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Mar 02

Mar 02

Trophy Hunters: Here Are Your Top 10 Platinums

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Platinum Trophy

PlayStation Network Trophies have been around since 2008, engendering legions of “Trophy Hunters” (I’ve heard a other names as well). The most elusive prey for these digital treasure seekers is the Platinum Trophy. For the uninitiated, most “full size” retail games reward players who completely unlock a long list of in-game accomplishments with a Platinum Trophy attached to your PSN ID. At a glance, it’s the quickest way to suss out a fellow gamer’s skill – while anyone can rack up the bronze Trophies, most Platinums require a mix of skill and dedication. Out of the 2000+ trophies I’ve earned, only 3 are Platinum. It’s still more than Sid.

A few weeks ago, PlayStation Blogcast listener John M. asked us: Are you able to tell us the top 5 or 10 games that have been “platinum’d” or competed 100%?

We dug around the servers, and here’s the list, ranked by total Platinum Trophies earned:

  1. Assassin’s Creed II
  2. Modern Warfare 2
  3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  4. God of War 3
  5. Resident Evil 5
  6. inFamous
  7. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
  8. God of War (GoW HD Collection)
  9. Borderlands
  10. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (The Sly Collection)

Analyzing the list, I noticed some interesting trends:

  • These are good games – The average Metacritic score for the above games is 89 – so it’s a good bet that these games are of high enough quality that gamers are all too happy to fully explore them to find every last collectible (Assassin’s Creed II, Sly 1), or are willing to play through multiple times on the hardest levels to earn those Trophies (Uncharted, Modern Warfare, God of War)
  • Big sellers – We’re looking at total Platinum trophies here, so it stands to reason that games that have sold a lot of copies would have been Platinum’d a lot. That’s probably why you don’t see CSI: Fatal Conspiracy or Hannah Montana: The Movie on this list, even though they are known to be easy to Platinum.
  • Few multiplayer Trophies – None of the games listed have the dreaded “Hit Level 50 Rank in Multiplayer.” Even the multiplayer-heavy Modern Warfare 2 saves most of its Trophies for the campaign and Spec Ops missions. I think this is why you see Assassin’s Creed II on this list, and not AC: Brotherhood, which introduced Multiplayer to the series (and associates 10 Trophies with this mode, many of which are tough to get). Take note, developers!
  • These games are a couple of years old – The newest game on this list is Sly Cooper & the Theivius Raccoonus from The Sly Collection, which came out last year. The rest of the games are from 2009 or before. My theories: it takes a lot of time to grind through everything there is to see and do, and with most of these games now value-priced, many people are still picking these up and embarking on their road to the Platinum even today.

With these criteria in mind, here are a few titles I expect to see on this list a year from now: Skyrim, Jak & Daxter, another Call of Duty title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Yup, with Trophies now on PS Vita, there’s be a whole new frontier for Trophy Hunters to explore. We’ll check back again in about a year’s time.

Happy hunting!

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PlayEvoinsec21 said:

March 2nd, 3:02 pm

I think that offline/single player and online/multiplayer trophies should be separate and online trophies should not be needed to get the platinum.. not all of us have time to play online all days

yazter said:

March 2nd, 3:10 pm

As the owner of 95 platinum Trophies, I am ashamed to say I do not have the last one, Sly.

The shame.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    March 2nd, 4:07 pm

    it should take you 8 hours tops.

mjc0961 said:

March 2nd, 3:12 pm

Hey, while you guys are acknowledging that trophies exist for once, when are you going to do something about people who use altered gamesaves to get trophies? Games are meant to be played and the trophies in those games are meant to be earned. You guys should start doing something to punish people who pop in a game, put an altered save on their console, launch the game, and earn all the trophies in 2 minutes. Ban them, reset their trophy count to 0, or something else. I don’t care what specifically, just do SOMETHING!

And after you start taking a stance against cheaters, you should really expand the trophy viewing options on your websites. Let us see ALL our trophies, both on PS3 and Vita (not even all PS3 games are available for viewing yet). Give us leaderboards. Give us trophy cards that automatically update and have info about what games we played last.

Start caring more about trophies, Sony!

