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Apr 20

Apr 20

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Powers Up for PS3

Andy Burt's Avatar Posted by Correspondent, PlayStation.Blog

Though Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been available in arcades since earlier this year in the States (and back into September in Japan), the revamped PS3 version brings numerous new characters and a new training mode that re-imagines the series’ previously established mini-games.

While the main fighting mechanics of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will feel familiar to anyone acquainted with the series’ staccato combat style, the console version introduces a few new ways to lock horns with worthy competitors. You can now fight opponents in several configurations — two against two, two against one, and one against one — and each of these modes is available at any time. In matches that pit one character against two, the disadvantaged player receives a more generous life bar but obviously cannot switch fighters when the going gets rough. Conversely, the player with two fighters will have to pay close attention; in true Tekken tag form, you’ll lose the round if either character is KO’d.

During the Namco Bandai Gamer’s Day, the developers also clarified their position on offering DLC characters, with series director Katsuhiro Harada making it clear that the game won’t charge players to unlock new characters. This is good news for Tekken fans looking to experience any of the 50+ characters included on the game’s Blu-ray Disc.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3

Fight Lab is another standout addition to the PS3 version. Its goal is worthy: to train players in Tekken’s deep fighting mechanics without serving up a dry tutorial experience. In a roundtable discussion with Katsuhiro Harada, the veteran developer explained that the mode will embrace some of the quirky (but addictive!) minigames of past Tekken titles while simultaneously training the player so they can come back into the main game with new skills at their disposal.

In Fight Lab, players build up their “Combot,” a customizable cyborg fighter which, as time spent in Fight Lab goes on, can be customized both aesthetically and through specialized combat sets. Players can choose from a variety of moves used by fighters in the main roster as they progress, as well as a number of unlockable costumes and visual flairs to their Combot.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3

While Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be instantly familiar to fans of the series, the next entry brings many new innovations to the tried and true formula that fight fans would be remiss to pass by. Keep an eye out for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this September, and get your best combos ready for massive brawling.

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GamerMoney said:

April 20th, 1:27 pm

im ok w no dlc but really wish you had to go through the game to unlock characters. or do x amount jyggles to unlock certain things. gives arcade mode more meaning. in no way do i want a campaign mode like in tekken 6. stories can be told in an arcade form without going though with what seemed like pointless fighting to get to the point of the whole area

gamer_316 said:

April 20th, 2:18 pm

Will this game have unlockable Playstation Home items like Tekken 6 did?

LovesJapanManga said:

April 20th, 2:22 pm

I love this series so much since it first came out in 90’s. Will it be available via digital download via PSN Store beside its physical copies at retail stores everywhere? Also, will Namco-Bandai offer a demo for this game before its release date?

Kurizamiru said:

April 20th, 2:33 pm

oh yes

MarkakaJin said:

April 20th, 2:36 pm

You guys should bring back Tekken Force. That’s a fun mode. Not like how Tekken 6 put that strange campaign story mode. I’m sure some of us didn’t like that mode.

JH-FallenReaper said:

April 20th, 2:41 pm

Always been a Tekken fan, got Tekken Hybrid, and now cant wait for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

DarkOne_PR said:

April 20th, 3:13 pm

ooooh bring this baby to the vita and then we can talk :P


April 20th, 3:40 pm

Thank you Harada for not milkin us. Wish you would teach the rest of this industry.

inFAMOUS-787 said:

April 20th, 3:46 pm

Always TEKKEN even when SF was big i always leaned more towards this franchise.Very little games give me found memories of growing up like TEKKEN3 does. Cannot wait for TT2!!!

inFAMOUS-787 said:

April 20th, 3:47 pm

Hell my first game for the PS2 was TEKKEN TAG lol and if i remember my only for a entire year!!

WrekGar said:

April 20th, 3:53 pm

I can not wait for this to get here. Would love to see a Vita version with some CROSS PLAY.


