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Apr 02

Apr 02

PS Vita System Software Update (v1.65)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Update 4/3/2012: We identified a symptom that users can not play adhoc play in PSP titles if they download the system software, so we have taken down the system software temporarily. The system software will be available to download again soon.

Hi, everyone. The next PS Vita System Software Update (v1.65) will be released soon and will include the following minor enhancements:

  • A “Notification Alert” option will be added to Settings, so you can toggle alerts on or off
  • “After 10 minutes” will be added to the time options under Power Save Settings
  • An Arrow icon will now appear when PS Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea
  • Caps Lock will be supported in the On Screen Keyboard

Don’t forget: there are several ways to update the firmware on your PS Vita:

  • Select “System Update” under the “Settings” menu and download the firmware directly to your PS Vita over Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your PS Vita to a PS3 or a PC/Mac and update via Content Manager.

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DaGimp13 said:

April 4th, 4:54 am

that seems like a rather large library that is inaccessable, so with maybe 25-35 games available for it, and nothing new within the last 2 weeks for the Vita, I’d say they got every reason to b17ch, considering these were promised, and have not been delivered on.

fantasyplayer said:

April 4th, 5:02 am

To tell the truth the vita is not a failure.A lot of people bought one.They say sells were good.Which is probably why sony is not worried about the problems that much.they are making there money,which is what it is all about with them.ps3 backward compatibility a perfect example.Man they making a lot of money off of ps2 remakes.So part of the blame goes to people that bought the vita.If none were sold they would already have the problems fixed so it would sell and they could make there #1 priority.” Money “

ELITE_CMDR_666 said:

April 4th, 5:15 am

lovely, lovely bar far the worst ever, you update other things that to me dont have priority, when you should of fixed this darn installing everytime a game cartridge is put in and not to mention the browser which is useless…

kimchee75 said:

April 4th, 6:54 am

I have to admit, I am very dissapointed with this update. How come Europe gets a fix for PS + minis and we don’t. As an early adopter I understand that there will be problems, but it seems like none of our requests are even be read. I do love my vita though.

bakerarmy said:

April 4th, 7:13 am

What a waste of typing. Why not have a word count for this box? or just stop the user from typing when they hit the limit.

I say this update is just to fix the PSP Emulator, thats why they pulled it when psp stuff stopped working. So instead of calling it a security update, they put some cheap features in it.

If the Vita can play PSP games, then it should be able to play PS One games. So just release the darn thing.
Same with the remote play…..Killzone 3 was shown, and hackers proved it was just something that the PS3 was blocking.

I am sick of seeing advertising for stuff that isn’t even out. Skype, and Remote play(the Killzone video)
fix the browser, I can’t even log into Sony website and video too.

I wait till they just pull PSP support, instead of fixing the security holes. Like they did with Linux in the PS3 aswell as the PS2 support(that they just remake as a HD upgrade) just wait for the PSP Vita upgrades

Sweeper_AZ said:

April 4th, 7:17 am

Just bought a Vita after trading in my home consoles as I really don’t have much in the way of time for sit down at home games. I like what I see, but I’m minorly dissapointed that my PSOne classics and two PSP games I’ve purchased earlier aren’t compatible yet. I’ll deal as I know they’ll be updated eventually. :)

I downloaded the 1.65 update yesterday and it worked fine, This morning I get a notice that I need 1.66 which I’m DLing now. What happened?

Slaysme said:

April 4th, 8:17 am

Store crashes on 1.66. Never happened before. Stop rushing silly updates.
I want the product I ordered, not the prototype. Come on now.

logicsquirrel said:

April 4th, 8:20 am

mine froze up after 1.66 when i opened messaging, had to hold power and rebuild database.. it is working fine now.

Elvick_ said:

April 4th, 8:52 am

Twitter app needs an update for scrolling with the rear touch pads. Like the facebook app has.

Much better and more intuitive than using the front touch for everything. Button options would be nice too for that matter.

I want PS2 Classics to support Remote Play. PSone Classics do, and while I realize they’ll eventually be native on PSVita the PS2 Classics won’t be. So Remote Play is a nice option to have instead.

Elvick_ said:

April 4th, 8:55 am

@297; You can’t call something broken if you don’t even have it. And my headset works fine. Has since I got it for Christmas.

Squiggle55 said:

April 4th, 9:22 am

Is anyone else still having trouble with PS+ minis, I keep hearing that 1.66 fixed the issue, but my Vita still doesn’t recognize minis in content manager and I can’t download any from the Vita store. Either they only fixed Europe or I’m missing something.