TwinDad said:

March 2nd, 3:13 pm

I wish I had the time to play a game through multiple times. In my case of low time I’d rather play the game have the fun and move on.

That reminds me to play my Sly collection.

XSin825 said:

March 2nd, 3:16 pm

That’s wassup i have all these platinums =)

Packers_Fan_Stu said:

March 2nd, 3:17 pm

I would love to see a list of the least platinum games as well. I would also love to see a firmware update that shows the # of trophies unlocked by individuals as well. Kind of like what steam has for their set up. That would be amazing to know I am 1 out of 40,000 people who have these trophies!

mistasmooth25 said:

March 2nd, 3:20 pm

That’s pretty cool! I have 3 platinums; Infamous 2, Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3.

WastelandDan said:

March 2nd, 3:22 pm

I would like to show off my vita trophies on my ps3 and at the same time give you free advertising.

Make it happen guys, it would be epic!

Just as long as it dosnt mess anything up that is…

warezIbanez said:

March 2nd, 3:22 pm

Cool, I have all three Uncharted platinums, Borderlands, and inFamous from this list. I also have Burnout Paradise as my first platinum, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, MAG, Portal 2, and Unreal Tournament 3 as my other shiny collectors. I dare someone to go after the KZ2, MAG, and UT3 plats.!

warezIbanez said:

March 2nd, 3:24 pm

@mjc0961, it’s called . SCEA does allow API access to the trophies, and these guys have used it well… (okay, so my clanmember, sefjwm, owns the site; but I AM in a neutral stance saying this.)

MarinoBrea said:

March 2nd, 3:27 pm

Odd that there aren’t more COD titles on the top 10, is World at War that hard to platinum? (on second thought, if there”s at least one hard trophy in those games those mp-only players wouldn’t give it a second try) And Sly on the top 10, did that game sold that well, seriously? and I also don’t buy ACII being number one, that game didn’t sold so enormously well above the Uncharted games and it takes quite more effort to plat than any Uncharted (well, maybe except UDF for the crushing difficulty which eats alive most standard players).

toology01 said:

March 2nd, 3:27 pm

I have all of those……..except for the RE5 plat…..didnt find the game good or compelling enough to get all those. Maybe now its part of the top 10 ill go back and finish it up :). I agree about NOT putting some of the multiplayer trophies on there. Specigically some of the ones in Battlefield where you have to get some with a buddy on your friends list or the 10,000 kill trophy in resistance 2……good lord. Id like to play some other games too you know…

Budapesti said:

March 2nd, 3:37 pm

There must be something deceptively easy (or ‘easier’) about that ACII Platinum – it’s the only one I have!

mjc0961 said:

March 2nd, 3:38 pm

@warezIbanez: YourGamerCards is terrible (PSN Profiles is infinitely better), and aside from that, what do third party sites have to do with my comment about how Sony should crack down more on cheaters and then offer better functionality on THEIR OWN SITE? You’re in a neutral stance saying that? No, that was a very biased plug that had nothing to do with what I said and you know it.

Scrucifix said:

March 2nd, 3:48 pm

Wow, I actually have all 10! Kool.

FE_RR said:

March 2nd, 3:58 pm

these are my 10 platinum: assassins creed II, infamous, god of war III, Uncharted 1&2, ratchet & clank a crack in time, brütal legend, burnout paradise, heavy rain, resident evil 5

ArchAngelMai said:

March 2nd, 4:00 pm

Many games have save protections on them that prevent you from earning trophies off of save files not tied to your account. They have been doing this since at least 2008. It’s up to the developer to do this, it is not Sony’s responsibility. Not sure why you care so much either.

Shin-Ra said:

March 2nd, 4:04 pm

I have all but two of these, MW2 and Borderlands which I don’t own.

gukoff said:

March 2nd, 4:08 pm

@ #52 (mjc0961)

I agree about the trophy hacking. It needs to stop and it’s getting out of control.

Sony really needs to take action before they (one notorious forum that won’t be named) think of even more games to continue to invalidate and hack to bits.

The software that made this rampant released around December 2011. Since January of this year, it’s been absolutely exploded. Games that I worked hard on in the past (and plan on playing in the future) are now being popped with all similar timestamps at the same time.

