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May 11

May 11

UNCHARTED 3 Patch 1.11 Notes: The Lab Returns, Elimination Mode and more

Eric Monacelli's Avatar Posted by Community Strategist, Naughty Dog


It’s back! We are very excited to unveil patch 1.11 for UNCHARTED 3, which will be live for download by the end of May. First of all, we can hail the long anticipated return of the Lab. However if your memory is fuzzy about what the Lab is, we first introduced it in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. The Lab is a playlist featuring a unique series of multiplayer game types that our designers have concocted that focus on, above all, being fun. We’re kicking things off with a T-bolt and Pistole only map. So once the patch drops later this month, log onto UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer and give it a whirl. Let the experiments begin!

The Lab

As for other changes happening in patch 1.11 UNCHARTED 3’s Lead Multiplayer Designer Robert Cogburn and Game Director Justin Richmond have something to say:

Or if you’d rather read everything in list form here is the full rundown of changes for 1.11:

– The Lab returns and we begin the playlist with a T-bolt/Pistole-only map. We will be rolling out other game types as the year progresses.

  • The Lab will contain treasure drops from whatever the base game type is (the T-bolt/Pistole map is considered Team Deathmatch)

– Elimination Mode has been added.

  • Elimination mode will contain treasure drops from Team Deathmatch

– Message of the Day returns – a daily message will pop up with news, tips, and other information.

– The following custom game settings are now available via a menu in Custom Game mode called “Advanced Settings.”

  • Respawn Time
  • Buddy Spawning toggle
  • Health Multiplier – by percentage
  • Sprinting toggle
  • Weapon Mode (Default, Basic Weapons, Pistols, RPG-7)
  • Medal Kickbacks toggle
  • Boosters toggle
  • Grenade Throw Back toggle

– If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss.

– Kill and deaths no longer count towards your career stats in Plunder and Team Objective modes

– The technical hooks to make the Game of the Year edition (EU) work properly with DLC were added

– In Team Deathmatch mode the Airstrip and London maps now are listed with “No Intro” variations. If these variations are selected you’ll start those maps with no convoy events.

– The Long Ranger Medal can now be earned by achieving 3 kills at 50 meters in a match instead of 3 kills at 70 meters.

Very important note: Similar to patch 1.09, all cinema files created pre-patch 1.11 will no longer work once patch 1.11 is released. Therefore if you want to preserve your cinema files please be sure to upload them to YouTube BEFORE downloading and installing patch 1.09. Do it now!

If you’re curious as to why we jumped to 1.11 and the last patch we talked about was 1.09, well, 1.10 had minor fixes so we kept rolling up the changes so we could get 1.11 out for you. We’re thrilled to open the Lab for UNCHARTED 3 and can’t wait to see you online! Be ready for more information about The Lab and future UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer plans in the coming weeks.

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ryugatoushi said:

May 11th, 4:38 pm

Theres always a problem with level icon….. when you start to play a tdm or any kind of multiplayer games… that already started… the level icone changes from legacy 4 to legacy 0 or 1…

welll i hope u can fix this problem.


Link01 said:

May 11th, 4:51 pm

* sigh *, just eliminate the over powered snipers… and give us online trophies. That’s all you have to do to bring me back.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    May 11th, 4:57 pm

    Trophies? Hmmm….that sounds like a great idea. ;-)

SonGoku998 said:

May 11th, 4:56 pm

My copy of uncharted 3 lags in the lobby and the audio lags when i am playing online. why does this happen? is it my ps3?

oo7PorscheMGS said:

May 11th, 5:01 pm

Part 2:

Finally, I gotta say that I’ve beaten Uncharted 1 2 and 3 probably 10 times total between them all and I probably will play them AGAIN….AND AGAIN… ..this is the ONLY franchise I can say that about.. I never seem to get tired of Uncharted, even after beating it over and over you can always go back for the great story, characters, beautiful locations, great action and even some comedy. Naughty Dog has been the best since the PS1 and Crash Bandicoot… I’m not saying anything new here, just reminding the call of duty generation where the true artists are at ;)
Hope to see some info at E3 from you guys, from The Last of Us team AND the other half please!!! ;)

oo7PorscheMGS said:

May 11th, 5:04 pm

Part for some reason it didn’t go through the first time..or the third…

Sup you Naughty Doggies!!! Gotta say a BIG THANK YOU to you guys for bringing back Elimination and listening to your fans.. Loved this mode in Uncharted 2… NO respawn = LOTS more tension + tactics + skill required. Now I will have a game besides socom to play some serious competitive online with :) Not that I wasn’t already having mad fun with U3’s coop and competitive as it is.. but round based gameplay is on another level of competition entirely. (There’s a reason Socom+Counterstrike are so loved and still have a DEVOTED following a decade after their release… and yet for some reason no developers even try to imitate their unique success / style of game… boggles the mind… ….I’m writing this in hope that some developer reads this hint and takes advantage of that untapped market already…… ;) Seriously.

