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May 01

May 01

All Starhawk Beta Players Will Receive Free Gifts

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

After years of hard work on Starhawk I am wicked excited to finally announce that Starhawk has gone gold and will be on store shelves in North America on May 8th! GOOOOOAAAAALLLL….D!

Starhawk is not your normal off-the-shelf shooter. We’ve certainly taken some chances with this game, but it’s gonna be worth it: The Build & Battle system alters the traditional shooter recipe in such a way that when you play other shooters you may find yourself frustrated that you can’t build bunkers, walls, outposts, and all the other stuff that Starhawk lets you build. So if you’re a shooter fan looking for a change of pace, definitely pick up Starhawk!

Nothing ever comes easy though, and integrating Build & Battle certainly took a bunch of iteration and refinement both internally during production here at LightBox Interactive and also during our private and public betas. You guys were really great beta testers, so as a “thank you” for your participation we’re giving you two exclusive items.

The first is The Hand of the Founder. It’s an exclusive character accessory for anyone who played in the BETA. It’s a gold, glowing, atom-looking thing that is bonded to your right hand. It’s intended to be a way to show off to your friends and everyone else online that you were one of Starhawk’s founders. That you had a hand in its creation!

The second item is the Warhawk Paint Set. It includes two exclusive vehicle paint schemes that you can use to customize any of your vehicles in Starhawk. The Warhawk Paint Set is available to any Starhawk Beta tester who was *ALSO* a Warhawk player. You get the olive-drab military look of Warhawk’s Eucadians as well as the stealthy, black and gunmetal look of the Chernovans.

Both The Hand of the Founder and the Warhawk Paint Set are Starhawk Beta exclusives and are intended to be very special “thank you” items that will never be re-released or sold. And we’ll be making a follow-up post on the specifics of how we’ll be distributing these Beta gifts.

Like you heard me say in the video, the release of Starhawk on May 8th is just the beginning! We’re going to be continuing to release updates and refinements to Starhawk to make sure the community is getting the best Starhawk experience we can provide.

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stewbrew said:

May 1st, 10:10 am

Starhawk is a beast!!!

Poozilla024 said:

May 1st, 10:12 am

sweet bonuses

WastelandDan said:

May 1st, 10:13 am

Never got into the beta, but these are neat perks for those who did.

stewbrew said:

May 1st, 10:13 am

I was a beta tester YEAHH!!!

luvtoseek said:

May 1st, 10:15 am

Yesssss, not much longer!

DarkHowl said:

May 1st, 10:20 am

Very nice gifts to those that have participated in both the beta testing and Warhawk. Can’t wait to show these off on release date. May 8th and my limited edition can’t come soon enough.

Congrats, Mr. Jobe and the people at Lightbox. Let’s hope Starhawk is as big and successful as Warhawk became. :D

KingTygerVII said:

May 1st, 10:21 am

NICE, even thought i could only play it 2 hours cause of uni work, i had fun with it!, and its nice to be appreciated for helping. ^_^, but playing warhawk is nice but cant wait for this one already, hope they do midnight launch…

Tremulan777 said:

May 1st, 10:22 am

man this game will be epic…. Thanks for the cool stuff

bgardner said:

May 1st, 10:25 am

now we are talk free stuff hell yeah love the beta one week to go

Richard919 said:

May 1st, 10:27 am

Dylan Jobe is awesome…the beta was fun and single player is lookin pretty sweet i cant wait for Starhawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go yotes!

snakeeyes211 said:

May 1st, 10:28 am

Question my PlayStation broke so I bought myself a new one so I have a new hard drive so I don’t have the save files from my Warhawk and from the Starhawk beta so will I be able to get my gift please let me know thank you and have a great day :-/

JoeTheBeast16 said:

May 1st, 10:31 am

I played the beta for about a week and loooooooved it.
The only reason I didn’t keep playing it was so that I’d be able to thoroughly enjoy the full game upon release!
Super excited!

