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Feb 23

Feb 23

PS Vita – Your 3G Questions Answered

Crystal MacKenzie's Avatar Posted by Brand Marketing Manager, Hardware

The much anticipated launch of PS Vita is finally here, and gamers can now get their hands on the most robust handheld platform ever to enter the gaming space. The introduction of new technology often brings a multitude of questions, and while several were answered in the PS Vita Ultimate FAQ, we’re still getting additional questions related to the 3G feature set and how this “play virtually anytime and anywhere” approach to gaming will change the way that we consume content and compete with friends via the PS Vita.

Check out the following FAQ regarding the 3G compatibilities of the PS Vita and how to best take advantage of the features it offers.

How can I activate my 3G data service on my PS Vita?
Activating the 3G data service doesn’t require going to an AT&T store or even being at a computer. From right on the PS Vita’s home screen, touch the icon entitled “Network Operator” to launch into the process.

Once you’ve initiated the process, you’ll automatically drop out of any WiFi signal you’re attached to and begin syncing with the AT&T 3G service to pull up the activation site.

You’ll be prompted to purchase a DataConnect Pass, which is month-to-month with no contract.

Continue the process by filling out basic information into the website in order to activate your service. Do NOT hit the PS button to back out of this process or let your PS Vita go to sleep while filling out this form, or you’ll lose all progress and have to start from the beginning.

What are the benefits of a 3G-enabled PS Vita?
With the 3G-enabled PS Vita, you can game with real-time connection and immediately socialize with your community through news feeds and turn-based multiplayer game sessions. You won’t miss a beat since you can stay up to date with continuous scores and game ranking news feeds with LiveArea, compete for in-game Trophies, cross-game text messaging with Party, and connect through popular social apps like Facebook and Twitter, all while on the go. Don’t forget that you can also login to the PS Store over the 3G network to download add-ons for some of your favorite titles and browse new games and content.

What are the different sizes and prices of the data plans offered for AT&T’s 3G service?
Data plans can be purchased month-to-month with no contract (see step-by-step instructions above). The plans come in 250MB ($14.99), 3GB ($30), and 5GB ($50) varieties.

How do I access the Free 250MB 30-Day Promo from AT&T?
Here is how you can gain access to your free 250MB DataConnectPass once you’ve paid for and activated your 3G data package (250MB or larger before 3/31/2012):

  1. Login with your user ID and password
  2. Expand the “My Devices and Plans” in the account overview
  3. Select the Vita device
  4. Select “Add a Plan”, and then select “You have earned coupon(s), would you like to redeem?”. The redeemed coupon will be stacked – meaning after the initial purchased session is consumed/expires, then the earned coupon plan will go into effect.

What free game do I get with the AT&T promotion?
Along with the free 250MB DataConnectPass, purchasers of a 3G data package will also receive a digital copy of the newly released Super Stardust Delta Bundle, featuring the full game plus DLC for PS Vita ($14.99 value). This redemption code will be sent to you in an email within 30 days from the date of purchase of a DataConnect Pass.

If I have a DataConnect Pass with AT&T for my iPad, can I login with the same credentials?
No. You will need to create a new account using a different email address for your PS Vita.

If I travel internationally, will my 3G unit still work?
The 3G / WiFi unit will still be able to pick up a 3G signal even when outside of the country. However, additional data packages will need to be purchased in order to cover your data usage during these scenarios. These plans can be purchased on the PS Vita just like your standard 3G data packages.

  1. $24.99 for 50MB in over 100 select countries*
  2. $49.99 for 125MB in over 100 select countries*
  3. $99.99 for 275MB in over 100 select countries*
  4. $199.99 for 800MB in over 100 select countries*

*see for a list of countries. Countries in the Global Data Connect plans may change at AT&T’s discretion.

Who can I contact if I run into service issues with the 3G service?
The AT&T customer care contact info and hours are as follows:
AT&T technical support hours: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 9:00PM Saturdays, closed on Sundays (Local Market Time)
AT&T Customer Service number: 800-331-0500

How can I view my current data usage?
From the PS Vita, go into the Network Operator application. Once there, selecting “My Devices and Plans” will bring up a list of all of the 3G activated devices under your account. Upon selecting a device, the current data usage will be displayed.

How can I cancel my data plan?
From the PS Vita, please go into the Network Operator application. Once there, selecting “My Devices and Plans” will bring up a list of all of the 3G activated devices under your account. Upon selecting a device, there will be an option to cancel the data plan.

I have a very specific 3G PS Vita and/or AT&T question, is there a place where these answers might be?
For more granular questions pertaining to the 3G / WiFi PS Vita or AT&T’s service, please refer to our detailed FAQ —

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Joejoooo1 said:

February 25th, 11:18 am

Just take your AT&T sim card out of ur ipad or something like that depending on what device u have a plan on, and put it in ur vita, simple commons sense really

Wartech said:

February 25th, 12:03 pm

@SteveLV702 I don’t think you’ll have to get a Verizon model. Here’s my thinking on the matter. Sony saw that the Launch of the Iphone was phenomenal. I think they base part of this on its use of AT&T as the sole provider. Just as Iphone eventually gave up on AT&T. I believe the Vita will too. Its just a matter of time. before they end the exclusive and allow you to purchase your SIM cards for Verizon, Nextel or T mobile.

dank_N_stein said:

February 25th, 12:40 pm

I swear half of you people are such cry babies. Yeah, Sony kind of made it seem like the month of 3g was free, big deal. You hold in your hands one of the most ( if not the most) amazing handheld device on the planet yet you still find something to complain about. Get over it, and if you don’t want to pay 15 dollars for 3g then don’t.

