it even lower than the current minimum.

    Video app: please tell me i will be able to download any of the game videos in the PS Store in the near future, PS3/PSP and PS Vita. Also WUT?? i can’t put The Tester on my Vita?? not fair! : l in addition to that, expand the options you get when playing video (Buttons and D-pad anyone??)

    Continued in my next comment…

    NIGHTRAVEN3 said:

    February 18th, 4:31 pm

    No control over ANY camera/video settings: this speaks for it’s self. ISO control, exposure, shot timer and the other basic functions that need to be added (make a simple and advance mode for video and photo shooting?)
    Video mode also needs it’s basic functions.

    Music app: no visualizer? aww, no fair : ( also, again, no buttons??

    For the messenger app: i can’t view photos sent from PS3’s? it would be nice to have that fixed.

    Not sure if firmwere can fix it, but it feels like the Vita could be a little loader quite honestly.

    Auto Wi-fi off: if no connectible Wi-fi is in the area or i refuse to connect, it would be nice for the Vita auto turn wi-fi off to save power

    OHH! the system music! Let me tell you! It’s not bad, but hearing it over and over and over again is driving me and lots of other gamers nuts! having downloadable system music in the PS Store would also be awesome!

    Trophies: i can see my PS3 and Vita game trophies on my Vita, but not my PS3? that came to me as an odd one.

    I really hope u take my findings to notice Mr. Shuman! Also, can’t wait for Resistance: Burning Skies and Gravity Rush!

    Elvick_ said:

    February 18th, 4:37 pm

    @65: You can turn the system music off. Store music still goes though, and I can’t find an option for the tick sounds. Granted didn’t look much.

    arouil22 said:

    February 18th, 5:24 pm

    Will the apps for Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype as well as the AR games such as table soccer be available this Tuesday, the 21st?

    wesdw369 said:

    February 18th, 5:29 pm

    love my 3g vita, got lucky and have little deviants and uncharted. planning for umvc3 this week along with hotshots. no issues so far. just remember to not leave the network running or anything that will draw power even when in standby. near is very fun to explore. the internet browser is such an improvement. this is what a handheld should be

    DARZERO said:

    February 18th, 6:00 pm

    Can’t wait to pick up my Vita next week. Im getting Uncharted, marvel vs capcom 3 and ninja gaiden. Stardust on the download side too. Anyway we can get some kind of a PS blog app on Vita? That would be awesome to go check all the PS news on the Vita without using the web browser….Just an idea;0)

    Solrac7688 said:

    February 18th, 6:44 pm

    I got the first edition vita bundle and I have to say that it’s an amazing piece of tech. Been playing Uncharted on it and haven’t stopped to put it down. I do have one question though, why is the process to sign up for the 3G service so long, is there another way to make a payment other than using your debit or credit card?

    lPHOENIXZEROl said:

    February 18th, 8:55 pm

    On the mention of MLB12 and RTTS yeah, it is time consuming, I’m still playing MLB10 and almost all of my MLB10 time has been devoted to RTTS and barely any of the other modes. Even though my rosters are way out of whack now in my RTTS player’s seventh season and online was discontinued (which is BS and never got the damn online trophies) just before MLB11 came out it’s hard to justify buying a new iteration (even with all the improvements/updates) when there’s still so much I still haven’t done with it. >_< On the other hand I'd heavily consider getting MLB12 for cross-play if didn't come at a cost of $100. That IMO is going to be a big hurdle for a lot of games unless they offer steep discounts on the PSV version. Then again I might just finally get into the other parts of MLB10 that I've neglected and get MLB13 next year.

    lPHOENIXZEROl said:

    February 18th, 9:11 pm

    As for 3G, the biggest problem IMO is the cost of the data plans, primarily the 250MB one as that should be enough for the basics as long as you have WiFi at home and access elsewhere. $15 for a measly 250MB of bandwidth though is nuts, especially in 2012. If the plans were more reasonable such as $5 for 250MB, similar to Vodafine’s before exchange rate differences, it’d be less of an issue. The whole expiring at the end of a month thing sucks too.

    On another note, when is Sony going to release the specs for the memory cards? I’m curious as to what the read/write speed are because I’ve suspected for awhile now that they’re nothing but Sony’s M2s in a altered shell with new “security” software. If that’s true it means the read/write speeds are up to 15MB/s read and 4MB/s write and I suspect it’ll never be officially released because that would piss off a lot of people even more considering how much the cards cost compared to the price of Class 10 Micro SDHC cards online. I get it, I have my 32GB card already but doesn’t mean I can’t find it a bit annoying.

