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Mar 05

Mar 05

MotorStorm RC Driving to PS Vita for FREE, Courtesy of Scion

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Director of Network Advertising, SCEA

Back in November, we revealed that Evolution Studios was working on a new title, MotorStorm RC, which would be released in the US as a downloadable game for both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita.

The game received critical praise when it launched in the UK two weeks ago. We think you’ll agree that the wait was worth it, as we are pleased to not only announce that the PS3 version will be available beginning tomorrow separately for $9.99 ($7.49 for PlayStation Plus subscribers), but to also let you know that the PS Vita version of MotorStorm RC will also be available as a free download thanks to our partners at Scion.

MSRC Title Screen

That’s right—for a limited time, the complete Vita MotorStorm RC game is available for download absolutely free – no additional purchases necessary! Not only that, but you’ll be able to drive a custom RC version of Scion’s iQ which is exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game. And be sure to check out the plethora of downloadable content which will become available for purchase for both versions of the game tomorrow.

MotorStorm RC features 16 unique tracks spread across four extreme environments, including the dusty desert mesas of Monument Valley, the dangerous jungles of a Pacific Island, the icy tundra at the Arctic Edge, and the apocalyptic ruins of a destroyed urban city. Players can conquer these environments in powerful radio-controlled vehicles, with hundreds of uniquely customized models to collect in 8 distinct categories: Buggies, Superminis, Rally Cars, Muscle Cars, Racing Trucks, Supercars, Big Rigs and Monster Trucks.

Visit the PlayStation Store on PS Vita tomorrow afternoon (Pacific time) to download your free game. And after you’ve taken the RC iQ for a spin in the virtual MotorStorm world, you can always check out this new vehicle in the “real world” at a Scion dealer near you. Enjoy!

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javieratomic said:

March 5th, 12:01 pm

¿en europa va a ser gratis?

wanshot said:

March 5th, 12:08 pm

@ Budapesti

Well i wouldn’t have bought the ps3 version if a week later it was going to be FREE for Vita! That’s my point, the one that you’re missing. Don’t bother trolling a reply i’m just making an observation.

Ben7072 said:

March 5th, 12:22 pm

This is a very unexpected and pleasant surprise. Thank you so much! I bought a PSN card to get this game, but now I’ll use it for Journey!

Again, THANKS!

tusunami said:

March 5th, 12:25 pm

Now this is spectacular to say the least, i hope to see more ps plus subscribers to get discounts on Ps Vita games.Touche Sony touche Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jflux98 said:

March 5th, 12:37 pm

When we get this game for free, will it stay in our download list in the fuure.when the promo is over? I got Flow for free during a promo period but after formatting my ps3, i noticed I cant donwload Flow anymore without purchasing it. and I bought the addon that time! will it be the same case here?

Shadow_Kamui said:

March 5th, 12:39 pm

Free for vita Thanks a lot this game looks great for the ps vita I am sure I am going to enjoy this game

Major_Hoare said:

March 5th, 12:44 pm


No on in their right mind preorders digital content unless there was some kind of promotion for doing so! It’s not like they’re going to run out of physical copies once the game is released and you’re going to have to wait until it’s released before you can download an install it in the first place. I hope you’ve learned a lesson here otherwise you’re just another case in point for PT Barnum’s expression regarding a fool and his money.

DaNTi3L said:

March 5th, 1:21 pm

thank you scion and sony

XFRod said:

March 5th, 1:23 pm

#107 – @Major_Hoare Totally agree with you. Like when we found out a day or two before the Vita even came out that, Super Star Dust would be the free PSN game after setting up your 3G service. Several people on the blogs crying about how they had already bought it on the PSN. Why anyone would pre-order a digital download (without some sort of content or price reduction bonus) is beyond me.

villaintine said:

March 5th, 1:34 pm

First off, I’d like to thank Evolution, Sony and Scion for making this happen, my friends and I have been looking for a current gen version of RC Pro AM for a long time. That said, Evolution, you could make your existing customers very happy and probably garner a much larger audience if you added online multiplayer, or even just ad hoc/local multiplayer to the mix. I for one would be more than happy to buy the PS3 version of the game if such a feature was added via a patch or even DLC with a nominal fee, just food for thought. The asynchronous features of these early launch titles are not what the majority of gamers I know want, and they’re not going to fly as we move away from the launch window. Please give us online play!

