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Apr 02

Apr 02

PS Vita System Software Update (v1.65)

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SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Update 4/3/2012: We identified a symptom that users can not play adhoc play in PSP titles if they download the system software, so we have taken down the system software temporarily. The system software will be available to download again soon.

Hi, everyone. The next PS Vita System Software Update (v1.65) will be released soon and will include the following minor enhancements:

  • A “Notification Alert” option will be added to Settings, so you can toggle alerts on or off
  • “After 10 minutes” will be added to the time options under Power Save Settings
  • An Arrow icon will now appear when PS Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea
  • Caps Lock will be supported in the On Screen Keyboard

Don’t forget: there are several ways to update the firmware on your PS Vita:

  • Select “System Update” under the “Settings” menu and download the firmware directly to your PS Vita over Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your PS Vita to a PS3 or a PC/Mac and update via Content Manager.

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Veitsknight2 said:

April 3rd, 7:24 am

How do i reinstal the firmware?

Veitsknight2 said:

April 3rd, 7:31 am

The remoteplay is thru a PS3 firmware patch. Hacked PS3 already have full Remoteplay function. It is the PS3 that needs to be updated, not the VIta

jhernandez360 said:

April 3rd, 7:38 am

How about being able to see our Vita trophies on the PS3?? Will we EVER?!

Fardeenah said:

April 3rd, 7:43 am

the update has been removed from sony servers, new update incoming….

YungShep said:

April 3rd, 7:45 am

flash support and more video support, avi, divx, mkv, etc

Fardeenah said:

April 3rd, 7:52 am

hope they add some good features like fixing the freezes, fixing that bluetooth turning back on bug

remanutd5 said:

April 3rd, 7:57 am

at 204 hey not that im doubting your word but how do you know the update has been removed from sony servers?

AcuraPSV said:

April 3rd, 8:06 am


PS Vita system software update 1.65 has been taken down temporarily due to a technical fault. For any customers who may have already downloaded the firmware, they can continue as normal. We will notify you once the latest system software update is available to download again.

Rocstarr said:

April 3rd, 8:11 am


jhernandez360 said:

April 3rd, 8:19 am

What the hell is going on sony?? Release a firmware update then take it down? What are you guys doing over there?…. lol……Glad to see my money hard at work………!!!!!!!

jhernandez360 said:

April 3rd, 8:22 am

Eric,You guys can’t put the updated status on the US blog like on the EU blog??????

Veitsknight2 said:

April 3rd, 8:25 am

At least you were not able to download the [DELETED] firmware. It completely destroyed my ADHOC capabilities. I can no longer join my sister’s games on the PSP or play online via ADHOC party. IT just wont recognize the VIta anymore. I think the broken patched change the adhoc’s frequency or something. Met 3 others experiencing this problem

pequeno1 said:

April 3rd, 8:43 am

Update to fix music & video playback-controls with AB replay….and please add more PSP games to PS-Vista.


April 3rd, 8:54 am

What a lame update, I can’t believe it took you a month and a half to release this lacking update.

Spidey-guy said:

April 3rd, 9:00 am

Why do we even have a comment section here?
Obliviously Sony doesn’t even read it- or at least feel the need to give their customers answers anyway.

How many comments on this article have asked about PS1 classics? Somewhere around 85% or so.
And how many replies from Sony do we have?

This is NOT how to gain respect and confidence from your customers! I have been a Sony fanman for years and years- but more and more they seem to want to alienate us.

Really Sony?

Personally- I am getting close to the end of my rope here. How difficult would it be to just give us a status report on crap once in a while?

E3 better be EPIC for the Vita or I’m afraid I am done.

chatomachida99 said:

April 3rd, 9:07 am

Google maps its not working in mexico, help us please

KidCommando said:

April 3rd, 9:11 am

Glad I didn’t pick up a Vita at launch as it doesn’t seem like I’m missing anything based on these comments.

