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May 02

May 02

Persona 4 Golden Coming to PS Vita This Fall

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

PlayStation Blog,

Look at it. Just look at it. Your PlayStation Vita. It’s so sexy, isn’t it? Those sleek, glossy curves…Those adorable analog sticks…That gigantic OLED screen. Oh my goodness, dat screen.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were some RPG, some massive RPG with dozens and dozens of hours of tried-and-true gameplay and a captivating story to tell? Sure, it takes a while for every system to really get to that meaty part of its lifecycle, but luckily for PS Vita owners, their new handheld is going to get that game this fall.


That’s right, boys and girls, Persona 4 Golden, the enhanced and expanded (yet comfortably handheld) upgrade to the award-winning RPG classic, is coming to a PS Vita near you–preferably the one in your hands as you’re reading this–this fall.


The original game has an overall Metacritic score of 90 and tons of “Editor’s Choice” and “Best Of” awards. It’s generally considered one of the finest games ever made, certainly one of the best in its genre, delivering oodles of hours of enthralling storytelling, immensely satisfying combat, intricate party management, and addicting Persona collection and customization. Social Links, the system through which players can develop and strengthen bonds with characters in the game world—relationships that will enrich the overall experience and enhance their party’s combat capabilities—are as incredibly addictive and fulfilling as ever.


And then there’s all the new stuff, the improvements, if you will: remastered visuals and sounds; new Personas to collect; new story events along with an all-new character; 1.5 times the voiced dialogue of the original release; a new online “dungeon rescue” feature that allows users to call on other players for assistance in real time when they are about to die in the TV world; stunning new anime cutscenes, which include a new opening animation with a new song from master composer Shoji Meguro; a host of fan-suggested tweaks and changes, and much more!

When Persona 3 Portable, a similar handheld reimagining of an already terrific RPG, was released in 2010, it went down as the second-best reviewed game on the PSP (according to EVER. We figure it stands to reason that Persona 4 Golden and all of its enhancements are going to be one heck of a reason to boot up (or pick up) your PS Vita.


Pre-order your copy using links at, which will become a full-fledged site with additional game info and media soon enough.


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Tremulan777 said:

May 2nd, 4:58 pm

keep the great vita games coming! Man I truly love my vita :D

rightontargt4 said:

May 2nd, 5:01 pm

Persona 4 Golden is to Persona 4 as Aram Jabbari is to ____?

Anyway, looks like my PS2 version is staying in my closet, unplayed. Why bother, now! Consider me sold on this one.

Also, Aram – off-topic, but is there a way to see the results of the Demon’s Souls server vote from yesterday? Obviously White Tendency was the winner, but any stats posted anywhere??


mckg123456789 said:

May 2nd, 5:24 pm

OMG AWESOME ! atlus you are awesome ;)

Foreignspade said:

May 2nd, 5:54 pm

Please bring Dark Cloud 1 & 2 to PSN next!

AutomaticOcelot said:

May 2nd, 6:14 pm

I love the big screen. It’s so fresh and so clean.
(Yep, that campaign “worked”. ;)

AutomaticOcelot said:

May 2nd, 6:17 pm

By the way I am still wearing my Junpei hat (which was a total shock, the Amazon page didn’t have a picture of it). Would appreciate if you can come up with something equally epic and yet not overtly nerdy. :D

Tyfighter80 said:

May 2nd, 6:43 pm

Great game, but “Metacritics 2008 PS2 game of the year” is probably the most pathetic distinction i’ve ever seen. If you sincerely think it was a good game, tell people why without mentioning that it beat out a spongebob game and a janky version of Madden.

I don’t think JRPG fans are as interested in Metacritic as you’d like to believe. Give your fans some credit.

FonFahbre said:

May 2nd, 6:47 pm

This is excellent news!. Thank you!.

Kchow23 said:

May 2nd, 9:18 pm

Never played a Person game before, but this one seems like a good place to start! PS Vita FTW!

Parhibition said:

May 2nd, 11:30 pm

I’ve really been enjoying Persona 3 FES on the PS3 recently, but I don’t have a PS Vita. Is there any chance either Persona 4 or Persona 4 Golden will be coming to the PS3 through either the PSN or retail at some point?

Neoyurikraz said:

May 3rd, 12:51 am

Definitely looking forward to this game and will be picking it up release day. Now if we can only get the Shadowhearts series on the Vita and PSN between it and Persona, my RPG plate would be more than full.

colstripcapn said:

May 3rd, 3:47 am

If I owned a Vita, this would be on my buy list, but alas I do not. Yet at least.

This is the only RPG Vita has at the moment, and I could also buy the PS2 version which is still around. Vita needs more RPGs, I need more than one before I buy a system.

Disiaga 3 dosen’t count, already have it on the PS3, didn’t like it but that seams to be a constant with NIS titles, need real RPGs. Atlus, I’m begging you, bring us more!

