PlayStation and MLG Present the Spring Fighter Arena

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PlayStation and MLG Present the Spring Fighter Arena

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Today marks the beginning of something new and exciting for the Fighting Games division at Major League Gaming and PlayStation: the MLG Spring Fighter Arena. The top eight players of Warner Bros’ Mortal Kombat and Namco Bandai’s SoulCalibur V from the MLG Winter Championships will compete in what should be one of the most godlike matchups since the release of these two fighting games. With thousands of dollars on the line, these competitors will be duking it out on PS3 in hours of competitive matches.

The amount of history behind these matches is unprecedented: CDjr the reigning Mortal Kombat champion will be navigating a gauntlet of players that all have his name on a checklist of people to beat, including some of his own brothers. Over on Soul Calibur 5, the Champion Keev, from France, will look to do the same after a successful event at the MLG Winter Championships. The action starts today at 2:00pm EST until 10pm EST packed with live streams, giveaways, and a group of the most entertaining casters in fighting games. This isn’t something any fan is going to want to miss. For a full detailed explanation of players brackets and matchup times go here.

How is this happening? You can take advantage of the free main stream available for everyone’s viewing pleasure (HD junkies can get an MLG viewing pass for 4.99). In addition to the main stream, you can find tips, exhibition matches, and supporting content on the free Dr. Pepper Ultimate Access Stream. There will be grudge matches, prizes and there will most certainly be some great entertainment.

Check out the stream above and let us know what you think.

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  • DuoMaxwell007

    nice to finally see a console video game tournament bein hosted/talked about on PS3 for once instead of always Xbox… would be great to see more like it.

  • i wish sony would make a KZ3 4vs4 tournament… :(

  • MLG Y U only in America and not Europe ? :P

  • MLG!!!

  • ein_nineteenth

    Nice to see the MLG returning to a major presence on the PS3.
    Let’s see if they avoid the “unfortunate incidents” that occurred last time they had major ladders on the Ps3.

  • @1
    In the interest of fairness, the EA Sports tournaments for FIFA 12, NHL 12, and Madden NFL 12 were all PS3 exclusive as well :) Aside from that, agreed

  • The Spring Fighter Arena featuring two of my favorite fighting games = winning!

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