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Feb 22

Feb 22

Touch My Katamari Rolls onto PS Vita Today – Who’s Got the Squeeze On The King?

Posted by NAMCO BANDAI Games Community Manager

Ladies, gentlemen, princes, and cousins – How are you enjoying the PS Vita launch today? Those of you that have been following our crew over here at Namco Bandai Games know that we’re out in full force on PS Vita, and today we’ve set forth on an all-new adventure with The King of All Cosmos himself.

You can see what the critics are saying in the launch trailer below, but we think we want to hear what YOU have to think? Have you picked it up yet? Have you picked up EVERYTHING yet? Let us know, we want to hear from you!

You see, The King and @FilthieRich go way back to the PS2 days. It was there when I first met The King, much like many of you. We’ve had plenty of adventures together over the years, but we’ve never quite had a handheld frolic across the land of candy, crayons, robots, and cephalopods quite like this one. Definitely not one with two analog sticks… and definitely not one that lets you stretch and squeeze the Katamari for crazy new rolling maneuvers. The King has been pretty self-conscious lately – and he’s been on a mission to make sure he’s once and for all cooler than a school principal. And today, he’s seeking your approval.

Check out the trailer and sound off in the comments. What outfits have you unlocked? Which mission has been your favorite so far? Have you run into any other players using the “near” functionality? Are you wearing a pile of pink ice cream on your head? Come one, come all, and sound off… ROYAL RAINBOW… AWAY!

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Axecution said:

February 22nd, 3:44 pm

Still debating this one.
Looks really good but i’m becoming broke after all these Vita games haha. Uncharted, Stardust, WipEout…

    "Filthie" Rich Bantegui said:

    February 24th, 11:02 am

    … Touch my KATAMARI!!! Give it a go and you will be impressed !

Lasdrub said:

February 22nd, 3:52 pm

Put in more trophies and a platinum trophy and I’ll buy it right now.

coconutshinobi said:

February 22nd, 3:58 pm

It’s true only few people like Katamari games but it has always been one of my favorite franchises! I have Katamari games on PS2, PS3, so like I’m going to miss this one? Hell no!

Psikorps said:

February 22nd, 4:04 pm

If you could Mr. Bantegui, please explain why this full priced retail title is lacking a platinum trophy list?

If you can even just sum up the reasoning behind that decision, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Neil said:

February 22nd, 4:12 pm

I got 3 copies (1 for me and 2 for friends) with the buy 2 get 1 free deals all over the place.

poodude said:

February 22nd, 4:30 pm

Perfectly priced, in my opinion. I’ll be picking this up when I grab Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 next week :).

    "Filthie" Rich Bantegui said:

    February 24th, 10:59 am

    This King is pleased with this post -! Get ready to roll it up and have some fun !

Chidori_93 said:

February 22nd, 5:01 pm

I buy my vita today and the Ar Card Number 2 is missing i have 2 number 1
I call GameStop and the say that i need to contact Sony but How…

Dessron said:

February 22nd, 5:36 pm

Can someone explain why there is no platinum in this retail game???

iTofuMan said:

February 22nd, 5:49 pm

getting this along with Dynasty Warriors and BlazBlue

    "Filthie" Rich Bantegui said:

    February 24th, 11:00 am

    Nice game variation you have there – TMK will be a nice addition to the collection you have ( but please keep TMK in your PSVITA as you sleep to promote awesomeness).

FuriousGamer87 said:

February 22nd, 6:00 pm

Gameplay look quite boring. Not interested. But interesting music at least.

marr_yo said:

February 22nd, 6:15 pm

Is there a demo going to be released?

manzoor47 said:

February 22nd, 7:58 pm

^^^same here. I really wanna try a demo first.

gettinmoney662 said:

February 22nd, 9:32 pm

Why do the people whining about a lack of platinum barely have any platinums?

Psikorps said:

February 22nd, 10:05 pm

@13 – Because the games those people enjoy keep getting released out without platinums, case in point.

The major question is as to why a retail title does not have a platinum, while a game like Plants Vs Zombies, thats a rehashed title, at half the price does.

Its a fair question, no matter if the person asking has 5 plats or 100 plats.

dilbig5 said:

February 23rd, 5:33 am

What difference does it make if the game has a platinum? To show off that a trophy that says you got all the other trophies? Either way you would still have every trophy.


That explains nothing on why people whine about a lack of platinum.

Lilfrenzy said:

February 23rd, 8:09 am

I was sad more cousins were not in the game.. At least Miso made it.

    "Filthie" Rich Bantegui said:

    February 24th, 11:02 am

    Hello there fellow Miso fan! Don’t worry I miss them too.

Psikorps said:

February 23rd, 9:10 am

@ dilbig5 – It does explain it, quite effectively.

People, mainly people with alot of platinums have a tendancy to “look down” upon others with far less platinums, as either less experienced or simply as “not as good”, you can deny that, but its a fact, like it or not.


DazeOfWar said:

February 23rd, 9:11 am

@dilbig5: If you were a hardcore trophy collector you would understand why it bothers people. I enjoy earning them but not like I use to. In a ways it does bother me that this doesn’t have a platinum, being a full priced retail game, but it won’t stop me from buying it.

It’s a collection thing. It’s just like if somebody doesn’t like to buy games without a original case and manual.

