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Mar 22

Mar 22

Foosball 2012 Coming to PS3 and PS Vita, with PS Move Support and Cross Play

Jakub Mikyska's Avatar Posted by CEO, Grip Games

Foosball 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita (PSN)

Hi everybody! This is Jakub from Grip Games, the folks who brought you The Impossible Game, MiniSquadron and One Epic Game. We are back to present you our newest creation – Foosball 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita.

PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, so we made sure that we packed it up with lots of features and game modes, like various kinds of tables (American style, European style), customizations, ball types and trick shots to keep you entertained and experimenting for hours.

The World Tour single-player mode will let you travel across the globe and challenge AI opponents in nearly 30 locations. More social players can look forward to a local multiplayer for up to four and online multiplayer, where you can match against the rest of the world and rank up to become the table football champion.

Foosball 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita (PSN)Foosball 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita (PSN)

PlayStation Move is also supported on PS3. If you own this magic wand, you can control Foosball 2012 exactly like you would control a real table football, with 1:1 movement precision. If you don’t own PS Move, DualShock 3 is also supported and, if you have ever played a football game before, the controls will feel immediately familiar. The PS Vita controls are the same as on the PS3 controller, thanks to the dual analog sticks and touch controls are also supported, if that is your thing.

Foosball 2012 is going to be a lot of fun for everyone – not just fans of table football. It is easy to jump into and enjoy instantaneously, but it also provides a lot of space to truly master your skills and rule the online leaderboards. If you are looking for a game that you won’t put away after a few hours, but a game that will motivate you to keep playing and get better, look no further. And I think that I even don’t have to mention just how fun this game can be when you have a few friends available for a local multiplayer. ;-)

Foosball 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita (PSN)Foosball 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita (PSN)

Foosball 2012 will be released for both the PS3 and PS Vita as a downloadable game via the PlayStation Store, and will offer every single Cross Play feature between PS3 and PS Vita that you can think of.

First of all, the game supports cross-platform multiplayer – PS3 players can play against PS Vita players online, and vice versa. Secondly, if you own PS3 and PS Vita, the game automatically synchronizes your save data between both versions. You can start playing the game on your PS3 and then take it on the road with your PS Vita, and start exactly from where you left off.

And the best news of them all: if you buy the PS3 version of Foosball 2012 on either platform then you will be able to play on both platforms at no extra charge. The same applies for any additional purchasable content.

The release is planned for the end of this spring. In the meantime, you can follow the game on Twitter or visit the official website to get all the latest news and also keep checking back on the PlayStation.Blog. I hope to see you all soon online, playing Foosball 2012!

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swisstylez said:

March 22nd, 8:06 am

ooh wooo I haven’t seen a game like in years simple but fun.. looking forward to it

BrianMcGuinness said:

March 22nd, 8:11 am

Yes please.

Jimm_West said:

March 22nd, 8:13 am

i cant wait for this!

soundandvision77 said:

March 22nd, 8:23 am

This looks really cool! The cross-play and pay-one-price for both PS3 and Vita are great news too. It’s really good to see developers doing these types of things to promote their game on both platforms.

Looking forward to seeing more of this game!

shrimpdude said:

March 22nd, 8:26 am

This better be under five bucks.

Fedast said:

March 22nd, 8:27 am

Looks great!!!! Can’t wait! I just hope the fire/trail effect can be deactivated.

MarinoBrea said:

March 22nd, 8:37 am

Looks very cool for a $9.99 game!

adolson said:

March 22nd, 8:46 am

aro52 said:

March 22nd, 8:55 am

If it controls with Move how I think it will (and is fast and responsive), then this will be an ace Move title! The shape of a Move controller just translates so well to a fooseball table handle!

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 22nd, 1:15 pm

    The Move controls work exactly like if you were controlling a real foosball table and there is no lag between Move and on-screen action. We made sure that the Move controls are perfect.

Major_Hoare said:

March 22nd, 9:09 am

This had better not be more than 5 dollars.

FORMIK said:

March 22nd, 9:16 am

This looks like a great family game! How does the local multiplayer look?
Could you explain the Move controls?
Is there an invite system?

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 22nd, 1:19 pm

    In the local multiplayer you simply connect 2 or more controllers and up to two people play for each team (offense & defense).
    Move works like a foosball table handle. Moving it moves the rods with 1:1 precision.
    And finally, yes you can invite your friends.

XFRod said:

March 22nd, 9:23 am

Couple of observations….

Ashtray on the corner of the table, nice touch.

