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Mar 02

Trophy Hunters: Here Are Your Top 10 Platinums

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Platinum Trophy

PlayStation Network Trophies have been around since 2008, engendering legions of “Trophy Hunters” (I’ve heard a other names as well). The most elusive prey for these digital treasure seekers is the Platinum Trophy. For the uninitiated, most “full size” retail games reward players who completely unlock a long list of in-game accomplishments with a Platinum Trophy attached to your PSN ID. At a glance, it’s the quickest way to suss out a fellow gamer’s skill – while anyone can rack up the bronze Trophies, most Platinums require a mix of skill and dedication. Out of the 2000+ trophies I’ve earned, only 3 are Platinum. It’s still more than Sid.

A few weeks ago, PlayStation Blogcast listener John M. asked us: Are you able to tell us the top 5 or 10 games that have been “platinum’d” or competed 100%?

We dug around the servers, and here’s the list, ranked by total Platinum Trophies earned:

  1. Assassin’s Creed II
  2. Modern Warfare 2
  3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  4. God of War 3
  5. Resident Evil 5
  6. inFamous
  7. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
  8. God of War (GoW HD Collection)
  9. Borderlands
  10. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (The Sly Collection)

Analyzing the list, I noticed some interesting trends:

  • These are good games – The average Metacritic score for the above games is 89 – so it’s a good bet that these games are of high enough quality that gamers are all too happy to fully explore them to find every last collectible (Assassin’s Creed II, Sly 1), or are willing to play through multiple times on the hardest levels to earn those Trophies (Uncharted, Modern Warfare, God of War)
  • Big sellers – We’re looking at total Platinum trophies here, so it stands to reason that games that have sold a lot of copies would have been Platinum’d a lot. That’s probably why you don’t see CSI: Fatal Conspiracy or Hannah Montana: The Movie on this list, even though they are known to be easy to Platinum.
  • Few multiplayer Trophies – None of the games listed have the dreaded “Hit Level 50 Rank in Multiplayer.” Even the multiplayer-heavy Modern Warfare 2 saves most of its Trophies for the campaign and Spec Ops missions. I think this is why you see Assassin’s Creed II on this list, and not AC: Brotherhood, which introduced Multiplayer to the series (and associates 10 Trophies with this mode, many of which are tough to get). Take note, developers!
  • These games are a couple of years old – The newest game on this list is Sly Cooper & the Theivius Raccoonus from The Sly Collection, which came out last year. The rest of the games are from 2009 or before. My theories: it takes a lot of time to grind through everything there is to see and do, and with most of these games now value-priced, many people are still picking these up and embarking on their road to the Platinum even today.

With these criteria in mind, here are a few titles I expect to see on this list a year from now: Skyrim, Jak & Daxter, another Call of Duty title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Yup, with Trophies now on PS Vita, there’s be a whole new frontier for Trophy Hunters to explore. We’ll check back again in about a year’s time.

Happy hunting!

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Goku910 said:

March 3rd, 6:29 pm

A) The only reason MW2 is on here is because trophies were glitched and easily earned.
B) I can think of WAAAAY Easier plats:

You want easy platinums? Here are my easiest:

1) Burnout Paradise (GREAT GAME BTW)
2) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
3) Resistance 3 is by far the easiest I’ve earned.
4) Infamous 2 (easier than first)

Ness19x said:

March 3rd, 7:34 pm

Kinda surprised Tekken 6 isn’t on this list… that game just throws trophies at you.

OniJsan said:

March 3rd, 7:52 pm

I got 140 Platinums and all 10 from that list, and all of them games were awesome and a work to get plats on.

Question for PS Vita owners out there.. Can ps vita trophies link up to your trophies you have on ps3?

If so man oh man am I getting a Vita.

Dessron said:

March 3rd, 11:07 pm

I got all of them, except for #2 (I rarely play CoD) and #5 (haven’t played RE5 that much). I’m trophies level 23, 74% with a total of 4761 trophies, including 42 platinums (Skyrim being the latest!)

KRONOS-- said:

March 4th, 12:20 am

I have every Plat on that list except Resident Evil 5, which I am currently trying to complete. Great list and I hope to see more different stats for the trophy hunters.

I currently have 49 Plats. 9 from the list mentioned as well as:

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Jak & Daxter
Red Dead Redemption
Killzone 2
Killzone 3
inFamous 2
Sly 2
Sly 3
Resistance 2
Resistance 3
God of War 2
God of War Chains of Olympus
God of War Ghost of Sparta
Batman Arkham Asylum
Madden NFL 2010
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Dead to Rights Retribution
Heavy Rain
Guitar Hero 5
Band Hero
Burnout Paradise
Terminator Salvation
Tomb Raider Underworld
Captain America Super Soldier
X-Men Origins Wolverine
Legends of Wrestlemania
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010
Dante’s Inferno
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands
Dead Space
Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time
Wanted Weapons of Fate
The Godfather II
Quantum of Solace
Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

Faenix1 said:

March 4th, 12:42 am

Assassin’s Creed II – GOT IT
Modern Warfare 2 – GOT IT
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – GOT IT
God of War 3 – Hard to get, gave up
Resident Evil 5 – GOT IT
inFamous – Shards were annoying, and the stunts
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – GOT IT
God of War (GoW HD Collection) – hard to get, gave up
Borderlands – GOT IT
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (The Sly Collection) – GOT IT

Also super hate multiplayer trophies, and think those shouldnt exist.. unless there simple ones where you dont need to spend many hours on such as Uncharted 2/3s multiplayer trophies

gamepunk86 said:

March 4th, 12:54 am

i have 5 platinum trophies but none of them are on the list. although i have one trophy missing from uncharted 2 and god of war 3 to get them.