Link01 said:

May 11th, 5:04 pm

Oh, and guys.. common. You consist of some of the best developers out there. The Vita is fresh. Get a small group together and make a new IP for it!

Trick_2092 said:

May 11th, 5:23 pm

Eric, can you comment on whether or not you’ll be doing any more changes to weapon balance. Specifically the G-Mal and M9 RoF.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    May 11th, 5:34 pm

    Nothing on the radar right now, no. We’ll update you if that changes.

Trick_2092 said:

May 11th, 5:39 pm

Thanks for responding, please do look at both of these weapons.

crusher915 said:

May 11th, 5:42 pm

I noticed that all of the Uncharted 2 DLC was made Free on the US store but not on the EU Store have you changed that???

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    May 11th, 5:59 pm

    We’ll have an update on that soon.

BuriedSorrow said:

May 11th, 5:43 pm

What about single player? Why does my game keep locking up for 3 seconds at a time and the audio drops out, which eventually leads to a black screen, which locks up my Playstation 3? No other game has any problems. Is there a fix for this?


May 11th, 5:58 pm

more legacy levels ERIC (can you confirm you will be doing it)??
otherwise i love the update wish it was here already. at least 75-100 please! asap grat game i keep getting better with every patch( i still struggle all the time)but thats what makes it fun. gmal could use somefixing still but every other gun is balanced well enough.

Saiyan-PS- said:

May 11th, 6:01 pm

– Kill and deaths no longer count towards your career stats in Plunder and Team Objective modes

Totally totally totally disagree!


Why you guys havent fix the problem with level icon as on the first comment was mentioned?


You guys must enable the circle button or something when you’re looking for a game and turns out that is a game that already has started. This because sometimes I just wanna start a match from 0 and not to enter a game that is about to finish or me getting on a team that is being crushed, that’s annoying and that’s one way how you guys can avoid the constantly leaving matches…

And PLEASE fix the Adventure Fort map! It is ALWAYS on the options at the time when one map must be chosen… Fort-London or Fort-Syria or Fort-Borneo!!! It’s maddening!

bitcloudrzr said:

May 11th, 6:08 pm

Weapon balance is still a serious issue in the game and I hope it would become a major point for the team.

michaelochs said:

May 11th, 6:10 pm

I know this has nothing to do with uncharted(btw great game guys. :) but yesterday and a while back too, my ps3 while a game just ened on mw3 my tv sound of the game was gone and just a loud noise remained like stat-icy. so i was wondering if it is my ps3,tv,or game of mw3? i really hope you can help me with this.thankyou. :)

MauricioQ_Bueno said:

May 11th, 6:23 pm

online trophies not.

xxexclusiveSODAK said:

May 11th, 6:45 pm

hey guys i have two questions. First can you update the uc2 multiplayer as in maybe like add in a x2 or x4 bonus like you used to. the second one is, idk if you can fix this but can you add a longer time for a video to be uploaded directly to youtube. thanks! ND fan Forever!

oo7PorscheMGS said:

May 11th, 7:05 pm

Part for some reason it didn’t go through the first time:

Sup you Naughty Doggies!!! Gotta say a BIG THANK YOU to you guys for bringing back Elimination and listening to your fans.. Loved this mode in Uncharted 2… NO respawn = LOTS more tension + tactics + skill required.

soldiercell said:

May 11th, 7:14 pm

Sure glad UC3 was catered to MLG with freaking recoil crap! UC2 was fun! UC3 is not fun! So no thanks on this patch! Me and Millions others will be playing Max Payne 3 instead!

eaglefan129 said:

May 11th, 7:29 pm

I agree with link after I got to rank 75 I had no reason to go any father

Dantes_Ragnarok said:

May 11th, 8:10 pm

that’s awesome, I cant wait.
and no trophies were added, which makes this even better. “you run, I’ll shoot” omg the horror. I’m eager to play this mode again!

arkard1000 said:

May 11th, 8:37 pm

“- If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss.”

Are you retards? why are you using Match making? people would not leave a game if you do something about people cheating in game, there’s a lot of people glitching in game.

arkard1000 said:

May 11th, 8:42 pm

Also could be useful a in game report system against cheaters glitching

Guimace said:

May 11th, 9:11 pm

Trophy support for the DLC please!


