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Mar 02

Mar 02

Trophy Hunters: Here Are Your Top 10 Platinums

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Platinum Trophy

PlayStation Network Trophies have been around since 2008, engendering legions of “Trophy Hunters” (I’ve heard a other names as well). The most elusive prey for these digital treasure seekers is the Platinum Trophy. For the uninitiated, most “full size” retail games reward players who completely unlock a long list of in-game accomplishments with a Platinum Trophy attached to your PSN ID. At a glance, it’s the quickest way to suss out a fellow gamer’s skill – while anyone can rack up the bronze Trophies, most Platinums require a mix of skill and dedication. Out of the 2000+ trophies I’ve earned, only 3 are Platinum. It’s still more than Sid.

A few weeks ago, PlayStation Blogcast listener John M. asked us: Are you able to tell us the top 5 or 10 games that have been “platinum’d” or competed 100%?

We dug around the servers, and here’s the list, ranked by total Platinum Trophies earned:

  1. Assassin’s Creed II
  2. Modern Warfare 2
  3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  4. God of War 3
  5. Resident Evil 5
  6. inFamous
  7. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
  8. God of War (GoW HD Collection)
  9. Borderlands
  10. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (The Sly Collection)

Analyzing the list, I noticed some interesting trends:

  • These are good games – The average Metacritic score for the above games is 89 – so it’s a good bet that these games are of high enough quality that gamers are all too happy to fully explore them to find every last collectible (Assassin’s Creed II, Sly 1), or are willing to play through multiple times on the hardest levels to earn those Trophies (Uncharted, Modern Warfare, God of War)
  • Big sellers – We’re looking at total Platinum trophies here, so it stands to reason that games that have sold a lot of copies would have been Platinum’d a lot. That’s probably why you don’t see CSI: Fatal Conspiracy or Hannah Montana: The Movie on this list, even though they are known to be easy to Platinum.
  • Few multiplayer Trophies – None of the games listed have the dreaded “Hit Level 50 Rank in Multiplayer.” Even the multiplayer-heavy Modern Warfare 2 saves most of its Trophies for the campaign and Spec Ops missions. I think this is why you see Assassin’s Creed II on this list, and not AC: Brotherhood, which introduced Multiplayer to the series (and associates 10 Trophies with this mode, many of which are tough to get). Take note, developers!
  • These games are a couple of years old – The newest game on this list is Sly Cooper & the Theivius Raccoonus from The Sly Collection, which came out last year. The rest of the games are from 2009 or before. My theories: it takes a lot of time to grind through everything there is to see and do, and with most of these games now value-priced, many people are still picking these up and embarking on their road to the Platinum even today.

With these criteria in mind, here are a few titles I expect to see on this list a year from now: Skyrim, Jak & Daxter, another Call of Duty title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Yup, with Trophies now on PS Vita, there’s be a whole new frontier for Trophy Hunters to explore. We’ll check back again in about a year’s time.

Happy hunting!

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StriderHien_ said:

March 3rd, 11:10 am

Anyone tried getting Ninja Gaiden trophies those are freakking impossible! @___@

Nissan_GTR-77 said:

March 3rd, 11:12 am

Why isn’t Gran Turismo 5 here??? I mean if you platinum that your freaking amazing. I’ve been trying really hard for almost a year and am still only at 78% !

Kashmir said:

March 3rd, 11:17 am

6/10 for me. I’m also surprised about Assassin’s Creed II being at the top.
My plats are GoW3, Uncharted 1 & 2, Dead Space, Darksiders, inFamous 1 & 2, and Sly 1… and counting! Almost finished plat-ing Mass Effect 2.

s2pryce said:

March 3rd, 11:17 am

I fully agree with splitting multiplayer trophies off from Platinum requirements. Whenever I see that I’m required to play online in order to Platinum a game, I’m MUCH less likely to hold onto it after I’ve squeezed out all the single player trophies. Assassin’s Creed II was my first Platinum, but AC: Brotherhood was left unfinished, and traded because of the multiplayer requirements. Unfortunately, AC: Revelations will follow the same path… 100% completion of the single player, zero effort towards multiplayer.

The other issue I have with trophies is “Numbers”. 500 headshots, a billion dollars in the bank… Those are just grinds. Hidden collectibles and specific stunts are truly rewarding. Uncharted was awfully guilty of this for not just rewarding kill totals, but kill totals with specific weapons. I love the Uncharted series, but grinding away to get a certain number of kills with a certain gun has come close to ruining it for me.

arnoldmcguire335 said:

March 3rd, 11:17 am

There’s a reason why Hannah Montana The Movie and CSI aren’t top sellers- They’re “good for one week rentals.”