GTA5-_-KlNG said:

March 4th, 2:22 am

Can’t wait to platinum GTA 5. XD

BigBadBob113 said:

March 4th, 6:53 am

Of the sixteen platinums I have, only one is on the list (Borderlands.) It was really cool to see this report, and I would also love to see a listing of the ten rarest platinums.

BBFaNaTiC86 said:

March 4th, 8:02 am

I have 6 of the platinum trophies listed there.

P3hmo6 said:

March 4th, 9:59 am

Oh I’m now level 16 & about 53% 29 plats What i’m coming plat next hmm..

P3hmo6 said:

March 4th, 10:01 am

Look at duck360 or bieleric ‘s Trophies world’s #1 & #2
on leaderboard

Lord_Rinja said:

March 4th, 10:14 am

Hey Jeff, can you make a Firmware Update where people on the PS3 can view a users Playstation Vita trophies? I noticed that currently, I can access all of my PS3 and Vita trophies on the Vita but I cannot do the same on the PS3.

time17 said:

March 4th, 10:16 am

I got only two platinum trophies for assassins creed 2 and saint rows the third

time17 said:

March 4th, 10:19 am

My platinum hasn’t help me level up I just got done with saint rows third was on 49% after the platinum still 49%

StealthBlade98 said:

March 4th, 12:40 pm

I really do not like online Multiplayer trophies that are required for platinum or at all. It’s a terrible method of increasing replayability for lackluster quality MP. Why can’t developers use a brain and do what Naughty Dog or even Activison CoD games do and make it separate.

Ecks said:

March 5th, 3:24 am

I have nine out of the ten games listed platinumed. I won’t ever have Modern Warfare 2, not my type of game.

Multiplayer trophies should not be part of a platinum, as it just encourages boosting and hurts legitimate players. A trophy for playing a match online, etc. is good, but “Reach Level 50 online” is not. At least most of the Uncharted 2 multiplayer trophies were added later and not required for the platinum. I still want them though!

CrAzyChICkN52 said:

March 5th, 3:37 am

I thought MW3 was alot easier then MW2 to Platinum. This is a awesome list for trophy guys like myself who strive for that 100%. Thanks for the hook up. CHEERS.

Doozer17268 said:

March 5th, 5:50 am

Assassin’s Creed? Good grief, if you have 100 hours to search for stupid flags… I would rather just have fun =)

Doozer17268 said:

March 5th, 5:51 am

MW2, how many times are you gonna play the timed missions to tick yourself off?? Not me…

etur0 said:

March 5th, 5:57 am

lol the only plat that I have is from The Saboteur which only took about 40hours of gameplay to get

cuterena said:

March 5th, 5:59 am

Of those top 10, I have 9 of the platinums. I don’t do CoD, because I enjoy real games. No offense intended to those who enjoy the same recycled game over and over. If you consider Sly having 3, and the GoW collection having 2, I have 12 plats from that list.

AL-Habsi said:

March 5th, 4:02 pm

Bay the way Jeff

Can you tell as or can you make a list about the name of hardest game trophy.

Thank you.

cam_eltoh said:

March 5th, 4:17 pm

Im more interested in seeing a list of games people haven’t gotten platinums for (with metascores included so we know it’s not just because nobody cared about getting the platinum)

cam_eltoh said:

March 5th, 4:18 pm

also @ cutarena don’t be a troll didn’t you read the comment rules?

cam_eltoh said:

March 5th, 4:22 pm

One last thing, please stop making dlc trophies necessary to the collection of a platinum! My buddy has been rubbing it in my nose that he got the Dead Nation platinum before Highway to hell and that if I want the platinum I’ll have to buy the dlc

hondrum said:

March 5th, 6:12 pm

Working hard on earning my first plat on SSX. Looking for challengers online. BRING IT!

A75278 said:

March 6th, 12:28 am

got only 3 platinum 100% on the games listed here…:(

Vingh said:

March 6th, 4:14 am

Nice article, very informative. Keep up the good work.

Shiaoran said:

March 6th, 7:47 am

“Few multiplayer Trophies – None of the games listed have the dreaded “Hit Level 50 Rank in Multiplayer.” Even the multiplayer-heavy Modern Warfare 2 saves most of its Trophies for the campaign and Spec Ops missions. I think this is why you see Assassin’s Creed II on this list, and not AC: Brotherhood, which introduced Multiplayer to the series (and associates 10 Trophies with this mode, many of which are tough to get). Take note, developers!”

People must learn that multiplayer gamers are there for the endless gameplay, not the completition, and completitionists won’t grind in multiplayer, EVERYONE HATES GRINDING.
I’ve lost count of how many games I’ve stopped playing before finishing them because of a halt in progress caused by the need to grind.

I’m not a trophy hunter, I’m a enjoyable stuff doer, so make fun trophies and I’ll go out of my way to get them!

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