Starhawk Beta Open to All PSN Users Today, Get Top Tips

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Starhawk Beta Open to All PSN Users Today, Get Top Tips
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Starhawk for PS3

We’re happy to announce (remind) everyone that the Starhawk Multiplayer Beta is open to ALL COMERS today, Tuesday, February 21st only on the PlayStation Network! You don’t have to “like” us on Facebook, you don’t have to “accept a special offer” and you don’t have to sign up for any service (that is, except for the PlayStation Network free service)! Everyone is welcome to join! Just check the PlayStation Store and prepare yourself for a good time!

In the coming weeks we’ll be upgrading the Beta a ton. You can expect a new map, new vehicles, new weapons, 32-player max matches and more. Remember, this is still a beta, not a demo. We are actively finding and fixing problems — and we need your feedback!

The Starhawk Beta will not last forever. When we’re done testing it will go “bye-bye”… and so I wrote a poem to illustrate my point…

The Starhawk Serenade
If you don’t try Starhawk you’ll be sad,
While your friends are having fun you’ll be mad,
It’s such an easy download,
Your head may explode!
There’s so much d&*#*! fun to be had!

You will be sad if you miss out! Don’t be sad. Live a little!

For you new players, here are a bunch of handy tips…

You can post your bug feedback by logging into the Starhawk Beta forums using your PSN ID. Also, check the fan-made Starhawk wiki for info, and check the Lightbox Beta news for regular updates.

We realize that a lot of new players will be jumping in. Here are some tips to help you along.

General Starhawk Beta Tips

  • Kill to build, build to kill. Kill enemies to get more Rift Energy to build more stuff to kill more enemies.
  • Shoot glowing Rift barrels to collect more Rift Energy.
  • Do not repeatedly build the same structures. Things like Garages or Launch Pads allow you to create new vehicles without building a new structure.
  • If you stay in the vicinity of your base area and Rift Extractor you will auto-magically collect Rift energy.
  • Each structure does something specific. Discover its purpose!
  • Most all the structures have a glowing yellow panel. If you go up to one, you will be prompted to either create a new vehicle or remove the building. Removing repeated buildings is a great way to ease the strain on your structure cap.
  • Use mics for the best experience….and sometimes to learn a few new words. :)
  • Pick your Skill wisely. You can also change them during a match during respawn. Remember that you need enough XP points and the listed prerequisite for a Skill to unlock.

Starhawk for PS3

Top 10 Starhawk Beta Tips from Real Beta Players!

  1. Wall Spam, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing! If you place a ton of walls they will suck up structure cap space – and the enemy will fly over them anyway! Use them intelligently. Look to create choke points and use them efficiently. It’s very tempting to build them as they are relatively cheap and they scratch the “build a base” itch. Stand firm! Avoid spamming the battlefield with unwanted clutter! – From H-BOMM
  2. Take My Knife, Please! When you’re knifing an enemy try to jump and knife at the same time. You can also get higher (stand on a rock, etc).
  3. Sniper Time! If you aim the LR-3 Railgun for a long period of time the laser will show and your location will be revealed. Use it quick to avoid detection. – From Matt-Moore
  4. Chose Your Friends Wisely! Working as a team is absolutely critical to have a shot at winning. Teamwork is key. – From Outast_Graves
  5. Mic Up! Use your mic. Encourage your friends to use their mics and work together for optimal fun. — From Sharp Dagger
  6. For The Love Of God, RUN! Hold R2 to run. Do it always. Never walk. Always run. Run, run, run. – From TuckTay
  7. Enemy Mine! The mines are magnetic…you can stick them to your Hawk or Razorback. Get close enough to enemy Hawks or Razorbacks and they will “jump” onto them and explode. –From Seven11
  8. To Build Or Not To Build. If you need a Razorback or a Mech, look around your base first. Don’t build another structure if they are there already. Run up to the yellow panel and build the vehicle. – From SmokScr
  9. Sell You Down The River. You can sell and remove most buildings by using the yellow control panel. Just run up to it, choose to “remove” and down it comes — From Ikeler
  10. Bite The Hand That Feeds. If you EVER see a player with the handles LBI (insert name here) or SONY (insert name here) kill, kill, kill…. – From RobbieK

Controller Layouts

Here are the Starhawk Beta controller layouts for your viewing pleasure…

Starhawk: Character Control Scheme

Starhawk for PS3: Vehicle

Starhawk: Aircraft Control Scheme

Beta Maps

For those new players out there a couple of top-down maps to help you get your bearings on the action….