Robbie_G_lrish said:

May 1st, 10:34 am

I hope this game does really well as it’s absolutely stellar. For those who don’t normally like online multiplayer I suggest giving this a chance. I’ve only ever liked Killzone 2’s Warzone mode, and Starhawk. That’s it. Build and Battle makes this game.

Guardian_Bob said:

May 1st, 10:36 am

Knife looks better, or at least faster now.

Still wondering if they’ll split out private from public beta users with perhaps a different color glowing planets circling your arm.


May 1st, 10:40 am

Siiiick! like the bonuses! bonuses are great.

Elvick_ said:

May 1st, 10:41 am

Cool, I tried Warhawk when I got my PS3 but everyone was so pro that I couldn’t learn the ropes naturally and it wasn’t fun being killed so easily. D:

Starhawk has a single player I can get the hang of things, and I played some of the beta too. So I’m looking forward to it.

DJDue said:

May 1st, 10:51 am

Wow, Dylan and LI really are a model for all game companies. Love the way you guys do things, can’t wait for May 8th

Heavenly_king said:

May 1st, 10:57 am

“Black Box Interactive” Wut? ¬_¬, at least in sounded like that at the beginning of the video.

Airwalkinman17 said:

May 1st, 10:59 am

Thats so cool of you guys! Super stoked for next tuesday. I’ve had my pre-order in for awhile now.
Easily one of my most anticipated games for this year. Can’t wait to dig into the campaign and then jump in for some split screen online co-op and competitive mutliplayer. Me and my fam are gonna love this!!!
Thanks team Lightbox!!!

Blkant said:

May 1st, 11:03 am

Will there buildings, vehicles, or weapons in the SP that we didn’t see in the beta in the SP or the MP?

In any case, if you guys support this game like you guys did with warhawk it should last me quite a lot time. :) Here’s to hoping we’ll see a snowy planet too.

KidCommando said:

May 1st, 11:06 am

One. More. Week.

Can’t wait to see the customization, discover all the maps, check out the single player campaign, and of course…

PLAY A GAME OF ZONES! <— I think Build and Battle will be awesome in this game mode.

Thanks for the gifts LBI

rbanke said:

May 1st, 11:07 am

Still can’t get an answer and have been ignored every time I’ve asked over twitter and on blog posts, but I’ll ask again. Is this going to be on the PlayStation Store day one? Having Warhawk always ready to go was great and considering several 3rd party games have released on the store day & date with retail, it would be silly for a 1st party game not to.

arbbanchenko said:

May 1st, 11:13 am

CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

BeechV35Pilot said:

May 1st, 11:13 am

@rbanke (comment 22): I am in no way connected to LBI but I have been following the official Starhawk page since it was announced back in May 2011. It has been stated there multiple times by officials that there will not r be a PSN download version of the “base” Starhawk game. FWIW….

BeechV35Pilot said:

May 1st, 11:15 am

* will NOT be a PSN version … I had typed NEVER and failed to completely delete that word when I realized NEVER is too strong.

IceColdKilla44 said:

May 1st, 11:22 am

I played a few levels of Starhawk’s single player this past weekend at a Best Buy Playstation event, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. The beta was amazing, but the campaign gameplay just sealed the deal for me. After maybe about an hour of playing I went straight to GameStop and pre-ordered.

Thank you LightBox for making what will EASILY become my game of the summer. Hope to see you online!

Mini_Sal said:

May 1st, 11:35 am

Thanks LBI. Also, what about platinum Warhawk players? Any word on a cool perk for us? Furthermore your beard is getting a little out of hand DJ….. GET ON THIS NOW LIGHT BOX

jason_ac said:

May 1st, 11:51 am

I’m looking forward to the full game!

Wakeboarder56 said:

May 1st, 11:51 am

This is great news! The bonuses and the post-launch support are all very exciting. The new customization screen looks cool, too. It’s hard to believe there’s only one week left. Congratulations on going gold!!!!!
How’s the Q&A video coming along?

supermoc10 said:

May 1st, 11:55 am

Can’t wait for Starhawk to launch. Beta was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wicky5 said:

May 1st, 12:05 pm

Aaahhhhhh! The anticipation!

