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May 03

May 03

Starhawk: Top Ways to Kill (or Die) + Full Trophy List & Tips

Chuck Lacson's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

5 more days till Starhawk drops in-stores! As you can imagine we are pretty excited in the office that everyone will get to finally experience the GLORY that we call the POD KILL. “What’s a POD KILL?” you ask? Well let me demonstrate-

The POD KILL, is one of many inventive ways to take out your enemy in Starhawk. Even if you have been playing shooters for years, you’ll be surprised at how many new ways you can be take out your enemy (and get completed served as well). And the fun is when you find a new way to kill, you can name it!

Whether you call it THE HEADS UP, THE MANCAKE, or THE PROPERTY DAMAGE, you haven’t lived until you have dropped a building on someone’s head. (We also like to call that getting “Dorothy’d”) With that in mind, it’s time to plan your path to PLATINUM with the full, official PSN Trophies list, and some tips to get them.

Bronze Trophies (+15 hidden)

First Blood Get your first kill in multiplayer.
The First of Many Win your first multiplayer game.
CTF Starter Win your first Capture the Flag game.
Zones Starter Win your first Zones game.
TDM Starter Win your first Team Deathmatch game.
Prospector Starter Win your first Prospector game.
Ready Up Use Build & Battle for the first time in the campaign.
Build & Battle Use Build & Battle for the first time in multiplayer.
Curious Builder Build one of every available structure in a single multiplayer game.
Mancake! Kill an enemy by dropping a building on them.
Saboteur Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Welding Torch.
ARMed and Dangerous Kill an enemy with the A.R.M.
Deadeye With the LR-3 Railgun, kill an enemy from more than 2,500 feet away.
Mech My Day Shoot the pilot out of a Hawk while it’s on the ground.
Out of the Saddle Shoot the driver, passenger, or gunner out of a Razorback.
Takedown Kill an enemy with a melee attack.
Rear Gunner Shoot down a Hawk with the Razorback turret.
Eagle Eye Shoot down a flying Hawk with the Ox tank.
Hat Trick Destroy a fully-loaded Razorback with R-Sec proximity charges.
Minor Miscalculation Kill an enemy with his own R-Sec poximity charge.
Annoying Little Fly Kill a player flying a Vulture pack by ramming them with your Hawk.
Long Bomb Kill an enemy with a Tetranite Grenade from at least 200 feet away.

Silver Trophies (+1 Hidden)

Outlaw Get 1,000 kills in multiplayer.
Conqueror Win 100 multiplayer games.
CTF Veteran Win 100 Capture the Flag games.
Zones Veteran Win 100 Zones games.
TDM Veteran Win 100 TDM Team Deathmatch game.
Team Leader Play a perfect Team Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).
Lone Wolf Play a perfect Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).
Prospector Veteran Win 50 Prospector games.
Perfect Harvest Win a Prospector game without losing any lives.
Prolific Builder Build 100 Structures in multiplayer.

1 Hidden Gold Trophy

Platinum Trophy

Starhawk Veteran Earn every single trophy in Starhawk.

Starhawk for PS3

  • If you’re feeling confident, all the Campaign-completion trophies can be acquired in one Mercenary-difficulty playthrough (Have you not seen the Campaign yet? Take a sneak peek here!)
  • Skill-kill trophies such as “Hat Trick” or “Armed and Dangerous” are often easier to unlock in Single player or in Co-op mode.
  • “Curious Builder” is easier to unlock on smaller Build & Battle multiplayer loadouts like “Lone Wolf” or “Air Superiority”
  • There are a couple of tactics available to more easily unlock trophies like “Team Leader” or “Lone Wolf”; first, play in smaller player limit games with a lower score limit; second, a bunker is a good safe spot once you’ve already achieved the top score.
  • For a good sniper, or anyone trying to unlock the “Deadeye” trophy, observation is crucial. Watch for vulnerable moments, like when a player is acquiring a Vulture Jetpack, to strike.
  • Sometimes enemies will use their vehicle as a R-Sec Proximity charge delivery-device; this is an effective tactic, but it can be turned on them with a well-placed shot! This will also net the user the “Minor Miscalculation” trophy.
  • If you want the CTF (Capture the Flag) and Zones veteran trophies, don’t forget those objectives! Kills only score in TDM (Team Death Match) or DM (Death Match).
  • Apex Warriors are easily stopped by dropping B&B structures on them; which will also unlock the “Mancake” trophy.
  • The “Saboteur” trophy is easiest to unlock by focusing on weakened or distracted enemy vehicles
  • It’s a risky game to play, but “Eagle Eye” is easy to achieve when an enemy hawk is attacking your tank.
  • For trophies that require taking out a passenger of a vehicle, like “Mech my Day” or “Out of the Saddle”, it can be easier to achieve with a Galloway Revolver at close range than with long range sniping.