ChubzDoom said:

March 5th, 1:40 pm

This game has an 80/100 average on Metacritic (at this time) and we’re getting it for FREE!? Are you kidding me!? The Vita just got even better! I was actually going to purchase this tomorrow alongside Unit 13. Thank you so much Evolution and Scion.

crowe234 said:

March 5th, 1:41 pm

This so awesome one of my most anticipated vita games and my first cause’ i’m gettin my vita tomarrow from G2K for free but how long does this last i want my friend to get it too but he’s gettin’ his vita NEXT week on tuesday as well so i’m hoping it lasts a few weeks please answer how long we have Thank you and have an amazing day +I love you SCION

Viewtiful_Josh said:

March 5th, 1:44 pm

Wow! Thanks a lot! :D

xXInsaneK1llaXx said:

March 5th, 1:49 pm

will it have trophies ?

    David Winding's Avatar

    Jamie Brayshaw said:

    March 5th, 10:18 pm

    Yes – there are 24 Trophies to discover and collect, including a prestigious Platinum Trophy: “Lunatics Unite”!

UltWarrior1 said:

March 5th, 2:32 pm

So, we can download the FREE Vita version from our PS3s?

jlolment said:

March 5th, 2:50 pm

Guess I’ll need to start pressing refresh a lot in the near future…

themajestic-2 said:

March 5th, 3:09 pm

my god free!!!!! i almost passed out!

Careksims said:

March 5th, 3:35 pm

Whoo hoo! Thank you! *hugs PS VITA*

nfsracer86 said:

March 5th, 3:41 pm

CONTOM-X said:

March 5th, 3:43 pm

Are the Canadians in on this?

    David Winding's Avatar

    Jamie Brayshaw said:

    March 5th, 10:19 pm

    Yes, you can get the free Scion VITA download from the Canadian PlayStation Store.

Ludioc said:

March 5th, 3:52 pm

Awesome. I’m getting closer to buying a Vita… possibly this Black Friday…

snowman_perez said:

March 5th, 4:45 pm

I must be dreaming because now the next game in my favorite series of all time is now going to be free! Glad i have my vita ready

Love_Birds_2007 said:

March 5th, 5:00 pm

I’m currently at work away from home with my Vita. I’m at a location where our internet is very slow. I’m able to browse websites but not download larger files. Is there a way my wife can download the Vita game to my PS3 at home so it will be waiting for me when I get there?

ralph-sa said:

March 5th, 5:27 pm

我擦 真心碉堡 看来选美服没有错!!!:D

doctormoon said:

March 5th, 5:35 pm

WOW THANKS SCION AND SON!!!. Things like this makes it worth the purchase of an awesome handheld

Setoku09 said:

March 5th, 5:43 pm



March 5th, 5:49 pm

Wow this is awesome, it would’ve been great if it was free for everyone but I understand this is a sponsor offer. I’ll probably still buy it since I’d like to play split-screen with friends (and I was planning to get it because of the great “pay once get both” offer), but is great that you are giving the vita version for free, thank you, this are the kind of developers that we want, that care about their fanbase and not screw them constantly like capcom or doing the lame online pass thing

darazorback said:

March 5th, 6:07 pm

Alright, I knew I have always loved Scion for a reason. Can’t wait to get this tomorrow.

xXMohawkDemonXx said:

March 5th, 6:20 pm

Amazing! Now i can get a game for free!?! thanks Sony! And Scion!