So far I have plats to:
God Of War 3
Hannah Montana The Movie+
Ratchet and Clank FUTURE: A Crank In Time*
Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension
Another Century’s Episode R (import)*
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2*+
Toy Story 3
Sonic and Sega AllStars Racing

*Denotes fun yet challenging plats
+Party of my game plan (Namco Bandai game 1st, then Disney game and finally SCE game)

MeerkatOnRoids said:

March 3rd, 11:18 am

8/10 of those, lacking Sly Cooper and MW2. I own the Sly Collection, though, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I might have to make it Plat #30 aka my next one…

FireDragonGod said:

March 3rd, 11:18 am

God Of War Till The End *Bows*

Snake2410 said:

March 3rd, 11:20 am

I’ve 5 of the 10 platinums on this list. With only two of the others that I’ve played but didn’t platinum. The Uncharted’s, RE5, Infamous, and Borderlands I have the plats, with MW2 I’ve played but didn’t care for enough to do more then finish the campaign, and GOW3 my PS3 hdd failed while I was playing and I lost the save and had to ship the game back to gamefly.

Skyl1n3 said:

March 3rd, 11:20 am

The only Platinum I have so far is God of War 3, I played it to death (and broke 1 controller) trying to get the 100% Trophy!

Needless to say I was extremely satisfied hearing the Trophy chime… and so was my 2nd Controller :)

illidari_1337 said:

March 3rd, 11:24 am

Are we just going to pretend half this list was not heavily and fully game saved exploited?

Assassin’s Creed II – unsure
Modern Warfare 2 – exploited
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – exploited
God of War 3 – Broken code allowed for God Mode in the hardest diffiuclty,(semilegit)
Resident Evil 5 – unsure
inFamous – Exploited
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Exploited
God of War (GoW HD Collection) – unsure, believe its legit
Borderlands – unsure , believe its legit
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (The Sly Collection), unsure, believe its legit

FreddyGPaulsen said:

March 3rd, 11:27 am

I’ve got these plats :
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Sly 2 : Band of Thieves
Dantes Inferno
Assassins Creed 2
Infamous 2
Just cause 2
Burnout Paradise
Tomb Raider Underworld
Saints Row The Third
Kingdom of Amalur : The Reckoning

listed from oldest to newest.. and about those shards in Infamous, I used a map from the internet and still needed 3 of them, man I was pissed… I ended up doing the rest of the trophies and stumbled on the last three by accident :-)
My next plat is most likely to be Lego Harry Potter 5-7. I should have 1-4 also, but due to a glitch I’m one lousy charactertoken away from plat on that game… I aslo hope to bag Deus Ex in the near future as I’m missing only 3 trophies..

Just incase you don’t know it, the site is an exelent site to not only trophyguide, but also compare trophies to other players etc.

dead-naut said:

March 3rd, 11:29 am

Definitely been wondering for awhile what games are great to earn platinum! Thanks for posting this. I have assassins creed 2, heavy rain, arkham asylum, and dead space. Dead space was a memorable one for me because my friend and I were racing to see who would get platinum 1st. Turns out we got the platinum at the same exact day and time! Some close other games are red dead, La noire, and infamous. But as others have said, the multiplayer and damn shards are preventing that. Skyrim is the next one to be added.

Anti-Enigma said:

March 3rd, 11:32 am

I have 11 or 12 trophies of plate and 10 or 5 the gold

Neocroth said:

March 3rd, 11:41 am

I’ve got quite a few platinum trophies myself. I’ve got platinum for the following:

Dead Space
Tekken 6
WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2010
God of War III
Heavy Rain
Dead Space 2
Dead Nation
Resident Evil 5
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

That isn’t too bad. I’ve played a lot of other games, but I couldn’t get platinum for them. Oh well, there will be others I’m sure. I’m at level 13 with 1214 trophies. 10 platinum, 64 gold, 244 silver, and 896 bronze trophies. I’m surprised Heavy Rain wasn’t on that list.

