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Apr 09

Apr 09

ModNation Racers Road Trip: Ch-Check It Out

Mark Wilson's Avatar Posted by Community Specialist, San Diego Studios

ModNation Monday Art

Wha-what’s this all about, you say?

We’re talking some pretty sweet ModNation Racers: Road Trip exclusive unlockables, thank you for asking!
This past week I noticed that “Road Trip’s” Global Travel Points feature had really started to gain some notable momentum. “How does this affect me?,” again a great question. Well, if we all work together like the great nation we are, we will begin to see some of the 15 uber-cool Road Trip exclusive unlockables come to life.

Here is how it works…

Essentially the Mod Explorer feature in ModNation Racers: Road Trip allows you as an individual, and the community as a whole to be ultimately rewarded for each and every mileage check-in. The more Mod Explorer check-in’s you post, the more miles you accumulate, the more pieces you attain. Similarly, this goes for the community. When all of our miles are “pitched” together into the big Mod Explorer pot even more items become unlocked to use. Yahoo!


These highly-detailed models of famous landmarks from around the world are ready and waiting for a home in your new track(s). With the powerful track creation tools in Road Trip, I am pretty sure we will be racing some absolutely stunning and/or wacky tracks very soon!

“Road Trip” Community Hot Lap Challenge
Each week we will host a Community Hot Lap Challenge to see who can post the best time on selected tracks. The top three times will be mentioned here in this ModNation Monday blog for the world to see.

Last Week’s Hot Lap Results:
Track: “Let It Snow” by MNR_RT

  1. ZlheckJr – 37.594s
  2. Panpa00 – 38.316s
  3. Dtvtb – 39.057s


Think you’re the best racer in Road Trip?

Two words… Bring It!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip “Track of the Week” – A View from a Pier by mooglestar


ModNation Racers For PS3

All-Time 10 Best User-Created Tracks?
In just a few short weeks The ModNation Racers franchise celebrates its two year anniversary! Help us by nominating what you think are the 10 best user created tracks in the game.

Your nominations can be posted HERE.

Track Creation Challenge – MNR Grand Prix 2012
Plans are underway for the “ModNation Racers Two Year Anniversary Celebration Grand Prix” and we’d like your help!

We are looking for the community to design three of the twelve courses we will use in the Grand Prix event. Over the next few weeks you will see more details in the ModNation Monday blog about this exciting Track Creation Challenge. Imagine having the VERY best racers ModNation has to offer competing on your track. This one has to be special! Race-ability is key, but the judges will be looking at aesthetics as well.

Check HERE for more details.

Top Tracks: Best of BongSoldier


Hot Lap Track of the Week: *Arachnophobia* by prob_alex
(prob_alex has done it again. This track’s gargantuan spider creations are expectedly astounding but his hive of spider eggs literally gave me the creeps. Ep-Ick! Eight thumbs up!)


Monday: Andorian Avalanche by KING_MEPHISTO
Tuesday: Big Castle Circuit by hey_monday_v
Wednesday: Majestic Avenue by John31269
Thursday: Hot Plains Drifter 1.1 by anaximperator
Friday: The Lost Labs Of Laquinta by atheistsw and OnePoppa
Saturday: *Arachnophobia* by prob_alex
Sunday: THE SWARM by mackAttack8000

Have a great week everyone,

PS3: ModNationSD
Vita: ModNationSDVita

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BlaZer409 said:

April 9th, 7:12 am

when does PS store update… today or the 10th?

    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 9:56 am

    Tuesdays = the 10th

gallaredblue said:

April 9th, 7:17 am


atheistsw said:

April 9th, 7:18 am

Wow, I wish we could get those landmark props on the PS3 version… they look EPIC!

DarkOne_PR said:

April 9th, 7:48 am

do u know…. I was this >I< close of buying MRRT on gamestop bc it was at 19.99 and i want the game badly but u know what? i remained committed to my protest!

NO Online = No buy!

Major_Hoare said:

April 9th, 8:04 am


MN:RT could be offered as a free download like Motorstorm RC was and I still wouldn’t bother to download because I’m also committed to “no online = no sale.” MN:RT is DOA and that’s too bad since MN PS3 remains a great kart racer albeit with long loading times but–that said–I did purchase MN PS3 at retail.