May 11th, 9:23 pm

i on’t know if you guys saw erics response of the second comment but it sounds like a hint we will get trophies.. ;)

Eric please answer if we will get more levels or will 3rd legacy be it?

Cloud_X1 said:

May 11th, 9:24 pm

YEEESSSSSSSSS!!! Elimination ROCKS! I have been asking for this ever since the release of UC3, thank-you so much.Keep up the great work, im still hopeing for multiplayer trophies, and why did you guys not put any unlockables for the story mode? UC2 had the best content for single player, but still amazing.

TheStuntDouble said:

May 11th, 10:33 pm

Take out tbolts, you lose a chunk of the community. It’s a weapon that’s so hard to use, yet so rewarding.

guitarded77 said:

May 11th, 11:46 pm

I like Link01’s idea for some new trophies and also like that rage quitters will suffer the wrath of update 1.11. Looks good all the way around.

Isarai said:

May 12th, 3:04 am

Please guys, i’m begging you. For the love of god add headshots as an advanced setting for coop arena. The game is nor fun without it to me and my friend. Do this and i’ll re-buy a copy (returned mine after finishing the single player cause no headshots made it no fun for me and my buddy) and become fan of yours once more. PLEASE GUYS I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS FOR FAR TOO LONG!!!

and now that you have the custom game mode i really don’t see why you couldn’t do this

Savader said:

May 12th, 5:38 am

I agree with Isarai here. I would love to see you add headshots as an available option for the co-op modes. I’d settle for JUST the 3 players max co-op modes such as, ‘Co-op Arena and Co-op Adventure’. Co-op Hunter Arena without headshots is fine, since it mixes co-op with competitive. I really enjoyed being able to take out my enemies with a headshot in the previous Uncharted multiplayer, and would like to see it it return, if nothing else, as an option at LEAST. Option is power, if you ask me. But I mean, let’s be honest here; if I have the skill to pull of a shot to the head, then shouldn’t I be rewarded with an instant kill? The enemies are human, right? So why do I hear my bullets hitting metal whenever I shoot my enemies in the face…? Though, I’d understand making us still have to work at it with the large enemies with the PAK-80s, seeing as how that’s what it was like in Uncharted 2. I loved the co-op in Uncharted 2, and want that greatness to return. I just really enjoy being able to get an instant kill in a game, if I have the required skill to aim and shoot my enemy in the head. It makes sense, and it’s a truly satisfying kill. It makes things a MUCH faster pace, and keeps it all smooth and fluent, ya know?

Tezla55 said:

May 12th, 7:49 am

Wow, awesome patch! Added a lot of things to the Multiplayer experience. I will definitely be playing some Elimination matches when this patch drops.

CaptainJeff87 said:

May 12th, 7:55 am

How about some love for co-op? Co-op always seems to get ignored.

I’d like to see a lab for co-op one of these weekends. Like a lab with Crushing only co-op or no kickbacks co-op. How about co-op labs where you’re not allowed to use power weapons?

I’d also like to see more weapon mods for co-op in a future patch. Seeing as how FAL is in all maps now, how about some mods for the FAL?

John-0204 said:

May 12th, 8:39 am

I miss he intro cutscenes that w had on the Beta, like on Chateau the villains trew a torch on the castle and in the end of the game the loser team was made hostage by the winners, why was it removed? =(

And an idea:
Why not to save our custom heroes and villains in various slots and pick up one of them to play in the match without reseting the others to default?

vza004 said:

May 12th, 9:24 am

“If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss.”

Now there will be no rage quit-ers. Well at least less now.

saab01 said:

May 12th, 10:13 am

Where is the Legacy Raise ??? Most people have been maxed out for some time now.

Partnur said:

May 12th, 11:35 am

“Kill and deaths no longer count towards your career stats in Plunder and Team Objective modes” = Nice!

arkard1000 said:

May 12th, 12:24 pm

“- If you leave a game, disconnect, or turn off your PS3 mid-game, it will be counted as a loss.”

Seriously? why are you using Match making? people would not leave a game if you do something about people cheating in game, there’s a lot of people glitching in game.