See you ONLINE in 5 DAYS! (and if you haven’t pre-ordered yet- CHECK OUT THE GOODIES YOU GET!)

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yazter said:

May 3rd, 1:48 pm

One last question – are the online trophies attainable in a private match?

Guardian_Bob said:

May 3rd, 1:49 pm


I would have earned about half those trophies in the Beta.

I was expecting a harder list.

DJHaole said:

May 3rd, 1:50 pm

Keep it coming CHUCK, keep it coming!!!

Heavenly_king said:

May 3rd, 1:54 pm

I have already saw the trophies months ago on lol XD

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    May 3rd, 2:05 pm

    good for you. You got another trophy

PowerCorruption said:

May 3rd, 1:56 pm

If Warhawk’s list were this easy, I would have platinumed it 10x over.

Speaking of Warhawk, are you guys still stat wiping? I’m ridiculously close to getting a platinum, but I gave up because the last medal I need (5000 air to vehicle kills) is impossible. I could try stat padding, but don’t want to risk it…on the other hand I don’t want to spend an extra thousand hours (yep, I’ve put in 1000 hours of honest playing so far) just for the final trophy.

Harshevik said:

May 3rd, 2:05 pm

are the bonus items for beta and warhawk players unlocked by having the ‘save data/game data’ or is it by our PSN ID? I have played the beta, but i don t have those files anymore in my system because i have upgraded to a bigger hard drive. Thanks.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    May 3rd, 2:11 pm

    You will not need to have the Beta on your system for us to know.

Harshevik said:

May 3rd, 2:18 pm

cool, so i dont need the save data from neither(beta or warhawk), only the PSN ID i was using at the time is needed, correct?

Thanks for the quick answer. I have pre-ordered this game a while ago, it looks promising! :)

Chuck Lacson's Avatar

Harvard Bonin said:

May 3rd, 2:19 pm

nope, you’re good. You should check your house for hidden cameras though… :)

DJHaole said:

May 3rd, 2:21 pm

Can’t wait to see what this one is: Prospector Starter Win your first Prospector game.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    May 3rd, 2:23 pm

    Prospector is the Co-Op mode

jason_ac said:

May 3rd, 2:25 pm

Cool, though I’d like to see more trophies, and sillier ones. Warhawk had some crazy obscure ones.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    May 3rd, 2:39 pm

    notice that there are 15 hidden ones…

harscombat said:

May 3rd, 2:29 pm

dear starhawk team i like the look of the game im a fan of you but i cent get awsers from you

-is there a survival mode stay alive as long as you cent
plus leaderboards
-by update en new maps are you planing to thinking about new building two?

plz awser this quastion

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    May 3rd, 2:41 pm

    Co-op can be played solo. There is no survival mode but the Mercenary difficulty of co-op is pretty damn hard.

Seeing_Red_Again said:

May 3rd, 2:29 pm

Please tell me there will be a TV commercial for Starhawk

FORMIK said:

May 3rd, 2:29 pm

These are fun trophies, and the “earn x amount” doesn’t seem excessive.

It’s good to see all the Starhawk news on the blog, but is the marketing extending to TV commercials? I haven’t seen anything yet. Maybe I’m just not watching the right channels.