Yasir_Said said:

April 9th, 8:37 am

Very long loading times? A fix that you probably won’t like.

Backup modnation to the computer after recording your favourite mods. It will take ages. Delete modnation from the vita. It will take AGES. In the backup on your computer, delete (or move to backup) the files “savedata.psvimg” and psvmd. This file contains not only your save file but also all the mods that you have downloaded. It’s the one responsible for the extremely slow reading times. I had about 100 tracks downloaded but to be honest, I only noticed problems when I started progressing in the campaign and unlocking items. Restore the game to vita and:

Loading to start screen about 45 seconds, another 10 or so to get to the main menu and selection screen. After that the levels in the custom folder load much quicker then before as well, and loading maps takes the usual minute. Not exactly speedy but hardly the 5 minutes+ it was taking previously.

If it helps I noticed a significant change after getting past the fourth race of the second tour but it may just be accumulative and depends on how many other mods you downloaded, not sure really.

Anyway, if you just want to race some custom maps faster, this worked for me.

Yasir_Said said:

April 9th, 8:40 am

I should say those interested in custom content creation with their own tracks should be careful about deleting the save file, not sure how you would be able to separate them or get the files back without uploading them as editable files as well if you are still working on them.

Yasir_Said said:

April 9th, 8:42 am

I think the file is just probably ridiculously fragmented? Sorry for the triple post, wish it was editable!

New tracks look pretty cool, going to grab a few. Doubt I will be able to contribute to the global travel point unlocks but a lot of those of those props look pretty awesome.

Yasir_Said said:

April 9th, 8:56 am

I’m butchering the conversation, apologies Mark, but just wanted to retract that fragmented suggestion – I remember I tried backing it up with the save file to the vita first, same issue. Perhaps it just got corrupt along the way and not everyone has this issue…Anyway, hope it helps at least someone.

thekoesq said:

April 9th, 9:13 am

Hey Mark
Last week you mentioned a 2 year anniversary celebration.
What’ve you got planned for MNR PS3?

    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 9:59 am

    I’m glad you asked. Next weeks blog will have the full rundown. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

boomstickbhg said:

April 9th, 9:40 am

What kind of race do we do to get the global points? I’ve done both career races and against ghosts/fake online mode but I’ve never seen the game mention global stuff.

I really hope it doesn’t involve actually walking around playing the Vita since I’m A) disabled and B) The Vita doesn’t work in direct sunlight apparently so taking it outside is useless.

    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 10:03 am

    Hi boomstickbhg,

    The points are accumulated through the community as a group checking in with Mod Explorer. The more players check-in the more travel point accumulated. (spoiler – you can purchase an unlock key in the PlayStation store that unlocks all the DLC above as well as the PS3 DLC),

neto2552 said:

April 9th, 9:40 am

Why my ps vita is not counting my steps, is because i need the 3G version or why?
And when does the multiplayer patch will be out… i can´t play this game without mp, this make me thow up, i mean this game is amazing with multiplayer.

ZlheckJr said:

April 9th, 10:09 am

Well I’m surprised. You left (ShamgarBlade) completely out of the Hot Lap Times and I know he wasn’t a last minute entry. Since I beat his time on Tuesday of last week. Also, you missed (dtvtb’s) Time Trial. He beat Panpa on Friday. So the Time Trials for the Hot Lap should be

1) ZlheckJr (35.276)
2) ShamgarBlade (35.901)
3) dtvtb (38.124)
4) panpa00 (38.316)

    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 10:19 am

    The times / positions will be a little off as the blog is sent off on the previous Wednesday. We still want to acknowledge the best at that point though.

Dante_jrc said:

April 9th, 10:13 am

Hi Mark,

I’m still stuck at 200 travel points since last week, and I’ve checked in at both home and work this week. Is there any way to fix this? Sorry for posting this in the blog, but I couldn’t find any contact info for the studio.



    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 10:21 am


    You can always send me a message at ModNationSD or ModNationSDVita. I’ll look for more details from you there.


Mark Wilson's Avatar

Mark Wilson said:

April 9th, 10:21 am


You can always send me a message at ModNationSD or ModNationSDVita. I’ll look for more details from you there.