Sorrows_Passion said:

May 1st, 12:06 pm

Thank you Dylan and everyone at LBI and Sony Santa Monica! I was a proud Incognito Fan back in the day and it brings me joy to see you care and listen to the community.

tusunami said:

May 1st, 12:17 pm

This is what i’m talking about incentives for playing the beta, other game developers need to follow suit!!!!!!!!!!!!1

effin_eric said:

May 1st, 12:20 pm

I have been counting down the days for Starhawk to played on my system again. Played in the Private & Public beta for weeks. I miss the joys of Warhawk but this game is just so phenomenal and original. Thank you for giving back to the die-hards…

C_Y_P_H_E_R said:

May 1st, 12:24 pm

I downloaded the beta and never played it because I had played Warhawk many times and have Starhawk pre-ordered. Do I still qualify for this? Please help. Would be much appreciated!

Shacojin said:

May 1st, 12:27 pm

Thank You Dylan Jobe! Starhawk kicked so much ass during the beta and I know it will be amazing when it launches!

Use1cc said:

May 1st, 12:47 pm

I played the beta, day one, but it never peaked my interest. But that’s only because I was addicted to a different multiplayer game at the time. I’m sure I’ll get addicted to the Starhawk MP soon after I purchase the full game.

I played the PS One version of Warhawk on my PS3 ….wonder if that, in combination with the beta, will earn me the free reward? Or, is it only for players of the PS3 version of Warhawk? If the latter is true that’s kinda unfair to the Old Skool fans. I know life isn’t fair but Sony usually is…right?

BossmanCCrowder1 said:

May 1st, 12:54 pm

Great exclusives for Warhawk and beta players!

EvoAnubis said:

May 1st, 1:13 pm

Thanks, Dylan! It was a pleasure to help with the beta; can’t wait to buy the game!

GersanMW said:

May 1st, 1:19 pm

( I cant believe im actually commenting now. Starhawk is that important to me :D) I LOVE Warhawk. I

GersanMW said:

May 1st, 1:25 pm

I can’t believe I actually got into commenting here, and just for this post. I LOVE Warhawk. Lightbox interactive must be heaven!!! A game as good as Starhawk can only come from heaven!!! I got ADDICTED to it on t Beta. Im sure im gonna LOVE Starhawk more than my girlfriend!!! & this kinds of little bonuses are why I KNOW u guys at Lightbox GET IT. NEVER CHANGE guys NEVER CHANGE :D

LordRaoh said:

May 1st, 1:25 pm

That is awesome news.

Thank you.


May 1st, 1:36 pm

Yay!!! I can’t wait :D

P.S. Hurry up with that Q&A video :P

warezIbanez said:

May 1st, 1:48 pm

Congrats, all! Can I airmail some champagne?

Anyway, I’d say my group, the Rebel Alliance, is ready to take to the battles once again. If you want to play with a group of Warhawk veterans who aren’t elitist tools, check out our site at

Hokage_45678 said:

May 1st, 1:49 pm

LightBox. Kudos to you guys for being so community involved! It’s too bad that I won’t be picking this up until the beginning of summer cause of exams and stuff but having tried the Beta and playing WarHawk (which happens to be the first game I ever got on the PS3). I would just crave for more! Looking forward to playing it in the summer!

dredre8424 said:

May 1st, 2:05 pm

yes :D i was a founder :P

JrXC said:

May 1st, 2:24 pm

That is freakin awesome! Nice jacket by the way…and for the love of goodness no on disc dlc please. Can’t wait to sink tons of hours into Starhawk.


May 1st, 2:54 pm

Can’t wait…let’s get this show on the road!

mistasmooth25 said:

May 1st, 2:59 pm

Thank you for the best beta I’ve ever played, and now this exclusive DLC. I pre-ordered it, and I can’t wait for the release!

DreamJuvi said:

May 1st, 3:37 pm

Best game i’v ever played since jak 1 ^^. Also, (B.o.D) Brink of Death is recruting you must have a swagger of a thousand gods to join. HMU if your in for the fun. If not I’ll see you in your spawn ^^.

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