Mosh_Pit said:

February 25th, 4:35 pm

Canada is always left behind.

jam2177 said:

February 26th, 9:11 am

Can I use AT&T refill cards to add money to my account?

sundragon7 said:

February 27th, 2:09 pm

If I buy a wifi ps vita, can i upgrade it to 3G?

eatheror said:

February 28th, 8:46 am

“Your 3G Questions Answered”

Sadly, it seems like only 5 days after Ms. MacKenzie posted this blog entry, she is done checking on it and posting replies. Throughout the comments, there are numerous questions left unanswered:

– Why can’t you use Netflix over 3G?
– Why the bait-and-switch on the free month and free game?
– What “gaming” can you actually do over 3G (turn based multiplayer only, right)?
– How about a list of games that you can PLAY on 3G?
– Will Skype work over 3G when available?
– What other 3G enabled apps are coming?

How about a few more?

– Why the arbitrary 20mb download limit over 3G?
– What happens if you use up your bandwidth in a month? No more until 30 days? Next ‘month’ starts immediately’?
– What notifications do you get as you approach your bandwidth limits?

Ms. MacKenzie & Sony US, please support the Vita all of us bought. Otherwise, you’re right on track for a huge drop in second week sales, just like Japan.

This is a really great unit, but you’re screwing up the launch big time. Too many software limitations lead to too many questions…

stergiaras said:

February 28th, 10:38 am

in february 22 ps vita came out in europe how does 3g work if i buy ps vita from greece

TheMART said:

February 29th, 6:44 am

“+ polo155 on February 23rd, 2012 at 2:52 pm said:
people are saying that “oh the price of the 3G service so i brought the Wi/Fi only” will later regret it specially when the plans price go down lol
Anything i buy i always try my best for the top model because thats me.. i utilize all fetures basically if its up my alley by i deff want the option to connect.

Why would one ever regret not getting the 3G model? Pretty much every smartphone today can tether its 3G signal as a WiFi hotspot to any device, including a WiFi PSVita.

Even better. That way you can play games online over the Vita’s WiFi through the phones (or 3G Modems) 3G, the online play thats blocked on the PSVita 3G itself.

So no regrets. I love my Huawei 3G modem with 5 devices on it at the same time, with routers functions in webmodule that are the same as a home modem. And I utilize all the features the PSVitas 3G does and even more… For less money, as the 3G sim in my 3G modem is much, much cheaper on the data and I can switch as soon as another provider gives me a cheaper 3G alternative. One with a dedicated 3G device like PSVita 3G locked on one provider can’t.

infamousfan21 said:

February 29th, 5:54 pm

If we want to play a game on cross-play from our ps3, such as uncharted 3 or sly cooper, how would we us the vita controls to play them, like L1, L2, R1, and R2, since there are only 1 of each of those buttons on the vita?

infamousfan21 said:

February 29th, 7:49 pm

Oops! I meant to post my last comment on another blog.

skygunner27 said:

March 1st, 10:45 am

in addition to Skype, Please add a Youtube app, get rid of the checkerboarding in the web browser and add HTML5 support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIGdemon2 said:

March 2nd, 11:05 am

what would happen if i get the 3g plan and i dont paid a month?

Putranguan24 said:

March 3rd, 11:01 am

Hello there, everyone.

Crystal MacKenzie, I would like to ask you about international AT&T services.

I live in Colombia, and, according to this page, there’s a AT&T availiable here in Colombia. I bought the PS VITA 3G version from AMAZON.COM. So, my question is: Am I going to be able to connect with AT&T and thought its international services, liek ROAMING, WIRELESS, etc? I’d be happy to pay for your services.

If this can be done, please, explain me what steps should I follow.

Thank you so much

danplanes said:

March 7th, 6:59 pm

Can you please give some sort of update as to when and if the 3G Vita will be coming to Canada?

cloudtifa_0018 said:

March 9th, 4:57 pm

does ps vita have both 3g and wifi if i buy 3g

filmthedead said:

March 11th, 3:40 am

I bought a 3g PS Vita from a friend who decided he’d rather have the money to spend on something else. He had activated the 3g already, and says he cancelled the account. However, the free 3g is still going. As a result, it seems that I am unable to sign into the AT&T store and I cannot make a new account. I also cannot track how much data I am using. Is there something I can do about this?

Lowndown1 said:

March 13th, 8:11 am

Sonys Launch on the Vita was way too soon,,,Sorta like selling you a car with out a Engine,,,But in the same breath,,,We will let you know ,,,,,Comming soon,,,,Just saying ,,,Features is what sells a product,,,Sony just happens to leave some out for the time being and fooling us about them already being there<<,Just a Low Blow and a Cheap shot Sony to your customers,,,,,,esp with the Free game offer and then tried to cover there self by saying that was A.T and T"s deal,,,,well Gosh Darn,,,Yall were in bed togather,,,just a Slimy Marketing thats put a bad taste in my mouth for Sony,,,December 7 1941 they got us for the first time,,,,March 12,,,,2012,,,#2

phat_nos_rat said:

March 15th, 4:09 am

The PS Vita is pretty cool. I bought the 3G Vita thinking I could do away with my smartphone because there is no sense in paying two data plans. But, when I activated my 3G, pretty much the only thing I can do is surf the web. You can’t watch Netflix like I can on my smart phone (which was the main reason for me having 3G) I hope this gets fixed because it doesn’t really make sense that my smartphone can do things the Vita can’t. Also, you can’t watch YouTube videos on it whether it’s 3G or WiFi. What’s up with that? I understand I bought a “gaming” device (which is awesome) but I was hoping that we could get ourselves off of Apple products….lol…Please reply and tell me that the Vita is NEW and that Sony is working on improving these things.

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