SCEA, Sony, whatever, please just do something about this. The source forum and cheat software (Windows based, manipulates save data) are the main sources. Do something about it, guys.

The Trophy system is becoming more invalid by the day thanks to this. Blatant savedata hackers must be punished in some way, they are getting away with it and Sony is doing nothing.

FORMIK said:

March 2nd, 4:09 pm


Not really related to trophies, but could you tell those that worked on Welcome Park to update the game to allow for leaderboards among friends at least? I see the high scores are posted in the comments below the game in the Live Area, but it would be nice to have a high score to beat among my friends without scrolling through all the comments.

gukoff said:

March 2nd, 4:09 pm

You don’t seem to understand what’s going on. That step is being bypassed now.
Again, this only started happening since around December 2011 when the cheat software was released.

ironlung2k8 said:

March 2nd, 4:10 pm

will playstation have there own trophies leaderboards?

TubaDude49 said:

March 2nd, 4:16 pm

Was definitely expecting Burnout Paradise to be in there, that was my first Platinum(at 49% of the trophy list no less). Other than that, I’ve gotten the platinums for Ratchet And Clank: A Crack in Time and Sly 1.
I really need to go back and get some of the ones I was close on, like Portal 2 where I just needed “Professor Portal”, Sonic Generations’ “Greased Lighting” and “Can’t Touch This” and a few stray trophies on both LBPs, all three Uncharteds, and both inFamouses.
I’m betting WipEout HD is on there for 10 rarest for “Beat Zico” alone, and Lego Rock Band might very well be on there for making you nail the Final Countdown solo.

If I had to guess though, #1 would be Rock Band 3, as it has trophies for all the peripherals, including the real Pro Guitar.

ArchAngelMai said:

March 2nd, 4:22 pm

I still don’t see what the big deal is. Why do you care so much if people cheat and need to do it to inflate their own self-worth? They know they cheated and don’t care. Why even be friends with people that you know do this? As 71 pointed out, there are no trophy leaderboards done by SCEA, so there is little reason to complain or even care. I have 7 Platinums, almost 10, and 1150 trophies and I am almost level 13. Yeah I worked hard over the last 4 years to get there, but I don’t if care someone else cheats to get there’s…I’m not going to be impressed either way. I will only think they have no life. I am a police officer, and have a family. I play games as my hobby, as I have since I was 5. But I bet I enjoy my life far more than the person that is trophy level 20.

Link01 said:

March 2nd, 4:27 pm

Geeze, never realized that people were worse than me with trophy getting. My old excuse was I couldn’t keep up because I was always working and doing school……… now I’ve got a Vita :3. 18 plats for me and counting. Inching towards Golden Abyss and the Skyrim plat (easy stuff). And common guys, Crushing isn’t that hard… a little frustrating when you’re thrown into an unfair situation.. but definitely not hard. Whom ever has the Wipeout HD plat though, I tip my hat to you. The most annoying plat I ALMOST got was K2… I never got that top 1% trophy via online :(. When I went for it I didn’t have enough time to play……. and it gets too redundant to play that MUCH, I got in the top 2% for the week.

ziggurcat said:

March 2nd, 4:28 pm

RE5 and MW2 are the only 2 on that list i don’t have the plat for because i thought RE5 was garbage and CoD is… well… CoD…

kuff1 said:

March 2nd, 4:30 pm

@ 32

Butters360 on March 2nd, 2012 at 2:25 pm said:

” It’s all about those Platinum Trophies peoples! I wish Sony would actual make those available to buy. I would love to look at my desk and see a physical Platinum Trophy stare back at me :) ”


This is quite possibly the best idea I have heard all day.
How about if they made them a little harder to obtain just to make them feel really exclusive? Lets say only people with five or more platinums would be able to buy one of the real ones. Or if you could only buy platinum trophies for the games you have actually platinumed.

GameBoss01 said:

March 2nd, 4:31 pm

Yeah, well… I only have 2 Plats that are Assassin’s Creed II and inFAMOUS 2. I’m not really a hunter as I have a lot of games and soon I’ll be going to College. Still, I love the feeling when that little ding sounds when you get a trophy!

