PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday

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As you may recall, we had postponed our scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance session from last Thursday to a time to be announced. It is now determined that maintenance will take place tomorrow (Sunday, March 4).

This significant PSN maintenance period is expected to start at just after noon Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 2am Pacific on Monday, March 5. Unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed-in to PSN will be signed-out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • People seem to forget that Sony HQ is based in Japan and they are 17 hours ahead of LA. Not to mention servers and networks don’t just run themselves, often parts need to be replaced, rebuilt or serviced during times of maintenance which means you won’t necessarily see new features after a maintenance period. When it comes down to it 14 hours of no online play is no big deal, go outside and explore the real world.

  • Hours sounds much better than days, or a month, like the last time. If this maintenance helps to deter future hacks, then I’m all for it. Also, complainers take note. . . PSN is free. How much would you complain if Sony all of a sudden decided to start charging? Considering some of the stunts that Sony has pulled in the past, this is certainly within the realm of possibilities. Seriously, just suck it up and read a book. It won’t kill you to be offline for a few hours. Do any of you old-school gamers remember when there was no such thing as online gaming?

  • FIX THE 7.1 HEADPHONES!!!!!!!! 4.10 update killed my head phone…

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    I’ll be playing Resident Evil Revelations.

  • sometimes itd be nice to know what theyre doing with all this maintenance time, especially when its on a weekend when a lot of people arent working or going to classes and would like to be spending time with a game….

  • Sony take your time to FIX all that is wrong with what ever it is your fixing.

  • ShotgunSean

    i personally dont agree with maitence on the weekend but whatever lol cant win anyways hope to game it up come monday plz sony dont postpone maintence any further get serious about it this time :)

  • Why a Sunday?

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Sony makes great hardware… Their network and software…not so much.

    @50, the problem is Xbox live doesn’t require near as frequent maintenance nor for as long of periods. if others can do it why can’t sony?

    It’s obvious their network is a bit behind the times.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Who schedules this on Sunday? Sunday would be a much busier day gaming wise then a weekday.

  • I hope they fix the download list on the vita where it displays only things that can be downloaded to the vita. I have about 1200 individual items i’ve purchased since the ps3 came out. Getting to my psp games takes about 5 minutes.

  • It probably is a good idea to do the update at that time on a Sunday till Monday early hours because the people doing the job need sleep. Also if it does do everything the PSV wants then great… I’ll just play it offline for a bit. Happy me!

  • Guess I’m going to have to do my homework tomorrow :(

  • eaglefan129

    Out of all the days a Sunday??? really sony really

  • Fix the compatibility issue of the PSONE classics on the vita please! I haven’t bought Final Fantasy’s 5 and 6 yet because I’m waiting for the fix.

  • StealthBlade98

    I find it hilarious that people are complaining that they’re taking away there gaming time. News Flash guys, this only affects online MP which is an extra feature. How about you dig through your library of games that I’m sure you haven’t played single player campaign and stop whining. Back in my time we didn’t have online MP for gaming. It was all done by yourself.
    @58 The problem is you’re comparing a streamline network like XBL which has been around for nearly 8 years to
    PSN which has only just been around for close to 6 years. XBL has better network structure to minimize downtimes. PSN is fixing this now so they don’t have to do this in the future on the PS4, since this network is brand new and sony is still trying to get the kinks out.

  • StealthBlade98

    I don’t care about the downtime personally, gives me free time and motivation to play some games I haven’t played yet due to MP games. And there’s not going to be any difference to graphics or XMB design when it returns. This is a Online network maintainence not PS3 shutdown where do don’t play any games maintainence so only difference will be maybe servers n lag or stuff.

    PS3 lacks the amount of ram needed to make a new XMB design which we can all blame Ken Kutaragi considering he’s the tool who designed the PS3 in this structure, sacrificing memory for more processing power.