RoxasRIP said:

March 3rd, 11:42 am

My Plats :
Alice Madness Returns
God Of War III
Uncharted 1,2 & 3
Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City
L.A Noire
inFamous 1&2
Bioshock 1&2
Castelvania Lords of Shadow
Dead Rising 2
Dead Space
NFS Hot Pursuit
Assasin’s Creed II

drock_42 said:

March 3rd, 11:44 am

I have resistance 2, Fallout 3, and Skyrim. :)
I’m close with the first two uncharted games, inFamous (blasted shards) and Assassins creed 2.
I should have assassins creed 2 platinum but the game is bugged and sometimes doesn’t give you the trophy for finding all the feathers! I had a rage moment when that happened.

loonytoon1982 said:

March 3rd, 11:45 am

9 out of 10 for me personally, MW2 is the only one missing as I’m honestly not a fan of CoD games.

@157 Not really sure how many have exploited or how to even go about such a thing but I’ve done mine the good old fashion style of playing. Wouldn’t have it any other way either!

LaPulga1 said:

March 3rd, 11:51 am

Out of those I only have #2: Modern Warfare 2, and currently 1 trophy away (98%) from getting Platinum for Modern Warfare 3!

Foxhound1979 said:

March 3rd, 11:57 am

I have 41 Platinums and the only ones that I don’t have on that list are Borderlands and Resident Evil 5. Just Platinumed Ico and Jak and Daxter. I’m working on Jak 2 and 3 and a backlog of games.

Johnny3Tear6 said:

March 3rd, 12:01 pm

The only game that I actually own on this list is inFamous and im at 90% for the trophies (im having trouble with the rockhound trophy I have one thru the entire map searching for the last shard and haven’t found it, searched one block at a time and found nothing) I currently only have 3 platinum trophies and they are CoD: Black ops (97% still have two of the zombie trophies to get), Final Fantasy XIII-2 (100% got that a little over a week after I got the game) and the last one is NFS: Hot Pursuit (72% still need to get all the DLC for it so that I can get 100%) the lowest percentage for trophies on a game that I own is 12% and that is Fallout 3. The one game that I am having trouble getting a few of the trophies, due to them being online trophies, is NFS: Undercover (only have the 3 online trophies left to get) and that is due to the fact that it is an old game and like no one ever plays it online except a select rare few that I have seen, but the game that I have that is going to be the most challenging that i own is Rock Band 2 due to the fact that there are a few trophies that require 100% of notes on a song on expert on guitar, drums, mic and as a bassist.

SSWORM69 said:

March 3rd, 12:06 pm

I still need Star 69, haven’t played RE5, and just started GoW 1-3 this week. Everything else was a great experience. Uncharted 2 was my first plat on Feb.10,2010. Since then, I have not only collected trophies, but I have focused on playing the most acclaimed games for the wonderful PS3. Make. Believe.

John-Shooter said:

March 3rd, 12:07 pm

lol this is because their the most easiest aside from the god of wars and uncharted 1.. titan and crushing mode can be painful

im suprised burnout isnt way up there .. you can platinum that in maybe a few hours

John-Shooter said:

March 3rd, 12:09 pm

uncharted 1 is prob the hardest of the 3 i think .. 2 and 3 should have never had MP modes . they would have been 1000x better

they really need to stop taking games that have such a great single player aspect and ruining them by adding a stupid recycled MP mode from another game

killercroc119 said:

March 3rd, 12:10 pm

I’ve only got 4 from that list.. 8 in total.. I feel like a noob. :P
Uncharted (1,2 and 3) InFamous (1 and 2) and Ratchet&Clank
were the most fun and enjoyable to get :D

holoband said:

March 3rd, 12:11 pm

Hmmm … out of my 7 plats, 5 are among the list: Uncharted 1 &2, GoW 1,2, & 3.
Uncharted 2 does have tons of multiplayer trophies, good news they are not required to the platinum.

John-Shooter said:

March 3rd, 12:11 pm

games with collectables arent even worth gettin a platinum for anymore either .. all ppl do is look the secrets up as soon as they get the game just to be “1st!”

i remember spending a good amount of time searching for the treasure in uncharted 1

killercroc119 said:

March 3rd, 12:12 pm

Plus Assassins Creed 2 was a surprisingly great game, and easy Platinum. Except all those F***ing feathers LoL

coisou said:

March 3rd, 12:13 pm

Jeff and other people who are struggling to find the last shard on inFamous, check the end of the pier at the northeast corner of Neon district. The pier doesn’t show on the map, very easy to miss and it’s the one most people are missing.