ZlheckJr said:

April 9th, 10:23 am

Oh that makes more sense. Thank You for clarifying.

MagicalHamster said:

April 9th, 10:46 am

Oh, shoot! I’d love to have the Sphinx prop.

    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 11:55 am

    … and I’d love for you to have the Sphinx prop!

    oh what a hamster could do…!

neto2552 said:

April 9th, 11:09 am

Hey mark do you know any news about the patch?

hypersk_us said:

April 9th, 11:42 am

Hey Mark, are there any news of Stowaway Mod and Kart making it into the PSN Store for the anniversary? It would be a really cool gift for the fans even if it’s not free.

    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 11:56 am

    It won’t be for sale but there will be some more ways to attain it pretty soon!

La_maravich_22 said:

April 9th, 12:12 pm


La_maravich_22 said:

April 9th, 12:13 pm

Modnation 2 please United Front

La_maravich_22 said:

April 9th, 12:23 pm

can i use the dlc of the ps3 version of modnationon the ps vita version?

    Mark Wilson's Avatar

    Mark Wilson said:

    April 9th, 1:06 pm

    The PS3 DLC is available for Road Trip on Vita as unlockables or an unlock all key from the PlayStation Store.


April 9th, 12:28 pm

Give it up you guys… there wont be any Update to Multiplayer the games is fine as it is. It certainly was a lost opportunity though and seeing United Front is doing LBP Kart. We can speculate the next modnation wont be out at least till the next console generation.

I love road trip on my psv just fine I prolly wont get LBP Kart but I have no words to describe the disspaointment. Doubt modnation ps3 and Road trip will be the same until after LBP comes out though.

neto2552 said:

April 9th, 1:00 pm

ACCELLION_XGP That a blasphemy, come on mark please tell him that a multiplayer update will be out, please mark.

boomstickbhg said:

April 9th, 2:31 pm

Has anyone from the MNR crew actually answered one of the thousands of ‘will there be online racing’ questions?

If the answer has been given before, then yeah it’s a waste of time to keep posting on here when any topic regarding the lack of Online for Road Trip gets ignored (since I started reading the blog posts).

If they haven’t answered, then one small “No” or “I don’t know” or “It’s being looked into” or “We have no plans for that right now” etc… type of answer could shut everyone up about it.

As much as I want Online (since that’s why I play MNR to begin with), the lack of response to the questions is what bothers me now, I don’t even care what the answer is anymore I just want to see one.

neto2552 said:

April 9th, 3:43 pm

We need to make a strike, this is unfair, sony do what they need no what we want, but they do this because we the costumers never do something against this, we pay for this game, if you don´t like mp just don’t play mp but a lot of people love mp, is just that simple, sony love money so why just they sell the patch, i could pay for the patch 10 dollars or more.

ShamgarBlade said:

April 9th, 4:25 pm

“The times / positions will be a little off as the blog is sent off on the previous Wednesday. We still want to acknowledge the best at that point though.”

Wednesday eh? Wish I had known that before. Oh well, thanks for clarifying. :)

TUSTIN1 said:

April 9th, 6:46 pm

No news of an online patch + no news of a track pack DLC discount for PS3 = the complete lack of a need for a blog post.

Talk about beating a dead horse…

CubeBlade15 said:

April 9th, 8:26 pm

Is there an augmented reality mode in this game? Because if you visit, and you hover your mouse on the rear camera icon, it will say, “Race with real world backgrounds using Augmented Reality”.

It would be really cool if it does!

kampf-mammut said:

April 10th, 2:35 am

Would be great to see also Mods, Karts and Postcards in the ModNation Monday Blog…

NorthernLitez said:

April 10th, 6:52 pm

ModNation Racer ADHOC stopped working for me. Whenever I try to join two VITA’s I get ” Unable to join game. Game is currently full” Any thoughts? I think this happened yesterday after a patch.

TacticalPotato said:

April 10th, 7:40 pm




im not buying your game and a dozen of my friends arent going to until you give us some news.


finaler said:

April 15th, 8:16 am

I agree with the other people, I have no plans on buying this game unless there is a patch that includes online racing against each other. Hot laps are fun but they get old fast if that’s all you can do with one another. Looks like a great game….it just needs to be awakened.

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