The_GrandJury said:

May 3rd, 2:41 pm

Dang, I remember how long it took for people to get Warhawks trophies.

inuyasha5400 said:

May 3rd, 2:44 pm

Nice list by the way =). can you answer me one question though Harvard Bonin, how are we getting the “thank you items” if you beta tested? by email?

DJHaole said:

May 3rd, 2:46 pm

Thanks Harvard :)

DarkOne_PR said:

May 3rd, 2:50 pm

that long wolf trophy…… i dont like it…. smells like freaking campers…

Rytteren said:

May 3rd, 2:51 pm

still looking for the best preorder deal in eu.. damn 9may is almost here!

liledawg said:

May 3rd, 2:52 pm

To Harvard and jason_ac I see 17 hidden trophies it says 15 bronze, 1 silver, and 1 gold hidden :) either way I am excited to get this game next tuesday.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

May 3rd, 2:59 pm

THE GIANT FREEKING LAZER BEAM!!! was my favorite way to kill on the STARHAWK BETA. I still need alot of practice with the new STARHAWK MECHS ..but i guess thats where the campaign comes in handy. 5 days away cant wait!!

SpiritThief said:

May 3rd, 3:00 pm

Lone Wolf Play a perfect Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).

How many more trophies need to be boosted like this one? You know its impossible to get this the real way since console players tend to kick people who play better then them.

Is there vote kicking? Map voting?

Oh well, Warhawk has terrible trophies. But the game is amazing. Fair trade imo. But seriously, voting- kick and map?

C_Y_P_H_E_R said:

May 3rd, 3:35 pm


I used to play Warhawk quite a bit. I downloaded the Starhawk beta (though I never played it) and I also preordered the game on amazon. Will I still get any of the extras being talked about?


RE_Player said:

May 3rd, 4:03 pm

My body is ready for this game. So is my wallet…

speeddemon187 said:

May 3rd, 4:31 pm

I do have one question..I owned Warhawk when the game originally came out, played it for 4 months and lost the disk.. but that was before trophy’s were available and now I own a new PS3 also. How do I obtain the special item “paint-scheme”? I was an original Warhawk member, I even bought “Omega Dawn” It’s still in my download list on my account

biggunner7 said:

May 3rd, 4:41 pm

I did most of those kills in the beta, I love the POD kill so much LOL anyways thanks for the tips.

avi_66 said:

May 3rd, 5:01 pm

How are you going to check if we played Warhawk or not? I dont have the save game in my system anymore.

Daimomaru said:

May 3rd, 5:35 pm

Guys, is there a fully functional party sistem? I really need an aswer here. I could not enjoy the beta as much because I couldn’t party up with friends.

DJHaole said:

May 3rd, 5:42 pm

@27 yes there is

Tremulan777 said:

May 3rd, 6:19 pm

sweet! I hope it isn’t that hard to platinum, cause I’ll be all over it

Tremulan777 said:

May 3rd, 6:22 pm

I love the fly on the windchill. I’ll be trying to do that for sure

Jedah_PR said:

May 3rd, 7:35 pm

I’m still on the fence with this one. Will this have a demo?

As much as I loved the first Warhawk on PS3; I’m still debating if I should get this or not; and the best way to convince me would be with a playable demo.

DazeOfWar said:

May 3rd, 9:09 pm

I only actually played a little of the beta on this before it was open to all and just couldn’t find any matches that lasted longer than 3 kills. So it put a sour taste in my mouth and I didn’t bother with it when it went open.

After seeing more on the game and then seeing the preorder incentives and beta incentives I figure what the hell and went down and preordered at GS.

I also finally ordered a 1tb HDD for my PS3. I so can’t wait to get it. MY 320gb just isn’t cutting it. lol

IPumpMyGun said:

May 3rd, 9:55 pm

1.33 trophies
2. Single player
3. multiplayer

I like the fact by the looks of it it’s not that hard to pick up and play

The trophies don’t seem that time consuming to obtain and not that easy to obtain. Just the way I like it. It’s at a moderate level, so that being said I will definitely take my time with this.

Stuff like Kill 200 pigeons (GTA 4) , kill 10,000 players in your lifetime (Resistance 2 multiplayer ) and collect 350 blast shards (InFAMOUS 1&2) is very time consuming and a turn off.