    I would like more avatars for PS3 or maybe Custom Avatars and better trophy cards on PSN, that’d be sweet. Something that looks like

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @65 I find it hilarious how you keep defending Sony years? XBL was better then this in it’s first year….. 6 years and the PSN still seems in beta stage lol. Compare XBL at yr 2 compared to PSn at year 6. Sony has got to step it up.

    I mean look at vita, awesome device, half the software doesn’t work……… Sony needs to invest heavily into software development and infrastructure.,

  • most of you seem to have mis read or not even read the post. the timing is NOON pacific time, and is 3pm eastern time. you can play as much as you want before lunch and for easterns, a little bit after a lunch. this is what im doing, ima be playing untill noon so i can rest for the rest of the day.

  • Hooligantuan

    Thanks for the heads-up, guys!

  • Awww I don’t mind it being off because it is free, but why that time?!! I was planning on getting on tomorrow to play DC Universe Online. I wish they can push it to start at midnight or Monday. Last time when it went off people can still play online and sign in but just not the store or Account management.

  • You guys seriously need someone new with common sense to be in charge. Why the hell would you schedule a long maintenance window on a freaking weekend? For those that work full time on weekdays, the weekends is all we have to play. Plus, it’s going to start at noon and end at 2am? Why not just do it overnight then? For crying out loud, it doesn’t make sense. Midnight till 2pm is much better. Most of us are not fortunate enough to work for a company that allows us to play, read, make, or do anything with video games for a living.

  • PLEASE BUT PLEASE can someone tell me from what time to what time this will happend in argentina?? the thing is that i dont really know what “pacific” means, so if someone cant reply i will be very pleased

  • PLEASE BUT PLEASE can someone tell me from what time to what time this will happend in argentina?? the thing is that i dont really know what “pacific” means, so if someone cant reply i will be very pleased

  • SUNDAY? Really? Why not do this in the middle of the night and early into a Weekday? Inconvenience the people paid to work for SONY not the people that pay Sony……WTF?

  • @enan931 Now its 947PM ARGENTINA- Its 447PM now Pacific So you are 5 hours ahead of PACIFIC TIME

  • IntimidatorSS

    A Sunday afternoon? Really? Are you not able to see when the psn usage is at it’s lowest and do it then? I would assume you can so that just means you just don’t care about your customers which is just sad.

  • NotoriousGamer

    PSN is not supposed to be a secret north Korean state run business. Tell PSN users what to expect and whats up.

  • TJKarmatron

    As long as the maintenance is beneficial to the community, the downtime shouldn’t matter.

  • AstralCannibal21

    Would everyone much rather have no maintenance and shoddy online usage, or, would you much rather have updates that keep the entire Sony service running smoothly and up to date with the best software? Boohoo you don’t get to play online for a day. AN ENTIRE DAY! Guess what we had back in the golden age. Offline gaming. Seems like a plague is spreading whenever you mention it nowadays. I don’t play online much because I find the lack of intelligence I find in lobbies insulting. PS1 games, PS2 games, and, dare I say, PS3 games with offline modes D: here I come to play through your awesomeness once more.

    Whaambulance is coming at you folks!

  • Brently238173

    I wonder what they are changing? I also want the dual audio out to work with the 7.1 wireless headset, but don’t think this will do the trick.

  • darth_orange93

    Again!?!? What is going on over there?

  • Noon on a weekend? Worst idea ever, Sony. Guess I’ll DL what I need now instead of waiting…

  • soundandvision77

    Sony, did you guys get your wires crossed? There is a Killzone 3 Double XP weekend on right now to help promote the multiplayer game that was just released THIS WEEK on PSN. You know, for all the people who liked the demo so much and decided to buy it right away to take advantage of double XP? You are basically taking away 1/3 of prime time for this promotion, that also brought older players like me back to the game. Way to kill the event.

  • i hope the minis that dont appear on the vita store will be visible after this ….

