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Mar 05

Mar 05

DUST 514 Will Be Free to Play on PlayStation 3

Brandon Laurino's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, Dust 514

Hi beloved PS Blog readers – we hope you have been enjoying our series of articles here. We have some big news about DUST 514 coming out this week and wanted to write a more personal note about it here, to you.


The development of DUST 514 has been an amazing experience, as we at CCP pioneer new frontiers for console games in collaboration with Sony. It has really been a process of exploring and breaking new ground – running an MMO service that needs constant updates on a console, microtransactions on a console, connecting an MMO on console to an MMO on PC in a real time shared universe and the Marketplace between the two – and there’s even more to come. Today, I’m writing about one more of those things – DUST 514 will be free to play on PlayStation 3!

This news means DUST 514 is the first ever game built from the ground up as a free to play MMOFPS on console, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Thanks to how Sony has set up the PlayStation Network – and the innovations they have been making on it together with us – Sony’s console platform is the only one able to support this kind of game as a service and business model.

The development of DUST and CCP’s engagement with Sony has been ongoing since before E3 2011 last year, when we announced our partnership. Over that time, we’ve seen the rise of free to play and microtransaction based games in the Western markets on PC, web and mobile (they’ve been popular in Asia for some time – one of the reasons DUST development is based out of China, an interesting story in itself, for another time) – but consoles have only taken baby steps throughout this generation in this regard, with some patches and DLC and demos, until today.


Just to be totally clear, DUST 514 will be a free to play game, without any cover charge. We debated the cover charge idea for a while, kind of as a hybrid between the old business model (having to purchase a game) and this new one (free to play). As we watched the market evolve, gamers choices in free to play games evolve, our own tastes in free to play evolve and developing what’s needed to support it in collaboration with Sony, this just became the obvious way to go – no cover charge, completely free to play. It’s the right time.

To put it very simply, we think it’s an awesome, amazing opportunity to evolve how console games are made and offered to players, and we believe you’ll agree.

We know you’re eager for more, and we’ll be coming out with tons of info at our annual FanFest convention in Iceland, which starts on March 22. We’ll have first hands-on, while also unveiling details about how we are rolling out DUST 514, videos, interviews (answers to many of your burning questions – we’re watching the comments, reading the forums, listening!), and much more. Sony has hooked up amazing prizes for our DUST 514 tournament at FanFest, we can’t wait to see the battles!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, it’s one unlike any other, and we’re just getting warmed up. We cannot be more excited for you all to play DUST 514, and being able to make that a reality for free on PS3.

Stay tuned for more very soon!

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ArthurSataine said:

March 6th, 1:00 pm

Good news! No make MAG free. Now do microtransactions the correct way. What I mean is, do NOT sell any gear or guns that give one player and advantage over another. ONLY sell items that are cosmetic or boost exp gain and the like. And of course, sell any expansions for a decent price as well. You sell stuff that gives advantages, you break your game. You have been warned.

ArthurSataine said:

March 6th, 1:00 pm

Now^, not no.

sbkidjb said:

March 6th, 1:35 pm

Looking forward to this

xXtheicon67Xx said:

March 7th, 10:56 am

whean is the hack are we geting this is was said 4 years ago we will have this lol
so sony whats your promblem!!!???!!!!???

Crazyjunkman said:

March 7th, 7:29 pm

Cant wait for this I love mmo’s and this is a first for Sony (DC Universe Online does not count) Keep up the good work you guys

Hooligantuan said:

March 10th, 4:49 pm

Been keeping an eye on Dust514 for a good little while now. This is an interesting turn of events.

I really hope this all works out. F2P Optimism reserved until I see what your microtransaction model, though.

PS3 really needs this to be a success after Zipper/Sony gloriously fumbled MAG.

GMan1775 said:

March 24th, 1:55 pm

Great news about the free and can’t wait for this game. Yet, I pre-ordered this game almost a year ago on Amazon for $59.99. What is going to happen to that money since the game is free now? I just talked to Amazon customer support and they couldn’t do anything for me. Please help and thanks!

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