March 5th, 6:36 pm

But will it have multiplayer? Cause mod nation dosent and that blows

    David Winding's Avatar

    Jamie Brayshaw said:

    March 5th, 10:27 pm

    The online play is unique in MotorStorm RC. There’s no wheel-to-wheel multiplayer racing, but even without it quickly becomes very competitive and exciting because you can see your friends and your rivals racing on the track beside you; Their best records are represented by a moving racing line on the track.

    It’s a very different experience but it’s a perfect fit for MotorStorm RC – try out the trial to see for yourself.

FORMIK said:

March 5th, 7:03 pm

Look at all the negative comments in response to a free game! Some people would complain about being on cloud 9 because 10 is higher up and 8 has a better view.

That aside, can someone tell me if the PS3 and Vita games are identical, aside from the Scion car appearing in the Vita game?

    David Winding's Avatar

    Jamie Brayshaw said:

    March 5th, 10:33 pm

    The games are identical but the Scion version is sponsored in-game and also includes the iQ RC racing model.

Pharron66 said:

March 5th, 7:21 pm

Dust 514 & Motorstorm RC for FREE?!

Sony & Playstation. I love ya’ll.
Sometimes we may have issues,
but I love you for doing things like this.

ShugoKunasagi said:

March 5th, 7:42 pm

Good thing I’m getting a Vita this week. :D

Shacojin said:

March 5th, 7:58 pm

Thanks Scion for another amazing VITA game!!

raithan75 said:

March 5th, 9:10 pm

Wow between this news and the PS3/Vita MLB ’12 bundle announcement, it’s going to be a fun week. (Not to mention ME3)

Grayback_PH said:

March 5th, 11:11 pm

Cant Wait.. :D

ToaNuva said:

March 5th, 11:24 pm

If i got the free vita version of msrc then bought it on my PS3 could i drive the scion on the PS3 version?

Manzano-x said:

March 5th, 11:48 pm

free in america
6€ in Europe

Thanks Sony

kabber said:

March 5th, 11:57 pm

so us from EU wont get that exclusive toyota sicon iQ vehicle? … bummer couldn’t you release it as DLC and for PS3 aswell? even if i have to buy it to get it ?B;-D

kabber said:

March 6th, 12:01 am

btw which vehicle will the model be? i guess it looks like a supermini.

punguy said:

March 6th, 12:17 am

thank u scion.my next car will be your car.

Saberiam1 said:

March 6th, 12:43 am

I come here just want see what time is it now :-D

Punk_JUNKY1989 said:

March 6th, 1:22 am

I like how the different environments in this game represent each of the previous games… “dusty desert mesas” (the first Motorstorm), “dangerous jungles” (pacific rift) “icy tundra” (the PSP one) and ” the apocalyptic ruins” (MS Apocalypse). I think that’s cool :)

wildchildbcn said:

March 6th, 2:29 am

what’s the sense of a region free system with this kind of region limitations?

it’s great to see this offers, but it’s really unfair for the european owners

Riverslildudes said:

March 6th, 3:06 am

whats the price of motorstorm in Australia on the Vita and PS3?

blazervb said:

March 6th, 3:16 am

Wow! Motorstorm RC and MLB12 The Show coming out on the same day!!! AWESOME!!!

techbhuddz said:

March 6th, 5:21 am

is this will available in middle east? tnx

DarktaxFA said:

March 6th, 5:56 am

only in the us …. oh right thanks ; /

quiverlip said:

March 6th, 6:22 am

What time can I get this game? I can’t find the demo in my us psn store.

Rhysis1330 said:

March 6th, 7:33 am

Sweet buttery goodness, I love the Vita. Excellent launch and I can’t wait to see what’s planned for us with the “Welcome! Playstation Vita Game Heaven” webcast this week. Here’s hoping for the Resident Evil game psp we got a glimpse at back in ’09!

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