    Kchow23 said:

    February 18th, 9:31 pm

    Great episode and I love that you guys are voicing your opinion a little bit although it was defending Twisted Metal, but great that it isn’t all candy and lollipops :)

    P.S I’ve been enjoying my PS Vita and Near is awesome specially when you see how many people around you also got one!

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      February 18th, 11:10 pm

      Thanks! I promise that we won’t tell you something is great if we don’t believe it.

    Kchow23 said:

    February 18th, 9:34 pm

    Would also love to pose this question to you guys… I got my PS Vita but I was wondering if you buy all your games through retail.. how do you tell what was the last game you’ve played after a week (if you don’t turn off your PS Vita)? I think that the PS Vita should always highlight the icon of the game that is currently in the game card slot, so that users don’t have to guess what game they have inside.

    daviddavid433 said:

    February 18th, 9:38 pm

    Can we ask questions for the next show on here?

    SiloEyes said:

    February 18th, 9:56 pm

    Excited to check out the Unit 13 demo next week when I get my Vita! I know you said no word on a release date for Gravity Rush, but what about a demo? I’ve tried it at best buy and would love to get it on my own Vita to try some more. Thanks and great podcast!

    blakseed said:

    February 18th, 10:37 pm

    Sid S- I know that it’s frustrating when the Store publishes a little late, but there’s a huge amount of content publishing every week and I work closely with the team who publishes it — I know how hard they work to keep things on track. That said, publish times now are much better than one year ago and vastly better than 2 years ago. It’s getting better, but it’s not an “overnight fix.” Updating PS Store is a monstrous and highly stressful job, it’s much more than just flicking a switch.

    It’s amazing how many people don’t understand this. The updates are HUGE and I’m sure it takes some time to upload it all.

    Vita is sounding sexy as h** by the way.

    togue said:

    February 19th, 8:43 am

    Just an FYI, Gran Turismo PSP works on the VITA even though it isn’t on the list.

    Bogg1000 said:

    February 19th, 11:30 am

    Vita could use a way to have L2 and L2 buttons when used for remote play or even when they do allow ps1 games on it. How about just putting a couple of virtual L2 and L2 buttons at the top corners of the upper touch pad. (I suppose they could be on the bottom touch pad instead or also. L3 and R3 could be done too but those buttons often have other buttons for them.)
    The virtual buttons don’t have to show on the screen at all, but only have to be there if set up for them.
    Was trying a Final Fantasy game(via remote play) last night and cause there wasn’t a way to have L2 and R2 I couldn’t run away in battle.

    krae_man said:

    February 19th, 2:20 pm

    Oh god Jeff, How do you put up with the cheating AI in Hot Shots? I was trying to get the crown in the second match play event of the beginners tier. After I finally eagle that second hole, the CPU goes from not being able to hit the green in regulation to save it’s life to sticking every shot within 3 feet of the cup and it’s a points match.


    Zoddan269 said:

    February 19th, 2:31 pm

    Will locationfree still be apart of ps vita? I found it to be a good tool for security as well as viewing tv outside of my home

    dragoon_slayer12 said:

    February 19th, 2:32 pm

    I bought the 1st edition cuz I couldn’t wage 1 more week, and thanks to uncharted (first time playing the series), I’m so happy I got it. I been waiting since it’s first announcement, and the wait wasn’t worth it. THE WAIT WAS TOO LONG!!!! IT’S BETTER THAN CONSOLE GAMING! aiming with the gyroscope is amazing, I don’t even use the right stick to aim. Luminous isn’t worth $35, $20 would’ve been better, and little deviants is alright. Sure wish resistance was day one though…. Sony, the vita is the greatest thing ever

    albinopig123 said:

    February 19th, 5:22 pm

    My favorite Handheld Ever and my favorite launch line-up ever. My favorite game so far is Escape Plan.

    IceDragon437 said:

    February 19th, 5:22 pm

    Thank for the advice guys. Definitely helped convince the fiancé we needed it on the registry haha. You all didn’t have to protect my identity, but I appreciate it!

    Have a good one and keep up the amazing podcast. I love you guys like penguins love ice.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Jeff Rubenstein said:

      February 21st, 3:44 pm

      glad it worked! congrats as well

    kenicetea said:

    February 19th, 7:13 pm

    Do you need a memory card to download demos?