Starhawk for PS3: Acid Sea


Starhawk: Space Minimap

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21 Author Replies


  • Its not on the store yet :O

    • Harvard Bonin
      Harvard Bonin

      If its not there yet it’ll likely go up this afternoon during the store update

  • When will it be on the store. Please tell me!

  • waterguy469

    It will be on the store when they update it,and judging from recent updates,that might be at about 9:00 EST.

  • station3fever

    Take a chill pill cavewulf, holy cow lol.

  • waterguy469


  • One thing I’ve been hearing from people playing the beta is the knifing. Its overpowered a little.

  • lisatsunami

    Just, wow! Such a long informative post that is way too much for me to read. I’m stuck @ your poem, though. What 6 letter curse word begins with “d”?

    Anyway, congrats on getting the cover of PTOM & best wishes. Wouldn’t this game be great on the Vita, too?

  • Aright alright im just stoked!

  • SO I have to wait all day for this update….And i am off from school today… And i have school tomorrow. PLus the time of the download… I probably wont be playing till late at night or morning

  • Guardian_Bob

    I know this will be in moderation for a while but there’s more tips and tricks on:

    StarHawk corner has tips and tricks that continue to help players today. Check it out.

    And be sure to hit up the forums, the community is definitely friendly.

  • gerardvstheworld

    Hope this game does well. Really looking forward to it. Build and battle sounds and looks really interesting.

  • @8, took me a minute, but I think they are going for “damned”

  • where is the beta i dont find the beta code please help!

  • Best Tuesday so far of 2012!!!! Of barely beating out Twisted Metal of course!!!

  • I look forward to the additional vehicles! With the vehicles and new maps, I’m sure you’ll have some more beta results to further polish the game. Keep it up!

    Don’t forget avatars and themes. Also, maybe some multiplayer characters that resemble Chernovan/Eucadian characters from Warhawk?

  • *Sigh* Harv u need to help the fans out. By that i mean comment

  • TheGremlinKlown

    WOW nice Pic”s. I think this will help out all the new players.

  • The “six letter curse word” rhymes with touché.

    Thanks for the invite Sony.

  • how much i have to wait all date

  • Ok this is thrilling

  • LOL I deleted this weeks ago Thinking the beta has ended been busy with other stuff. Now I know thanks for the update but will stay out.

    • Harvard Bonin
      Harvard Bonin

      Patch 1.3 will be out really soon (date not locked yet) and will include 32 players, more vehicles and a bunch of other features/fixes…so don’t delete!

  • As a girl I am not really into FPS games,,, But I got StarHawk Beta code when I bought Uncharted3,,, so I tried it and my god is it fun,,, You can either attack the other teams base and try and steal their flag,,, or you can set up defenses at your own base to keep the other team out… This is one game I have on my To Get List…

  • Man I am so stoked for the beta. Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to test it out in a public beta.

  • Hey all, if you’re looking for a guide to get off your feet, give Starhawk 101 a look!

  • “Wall Spam, What Is It Good For?……– From H-BOMM”

    You should ALWAYS BUILD A BASE WITH WALLS (If you’re playing CTF)!!!! On top of that, you can place auto-turrets on the walls of your fortified base to shoot down any intruder whether they’re in a hawk trying to fly over the base or on foot. Everybody always rushes for the flags and never builds their base first. I’m always the one building the base and getting builder’s trophies x3 & x5.