Psikorps said:

February 23rd, 9:13 am

For a RETAIL game, to not have a plat, is annoying.
More so for the people who would have really enjoyed getting another platinum on their list.
Or rather, COULD get another platinum on their list.

The question, which Mr. Bantegui has yet to answer still remains and is quite valid.

    "Filthie" Rich Bantegui said:

    February 24th, 11:04 am

    grabbing some info for the blog questions – ill come back asap!

dantevolgonrath said:

February 23rd, 9:46 am

@ Chidori_93

If you are missing any of the AR cards just go to the ps vita section of this site and check out the Augmented reality section. it explains the features, goes over the three FREE games that are in the store, and gives you pdf downloads of all the cards. You’re welcome! ~Dante

dantevolgonrath said:

February 23rd, 9:47 am

exccuse me, meant to say go to playstations official cite then psvita section then augmented reality… sorry.

Sniffynose said:

February 23rd, 9:52 am

QQ more! Who cares if there isn’t a platinum trophy, games were fun long before the idea of achievements/trophies came out, and they will still be fun without them.

    "Filthie" Rich Bantegui said:

    February 24th, 11:05 am

    The king has granted you imaginary candies and laughs – Thanks for the support!

dilbig5 said:

February 23rd, 10:45 am


Do you even know how silly that sounds?

“People, mainly people with alot of platinums have a tendancy to “look down” upon others with far less platinums, as either less experienced or simply as “not as good”, you can deny that, but its a fact, like it or not”

And that’s a reason to complain/whine that a game doesn’t have a platinum? That’s just plain stupid. Because you feel like you suck compared to other people on something that everyone has the ability to get?

Platinum just means you have all the other trophies from that game. That’s all it is, nothing more nothing less. They don’t even add to your trophy score. So why complain? What did you do when you played your PS2? Did you make up fake achievements for yourself? Play games to play them, not to recieve a fake digital reward that can’t be used anywhere.

Kanashimi said:

February 23rd, 10:58 am

I didn’t know it had a platinum, but despite playing games like Rango, Hannah Montana, etc for platinum I will continue to play this. Why? Cause it’s Katamari, and I love me some Katamari.

To be fair, I’m still having trouble using the turn. I’m not very good at remembering to roll a specific direction and end up dashing a lot. However, I really love this one, it’s got the goofy feel and it felt like there was no restraints with how weird it could be. I highly recommend it for fans of the series. :)

mcbuttz78 said:

February 23rd, 12:39 pm

Ilike the franchise on ps2 its a very fun game. and very addictive also the humor and funny as anything i have played inthe while.. I highly recommend it for a young gamers and gamer looking for a challange..

I just to know is there going to onlineleader board ., co-op play. online. If not its just as wonderful as a stand alone.. I like to persoanlly thank you guys for continuing to be original and stay true to your roots in the franchise of katka mara. I look forward to you next offerring in a excited and positive way..

vp-psn legionairee group

Curtisio said:

February 23rd, 3:03 pm

This and Lumines are too over priced.

Sorry – I’m not trying to be a hater but it’s just my opinion.

Elvick_ said:

February 23rd, 4:08 pm

Not surprised there’s no platinum, given that people are saying this is incomplete/lacking in content. Not at all surprised after they released that retail demo of Ridge Racer in Japan with loads of DLC. smh

If that’s the case with this game too, I hope it tanks. Katamari deserves better than to be a DLC train.

And platinum trophies get you the most experience toward your level. So they do offer something more than just saying you have all the trophies. There’s a reason we all have levels… because we earn experience through trophies. And there’s a reason the trophies are different (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) because they offer different amounts of experience.

Elvick_ said:

February 23rd, 4:12 pm

@23 as I said, there’s more to platinums. Trophies offer the same satisfaction that people got from doing level 1 runs in RPGs, or no death runs, and things of that nature. Sure, doing it gets you “nothing” in real life, but it’s not about that. It’s about that personal satisfaction of doing it that makes it fun. Challenging yourself in a game you love. Trophies just give you a set of things to do to earn something toward your online ID.

Pretty sad that you can’t understand that. Must be pretty lame to play games without knowing that kind of satisfaction and self challenge.

Lasdrub said:

February 23rd, 7:03 pm

@people defending no trophies: It’s simple, trophies add more value to a game. There is more to do in the game. Why would you defend missing content?

Garylisk said:

February 24th, 2:57 am

Ordered this from Amazon today, can’t wait for it to arrive. Of course, I am cheap and used Super Saver Shipping, so it’ll be some time next week. XD

    "Filthie" Rich Bantegui said:

    February 24th, 11:01 am

    Let us know how your experience is right here ! I hope you enjoy it.

kingotnw said:

February 24th, 8:49 am

How about some demos of more than a couple games? I would like to try games like this on the Vita. The only demo I have really been impressed with is Unit 13 (yes, I was not a fan of the Uncharted demo, sue me).

massimodo said:

February 24th, 2:36 pm

First off, kudos to namco for offering a $5 discount to DD purchasers. Hey, EA, Sega, Squeenix, Capcom, get a clue. $25 is a great price. Great game for the vita, doesn’t take up too much space, bright colorful graphics, catchy tunes, and wacked out storyline. Really like the rear touch pad for changing the shape of the katamari.

Namco, do right by Ridge Racer, quit playing around with this dlc madness, and give us some content up front. No Ridge Racer for a sony launch?! Has the world ended? What’s up with that?

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