MEXRPG said:

April 4th, 9:52 am

Check out this Twitter feed from!/KillzoneDotCom/status/182400620156813312
Looks like they are going back on what they promised which initially made many of us buy a PS VIta. I feel so cheated, they never were going to give us PS3 titles to be used with remote play, they just showed that KZ3 video to trick us into buying a Vita. Unbelievable!

kimchee75 said:

April 4th, 10:05 am

I read the same thing. WTF why would they fix one region and not the other. You would think they would try to keep loyal fans happy.

nanashi17 said:

April 4th, 10:41 am

Please make ps one classics playable on the vita.

madhyamika said:

April 4th, 10:44 am

We are still missing

A) PSOne classics and

B) most PSP games (Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, please).

C) the web browser needs a Flash player.

D) And what happened to PS3 Remote Play? It only works on a few games, which is pretty weak.

I bought my Vita expecting these features and they are still missing. Please give us a major update soon – my Vita feels rather crippled until then.

ziggurcat said:

April 4th, 12:35 pm

“+ IVDAZE774 on April 4th, 2012 at 12:10 am said:


there’s a setting, you fool. try doing a little research before raging like a bleeding moron.

ziggurcat said:

April 4th, 12:41 pm

i know it’s silly, but i would really love the ability to adjust the screen’s brightness/contrast/colour/tint to bring it as close to 6500K as possible. i mean the screen looks great, but the problem with having vibrant colours is that it tends to have too much contrast.

so please, plase make this happen (if it’s even possible).

ziggurcat said:

April 4th, 12:52 pm

+ Spidey-guy on April 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 am said:

How many comments on this article have asked about PS1 classics? Somewhere around 85% or so.

who cares about PSOne classics for the vita… you know what system runs PSOne classics just fine? the *PSOne*.

for god’s sake, people are their silly, childish whining….

wolfetempest8469 said:

April 4th, 1:57 pm

Sooo. 1.66 has been released, but not sure if all is right again for those who play adhoc psp games. Just noticed nothing has been mentioned either by us vita users or by playstation. Go figure.

Nicelydone_24 said:

April 4th, 2:03 pm

I’m left wondering as well as many other PS Vita consumers what is in the new update v 1.66? I’d like to know as a loyal PlayStation customer why there hasn’t been any announcements for why we just had another firmware update in less than 24 hours since the last one?

Spidey-guy said:

April 4th, 2:38 pm

At 318- “who cares about PS1 classics?”

well like I said in my original post that you quoted- like 85% of the comments in this article alone!!
Reading comprehension is our friend.

But honestly- what I want more than PS1 games or anything else- is INFORMATION!
Why does Sony refuse to even acknowledge the hundreds of customers that keep asking when?

Survivor is on ‘soon.’
The sun will burn out ‘soon.’
Soon is like tomorrow- it is never NOW.

But whatever- Like I said before- I love my Sony stuff, but if Sony is hell-bent on destroying customer confidence and customer relations ……so be it.

Keep kicking us- I’m sure it will be just fine in the end Sony.

Cereal_With_Milk said:

April 4th, 3:38 pm

Sony, could you guys make better updates? I’m not trying to be a jerk..but I don’t plan on updating my Vita until..

The friends app, party app, and group chat should be in one application in my opinion.

A FLASH PLAYER would really be nice for the internet browser; the browser is fast but kind of useless.

Add psx support/a psx section in the store for the Vita.

Fix the Bluetooth bug when the Vita is powered off.

Make it possible to use more than one PSN account, it makes the login/logout feature useless..

Could you please add a YouTube app, or a FLASH PLAYER?

Add online support to games like Uncharted and Modnation racers? It’s getting kinda boring alone..

In my opinion the Vita feels very “Locked Down”, it’s not very comfortable to use. The interface is a pain, and it lacks a lot of features. I would appreciate a better update..

-Your consumer, Josh.

Alistor53259 said:

April 4th, 3:52 pm

Yeah, can’t play Dissidia 012: Duodecim with my friends with this current update. Also, sometime in the near future, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say PS Classics are needed for the Vita. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Parasite Eve won’t work yet, and I really want them for on-the-go play. My PSP broke… :-(

Alistor53259 said:

April 4th, 3:56 pm

Also, NEAR is useless to me since I’m pretty sure I am the only one who did not lie about my age. I really don’t see the need to restrict the whole app from underage users.

gamesNmusic said:

April 4th, 4:17 pm

PS1 Classics Please :)

soratheultima said:

April 4th, 4:59 pm

@ 318… if you haven’t noticed just about any other sony console can emulate ps1 titles. and tbh i think that since the psp can emulate ps1 classics i think they should just use the psp emulator on the vita to run ps1 classics everyone is begging for it and i think they should release those to because they are great games. im not sure why sony is holding back so long… and also please fix the wifi issue of it turning itself off everytime i lock the system its annoying when downloading a game and the download stops.

userchris296 said:

April 4th, 6:15 pm

PS Vita loves getting upgrades to have more features and stuff. however, i am still missing 5 psp games as fat princess: fistful of cake, lemmings, metal gear solid: portable ops and ops plus and patapon 3. upgrades can possiably resolve freezing issues as well. sony is doing everything they can to keep every gaming systems to keep them stable, improvements, etc. i been waiting for a month or so for another update to come out, but i was hoping a new update would allow to transfer more old psp games to vita from ps3 system. i was totally shocked and surprised when i found out just this morning while at work as i noticed my vita system saying needing a update before signing into playstation network. funny thing is i already upgraded my vita system on monday night to version 1.65 and then just today was version 1.66. i didn’t had any problems at all on version 1.65 so far until another new update came out just today and already upgraded the version 1.66. at least sony gave everybody little bit more features on 1.66 for vita system though. i still love my vita system on the first day i brought it on february 22nd as i always keep it in a great shape and keeping the screen wiped clean as no fingerprints.

John-Shooter said:

April 4th, 6:26 pm

what the heck is this? why does my pc need to be online for my vita to access my content through usb?.. that seems kinda idk retarded..

John-Shooter said:

April 4th, 6:26 pm

and the mods are on the prowel again

Ts5007666 said:

April 4th, 7:32 pm

hi sony i am a big fan of yours i just got your new ps vita a month ago and i still cant get my ps1 games on my vita. whats up sony Y R U doing this. you said it would come out soon its been a month.

paradoxflyer said:

April 4th, 7:39 pm

any idea when the PSP library will be updated? I wanna play MGS peace walker and portable ops, and skype please


April 4th, 9:53 pm

I had to add my 2 cents. We would like PS1 support because the Vita LOOKS like it can handle it with ease if the PSP could. Ragnarok Odyssey should be released in the west. Back to the Vita I admit that I am still honey mooning but I would like to see PS1 classics asap and not wait till E3. It is better to mention the feature as already done then today PS1 classics are available when they were confirmed to be coming. PSP game compatibility I really only care about one in particular…. Phantasy star portable 2. We would love to play that game until we get the new one next year. I thought that we could retire and replace the PSP but it seems that there was a misunderstanding concerning the “all PSP games on SEN will be compatible” thing. Also, most importantly go for it now. Don’t wait. Glasses 3d on the Vita for movies and supported games, remote play PS3 games, PS2 game support…. the whole nine. Many are so close to buying from the people I have talked too but I have to honest when they pose questions.


April 4th, 10:06 pm

I have to continue because I hope that this is read and someone acknowledges the opportunity here. Make your own monster hunter type game with the Dark cloud license or the Brother hood of the blades license. When PS1 had all the Capcom Vs games Nintendo responded with Smash brothers and now it is a powerful series. If the Warriors Lair rumors are true have San Diego tap into some Japanese sensibilities in the art and design of the game for it to do well in the East and compete. Zipper died because they were married to the military. If they changed the look of their Socom 4 game to something Fat princess like or team fortress renamed it they would have stood out more and added more character to the game. Also keep specs of the PS4 close to the vest and do not tip your hand. Epic caused RROD on the 360 with the 512ram upgrade and tripped the PS3. You should gather Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Santa Monica, Guerilla Games, Campbride, Media Molecule, Evolution etc… and decide on the specs. Naughty Dog especially has proven that in my opinion are the best and most diverse studio in the business. From their first game till now ALL their games are quality HIGH production value experiences. You may not know you are in the driver seat.

skygunner27 said:

April 4th, 11:29 pm

What a dissappointment. No Youtube app, No HTML5 support, crappy web browser and no blue light freeze fix. I’m about to return all of my Vita crap and trade in my all my Vita games unless Sony takes care of business ASAP!!! If not, I’ll buy another Vita after you release different colors, provide all that we ask and offer a serious price drop. I’m so glad I didn’t activate 3G on my Vita. There’s nothing on the Vita that I would want to use 3G with.

skygunner27 said:

April 4th, 11:30 pm

I forgot to mention that the Japanese PS Vita stores has waaaaaay more PSone, PSP and Turbo Grafx 16 games. WTH?

nbuubu said:

April 4th, 11:34 pm


I can’t get ANY of my PS+ Minis titles to work either. Redownloaded every single one on my PS3, most of which are listed as officially compatible, and zero show up in the Vita Content Manager.

Only PS+ title I’ve ever been able to get working is Little Big Planet PSP … never had a single Mini title working.

