LittleBigPlanet Karting is Coming to PS3!

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LittleBigPlanet Karting is Coming to PS3!

Earlier this year, we cut some cake and popped some champagne to celebrate Media Molecule’s sixth birthday! We’ve had an awesome time during the last six years, seeing how the experiment we started here in Guildford has grown, giving rise to a thriving LittleBigPlanet community. This year will be no different, filled with DLC, plus new experiments from the LBP family for you to play with.

You already know about the fantastic LBP work that Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven Studios are doing on LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita, and now we are delighted to announce today a new LBP collaboration with the hugely talented team at United Front Games who will be leading a new project called LittleBigPlanet Karting! We’ve all seen that UFG has a wealth of racing experience and they’re also intimately familiar with LBP’s cornerstones of “Play, Create, Share.” With LBP’s powerful and diverse toolset in their capable hands, LittleBigPlanet Karting is sure to be an adventure that both LBP fans and kart-racing fans alike will enjoy! We are eager to see what you think of this union and especially excited to see what happens now that you can create in a 3D environment — it’s the start of a whole new LBP world! Have a look at the debut trailer to see for yourself.

LittleBigPlanet! Lots of love!

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

James Grieve, Sr. Producer, United Front Games

Thank you to everyone at Media Molecule, we greatly appreciate the warm welcome into the LittleBigPlanet family. The team here at United Front Games has long been huge fans of LBP and all of the exceptional work done by everyone at Mm. Sackboy has become one of the iconic gaming characters of this generation and to have the opportunity to make a LittleBigPlanet game ourselves is truly an honor.

It has been a joy to collaborate with all of the folks at Mm. Since the project’s inception, they have been great partners in getting to where we are today. Looking ahead, we can’t wait for all of the LBP fans out there to get their hands on LittleBigPlanet Karting. The LBP community is unparalleled in the gaming world for the passion and creativity they bring and it’s going to be exciting to see where they’re able to take this new journey for Sackboy.

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

Our goal with LBP Karting has been fairly simple – provide a fast-paced experience that captures the best of classic karting gameplay, married with the unbridled creativity of LBP. This new adventure will be accessible to players of all ages and have all of the variety necessary to satisfy both the hardcore and more casual players.

This is an LBP game, so we could never talk about it without mentioning the Create tools. LBP Karting is set in an entirely 3D world that will enable players to create rich and varied gameplay experiences. Tons of familiar LBP gadgets will be present, along with a new toolbox specifically tailored to allow for building in LBP Karting’s 3D world. Along with fan-favorite racing and battle modes, players will be able to modify the rules of the game itself to create completely new modes and challenges. All of this is wrapped up in a community experience that should have LBP fans feeling right at home.

Well, that’s all for now, but we’re looking forward to sharing more news on this exciting new game in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more info and get ready for the new world of LittleBigPlanet Karting in 2012!


LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

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  • Hey guys, this game sound very great!, but I hope all our DLC costumes that we got still be on LBPK, and stickers and everything, and also would be cool if there’s a gameplay for local players online, and I hope if there’s a cool page, a person who control it!, and the game’s idea is very fun, grappling hook and bounce pads as I saw in the trailer!, and also when there’s any new costume, should be from LBP2, so it transform to LBPK, but it would be much better if it is an add-on for LBP2!, a section special for it, and also if a person is making a LBPK level, it should be 20, I mean as you guys know that a creator can publish 20 levels only, 20 levels for LBP1, and 20 for LBP2 , and 20 for LBPK, would be very great if you guys did these, thank you so much guys for creating such an awesome upcoming game, can’t wait!

  • Pacmania1967

    looks rad!will there be a chance there will be a victorias lab track?thats my favourate level.also,wouldent it be cool if there was a shoping kart body.

  • Pacmania1967

    the bumble bee looks awsom!.how`d you make it!?

  • Will this be connected with LBP2 in any way? Will all the costumes from LPB2 be imported into LBP Karting? Your Objects and stickers? And will this be a Bluray release, or on PSN?

  • jay-silent_bob

    I have a question.
    Will this game just for fun, or it will be the story?

  • Gamebeast532

    As much as i like lbp im the edge about getting the game

  • This game will be Awesome!!! The LittleBigPlanet series and the ModNation Racers series are one the best series ever made!! So tell me, How will this game be played?Will the game play slightly similar to MNR? Will the game allow the use of 2D and 3D racing as seen in the trailer? If you like I can add an Idea: How about having the players walk around collecting costumes and stickers to put on their karts like in LBP1 and 2 and when in a race collecting hidden parts or vehicles by going through shortcuts you normally wouldn’t go through before?

  • I am very interested in how United Front goes about the object creation. In all the various create modes in all the various games I have never seen a successful 3D object creator, I’m waiting to see a create mode demo for this before I get too excited. I was never a big fan of ModNation due to the lack of total control that LBP has in its creating. I hope LBPK goes better.

  • trunks-148_

    will all the creation tools be availible to create your own races

  • jay-silent_bob

    Please,make a demo on PSN!
    I can not wait for this exclusive, the famous game!

  • I have a question, will data from both LBPs, be saved on the new game. Also, are there any story levels?

  • Just to add, will there be a beta so you can test to find bugs, just like LBP2.

  • DeadlyKandiKayne

    I get what people say when they refer to Modnation, but this LBP Karting has better and different racing modes with a more comfortable 3D feel than the rest of the Little Big Planet franchise. I think it’s pretty cool and could be a better step for Media molecule. I don’t think that people are just gonna shove Modnation racers to the side but still we gamers don’t entirely know what’s in store for us, so we shouldn’t make assumptions just yet. Lets stick with the questions for now.

  • DeadlyKandiKayne

    I have a quick question to anybody out there who can answer it.
    Will there be customizable tracks that players can edit in a create mode like in all the other Little big planet franchise games? It would be a little big letdown if the core thing in the games were taken out.

  • This game looks like it will be really fun. Just don’t forget to add sideswiping :D

  • brandon5213

    This looks great, but when is it being released?

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