Okay, foosball players come in two varieties… “Spinners” and, those that don’t cheat. I didn’t see any spinning on the video… So, spinning… yea or, nay?

Noticed all the teams are country based. Considering it’s probably a lot cheaper to use national flags than licence and use actual football squads names/logos, I can understand. However, any chance of a being able to edit your teams colors and names? Even without an official logo, just being able to see my team called the “Rowdies”, with yellow and green players, would be enough to take me back to the good ol’ NASL days. Go, Tampa!

Finally, you mention “additional purchasable content”… Please, tell me there will be a zombie table DLC w/ a head rolling around as a ball.

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 22nd, 1:24 pm

    – There is a lot of attention to details. For example the score counters on each table are fully functional.

    – It is possible to do a Snake shot but no other spinning is allowed. So, I would say nay :-)

    – There will actually be also a wide selection of various (fictional) team badges to choose from. But no real teams of option to create your own teams at the moment. But you never know what the DLC may bring ;-)

    – Sorry, no zombie heads :-) But it is a good inspiration for any future content.

Bloody_Marcel said:

March 22nd, 9:26 am

If you have two Moves, can you use both to control two handles simultaneously?

Shrapnel__ said:

March 22nd, 9:40 am

there better be NO spinning !!!

would like to see some wall bank passes to goal shots by the Forwards in the next preview video

banzaitokio70 said:

March 22nd, 10:05 am


mi33ke said:

March 22nd, 10:51 am

For some reason I cant see how your suppose to play this game with the vita or dual shock controller. I can see playing with two move controllers but vita and dual shock controllers????? i dont know

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 22nd, 1:27 pm

    The left stick controls the movements of the ball and the right stick controls shooting / passing. It is very easy to pick up and start playing, but with a lot of room to practice and learn how to do various tricks.

DaMann22 said:

March 22nd, 10:57 am

Im glad that they are really using the cross connectivity that was first promised with the psp. I will definitely get this and Hustle kings sometime in the future if Foosball 2012 is appropriately priced at 10-15 dollars.

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 22nd, 1:27 pm

    9.99 dollars or less ;-)

CA-FOD said:

March 22nd, 11:29 am

Super excited about this game! I got rid of my foosball table when I had my first kid, about 5 years ago (had to make room for her toys). I’ve been dying to play some foosball lately. Not only does this NOT take up space in my house, but it will also have cross-play so I can play on the road! Awesome. I also have the Move controller, but may have to invest in a few more for some multiplayer foos! It would be really sweet if it will be designed for 2 Move controllers per player, so you can get the REAL feel for foos.

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 22nd, 1:30 pm

    You can use two Move controllers at the same time, so you can hold one Move in each hand for real feel ;-)

TomHoang said:

March 22nd, 11:31 am

Really cool use of Move! And another CrossPlay game!

Dessron said:

March 22nd, 11:51 am

I got 2 questions:

1. How much will this be?
2. What kind of trophies list can we expect from this game (is there a platinum? and is it a double trophies list as MotorStorm RC have (you get trophies on one and they unlock automatically for the other version)?)

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 22nd, 1:35 pm

    1. We cannot comment on the price yet, but it will be 9.99 or less.

    2. There is no platinum, but the trophies are doubled (PS3 & Vita) like in MotorStorm RC. There are trophies for playing through the World Tour mode, some skill-based trophies (score a goal using a goaltender, get a shutout against Hard AI, etc.) and also one multiplayer trophy and a hidden trophy ;-)

KAPADO said:

March 22nd, 12:44 pm

Oh yes ,bring this out soon, I will be playing it on the PlayStation 3 with my move controllers in each hand .
European tables for me I need the feet pointing out

mekdigital said:

March 22nd, 1:13 pm

This is super exiting! Please let it be realistic (enough) !!! ;)

Funny thing I just played a prank on my colleagues leaving a fake copy of ‘Foosball stars 2012’ in our break room! I should do this thing more often!!!

ReDai316 said:

March 22nd, 1:31 pm

Mamma says foosballs the devil.


March 22nd, 1:40 pm

Does it come with a digital copy of the action packed 1981 movie “Longshot” :) Showing my age, I know. I own a table at home but having this in my pocket will be nice.

BritishFreak007 said:

March 22nd, 3:42 pm

Looks great guys! Brilliant cross-play features! Day one buy! :)

eatheror said:

March 22nd, 4:21 pm

Excellent to see all the Cross Play features, and especially the ‘buy once, play Cross-account’!

Going to be nice to give this a go once available. One question I didn’t see yet, can you play multiplayer from the Vita via 3G? Or strictly Wi-Fi only? Thanks!


