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Feb 24

Feb 24

Wheels of Destruction: Class Warfare

Peter Porai-Koshits's Avatar Posted by Lead Designer

Team warfare has been an element of great multiplayer games for a long time. But as soon as we introduced team multiplayer combat to Wheels of Destruction, we realized that players want to feel like an individual, a dynamic asset on the battlefield, which led us to creating a tried-and-true class-based system. With Wheels of Destruction, our five distinct vehicle classes cater to different multiplayer strategies. You can see the Heavy class in action in our new video below.

Earlier in the development cycle, considered expanding this concept further still with unique characters. However, that idea ended up on the cutting-room floor for several reasons. When presented with too many choices, players tend to fall into an “analysis paralysis” worse than prom night. Too much time spent “mini-maxing” skill trees can take the player out of what we want to be a fast-paced experience.

When you’re playing a single-player game, it’s natural to want to make your character your own. But with Wheels of Destruction we’re interested in creating a visceral online game with solid matchmaking based on raw skill. You boot the game, choose your class and game mode, and in no time you’ll be in the middle of a vehicular battle royale. To support this tempo, you need to be able to make quick choices.

This mindset of on-the-fly decision making led us to another conclusion altogether. Much like the multiplayer shooters we all know so well, players will be able to change their class on the fly like a weapon loadout — a key feature, as the battlefields in Wheels of Destruction are constantly evolving with different needs.

Our class-based system also enables players to experiment and never become too embedded in any one play style, as each car boasts different stats in areas such as speed, rate of fire, and armor. There’s also a separate vehicle class that sets itself apart with exclusive tactical functionality — we’ll be announcing more details on that soon.

Watch the new trailer to see how our Heavy vehicle class bullies his opponents on the battlefield, or catch our with our previous video showing off the nimble Scout class.

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D-Squad3 said:

February 24th, 12:11 pm

FIRST! Still waiting to get my Vita!

JonJonXD said:

February 24th, 12:27 pm

I’m interested and this game definitely looks pretty slick.

I hope there will be a day 1 demo, especially a multiplayer demo for this. I really want to check this out.

Sonicfan11589 said:

February 24th, 12:48 pm

I have enjoyed the Vigilante 8 series throughout my childhood, i even downloaded, played, and enjoyed the 3rd version for Xbox Live Arcade, would u recommend this to me? Is it VERY similar and so on?

    Peter Porai-Koshits's Avatar

    Peter Porai-Koshits said:

    February 24th, 11:15 pm

    Vigilante 8 was among the games that inspired us. I won’t claim twin-like similarity, though. The game’s only coming out on PS3 at the moment, but we’ll certainly think the Vita option too.

Sonicfan11589 said:

February 24th, 12:50 pm

i just watched the video, looks good, hopefully a Vita version would be considered. I would truly consider purchasing it if it were released on the vita.

FORMIK said:

February 24th, 12:51 pm

@first poster,
You have contributed nothing to this discussion. Keep that in mind when posting comments.

What about the other classes in the game? The heavy class looks quick enough – I wonder how fast these other classes are in order to contend with it?

    Peter Porai-Koshits's Avatar

    Peter Porai-Koshits said:

    February 24th, 11:15 pm

    Scout and Heavy are the fastest and the slowest classes in the game, respectively.

Axecution said:

February 24th, 4:56 pm

Looks really good but you guys are gonna have some stiff competition from Twisted Metal. I might buy it depending on the price.

If it was for the Vita though, then that would guarantee a sale from me <.<

pody said:

February 24th, 5:41 pm

It doesn’t look any worse with this video. :) I think I might buy it without trying a demo for once. This looks like something right up my alley.

Death8u4u said:

February 24th, 8:55 pm

Why are people so convinced this game won’t do well because of the fact Twisted Metal just released a game? Twisted Metal (the new one) isn’t exactly an abomination…but the developers tried their best to butcher the name either way. At least this game doesn’t have a name to live up to, stands a great chance of taking over the genre.

D-Squad3 said:

February 25th, 12:08 am



DarkEde said:

February 25th, 12:45 am

I disagree with Death8u4u. The new Twisted Metal is far from being an abomination. Twisted Metal PS3 is among the best the series has to offer, possibly the best.

PurpleMikey said:

February 25th, 4:08 am

I have a bunch of questions but here’s few I really want to know the answer:
-will you add civilian vehicules, destructible items to fill the spaces? It looks a bit empty from what I’ve seen…
-will it have a single player with some challenges?
-is customisation a big part of the game? (vehicule, skills…)
-will it be over or under 15$ ?
-Any idea of the release date?
-how many maps and game modes?

I want to thank you for taking time to write this topic, read us and reply!

    Peter Porai-Koshits's Avatar

    Peter Porai-Koshits said:

    February 27th, 12:30 pm

    -will you add civilian vehicules, destructible items to fill the spaces? It looks a bit empty from what I’ve seen…

    not at the moment

    -will it have a single player with some challenges?

    You can play multiplayer modes offline with bots

    -is customisation a big part of the game? (vehicule, skills…)

    No, customization is exactly what we’re trying to avoid. Only your skills as a player matter

    -will it be over or under 15$ ?

    Good question

    -Any idea of the release date?

    Very soon. We’ll announce it as soon as we’re 100% certain

    -how many maps and game modes?

    At the start, it will be 5 maps, 3 modes and a couple of extras I won’t tell you before launch

D34DL1N3R said:

February 25th, 1:15 pm

People comparing to the new Twisted Metal obviously haven’t tried playing it online, as it’s SEVERELY broken. I’m pretty sure this one will actually work as intended. Best hurry up and get it released though, so you can grab the attention of all the pissed off TM players who spent $60 on an unfinished & broken game.

kdiep said:

February 25th, 6:04 pm

Seems like a cool game. Problem is, it’s competing against PS3 games and I’m not about to put Uncharted 3 aside for this thing (and my backlog is pretty big with some really fancy games). If it was on the Vita, however, I might have considered looking more into this. I can’t play PS3 games for only 30 minutes and stop but I can definitively do that with Vita (right before I go to sleep).

DarkEde said:

February 25th, 6:15 pm

Twisted Metal is NOT an “unfinished & broken game”. It is the online infrastructure that is the issue which most likely would link the issues to Sony.

zooyork198 said:

February 26th, 1:00 pm

@DarkEde don’t bother trying to explain it to him. He’s trolling the same garbage on the TM forums

Kid_Loser said:

February 27th, 12:15 am

plz bring it to Vita. But plz, plz oh plz above all else GIVE IT A PLATINUM TROPHY. It seriously needs it. Many people like myself will only buy or continue to play if it has a plat.

KingTygerVII said:

February 28th, 6:43 am

Looks great, I was disapointed with TM new game, (Twisted Metal was my favorite for the Wacky stories, but Vigilante 8 had more awesome things), this does look like a decent take on what battle cars are made for, it should be fun, but I have a question:

Will it bring a demo? Unlike XBLA, which all Arcade game got a demo, PSN seems to be lacking this.

Anyways, looks good and tons of fun.

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