You and XSeed are pretty much the only people left who care about RPGs anymore :( I don’t know why this genre is dying but it makes me a sad panda.

luvtoseek said:

May 3rd, 4:16 am

Hi Aram, several questions:

1. What’s the approx. size of the digital download?
2. Is there any functionality for the Near app? (I hope so!)
3. There’s trophy support, correct?


refnulf said:

May 3rd, 6:55 am

Will persona 4 arena be coming out for the Vita as well? Has that been confirmed for the Vita so far? Please, would appreciate an answer!

refnulf said:

May 3rd, 6:58 am

Hmmm, just read on the other thread that there were no plans for the Vita. I’m disappointed now!

Arkanovsk said:

May 3rd, 8:12 am

If I didn’t already have a PS vita, I’d buy one just because Persona 4 Golden.

ChrisHighwind said:

May 3rd, 10:14 am

Well played, Mr. Jabbari :P

Meteorgun7 said:

May 3rd, 10:28 am

Amazing news, my roommate has played this game to death on his PS2! Can’t wait to play this on my beautiful PS Vita!!!

kaythanksbye2 said:

May 3rd, 11:39 am

Would this game be good even for someone who has not played a single game in the Persona series before?

tigerbait_ said:

May 3rd, 1:13 pm

This sounds great, cant wait to play it. But if u guys could port over Demon’s Souls to Vita then I would dance naked in the street, please u can even charge $60…..

Lapwner said:

May 3rd, 2:57 pm

Cool story bro, now give the PS Vita PS1 game support…You don’t want to know how badly I want to fill up my vita with FF7, FF8, and FF Origins (Harvest Moon as well) :D

iBOCK_ said:

May 3rd, 3:41 pm

Yes! This is one of the (many) reasons why I bought the Vita! I’m so happy that we finally have a release estimate now.

RE_Player said:

May 3rd, 4:06 pm

I need this game now.

Cross-Legacy said:

May 3rd, 4:07 pm

Atlus does it again. You guys gonna pick up Grand Knights History on PSP?

Orohu said:

May 3rd, 5:26 pm

Man, I was so excited when I heard, I immediately went to work on a Persona 4 The Golden theme for my Vita.
What do you think?

sockerps said:

May 3rd, 6:38 pm

Any chance for dual audio?

Elvick_ said:

May 4th, 12:27 am

@43: So don’t hold your handheld so you have to look downward… :/

RAP1979 said:

May 4th, 12:31 am

@69. Definitely.

RAP1979 said:

May 4th, 12:35 am

Hey, Aram, quick question in other related Shin Megami Tensei news (this is off-topic, In know), I know that Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP is coming to Japan in May. Any chance that this remake would eventually be coming here to the U.S.? Thanks!

luvtoseek said:

May 4th, 6:59 pm

@75, not bad. :D Images are cropped well focusing on the characters, but imo, I’m not a fan of those images. Not your mistake as you didn’t draw them, it’s the source material. I wish the female characters posed alittle better. Still, you framed the shots nicely!

Heartless_Angel7 said:

May 4th, 8:05 pm

Why is P4Golden a PSVita exclusive? Will this be ported to the PS3? Yes? Day one purchase.

BIGWORLD41 said:

May 4th, 8:37 pm

This story made my week! The VITA has a great library, and it has the SRPG field nailed with Disagea 3. But, I for one would really like to sink my teeth in to a fantastic JRPG. I CANNOT wait for this to come out. I really think Atlus is going to get nice and comfy on the VITA. I was going to suggest that P4 be released as a PS2 classic, I would still buy it. But after seeing the updated shots, and reading about the game updates this is THE version to get.

Don’t be disappointed that the game isn’t on PS3. P4 the Arena is coming out for PS3. Yeah, it is a different game. But maybe, just maybe P4 will release as a PS2 Classic, and ultimately, sales of this game should hopefully go towards a P5!

MurderForEver said:

May 5th, 1:26 pm

this game will be in english too??

Shiroyami said:

May 9th, 7:02 pm

Let me just say this. Aram! Persona 4 Golden is the REASON, yes…the REASON, I’m purchasing a PlayStation Vita this year. Very pleased with the turn around time compared to the Japanese release, awesome.

supercyc10 said:

May 11th, 11:16 am

You know, i had the craziest idea. Most of us who could actually relate to p3 and p4 were IN high school during the release date. Now that we’re all grown up and in college now, wouldn’t it be a crazy idea if P5 was also in a college setting. other series grew up too, like avatar last airbender (the korra series become a more adult-ish theme than aang’s). Imagine, a game series that actually grows up with you…just throwin’ it out there.

supercyc10 said:

May 11th, 11:22 am

of course, my idea has it’s faults- i know

XDeath90 said:

May 12th, 2:28 pm

OMG! incredible news.
Please make Persona 4 avatars as well, i’d buy them all in 5 different accounts xD

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