March 22nd, 5:50 pm

it looks like fun, but not $10, if it’s 5-7 I’m definitely in

GranpireV said:

March 22nd, 5:52 pm

Awesome! Finally, some more of this pay-once-get-both stuff! We need more of this!

SolusPrime said:

March 22nd, 6:04 pm

Game looks great, ive had a foosball table in my house since i was a toddler, love them original glass tops :). Awesome looking controls, and cross play looks awesome. Not to mention $9.99 or less…..SOLD.

epizzati said:

March 22nd, 7:40 pm

add me for vita games

jazzyrider said:

March 22nd, 8:08 pm

Meh, I’ll stick with my real foosball table. Thanks for trying anyways.

EdReedFan20 said:

March 22nd, 9:50 pm

Looks great! I actually hoped a game like this would come out. I used to have a foosball table in my basement and I thought a video game version would be awesome, but would not be practical. You’ve proved me wrong. Now, I hope someone will make an official Air Hockey PS Move game.

Busca-Cabezas said:

March 23rd, 4:38 am

I don’t have a Foosball table or even know how to play it, meaning, I totally suck @ it! Hehe! For either or both reasons, I will need to check this game out on my PSVita! Woot! :P

eatheror said:

March 23rd, 10:00 am

Looks like a neat adaptation. Really great to see you’ve added in all the Cross Play features, especially the buy-once-‘Cross’-play-across-hardware feature, that’s stellar!

One question I didn’t see asked or answered, can you play multiplayer from the Vita over the 3G connection? Or is it WiFi only?


    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 23rd, 10:13 am

    Multiplayer is wi-fi only. Foosball is a very quick game and needs a low-lag connection to work properly online. 3G is simply not good enough.

Busca-Cabezas said:

March 23rd, 12:54 pm

3G is so… 2 thousand and late!! :P I would totally trade in my 3G PSVita for a 4G PSVita!! Make it happen people!! :D

megafire555 said:

March 23rd, 2:22 pm

the game looks awesome but can you change the background, the table, the ball, and eve the people you control because i saw a team of hot dogs, and when is the exact date in march or April and what day

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 24th, 11:10 am

    You can change everything in the game… tables,balls, foosmen and even the flag/ team badge you use. We don’t have a release date yet. But it seems like May.

megafire555 said:

March 23rd, 2:22 pm

will there be col DLC with cool new people Backgrounds flags and Ect

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 24th, 11:11 am

    Yes, there will be DLC with new AI opponents that will reward you with new tables, balls, etc if you beat them.

TonyX113 said:

March 24th, 6:42 am

Im confused on this part :

“And the best news of them all: if you buy the PS3 version of Foosball 2012 on either platform then you will be able to play on both platforms at no extra charge.”

Does this mean If I buy this on either my PS3 i’ll get the game free on PS Vita, vice versa (If I get in on PS Vita i’ll get the game free on PS3 ?)

Is this what the above statement meant ?

This part is the one which confuse me even more :

“if you buy the PS3 version of Foosball 2012 on either platform”

… how many platforms is PS3 ? Isn’t in ONE device hence ONE Platform ?!

    Jakub Mikyska's Avatar

    Jakub Mikyska said:

    March 24th, 11:15 am

    You are right about that ;-) It is a little confusing statement.

    But the bottom line is that if you buy Foosball 2012 on your PS3, you will be able to download it to your PS Vita for free. And vice versa. Also, if you buy any additional content on one platform, it will be available for free on the other platform as well.

XFRod said:

March 24th, 1:28 pm

Yay! Buy the Zombie Head Ball DLC for the PS3, use it on the Vita, too! Zombie heads for everyone!!!!! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.

TonyX113 said:

March 25th, 5:37 am

Awesome thx for the confirmation. Definitely gonna get this one now =D and yes Zombie Head Ball+Table DLC !!! Can’t wait so when’s the release date ? I hope this Teusday =P

deademo said:

March 26th, 3:50 pm

is it freee

Ghostx187 said:

March 26th, 10:46 pm

I wanna play the foos ball.

Axle12123 said:

March 29th, 7:42 am

yes pretty interesting!!!!!!!!

LDOGG1234 said:

March 30th, 8:34 am


IT WOULD ALSO BE GREAT IF PS3 USERS COULD SEE THAT YOUR ONLINE WHEN YOU ARE ON YOUR VITA EVEN IF THEY DON’T HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wowowowo1 said:

March 31st, 11:03 am

These seem like hard controls on the vita haha. I mean moving the ball that fast side to side and passing. But seems like a very good game forward to buying this on the ps3.

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