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Mar 08

Mar 08

Walkthrough: Music Unlimited, Videos Now Available for PS Vita

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

We’re excited to bring you some great ways keep you entertained with music and video anytime and anywhere on PS Vita. Check out our new video walkthrough to see how it all works.

First off, with a global library of more than 15 million songs, the Music Unlimited service is now available on PS Vita. The PS Vita application, which is now available, comes with some added features that take advantage of the PS Vita’s unique capabilities, enhancing the experience and making it one of the best versions of the service available. With the Music Unlimited service on PS Vita, you can use the touch screen for easy browsing, navigation and search. You can even manage your playlists on-the-go, adding tracks from our global library of millions of songs, with automatic synching of all of your playlists and preferences across the growing list of supported devices.

Music Unlimited

One of the most exciting features that Music Unlimited brings to PS Vita is the ability to download and store songs for offline play. Completely new to the Music Unlimited service, you can download songs from our channels, library or from your playlists, and as long as you have space on your memory card, you can enjoy them while offline.

Next, the video section of the PlayStation Store has tons of movies and TV shows to rent or own, downloadable straight to your PS Vita. Browse through new releases or our giant catalog and also check out some of the discounts or deals available on any given day.

And remember, if you haven’t had a chance to experience Music Unlimited, take advantage of the 30-days free Premium subscription available now.

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fathead170 said:

March 8th, 5:10 am

looks great! now if i could only afford a vita and music unlimited i would be set.

kivi95 said:

March 8th, 5:28 am

When will it release for psvita in Europe then?

    Eric Lempel's Avatar

    Greg Belloni said:

    March 8th, 9:05 am

    The Music Unlimited app for PS Vita in Europe is now live as well!

BeanDK said:

March 8th, 5:28 am

Good but I would rather see VidZone on Vita :)

GGCAN said:

March 8th, 5:46 am

Thanks Eric.

Hopefully Sony and our Canadian laws will allow Canada to get the Music Unlimited service up here soon.

Would love to see it here, as we don’t have many other alternatives like the US.

We do have Videos Unlimited at least and I’ve rented several movies via that function.

Keep up the great work !

We need more Apps on the Vita and hopefully, they will come in the very near future.

butcherknife said:

March 8th, 6:07 am

The Vita Music Unlimited app destroys the Android app. So much better.

Berae said:

March 8th, 6:08 am

@4 GGCAn

I just realised yesterday that it was there, Its under music. I dont know for how long Canada has been having it but we do now.

butcherknife said:

March 8th, 6:10 am

It would be sweet if we could send playlists to PSN friends. Any thoughts on adding that feature?

DustyBottoms said:

March 8th, 6:43 am

How much does the service cost? Can you pay for it with Playstation network card cash or do you have to have a credit card?

TUSTIN1 said:

March 8th, 6:54 am

@Berae – nice catch – I hadn’t noticed it there either. You’d think that they would have announced the availability…but that’s Sony…

G-Force08 said:

March 8th, 7:32 am

I noticed this on the Vita store last night and downloaded it. I had a few problems getting it set up due to, I suppose connection issues, but after a couple of minutes I got it working and had Music Unlimited playing all night long.

Good job on this guys! Looking forward to more apps coming in the future.

One thing I would like though – I would love to be able to continue playing the music on Music Unlimited while switching apps. Once you press the PS button, it disconnects. Hopefully there will be an update about that later.

polo155 said:

March 8th, 7:40 am

you the man Eric, good lookin’ on this one… now i just need skype and vita/gaming beast/mobile phone is complete

Neil said:

March 8th, 7:49 am

Nice to see stuff releasing on non store days. Keep the apps coming.

FelonOnParole said:

March 8th, 8:23 am

The single greatest app pre-intalled on the PSP was Sony’s LocationFree. With a steady wifi connection, I’m able to watch TV and stream my entire music collection, anywhere in the world. I dont doubt the PS Vita is a better gaming machine than the PSP, but until the PS Vita has a LocationFree app- most adults like myself wont buy it.

DeathHeart_86 said:

March 8th, 8:30 am

I have a question, why can’t i buy a music unlimited subscription using the fonds thar i already have in my wallet? Why do i have to input billing informations? i don’t own a credit card, i don’t want one. So i use playstation network refill cards. So, why can’t i use just that???

remanutd5 said:

March 8th, 8:35 am

ok the deal breaker question for me , are we able to listen to music on the background while playing games on the ps vita ? if so then i would most likely subscribe to the service

Tchanku said:

March 8th, 8:43 am

Now for some Pandora.