  • i don’t know whats going on with the home connections. i lose it almost instantly, its like you psn employees just wants to keep me out. my account can’t even connect to home for some reason, so i hope they fix that. i just got a new ps3 on valentines day. can’t be my ps3, or is it

  • DragonWolfJD

    Can’t pretend to care about PSN being down since I don’t play online at all but worthless updates are getting old.

  • DragonWolfJD

    Well worth updates and maintenance I should say.

  • For crying out loud people. Go play one of your many offline games. Go take your gf/wife out. Take the dog down the beach. Get a life outside the PSN. It’s down for a day…. 1 whole day it wont kill you to do something else.

  • ArchAngelMai

    This happens once in a blue people, grow up….
    Why don’t you take the time to spend some time with your families, or do that thing around the house you have been meaning to. Or for most of you, I imagine, do your homework then, instead of early. Go outside, read a book, watch TV, exercise…just stop complaining all the time like a bunch of elementary school kids :)

  • registry_error

    theres definitely a conflict with KILLZONE 3 TROPHIES and KILLZONE MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES. KZ MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES WONT SYNC. Already went through profile delete and everything was orking fine till i played kz3 multiplayer download version. FIX THE TROPHY SERVERS WHILE YOURE AT IT.

  • @34 .. we think of you as a Winnie sniveling peace of crap! Is that better?

  • StealthBlade98

    @67 mastorofpuppetz – I’m defending sony cause sony are not a networking company like MS is. MS are a software company who knows how to network. Sony are a hardware based company, thus why PS3 has better hardware stability than Xbox when it got the initial RRoD, though unfortunately that still affected some PS2 owners with the DRE’s.

    My point still stands however that sony are new to this networking mumbo jumbo. Do you remember the network adapter for PS2? LMAO thing was complete garbage to say the least. Give them a break. would you rather the PS3 has another blackout for a whole month or just look 12 hours in a day if not 10 hours in a day just to tweak up the network? Play some offline games. Stop playing MW3, Black Ops or whatever Multiplayers and play a real mode for once with a good story or better yet go outside and have fun. Sony are trying to improve PSN and it’s free to play online. Not pay 50 dollars a year just for MP.

  • To all that are complaining about Sony’s choice of day to do the maintenance.

    Lets all put our thinking caps on… ready… OK.

    1. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is based in Japan so that means that the maintenance schedules are probably based using parent company’s scheduling and location.

    2. That means while we PSN users in the SCEA region are going to be out of usage of the network from Sunday 12PM PST (3PM EST) to Mon 2AM PST (5AM EST). It will be Monday morning at 5AM in Japan when the maintenance is begins and 7PM when its completed.

    This will give the Sony executives in Japan the ability to look in the status of this maintenance.

  • celsius_ftw

    This is the perfect time to have the network down. As long as its up before Street Fighter x Tekken I’ll be happy.

  • PhillyPhreak

    Oh well. I’ll be watching the “Masked Mamba” (Kobe Bryant) get some payback on that punk Dwyane Wade and the frozen one, LeBrick James. :)

  • Dear Sony

    You are a huge company, dont you have back up servers? It is not hard to take some off line, switch to the back up servers, conduct the maintenance, then roll back to the updated servers. Last thing is to update the back ups.

    We just want more details, and the fact that Killzone is having double XP weekend during this planned down time kinda stinks.

    Online gaming is cool, but at what cost? It has ruined the development and marketing of games. Day one DLC, Game Patch’s (because they can now release a buggy game and fix it post launch) and of course Online Passes.

  • This don’t really bothers me.the Network needs maintenance,I understand, is just 14 hours.

  • BloodQueen69

    I seriously hope this will Fix The Twisted Metal Servers. Really upsetting that we pay $60 for the game and Can’t even use the online features!!!!!!

  • I would be fine with it if some games and some features (i.e. Netflix) didn’t require a login. I shouldn’t have to login to play one player games or to watch netflix.

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