This is about the clumsiest interface and system of downloading content I’ve ever seen. Seriously Sony, wtf.

nbuubu said:

April 4th, 11:49 pm

To clarify, I have never been able to get a single PS+ Minis title to even transfer to my Vita from my PS3, let alone see the error where they don’t work.

zxbenphamxz said:

April 5th, 2:24 am

i want god of war, kill zone, resident evil for vita
folder options in video, picture and homescreen
unlock electric compass feature

fantasyplayer said:

April 5th, 5:10 am

OK lets get real here.Sony is big .They understand money.As long as it sells they aren’t that worried about the complaints.You wont them to fix things.Then it simple.Take your vita back for a refund and tell them.It does not do what it is suppose to and it does way less then I would like it too.They understand that. It’s called no sell,no profits.If you still can and don’t do this than don’t complain.Just wait for sony.Then you can go on the forum and let them know you’ll get one again when the problems are fixed.Bet they will fix the problems then.

Slaysme said:

April 5th, 6:24 am

Fantasy player, you need to research retail and how it works. What you are advocating people do will hurt the retailer, not Sony. Think about it. Returning stuff will not show them a darn thing. If you’re so dedicated, go to GameStop, etc, and talk to prospective customers about the pros and cons of the system. Call the crap out of Sony, do it right. Don’t be stupid.

fantasyplayer said:

April 5th, 6:55 am

I,m 53 years old.Seen a lot of things come and go.Every game system made come to life.And had almost all of them. Company’s aren’t like they use to be.Now days they know money and profits not people.If they know why something is not selling and can fix it so it will,They will fix it.But they do have to know why.I see very few company’s now,if any that work any different then this.It,s sad but true.

fantasyplayer said:

April 5th, 7:20 am

Be leave me.With all the variety of merchandise retail has to sell now they won’t know the difference.The vita is only a small dot in the over all picture.

Cruz480 said:

April 5th, 8:22 am

Seriously im starting to get pissed off… It seems that they have gone back on their word and decided not to put release a remote play compatibility patch.

This is terrible… Only reason i even bought the vita…

Leiruc said:

April 5th, 9:34 am

Oh why did we all fall for it. Fancy words sell $300 paper weights.

fantasyplayer said:

April 5th, 9:55 am

I know this probably has something to do with the games that people are hacking the system with recently.But please remember sony.They are few.The people that bought are many upon many.Don’t ignore the many and turn them ageist a wonderful system while your in a personal war ageist the few.I for at lest one are paying for my content.

MEXRPG said:

April 5th, 10:47 am

@343 I feel you my man. The vita is a great piece of hardware and trust me I have been using it for many other things asides from the Remote Play. But, the remote play with PS3 titles was the main reason why I actually went through and bought it. The whole idea of my wife watching TV and me sitting next to her and spending some”quality time” together while I am playing AC Revelations via my Remote Connection on my VITA was amazing! But, that whole plan I had is not going to happen. Funny how they said you could use remote play with their little KZ3 video and now that everyone has bought one they say “As for KZ3 remote play on Vita, we have no plans to support it” Source: kilzonedotcom twitter feed. Now that’s a straight up kick in the balls!

dilbig5 said:

April 5th, 12:49 pm

Did any of you people actually buy a Vita to play Vita games? Why use remote play to play a game on it when you would probably be sitting in front of your PS3 anyway? That’s just kinda stupid. Seems like 95% of the people commenting just want to use the Vita as a PSP. Why the hell would you buy a Vita if all you wanted to do was play games from other systems? Stop whinning about PS1 games and Remote Play. You already have a PS3/PSP for the PS1 games, hell some of you might have the original Playstation or PS2.

Realsvi said:

April 5th, 1:47 pm

Please, for the love of god, fix Unit 13. I’m tired of that game randomly crashing and forcing me to hard restart the Vita!

I love the game and am addicted to it, but its random sound loss, followed by subsequent freeze and inability to shut off the Vita and forcing a hard reboot is annoying. It also can’t be good for the Vita system itself having to do that.

MEXRPG said:

April 5th, 3:04 pm

@347 How dare you! Who the heck are you to tell people how to use their systems!? That’s why it has (should have) so many functions, depending on the person and how he/she prefers to use their system. If I wanted to sit in front of my TV and play PS3, I will. If I want to sit in my bed (where I don’t have a TV or PS3) and play PS3 games remotely with my PS Vita, then I should be able to if I choose.

But, that isn’t the point little fella. The point is that if you market your product a certain way to gain sales, well you should come through with your promises or misleading sales tactics. That’s the point. If you find it stupid to use your PS Vita to play games remotely or to play PS1 games, then don’t do it! But, as a consumer everyone should have a choice to use what they purchased however the heck they want! After spending as much as I did for my PS Vita and the accessories, I am definitely not going to take criticism from you or anyone else for that matter.

fantasyplayer said:

April 5th, 3:24 pm

#347 you should up your standards in life. Settling with a product that is less than what it is supposed to be or said to be, is very poor judgment.And at the price that the vita cost.I don’t know.Mabe it,s a personal or mental problem.

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