    “To Build Or Not To Build. If you need a Razorback or a Mech, look around your base first. Don’t build another structure if they are there already. Run up to the yellow panel and build the vehicle. – From SmokScr”

    I’ve seen this happen last night. 3 people built launchpads right next to each other, effectively blocking fort wall building in certain spots so you’d have to destroy a launchpad to place a wall in a spot. They didn’t know they could jump up on the pad on go to the yellow “console” to spend 2 energy and get their own hawk.

  • i see the beta says need playstation plus member come change that

  • GearThird_Luffy

    Free beta code
    F26K 2HN5 9K4G
    If it doesnt work someone used iot already.

  • thanks dude

  • download right now man

  • Another free one my friend?

  • You almost got it right, cannot see playing a game were ya can deploy the ole drop the house on the witch tactics, a bit of rts vs fps vs tps, what is this game anyhow?

  • If you need a code to get in Send me message via PSN. I get home in 2.5 hours and will send it to the first person who wants it. in a couple of hours. I got an extra UC3 code. But you will have it BEFORE the store updates (:

  • The game has a high learning curve, but its action packed and rewarding.

    New players: don’t get discouraged! There are a lot of gameplay elements to master and tactics to use. Just don’t spam walls and turrets as that is the best way to lose a game. Even if you are only playing defense, you have to leave enough building slots for your offensive players to advance.

    Knifes will take out auto turrets with one swipe.

    Proxy mines are the best troop weapon and has many offensive and defensive uses.

    If you see two launch pads or Razor garages close to eachother, take the time to reclaim one. No need to have multiple buildings of the same type in the same area.

    Friendly (green) Bunkers will allow you to shoot out, but the enemy can not shoot in.

    Don’t be afraid to jump in a Hawk and take to the skies. The Hawk is a beast, just don’t stay in mech form too long or you will get blown to smithereens.

    Very much looking forward to the new map, 32 player battles, and that Sidewinder bike!

    • Harvard Bonin
      Harvard Bonin

      good stuff KC. The full game will have a solo campaign and lots of other ways for players to get their feet wet

  • free code nyone?

  • I like fresh fish


    I had it automatically download but never got around to trying it, I disabled auto downloads my PS3 started to download the Tester. >_>

  • kapitanlastiko

    Is it suppose to be a PS Plus exclusive? I went on the store and it said PS Plus only.

  • Hello Mr Bonin

    any chance we see another map before the beta ends?

    would be nice

  • @ERC1980

    A new map, Planet Dust, will be added with the 1.3 update. There is a video on the net if you search for it.

    I would say within the next 2 weeks it will be updated.

  • @ERC1980- See the blog post

    “In the coming weeks we’ll be upgrading the Beta a ton. You can expect a new map, new vehicles, new weapons, 32-player max matches and more. Remember, this is still a beta, not a demo. We are actively finding and fixing problems — and we need your feedback!”

  • @post 40 and 41 and Harvard of course

    thanks for the responses

    should have read the blog post more thoroughly instead of just skimming :)

  • PS

    love the Starhawk Serenade

    might include it in my work resume!

  • Harvard Bonin
    Harvard Bonin
    Harvard Bonin

    I would not recommend :)

  • Harvard Bonin
    Harvard Bonin
    Harvard Bonin

    oops, that was for ERC1980

  • IceColdKilla44

    As someone who played Warhawk a TON when it came out, I have to say that Starhawk is incredible! Thanks Harvard and the team for making such a great game!

    • Harvard Bonin
      Harvard Bonin

      we’ve got a long way to go. Thanks for the nice comments. When patch 1.3 is released you’ll see a BIG difference

  • IceColdKilla44

    P.S. Just found a minor error in the pic. It’s X you hold down to switch seats in a vehicle, not Square like it was in Warhawk.

    It took me a while myself to figure this out so that’s why I noticed it :P

  • @Harvard

    i was just joking lol

    but i’m sure you might appreciate it if i was trying to apply for a job at Lightbox

  • Some Starhawk avatars would be sick, kinda like the one Harvard has.

  • “Whiffed Energy” and “Whiffters”? Do they smell really bad or something?

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