AdeptHavok said:

March 8th, 8:54 am

Without Music Unlimited being available on all of my devices, it’s a service destined to fail. Any word on Music Unlimited clients for iOS or Mac, Sony? I’d love to use this service, but I can’t justify paying for something I can only use on my TV and PSP.

    Eric Lempel's Avatar

    Greg Belloni said:

    March 8th, 9:11 am

    You’re in luck — we announced back in January that the Music Unlimited service will becoming to iOS, you keep your eyes pealed to for details coming soon! You can also currently access Music Unlimited on Macs already.

Teflon02 said:

March 8th, 9:03 am

@14 yes you can, I do it with MotorStorm with no problem

@16 you should think over what you said, it maybe mac and pc but after that it’s a Sony product they are using to help sell it’s product just like iTunes and did that fail? No

crusher915 said:

March 8th, 9:12 am

@8 (DustyBottoms) just go to sonyentertainmentnetwork(DOT)com/music-unlimited/internet-radio

nathanuc1988 said:

March 8th, 9:20 am

I really REALLY wish there was a limited (or even ad supported) free version of this. I just can’t warrant spending the money on this when there are other (even though different) services that are free.
My opinion doesn’t mean much, but I’d be willing to pay $5 a month at most for an online music service.

    Eric Lempel's Avatar

    Greg Belloni said:

    March 8th, 10:04 am

    Music Unlimited offers a 30 day free premium trial if you want to take the service for a spin — you can access the trial by going to We don’t offer a “free” service because we do not limit the experience with ads or the ability to only skip songs on a limited basis.

Throwaway_Acct said:

March 8th, 10:05 am

Hey Greg Belloni I have a question,
Will the PS Vita ever support Sony’s LocationFree app?

Years ago when I purchased the PSP, It came pre-installed with the LocationFree app. After buying the LocationFree Base Station I was able to stream TV, Music, and Movies all to my PSP for FREE anywhere in the world that had a steady wifi connection.

I dont doubt that the PS Vita is a better gaming machine vs. the PS Vita. But adults like me are not going to buy a PS Vita just for games. And the Music/Video Unlimited apps are expensive and pointless if someone already owns, or doesnt want the content those apps offer.

Please Reply.

    Eric Lempel's Avatar

    Greg Belloni said:

    March 8th, 10:28 am

    Throwaway_Acct: Unfortunately the Location Free product is no longer manufactured by Sony, so I do not believe there are plans to bring the app to PS Vita.

TooTall19 said:

March 8th, 10:13 am

I am going to give this a try. I’ve always been interested.

@21 Many adults will buy a Vita just to play games.

Throwaway_Acct said:

March 8th, 10:18 am

@22 I wrote Adults like myself

jgrizzle358 said:

March 8th, 10:20 am

I still don’t see the point in Music unlimited… why pay $10 a month for music you can listen to for free on… youtube, spotify, internet radio, facebook, dailymotion, break, ect.

seems kinda pointless.

M-Easy said:

March 8th, 10:37 am

A little off topic but a quick question Eric.
I want to be able to watch HBO Go on my Vita but the HBO site wants me to download an Android app. I’m scared to DL anything from the net on my Vita so is it safe?

Throwaway_Acct said:

March 8th, 10:45 am

Well Greg, Thanks anyway for answering my question.

It just seems like bad business practices for Sony to stop supporting their devices with an app that Sony invented and will only work with Sony products- regardless if the product is no longer being manufactured. Its something I will reflect upon when deciding should a make a future investment with a Sony products. And looking at the PS Vita spec sheet, it should be able to run that program with ease.

polo155 said:

March 8th, 11:47 am

I guess its time to sell my LocationFree since i i have only aa Vita now.

loadstone007 said:

March 8th, 11:48 am

When will this great service work in Israel?

polo155 said:

March 8th, 12:01 pm

still loving my vita, dont get it twisted :)

FORMIK said:

March 8th, 3:15 pm

Great update to a service worth the subscription! I hope all those saying “why bother” have already tried the free trial. The one suggestion I gave last year – allowing us to download music to listen to when offline – has been implemented here which makes this a great service.

Here are two more apps I’d like to see:
– Digital Comic Reader from the PSP for the Vita.
– A Sony Reader app for the Vita that allows us to purchase and read e-books.

Check out my discussion in the PSN Community Meets the PS Blog section of the PS forum!

IcEGoDLy said:

March 8th, 3:46 pm

Is live Area coming to ps3??

GGCAN said:

March 8th, 4:11 pm

@6 Berae

You’re right !

I called Music unlimited Sony and they said as of yesterday Music unlimited became available in Canada.

Only problem now, it asks me for a credit card and since last year, I’ve had to purchase PSN cards, as the site always comes back stating my credit card number is not valid.

Message ‘Please enter valid credit card’.