    ThreeLeggedFreak said:

    February 19th, 9:20 pm

    “+ Sid Shuman on February 18th, 2012 at 11:53 am said:
    Yes, it’s ultimately up to the publisher/developer (SOE in this case). It’s worth noting that PvZ on Vita has a custom UI and touchscreen functionality, so it’s not an exact port.”

    I’m sorry, but that’s BS. Hustle Kings added touchscreen functionality didn’t it? PvZ Vita IS a port, no matter how you cut it. The fact that SCE’s own SOE is being greedy doesn’t change that fact. BTW PvZ supports steam play cross play (pay once and play on PC and Mac) and I’m pretty sure it’s the same on iOS (buy once and play on iphone or ipad).

    Shrewder said:

    February 20th, 3:04 am

    @ kenicetea; #85

    You will need a Vita memory card to download to the Vita. As another option, you can download Vita content, from the store, on your PS3. Once you have purchased your Vita and a memory card, you can connect your Vita to the PS3 and use the Vita’s content manager to transfer that content from the PS3 to your Vita.

    Bigbadwolfe143 said:

    February 20th, 6:39 am

    First I just wanted to thank you for a great show again this week. I got my First Edition VITA Bundle on Tuesday and have been loving everything about it, but it was nice to hear how your experiences have been as well. Cant’t wait for next weeks show.

    And I also wanted to suggest a tip for next weeks show to help fellow PS VITA owners out, which is how to update your games and apps:

    When you enter the “LiveArea.” If an update is available you will see an added button icon it is a yellow circle with white arrow pointing down just Tap the “update” button and you’ll get information about the update, and the option to download. You can then follow its progress, like any other download, via the menu at the top right of the screen.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 22nd, 2:57 pm

      Thanks for the tip!

    tigerbait_ said:

    February 20th, 12:55 pm

    Hey guys luv the show and luv my new vita. Super Stardust and Escape Plan are a must buy for everyone who buys a vita. I HAVE A QUESTION I WAS HOPING U GUYS COULD ANSWER. IS IT SAFE TO PUT A 500GB HARD DRIVE IN MY PS3? IS THERE A MAXIMUM SIZE HARD DRIVE THAT I CAN PUT? Thanx guys and please answer cuz my 320GB is full and I’ve done all the tricks for deleting things and wut not, I just download too many games from the store.

    bcpower_08 said:

    February 20th, 2:44 pm

    Hey US PSBLOG SCEA, I’m visiting ur site from the SCEE EU PSBLOG, didn’t know we can post a comment here if we want to, as well. Anyway I’m excited for the VITA too. It will launch here in the UK the day after tomorrow, and I can’t wait. I think, u guys have a better CEO thou, Aka Jack Tretton. I heard hell be handing the first ps vita to it’s first customer.:) On launch. Anyway we just had a fantastic VITA commercial

    Wonder what US VITA commercials is gonna look like, u had Marcus for psp, Kristen Schall for Xperia Play, Kevin Butler for PS3, and recently it was Micheal. :)

    bcpower_08 said:

    February 20th, 3:33 pm

    And I want to share this blog post. PSV arriving in hundreds, and thousands. :)

    Dungwader said:

    February 20th, 5:04 pm

    Hey all! I am super pumped for the Vita and look forward to my delivery on the 22nd. I plan on a majority of my purchases for the Vita to be digital but for now I’ve only invested in Super Stardust Delta since I am waiting for some solidification on how the Vita will be folding into the existing PS+ program. Any word on when an announcement pertaining to this may occur?

    Dungwader said:

    February 20th, 5:29 pm

    Ahh since I cannot edit my prior post, something else that crossed my mind.

    Is there any chance that with a future firmware update we will be able to regain the ability to place PSP and Vita titles into folders? My PS3 game section of the xmb is cluttered and more unwieldy due to that change.

    I assume the change was made to help stem piracy due to the content manager forcing the downloaded item on PS3 to be removed when transferred to the Vita and the only way to transfer it back to the PS3 or PC is to backup the entire Vita which is probably encrypted. Any answer would be appreciated.

    WolfAngel315 said:

    February 20th, 7:57 pm

    I am getting my PS Vita on the 22nd and I cant wait! I cant wait for Gravity Rush and Little Big Planet! Will we be able to play with people worldwide like on the ps3?

    xxdarkmonkyxx said:

    February 23rd, 8:11 am

    Does the Vita play PlayStation One Classics?
    If not, will it?
    I was really excited about that possibility, but it doesn’t seem to be an option.

    Thanks, guys.

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