Right now I’m beating my way through Golden Abyss, going for Plat!

Erlaxis said:

March 2nd, 4:48 pm

Interesting stats for us that like this trophy stuff. I have 5 of those. I also have the Skyrim one. Took me around 86 hours.

The hardest one for me so far was the one in Demon’s Souls. That game was a beast.

TraponeJR said:

March 2nd, 4:54 pm

Trophies are nice but seriously Sony needs to step it up and add more meaning and incentive for players to go after platinum trophies for games.Something like a reward of free or exclusive DLC content for a game you platinum. I know it would be hard because Sony would have to work something out with the game developers but it can be done.

gukoff said:

March 2nd, 4:59 pm


It’s not about how much the user cares or does not care.

The point is that part of the key featureset of the PlayStation 3, Trophies, is now being made illegitimate.
In short, SCE is being made a fool of by end users manipulating their feature, with no punishment at all.

Microsoft enforced punishment on Achievement hackers, I can’t see why the same can’t happen here.
There is punishment, then there’s cutting the source (cheat software) and method the software uses (cutting out PS3 save data to PC backup would fix this).

Furmanov90 said:

March 2nd, 5:00 pm

Got 21 Platinum Trophies:

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Jak II (soon to play the excellent Jak 3)
Sly 2
Sly 3
God of War I & II
God of War: Chains of Olympus
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
God of War III
The Godfather II – My first plat
Tomb Raider: Underworld
Assassins Creed II
Pop Sands of time

Genexi2 said:

March 2nd, 5:00 pm

The lvl50-multiplayer ones are the worst.

Wish there was a mandatory 5x/10x-days when the title’s popularity dies down so it’s still possible to achieve that goal without having to constantly arrange groups of friend to get your experience in ways that isn’t that fun to do. Problem worsens if it’s a yearly product and becomes a ghost town once the new one arrives.

Currently sitting on 32 platinums, would have been 34 if not for the above problem.


March 2nd, 5:02 pm

+ Jeff Rubenstein on March 2nd, 2012 at 3:55 pm said:

The shards are brutal – I’m still missing *1* in inFamous 1.

Get the one on the first island that’s far out on a post sticking out of the water that you have to glide to? Or the one way up on the prison? I think I found just about all of them just by spending way too much time spamming R3 (or was it L3?) while running around.

Been around three years since I Platinum’d inFamous (IIRC was my first Platinum) but I remember those were the two most people seemed to have trouble with.

saab01 said:

March 2nd, 5:03 pm

Pretty good list of games to get Platinum’s in. Even though i still have yet to get any platinum’s. The closest i got was 90 percent in Need for Speed Undercover. I am only a level 12 for trophy collecting but i am sure i will get up to a higher level with all of these free games for being a plus user.


March 2nd, 5:03 pm

Oh and on a non-trophy related now… When are we going to see more PSP games allowed to be moved over to the Vita? There are already many that we know already work but aren’t allowed to be moved. It’s been over three weeks now since the original announcement.

sfarrar said:

March 2nd, 5:04 pm

I have a total of 18 plats, 6 of which are on this list. I just started school for game art and 3D simulation and one of things my teachers told me was I would not have time to play games if I was serious about having a career in the games industry. Well they were right, I game when ever I can but it is less than half the time I use to game. Getting the Vita put me behind in school a bit because I had play it.

I can’t wait for the psblog app on Vita.

Go_Buddie_Go said:

March 2nd, 5:11 pm

I just got my 7th Platinum, about 30 minutes ago, and the game was Borderlands.

@50 I completely agree, plus for those people that buy the game months after it comes out JUST for the single player can’t really get the Platinum because of those annoying multiplayer trophies. I’ve said once and I’ll say it again, Naughty Dog got multiplayer trophies right, You only have to play one competitive and one co-op game.