Also could be useful a in game report system against cheaters glitching

Saiyan-PS- said:

May 12th, 12:37 pm




eX-cLu-siVe said:

May 12th, 12:52 pm

Eric, Is their any news on an update to increase max level ?

don_hohoho91SA said:

May 12th, 2:01 pm

this patch looks very good , but i was hoping new legaceys

CraverShot15 said:

May 12th, 2:09 pm

Yes a new mode 4 more killz

HBKO said:

May 12th, 4:00 pm

Uncharted 3 is possibly the best action adventure game ever. Great job naughty dog. Keep up the good work

PPp_Killer said:

May 12th, 4:56 pm

You guys are probably wondering why people are leaving uncharteds 3 mp faster than uncharteds 2… This is probably why when are you going to fix the god damn game?

Mista_Donzie said:

May 12th, 6:04 pm

Hi, Eric. I think that the majority of good players are happy with the current weapons (except maybe the M9 ROF ) but other than that–I think A LOT of people are becoming weary of too many changes to the actual weapons. They feel just perfect now. But players have to always worry about their favorite weapons being randomly changed because some crybaby’s can’t aim (after 6 months & a beta). Many people love the game the way it is, because it requires skill. Some of these whinny crybaby’s have gotten too used to the Kal 7 during the beta, and now they’ve been left behind because true Uncharted fans LEARNED TO AIM THE GUN. Please don’t ruin the game because of them. True fans learn to adapt–and we’re playing the game instead of spending time on forums complaining about weapons. Even I have a slightly low kdr & only had the game about 4 months but I love everything about it. I never played a game as balanced as this one is. If I would ask for anything that would make the game enjoyable, it would be two small additions:1) A “mercenaries” type of mode meaning no parties allowed. 2) A toggle option in the menu for shoulder switching memory (when we were aiming). Thank you (if you read this, could you please reply, Eric?).

Avalanche said:

May 12th, 7:57 pm

i dont know how to make this look like the game isnt broken but it seems like 90% of the players who use the G-MAL and Fleet Foot combo have 30,000 kills more than deaths(Which obviously is not legit) why cant you guys fix this issue?

the G-MAL is way too over-powered(The last update did little to nothing) it needs to have a slower fire rate or something, because people using there turbo controllers is extremely annoying and unfair. this gun ruins the whole game

Fleet foot needs to be toned down. it is WAY too fast, and the actually get it Golden, its extremely easy.

what are you guys gonna do with the obvious exploiters? its crazy that anyone who is a level 75(With a Star) has their stats padded. i saw someone the other day 2800Kills and 1Death. This stuff has to stop, and i know Naughty Dog has the tools to look at everyones stats individually. you guys have to ban these people because they ruin the integrity of the game. show these people that this is still your game Naughty Dog, DO NOT LET THIS AMAZING GAME GET HIGHJACKED. Start from the top and just start clearing the stats they wasted countless hours padding.

Avalanche said:

May 12th, 7:58 pm

PS: i know this will never happen……please add some sort of lobby system so people can play maps they want

shinta_321 said:

May 12th, 8:01 pm

Update without trophies is a bad move. Bad bad move. No trophies, no buy of DLC maps

GibbShift said:

May 13th, 1:22 am

Wow, nice job with adding penalties for leaving the game. You know who this is really gonna teach a lesson to? The people in groups that get split up before the start of a match. That’ll teach them for thinking that you guys actually fixed the matchmaking to keep groups from being split up before teams are picked when you actually didn’t.

Good job. :\\\\

StarFoxMania said:

May 13th, 3:12 am

SIGH* to all my fellow frustrated gamers:

I feel your pain. Too many things that need fixing and they give you what you don’t want. But you gotta show more dignity then keep asking ND for fixes. Unfortunately crying about it will do nothing. The best message to give the devs is STOP PLAYING the damn game. Hey Naughty Dog: After 3 unanswered valid complaints, I would like you to do something for me, run my PSN ID and check when was the last time I played it, That’s right!

It makes no sense. I invest a lot of time on my PS3 and still find that there is not even 20% of time I need to play all the games i want to play. I can understand if the PS3 was starved for games like in its early days, but NOW??? to complain of a game? Heck, more time for the other games :) that’s how I see it!

Strangeheaven said:

May 13th, 7:17 am

What ever happened to survival mode only co-op? I’m not talking about shade survival mode because that has a mixure of gold rush and siege.

Please bring back 10 rounds of co-op arena survival mode only, or ENDLESS SURVIVAL CO-OP ARENA,now that would ROCK.

Strangeheaven said:

May 13th, 7:34 am

Oh and by the way I play uncharted 2 more online because that has survival co-op arena of ten rounds.
I like the enemy a.i too,

He’s up there, He’s down there, He’s over there.

For people who don’t know,the uncharted 2 team is a more experianced team then the team who made uncharted 3. The Uncharted 2 team are making The Last Of Us so that should Rock.

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