Veitsknight2 said:

April 3rd, 9:14 am

Oh great! I just found out that I can no longer visit the Vita’s system boot screen. The one where you long press the power button and it gives you the option to restore, reformat or reinstal firmware.

SuperVegito24 said:

April 3rd, 9:15 am

please download more psp games , and please make PsOne on the vita…….

Crazy-Maisy said:

April 3rd, 9:17 am

Hey @207 look at my @198 comment, which is what is said on the EU blog post about 1.65.

Vpr898 said:

April 3rd, 9:41 am

When will PS Vita trophies be visible from outside the console?

I feel like the Vita is in some kind of quarantine!
Where is the support? Why isn’t the PS Vita better integrated into the PlayStation system?
And why is it taking so long to correct these problems?

mastorofpuppetz said:

April 3rd, 9:45 am

@217, people without issues are not complaining, despite the issues as a gaming handheld vita is by far the best out. So yes you are missing something.

Crazy-Maisy said:

April 3rd, 9:48 am

@221 if you go to the uk playstation site, login, look at your Trophies there … everything is lovely, as it SHOULD be on the US site. You can also make an awesome Portable ID, whereas the US ones are as blah as summer days are long. FWIW

Vpr898 said:

April 3rd, 10:13 am

@223 Wow, just checked it out. That UK trophy list is really all I’m after (and PS Vita users being visible to friends on PS3s) in the US.

Makes me want to drop a huge WTF on SCEA! Seriously, just ugh. I’m not quite fed up yet…but getting there.
I love the products, but the services (and the people, maybe?) behind them leave MUCH to be desired.

Disappointed :/

Sunnycide said:

April 3rd, 10:41 am

Also the ability to play some of my other psp download like pixel junk monsters

badreligionbomb said:

April 3rd, 10:44 am

are 360 owners this whiny?! gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie… that’s all you guys do is whine… grow up…

badreligionbomb said:

April 3rd, 10:44 am

“hey Sony… why can’t my Vita brew my coffee… WHY SONY WHY! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE

DvdXploitr said:

April 3rd, 10:51 am

I traded in my PSP at GameStop for credit toward a PS Vita…..NOT a good idea…I had plenty of PSP games….and now, I have my Vita sittin on my desk collecting dust due to lack of Vita games that interest me! I don’t care for Uncharted or paying $40 for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 when I already have it on Xbox! Come on!! Release God of War for Vita! PSP had some GREAT titles…granted its an old system now, but it had Mortal Kombat Unchained and 2 God of War games! I am getting the Mortal Kombat for Vita next month (already paid for it, just waiting until the release date!)…..

Vpr898 said:

April 3rd, 10:52 am

360 owners can already enjoy the functionality I’m talking about:

Integration between Xbox Live, WP7, and Windows

I wonder though: Is there a bluetooth-enabled coffee maker?
If so, someone probably would ask the for the Vita to be able to control it.
So you’re probably not far off.

yoeun88 said:

April 3rd, 11:08 am

Here is some stuff that I could think of that could be improved.

– add gamepad support for navigating the Vita GUI
– Skype
– Make the sound for trophies LOUDER!
– PS1/PS2 compatibility
– Get the Official Playstation 7.1 wireless headset to work the vita somehow
– Update the flash on the browser
– Allow users on PSN to see vita users playing vita games
– Bring Vita banners to PS3
– Dynamic themes on vita
– Allow vita games to be saved to the cloud
– Expand remote play functionality
– Allow us to group our PSP downloads on PS3 into a folder, the clutter is unbearable on the PS3 xmb
– Allow music playback during PSP games
– Allow for playlists for music tracks

badreligionbomb said:

April 3rd, 11:09 am

of course I’m not… this is nonsense the amount of whining that goes on in these forums. it’s the same echoes when PSP firmware came out.. most people don’t understand hardware restrictions. they always want Sony to give them things they just can’t do.. also this console is barely a month old… I got mine for PS1 and PSP games… can’t have them now… is whining going to get them for me any sooner?! no… it’s nonsense..