April 20th, 5:18 pm

Harada San and Namco please make a Vita version of this game. I have Tekken5 DR on PSP and PS3 and have Tekken 6 on Vita, PSP and PS3. I cannot live without the other to have on the go. Even if the online mode is not cross play it would be great to have a version of the game on the go. You have the best overall fighting game period in my opinion and was a SF guy since childhood so that is saying something. But, this game seems to have nailed everything from modes, 1v1, 2v2, 1v2 I mean the music is amazing. Please bring this to the Vita us Vita owners would eat this up for sure. Cheers!

Protohype said:

April 20th, 6:04 pm

I’m Tekken a liking to AMK’s partner, also the Combots seems interesting. Thank you for returning mini-games and including the full roster. I’ll be placing a preorder on my next visit. Is something in the works like Tekken 6’s limited case sleeve?

B_Unique- said:

April 20th, 6:36 pm

Im already planning on buying multiple copies :)

Hopefully there’s a vita version :P

Sponge-worthy said:

April 20th, 8:36 pm

I just hope that this version performs better on the technical side. When Tekken went multi-platform with Tekken 6, the graphical quirks and extremely long loading times were disappointments.

Otherwise, I’m excited to play!

vp-of-pancakes said:

April 20th, 9:25 pm

I remember good times playing the first one on the PS2.

Busca-Cabezas said:

April 20th, 11:45 pm

T T T 2 FTW!! I want more details on what will be released @ launch. I can’t wait till September!!! I’ve already been teased bad with the Blood Vengeance Demo! :P

Mc_Lovin82 said:

April 21st, 3:46 am

Looks promising. Hopefully the netcode will be better this time.

Dying2Win said:

April 21st, 4:22 am

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Stormshadowrule said:

April 21st, 6:22 pm

one question if you have playstation plus does it renew on its own because i woke up and i got an email saying it renewed it for 17.99 @ 7:01am i was asleep that time

octus said:

April 21st, 8:57 pm

that video got me pumped, i am ready for this game!!!


April 21st, 10:38 pm

ima tell all friends to bring their controllers because i know it be 4 players. it “s gonna be long days of serving ass whoopins

Shacojin said:

April 21st, 11:59 pm

Can’t wait!! Bring back Tekken Bowl also!

Mark_331 said:

April 22nd, 7:52 am

when i waz a little kid, ive allwayz bin a fan of tekken wen i plyed my first tekken game tekken 2 i waz usin ppl such az king, yoshimitsu, etc. now years later there iz an announcement 4 ttt2 i waz in shock. cnt wait 4 dis game

falcon96 said:

April 22nd, 11:00 am

Waswondering if we’d ever see Combot again. i think it’ll be pretty cool though to have your own custom version off him this time around though

mike6DemonSlayer said:

April 22nd, 11:04 am

forgot to say this but can u guys email a picture of how the ps3 slim disc drive should look because i think the alligment may be in wrong place thanks

falcon96 said:

April 22nd, 11:06 am

+ Stormshadowrule on April 21st, 2012 at 6:22 pm said:

one question if you have playstation plus does it renew on its own because i woke up and i got an email saying it renewed it for 17.99 @ 7:01am i was asleep that time

@ stormshadowrule… yes it does renew automatically unless you set it not to,,,you can do it from your ps3 i believe i bought the year subscription and been ps plus for like 2 years almost, but i do remember seeing on my system somewhere. check subscriptions under acct management

falcon96 said:

April 22nd, 11:08 am

King & Marduk 4 Life!!!!!! i cant wait!!!

jiggyteddy said:

April 23rd, 10:32 am

This is a day 1 purchase for me.

I’m very excited to see the Tekken Tag series make a triumpant return.

And definitely big thumbs up for the unlocking of additional characters as opposed to paid DLC. Not because I’m a cheapo, but because I frown upon paying to unlock data.

No reason for that. That is why I rarely purchase DLC of any kind for the games I purchase. Buying expansion packs is different, but buying to unlock? No thanks.

And that is me being nice about the issue.

Great post and thanks for the update!

DCS-Tekken said:

April 26th, 3:28 pm

Let’s just Hope NAMCO does the right thing here and puts into the GAME HOME REWARDS!

Yes HOME REWARDS! like Tekken 6 had long ago. It’s time for NAMCO to bring SUPPORT back to Playstation HOME and include HOME REWARDS in this NEW Game..

Make it so NAMCO!

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