I called Sony who also tried to help enter it and they’re getting the same message.

Not sure what to do here, as I’ve pretty much tried everything…it just won’t accept the credit card info.

GGCAN said:

March 8th, 4:12 pm

Just as a note, I’ve tried 2 different credit cards with the same results.

Message of please enter valid credit card.

Eric Lempel's Avatar

Greg Belloni said:

March 8th, 4:20 pm

Thanks FORMIK. Appreciate the comments and will pass along the suggestions.

KnightofZeroT said:

March 8th, 5:07 pm

Music Unlimited will be available in Mexico?, do you have plans for Music Unlimited in Mexico?

FORMIK said:

March 8th, 5:14 pm

Thanks for the response!

Please take a look at my discussion in the forum. It explains how it could all come together on the PS3 and Vita so Music Unlimited and PlayMemories Online are two parts of SEN with Video Unlimited and PlayStation Store being another part that also features digital comics and e-books in the Video Unlimited format.

diavolatinoboy23 said:

March 8th, 6:32 pm

Thank you Sony for making this serves available in Canada!… i been waiting for this seen day One… once again thanks! :D

GGCAN said:

March 8th, 8:17 pm

Just wondering if this service could be updated in the future to use our wallet ?

As I stated above, no one seems to be able to answer why some people can’t enter credit card information at the Sony site.

It doesn’t affect everyone, just some people.

After speaking with several people in the US and in Canada at Sony and at my bank, no one seems to be able to help in getting my issue resolved so that I can input my credit card.

I’ve been told by several support people and it’s actually on the Sony Knowledge site, that if all else fails, to use PSN cards.

This is what I have been doing for the past year now (actually feel more comfortable doing it this way instead of having to input my credit card info online).

However, Music unlimited doesn’t have the option to use your wallet for monthly fees, only the credit card system is provided.

Even a rep at Sony stated she was surprised that PSN cards couldn’t be used instead of credit cards.

GGCAN said:

March 8th, 8:18 pm

I think it’s just in case you don’t have enough in your wallet, however, I’d suggest if a plan goes in to introduce payment via PSN cards/wallet as well as being able to use credit cards, that if the individual doesn’t provide the monthly fee at time of billing, they be cut off from the service at billing time.

This will help the online credit card problem some people are having and give people that are having this problem an alternative and ability to purchase products.

Just my own opinion.

Shacojin said:

March 8th, 9:56 pm


Garylisk said:

March 8th, 10:11 pm

Can we drop playlists to play in “offline mode” on the vita? I mostly listen to music through an earbud while at work where there’s no WiFi. It’s pretty inconvenient to be tethered to an internet connection. I remember the brief time I had a Zune, the only thing I liked was Zune Pass, which was basically a service where you downloaded mp3s to your Zune, plus each month you got a couple free songs to keep forever. Best music service, worst device, worst software. Oh well.

peraikos said:

March 9th, 3:49 am

Hi Greg! I am from Greece and i want to tell me why music unlimited is not came here.

CHUY223 said:

March 9th, 10:36 am

does anyone know if can use it over 3g on the vita??

LexLab said:

March 9th, 7:06 pm

Any ETA on PSOne classics for the Vita yet?

pacpunk said:

March 10th, 12:20 pm

is anyone else having trouble connecting to the Music Unlimited server?

GGCAN said:

March 10th, 12:50 pm

Finally got my Billing to work for Music Unlimited !

I’ve got 2 PS3s (Phat and a Slim), PSP and now a Vita.

I tried entering my billing info on my PC, Vita, PSP and Slim to no avail.

Finally tried it on the Phat (my original PS3 from 2007)….it told me I’d entered too many time and to wait at least 24 hours.

Today I entered my billing info and it took it finally (after a whole year that no one seemed to be able to explain why).

I entered the exact same info I had previously, but I think it may be that I entered it on the original PS3 that I initially had was why it worked.

Hopefully, as I mentioned earlier, this service can be purchased via PSN cards so we have an option.

This service is amazing and Canada has finally gotten it !

Great job Sony !

GGCAN said:

March 10th, 12:51 pm

@ 45 – pacpunk….it’s working for me right at the moment.

Not sure why it won’t for you.

paradoxflyer said:

March 11th, 9:45 am

If you add a good anime library I will subscribe to unlimited without a doubt

supercyc10 said:

March 11th, 12:14 pm

now the next thing to do is to add comic reader
…c’mon, it would be silly not too

raeldor70 said:

March 12th, 8:25 am

This is nice, but I’d rather see more PSP games (Burnout, Peacewalker) and PSOne Classics available before stuff like this. Come on Sony… we’re dry on games… help us out here a little, will ya’!

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