ItaChu said:

April 3rd, 11:12 am

@badreligionbomb thats what happens when you announce the vita can do things ….but when you buy it and have it in your hands you find out that Sony pulled a Cashcom on you ….a finished product with lots of capabilities but theyre locked cuz theres some tweaks to fix still :)

HMS_Vitanic said:

April 3rd, 11:14 am

Glad I didn’t pay 300 dollars for a paperweight

Budapesti said:

April 3rd, 11:29 am

I’d imagine, given the statement by Sony, that the firmware was removed because it was exploitable in some fashion.
Glad I downloaded it now (and I won’t be updating it). If they only way I’m going to be able to play my (legally purchased) PSP and PSOne games is through some kind of hack, then I’m happy to do it. I’m sure many others feel the same way. Sony’s tardiness on this issue is pretty inexcusable. The usual corporate litany of broken promises and inflated claims. Well done Sony, that’s another handheld you’ve consigned to being a footnote in the gaming industry’s history.

Slaysme said:

April 3rd, 11:32 am

Too much whining over stupid things makes these valid issues seem trivial. However, crying wolf repeatedly will not stop the real one when it’s here. Not testing updates before you push them is a problem. Draconian drm BS, hiding under the guise of minor updates, is a problem. “soon” is a problem.

@226… You are usually right, most people are whiny entitled scum. However, sometimes things are just plain wrong. Lack of communication, testing, compatibility( I’m talking about the Psp games that play just fine on vita , but are “hidden” on the ps3, not umd’s) success, and advertised features all add up.

“Vita can play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store”- AMAZON.COM description of ps vita wifi model. Hmm.

Budapesti said:

April 3rd, 11:45 am

@badreligionbomb I understand your point, but in this particular case I believe it to be wrongheaded.
I’m reminded of the Louis C.K. routine where he talks about ‘Everything is amazing, but nobody’s happy’. The Vita is a wonderful system, but it’s considerably crippled by Sony’s dogged corporate mentality. I understand the need to lock down the system after the horrible problems PSP had with hacks and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean a company can make claims for a device and then not follow through on those promises.

Budapesti said:

April 3rd, 11:45 am

Telling consumers that ‘we’ll let you know about PSone compatibility’ or that there will be weekly updates of PSP-compatible titles and then doing nothing about it is bad enough. Simply ignoring people’s sincere questions about these things (people who have forked over $250+, often with the understanding that these functions would be available out-of-the-box not less) is inexcusable. It’s bad enough that the uninformed have to put up with those dreadful TV commercials which suggest games like Unit 13 can be played via 3G (Newsflash: They can’t!) but broken promises and deliberate misinformation should not be the operating philosophy of a major consumer electronics manufacturer.
I’m sure that there’s a lot of pressure on SCE to perform, given the hole that Sony Corporation is currently in (SCE is one of the few parts of the company that’s turning a profit these days) but resorting to what amounts to borderline confidence tricks and snake oil sales techniques is an unfortunate, and short sighted, path to take.

badreligionbomb said:

April 3rd, 11:51 am

@235 I understand that.. they should keep with their promises but the endless gimme gimme gimme mentality is ridiculous… people can’t just be happy with the fact that it’s a game console… yet everyone wants it to be a computer… if you want a touch screen tablet… buy a touch screen tablet *shrug* also kudos on the Louie reference… I love him

degenrise80 said:

April 3rd, 12:06 pm

Well… I know remote play for FF7 works…..

mastorofpuppetz said:

April 3rd, 12:20 pm

@BADRELIGION. Nothing worse then a blind sony fangirl… What does PSN integration still not working, Ps one capability, several key features advertised not working still even though they were advertised, what does remote play not working have to do with anything regarding people wanting it to be a tablet?

The Software around the hardware is horribly lacking as is Sony’s communication. heck the PS3 also has poor software compared to the competition.