Crotin said:

March 2nd, 5:14 pm

I’m 7 out of 10 on this list…don’t have MW2, RE5, or Sly Cooper

ArchAngelMai said:

March 2nd, 5:18 pm

I see your point, but just because Microsoft does something, doesn’t mean Sony will, X-Game chat for PS3? I think it may be a little too much work when it may not really be affecting anyone. Especially with Sony having to deal with the PS Vita being hacked already, and HBL already running a PS3 Emulator for Vita, along with the typical SNES, GBA, and so on. This is a form of hacking that can cause profit loss, so maybe when Sony finishes this, they can work on other things. It sucks too that the exploit was Motorstorm Artic Edge. It was on sale this week for $9.99, I was planning on buying it with legitimate intentions since I love Apocalypse and do not own a Vita. Oh well, hopefully once the crack is fixed, the will put it back up :) Hint hint Sony <3

RidleysBox said:

March 2nd, 5:42 pm

I have Zero plats in the games listed, all my plats are in niche games. Atelier Rorona, Hyperdimensional Neptunia, Trinity Universe, Rune Ocean etc…

Antonisbob said:

March 2nd, 5:50 pm

Never played or owned any of these lol.

LPB0411 said:

March 2nd, 5:59 pm

Have plat 7 out of 10. Don’t have the platinum for MW2, Borderlands and Sly… don’t have played these, yet…

ReptileHand said:

March 2nd, 6:06 pm

I have 12 platinums. My most recent one being Uncharted 3 on leap day (2/29/12)! Lucky me :P

Level 15 – 42% (for those who are interested). I just earned my 2000th trophy actually.

Here’s a list of the games I’ve platinumed.

– Uncharted 3
– Assassin’s Creed II
– AC: Revelations
– LittleBigPlanet
– LittleBigPlanet 2
– Borderlands
– Battlefield: Bad Company 2
– Sly 1
– Sly 2
– Infamous 2
– God Of War II
– God Of War III

It’s true. I go for all the trophies if I enjoy the game enough to go back for more. I got complete 100% on AC revelations too. P.S. notice how AC brotherhood isn’t on my list (hint hint).

twistedfloyd said:

March 2nd, 6:08 pm

Great info Jeff. Out of all of those I only have inFamous. I also have a plat for Sly 2 as well. I found the shards with no guide which was my proudest trophy moment ever.

I’d love you keep seeing more metrics like these. Great post.

blakseed said:

March 2nd, 6:39 pm

Got 5 of those out of my ten. Now that I’ve since this though, I might need to go back and plat the rest since I own all of the games on the list.

Russiangiant54 said:

March 2nd, 6:42 pm

working on assassins creed 2 atm, after that brotherhood than revelations >:)

ReptileHand said:

March 2nd, 6:46 pm

yeah. Crushing on UDF and UC2 was a little hard for me back in the day. But I played Uncharted 3 and it just seemed like a cakewalk. Maybe because it didn’t have a lot of the harder setpieces that the previous games had. If I died, I died and learned. “Ok so that enemy pops out from there when I reach this point” or “I should take out the guy coming down the stairs quickly then go for the 2 snipers”. Kind of makes me want to re-vist UC2 first then go for UDF (because I was stuck on this part with the turret… and yeah).

Elvick_ said:

March 2nd, 6:48 pm

Not surprised to see Sly up there. The first game was easy to platinum, 2nd was as well. 3rd required a bit more skill than the others with those challenges.

Uncharted isn’t easy regardless of what people say. Doable =/= easy guys.

Elvick_ said:

March 2nd, 6:54 pm

But yeah, I’ve got all 4 Uncharted platinums, all 3 Sly platinums, both Ratchet platinums, both inFamous platinums, Last Rebellion (really easy after you get over the hard start and end up overleveled due to poor balancing, still enjoyed the game though), Toy Story 3… and that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. I think there’s one or two more. I don’t remember. I can’t wait to add another Sly platinum to my list. Sly 4 looks so fantastic. D:

I don’t like online trophies, it’s why I didn’t bother getting Resistance 2’s platinum. Since I only enjoyed co-op. I think that if there are online trophies for the platinum, then they should have either offline alternatives (like with bots, only requiring twice as many kills or something) or stuff like that. That’s what I liked about Perfect Dark Zero, you could earn all the online achievements offline with bots instead. I find multiplayer funner alone. I know that’s weird and makes no sense but I do. xP

I love how Naughty Dog handled online trophies, just adding them with DLC. So they don’t have to be earned for the platinum. <3

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