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Feb 27

Feb 27

PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2012 Nominees: You Decide Tomorrow

Pierre Gravereau's Avatar Posted by Director, Digital Distribution

It’s time to make your voice heard! Today, we’re excited to announce a great lineup of nominees in ten different categories for the 2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards. Just like last year, the Gamers’ Choice Awards put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to decide which titles will be named the best downloadable games on PSN. We’ve got six new voting categories this year, bringing the total to 10, featuring the games released in 2011 that you gave high user ratings.

GCA: Gamer's Choice Awards 2012

Starting tomorrow, head into the PlayStation Store to cast your vote for your favorite games in nine of the 10 categories and receive a free Gamers’ Choice Awards XMB theme for each vote cast. New this year, you can also cast your vote online in one special community category, Best PSN Indie, and you’ll receive a voucher code to be redeemed in the PlayStation Store for a free exclusive XMB theme. Your votes exclusively pick the winners in every category, and your award winners go on sale.

Don’t go too far because the winning games in each category will be announced right here on the PlayStation Blog in just one week–on March 6, 2012–and that same day, the winning game in each category will be discounted 30% in the PlayStation Store for one week, with a special 50% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Drum roll, please! The 2012 nominees for PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards are:

Best PSN Exclusive:

Best PSN Game:

Best PSN Game Playable Online:

Best PS3 Full Game:

Best PlayStation Move Game:

Best 3D Game:

Best PSone Classic:

Best Mini Game:

Best PSP Game:

PlayStation Community Award – Best Indie:

  • Dungeon Defenders (PS3)
  • LIMBO (PS3)
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 (PS3)

Don’t forget to head into PlayStation Store tomorrow to cast your vote. You decide the best of PSN, so make your voice heard!

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Omii132 said:

February 28th, 3:59 pm

all nominees should be different games, it is not going to be good if a single game win 2 categories. And where is PERSONA 3 for best PSP games….FF dissidia prologus…really?? :(

W-8oRd3rPaTr0l-J said:

February 28th, 6:49 pm

This list is an absolute joke. Plants vs Zombies, best psn game? Are you serious? Best tower defense game for last year maybe, but no where close to best game. Payday the Heist was the best game released last year and it wasn’t even mentioned in this list. A lot of people loved Rochard and that wasn’t even in the list. Blood Rayne. There are so many games that are a lot better then on this list. I agree with one of the previous comments, that they just weren’t able to make out a deal with the developers of the better games, that is why we are stuck with these games. Don’t get me wrong, alot of these games are great, but best of anything is laughable. It’s hard to take Sony seriously when they do stuff like this. Expecially when one game could win in more then 1 category. Someone definitely wasn’t thinking. How do these people still have jobs when you have millions of people at least half competent that could do the job and actually listen to the customers. Companies amaze me more and more every day.

Garylisk said:

March 1st, 4:07 am

Still can not vote for best indie.

Also… the themes are kind of lame, guys. Sorry, gotta be honest.

Not to mention the Dissidia vs Dissidia vs Tactics Ogre competition int he PSP category. A game vs itself vs a game that’s over 10 years old… that seems fair. I put my money on Dissidia. Which one? Dissidia. Whichever. Same thing.

NLMX85-USA said:

March 1st, 5:02 am

@153 You can only vote Indie online here: http://us.playstation.com/psn/gamers-choice-awards/

DiamondRabbit said:

March 2nd, 3:52 pm

I can’t get my first code to work and I can’t figure out where I should be voting for the remaining categories. Is this because I’m based in the UK?

BIG_RIG_2010 said:

March 2nd, 11:06 pm

Wow last year the same as this year. People just complain no matter what you do Sony. Not that i care for any of these games. I have the only one i see to be great. Tetris by far is the best of this list. And the only one i would think about getting is inFAMOUS Festival of Blood. But really what is 3 dollars! I will only buy games with a demo. So likly won’t even get that! Just big of or series, so a little unsure. Anyways stop all the complaining Sony is doing their best. If you think they’re betters games out there. This year try rating them so they can make next years list. Plus people will know if everyone thinks that game is good or not. See Sony uses their rating system. Now you should to and everyone will be play! ……. lol that will never happen people just like to complain!!!!!!!!!!

RavenxOne said:

March 5th, 1:41 pm

Quelqu’un sait comment faire pour transférer mes données d’un compte a un autre ?

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