You sound like a blind fanboy that accepts everything blindly all the while sony takes your money.

Some people have higher standards. In 2012 why release a device witha browser thats so bad?Why can i not see vita friends and trophies online? Why doesnt remote play work? and on and on.

people have a right to complain, vita sales are bad and it’s things like this that are not helping.

X1XKilluaX5X said:

April 3rd, 12:31 pm

*slow claps* Wow, Sony, each day I like you a little less.

badreligionbomb said:

April 3rd, 1:03 pm

@239 I’m not a fanboy by any means… but this is an ongoing thing… people cry and whine because they don’t get what they want… well sucks to be you… you don’t always get what you want. also I agree with you.. people DO have a right to complain… but whining like a child over features that you don’t have is nonsense…. enjoy the product.. or sell it

Slaysme said:

April 3rd, 1:10 pm

As I stated, cry wolf syndrome. Now valid complaints are whining drivel.
It’s messed up how all of the other recent posts get replies, but this one gets ignored, so they can pretend they didn’t read it. Even damage control hasn’t been here, by the looks of things. Guess they’re busy.. What’s that? Useless home games get replies in the comments? Hmm.

I’ve defended you so far. Now do your part. Fix this. The shill accts aren’t enough.

Budds_o_Tokin said:

April 3rd, 1:14 pm

This is a really bad update… the video player is still even behind what is found on the psp. At least I was hoping for what the ps3 has, yet I have to create thumbnails for my videos while a useful option found on their other hardware seems to good for the Vita.

Also, the lack of ability to create any folders to sort your videos,music, and photos. Which the PS3 can do…and saddens me that the Vita cannot. How is something so awesome like the Vita come in third place in terms of options and usability given to the user. Seriously, why isn’t there basic options while watching a video. You simply get play/pause, time skip forward and back, and stop.

Yet the PSP does a better job…that in itself is just sad and holds back the Vita from what it can truly be.

Still love my Vita though,
A concerned fan.

chev327flatout said:

April 3rd, 1:36 pm

To people saying “PSOne Classics?”… correct me if I’m wrong but it was never confirmed it would ever support them.

I’m most worried about the things that are already supposed to work like PS+ MINIS…

But I suppose each of us wants fixed what affects us most.

fantasyplayer said:

April 3rd, 1:44 pm

If it supports the rest of the missing psp games and ps1 games I’ll buy one the very next day.

Busca-Cabezas said:

April 3rd, 1:55 pm

PSVita!! Yay!!! It’s great and all… Still, there is so much wrong with it. Oh well… I guess I could care less… It kinda took them like, 5? 6 years? To have the PS3 console where it is today, and still, there is so much wrong with it… I guess we gonna get milked for allot more years to come… Oh well… Bring it guys! Bring the Rockus!! :D

furystylee said:

April 3rd, 1:58 pm

@244 Playstation Europe via Twitter: “Downloaded PS one Classics will be compatible with PS Vita soon after launch.”

I haven’t been able to put my Vita down since I got it. I can’t wait to see what’s in the future – this system has a lot of potential!

iammrfrank said:

April 3rd, 2:02 pm

Why can’t we get a real update that adds real features to the Vita? I purchased my Vita a month ago and this is the first update.. And it’s useless.

Don’t care about livearea, don’t care about online notifications, don’t care about the power save option. The only real update here is the ability to use caps lock, which should have been included from day 1, IMO.

This update is such a waste of time.

Slaysme said:

April 3rd, 2:02 pm


“Vita can play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store” from wifi ps cita amazon.com product description page.
If someone were to impulse buy one on that alone, and not additional research, they would own an incomplete product. and #245 says he will buy one right away of the issue were resolved. Just like many in Japan, still buying Psp units instead. . Its on you sony, not ad campaigns, not useless updates, get this boat turned around now, before it sinks. Delete this entry and all of the comments already.

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