I don’t have a lot of time these days to play games, but when I do I want to play it, enjoy it and complete 100% in the shortest time possible. It’s not that often I take my time with games. On a rare occasion I do.

luvtoseek said:

May 4th, 2:52 am

Trophies are quite fair, thank goodness!

JoshBall said:

May 4th, 4:33 am

Absolutely buzzing for this, probably my most anticipated game this year. I also love how LBI are listening to the community, BRING IT ON!

AizawaYuuichi said:

May 4th, 5:31 am

@ IPumpMyGun: I fully agree with you on the pigeons and 10K kills in R2, but 350 blast shards in the inFAMOUS games only takes 1-3 hours if you bothered collecting any of them at all while playing through the story. On the other, a minimum of 300 WINS in multiplayer is excessively time-consuming. I don’t see how you can say it isn’t. While I also agree the overall difficulty isn’t that high, the amount of time needed to get those trophies is ridiculous. Collectibles don’t even come close to that.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

May 4th, 6:19 am

since the topic of this page is about trophies i just want to ask what ever happen with the trophy and HOME collaboration. :/ I think it would be a cool way to reward those that platinum a game with a shirt or something they can show off on HOME. I know that there’s not a lot of fans of HOME but I do and would like to represent this starhawk game whenever i log in – which would be one or twice a week.

Red_Khaoz said:

May 4th, 6:27 am

Cool video, the beta was a blast to be in and while playing, I started a fun way to get kills which is similar to C4 attached to a vehicle in Battlefield 3.

I attach some mines the front of a Hawk and dive down onto enemy vehicles to attach to them and explode.

I also attach mines to the bottom of a Razerback and leave it in the enemy area for somebody to get in.

I did this alot in the beta, but it sometimes killed me when people shot the mines. It was still fun to get kills from this experience (and confuse people when they die).

IPumpMyGun said:

May 4th, 7:44 am

Maybe a StarHawk t-shirt from Home?

@ AizawaYuuichi: I still haven’t platinumed Killzone 2 yet with the 80 trophies. If it’s something on the level like Uncharted 2, than it’s no problem.

MushThePainter said:

May 4th, 3:40 pm

I just payed off my preorder! Can’t wait to start on this platinum. Ive got 4 days to platinum trine 2.. should take me a couple more hrs…

MushThePainter said:

May 4th, 3:43 pm

Also I agree with the other posts on a Starhawk commercial! I’m excited for this game and I want the world to be excited with me

LordZeus69 said:

May 4th, 5:28 pm

Can’t Wait

Latrodectus23 said:

May 5th, 1:59 am

Advertise this game on TV already!

LionHeartX83 said:

May 5th, 9:26 am

Day one buy for me. I hope you talented guys at Lightbox will continue the Starhawk fanchise. After watching the video above, it really seems that you’ve created a great sci-fi western universe! I’d love to see it expanded and I didn’t even play Starhawk yet!

Drew5150 said:

May 5th, 10:08 am

warhawk was such a better game before trophies.

trophies just introduce stat padder trophy whores. what’s the point?

look, you already see people asking if they can obtain trophies by questionable play.

I hope you worked on the turret issues for the multiplayer.

grr8008 said:

May 5th, 1:53 pm

The chicken shot reminds me of when I was getting that trophy in Warhawk where you have to use the turret gun and then run someone over…got the turret kill, and was so close to running someone over. Jeep + Rocket Launcher = No trophy for me. Can’t wait to get my pre-order.

WastelandDan said:

May 5th, 9:34 pm

Loved warhawk, love mechs, love space.

Why the heck aint i all over this?

I just cant figger why i wont pull the trigger on what looks like one of the baddest arse games this year!?

ParentsHatePS said:

May 6th, 9:08 am


ParentsHatePS said:

May 6th, 9:15 am

when they started hating ps3 they reduced my ps3 game time i used to play every day like 4 hours then every weekend i could play ps3

ParentsHatePS said:

May 6th, 9:16 am


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