John-Shooter said:

March 3rd, 12:15 pm

@ illidari_1337

willowtree ruined borderlands massively .. hopefully borderlands 2 doesnt support it

killercroc119 said:

March 3rd, 12:15 pm

@John-Shooter Yea, THAT SUCKED. It doesn’t show you how many treasures you missed on which level..

sefjwm said:

March 3rd, 12:17 pm

Jeff here are the top 15 game for most people with plat out of total people played. My numbers are a bit off but they should be pretty close:

93.43 Melt of a Cool Breeze: Days in the Sanctuary
92.48 NCIS Game
92.25 Megamind
90.67 Suigetsu Ni
88.82 Cabela’s Adventure Camp
84.66 The Penguins of Madagascar
84.40 Time Leap
84.33 DUNAMIS15
84.09 Hannah Montana The Movie
79.14 Last Rebellion (JP)
78.80 Hakuoki Junsouroku
78.59 L@ve Once: Mermaid’s Tears
77.66 Where the Wild Things Are

John-Shooter said:

March 3rd, 12:19 pm

@Jeff Rubenstein

cant say much for skyrim or call of duty .. i dont think i’ll ever buy another call of duty again and skyrim was a massive let down to me but jak and daxter and the new uncharted are definitely in my list right now

golden abyss has the best trophy list out of all of the games in the series

wardragon989 said:

March 3rd, 12:23 pm

Just wondering could we get an official release you know showing a document of all the games and what percentage of plat/trophies are unlocked I bet it would be fantastic data to look over. :)

Also I have 6 out of those 10 but 47 plats overall :P

sefjwm said:

March 3rd, 12:24 pm

@Jeff and just for fun here are the games with 0% plats. Some are new so it’s just a matter of time. Others have online trophies with no servers to play on.

0.00 ワンピース 海賊無双
0.00 Yoostar2
0.00 Ultra Hot!! Pachi Game Spirit Vol. 2 CR Evangelion: The Wings of Truth
0.00 Ultra Hot!! Pachi Game Spirit CR Evangelion: The First Gospel
0.00 UFC® Undisputed™ 3
0.00 UFC Personal Trainer
0.00 Twisted Metal™
0.00 Touch Shot! Love Application
0.00 Tom Clancy’s EndWar
0.00 Snipers – Invisible, Silent, Deadly
0.00 Slotter Ultra Mania: Antonio Inoki
0.00 SBKX Superbike World Championship (EU)
0.00 Real Powerful Pro Baseball 2011: Definitive Edition
0.00 Racquet Sports (JP)
0.00 Obut Pétanque
0.00 Nobunaga’s Ambition Online: Chapter Nova
0.00 NBA ELITE 11
0.00 NBA 2K10
0.00 NBA 2K10
0.00 My Body Coach 2
0.00 MotoGP 10/11
0.00 MotoGP 09/10
0.00 Mass Effect™ 3
0.00 Major League Baseball 2k10 (JP)
0.00 Major League Baseball 2K11 (JP)
0.00 Major League Baseball 2K11 (EU)
0.00 MLB® 12 The Show™ (PS3)
0.00 Hunter’s Trophy
0.00 FIFA Street
0.00 Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer
0.00 Blades of Time

ziggurcat said:

March 3rd, 12:32 pm

RE: multiplayer trophies.

i am also one of those people that think devs should just do away with those trophies. however, it isn’t so much the “get to max level” trophies that bother as much as the “do this practically impossible task in order to get this trophy” trophies (i’m looking at you, red dead redemption) – the ones that force you to rely on other people to get them. it took me over a year just to get the platinum for modnation racers because of their unrealistic XP requirements!

that being said, there are games that have MP trophies that are done right – for example, uncharted 2 & 3 only required you to play the MP modes… assassin’s creed revelations’ online trophies are also quite “easy” to obtain (i think they learned their lesson from brotherhood) in that they are reasonable goals.

FreddyGPaulsen said:

March 3rd, 12:43 pm

@Johnny3Tear6 and all of you who has problems finding all the shards in Infamous, there’s a map of all of them here :

midnightdeath2 said:

March 3rd, 12:45 pm

Im surprised to not see either Fallout on the list, Im about to hit platinum on both.

ziggurcat said:

March 3rd, 1:00 pm

and since people are listing their platinum trophies, here are mine:


assassin’s creed II
batman: arkham asylum
bioshock 2
dark souls
dead space
dragon age: origins (sadly, the first and last bioware game i will ever purchase)
fallout 3
ghostbusters: the video game
god of war
god of war II
god of war III
heavy rain
l.a. noire
modnation racers
portal 2
ratchet & clank: a crack in time
red dead redemption
sly 1
sly 2
sly 3
the saboteur
uncharted: drake’s fortune
uncharted 2: among thieves
uncharted 3: drake’s deception


uncharted: golden abyss

aquastorm22 said:

March 3rd, 1:49 pm

Here is one, I think of the games so far this year(at least the ones I have played) Twisted Metal is probably one of the hardest platinums. And I think Soul Calibur V is really time consuming, some of the trophies are.

aquastorm22 said:

March 3rd, 2:00 pm

Speaking about trophies. I bought Killzone 3 Multiplayer and I’ve been playing it and unlocking trophies only to realize that they cannot sync them to my profile. Whenever I sync them I get that error message. But I can still play and unlock more. I can still get trophies for other games and sync them fine, so I’m confused. When I compare them with friends it doesn’t even show I have the trophy set. Is anyone having the same problem? Looks like I won’t platinum this one… :-(

Kenny_Cartman said:

March 3rd, 2:10 pm

Alice: Madness Returns
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age II
God Of War III
Saw II
Sly 1
The Saboteur
Uncharted 2

JEC94 said:

March 3rd, 3:02 pm

From the list I have:

Modern Warfare 2
Resident Evil 5

Only those but I have 6 more platinums :), I dont care for platinums anyway I prefer to enjoy the games.

imperiumSG said:

March 3rd, 3:28 pm

Great article. I hope those modern warfare platinums are not from the glitch ;) that be not cool.

DrkrZen said:

March 3rd, 3:39 pm

Interesting list. I’ve got 6 of the 10, myself… but while all were pretty easy plats, they were fun ones. I think a trophy list needs a nice balance of those two aspects… challenge and fun. And, if its not challenging, it better be fun and not mind-numbingly repetitive. Likewise, the trophy list can NOT be fun, but still be challenging, demanding skill and forcing you to strive for the very best.

A lot of games fail to do this, I’ve noticed, especially games done by Japanese developers where, 9 times out of 10, the trophy list basically translates to “Do everything. Ad nauseum.” Some of my favorite platinums, that really get the whole challenge/fun ratio right include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sonic Unleashed, Borderlands, Prince of Persia ’08, Bayonetta, Skyrim and Fallout 3.

Anyway, again, interesting list! It’d be cool to see if you guys could pull up lists for the top 10 Plats in a given genre of gaming… FPS, RPG, Action/Adventure, etc. …just for kicks.

JaShatta1 said:

March 3rd, 3:45 pm

Its good to see so much trophy hunters out there i use to be a proud one until they start adding them into multiplayer, then i just gave up dont get me wrong i do my multiplayer now and then on a few games but its not what im interested in that is why i make sure my games have good long story to it before i go purchase them.

AL-Habsi said:

March 3rd, 4:15 pm

Thanks Jeff . I have 19 platinum livel 13 -17% and 6 platinum from the list

Novestador said:

March 3rd, 4:21 pm

MW2 is up their because you could HEX edit the platinum trophy and half of those games do not use coded saves so you can load a save to get trophies.

Hooligantuan said:

March 3rd, 4:25 pm

I like this article.

I’m curious what the most played, least platinum’d games are, now.

I bet Little Big Planet and Red Dead Redemption are way up on that list.

Spacerac said:

March 3rd, 4:51 pm

I have the MW2, Uncharted 2, Uncharted, and Infamous Platinums from that list. Coincidentally, those are my only Platinums. With so many games I just haven’t had time to Platinum them all. I’m close to Platinum in Assassin’s Creed 2, Ratchet and Clank A Crack In Time, Infamous 2, God of War and God of War 3. I got 100% complete in Tools of Destruction (no trophies are in this game)

Infamous was my first PS3 experience and thus unforgettable. It was also my first Platinum trophy.

Out of all my Platinum trophies, I can’t exactly say which one was the easiest because Infamous and Uncharted/2 were equally up and down in terms of difficulty, but MW2 was most definitely the most frustrating one to get. The last three Spec Ops I had to beat if I remember correctly were Snatch and Grab, Wardriving, and Wetwork. In the two after Wetwork I figured out where I could camp to win, which I think was justifiable. I remember when I set out to beat Wardriving once and for all it took me FIVE HOURS. That damn tank and how it quickly drives away when you get the last laptop, damn! That’s why I went and got the first house, then the last house, then the middle house.

AL-Habsi said:

March 3rd, 5:07 pm

May platinum are .

god of war III
god of war II
god of war I
god of war chains of olympus
god of war ghost of sparta
Final Fantasy XIII
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Resident Evil 5
Resonance of Fate
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
Ar tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel
Cross Edge
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

and i am still working in uncharted 3 drake’s deception after that coms Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Asura Wrath .

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