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May 15

May 15

More PSP Titles and Minis Coming to PS Vita Starting Today

Jamil Miles's Avatar Posted by Senior Manager, Brand Marketing Handheld Consoles

PSP Gaming on PS Vita

Hi everyone! Gaming is the bread and butter of PS Vita, with titles such as Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes and Gravity Rush launching soon.

Starting today, you’ll have even more reason to never stop playing. We’re very excited to announce the following PSP titles and minis will be available on the PS Vita Store, with many more coming soon. These aren’t just the same games you might have played at one time in the past! Check out the full list below, and we’ll keep you posted as further titles are brought to PS Store.

Available Today

PSP Titles:
Cho Aniki Zero (Aksys Games Localization, Inc.)
Strikers 1945 Plus (PM Studios, Inc.)
Tom Clancy’S Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (UbiSoft, Inc.)
Tom Clancy’S Rainbow Six: Vegas (UbiSoft, Inc.)
Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance (XSEED JKS, Inc.)
Ys: I & II Chronicles Digital (XSEED JKS, Inc.)

PSP minis:
Aero Racer (Halfbrick Studios)
Age Of Zombies (Halfbrick Studios)
Blast Off (Halfbrick Studios)
Dynogems (StormBasic)
Echoes (Halfbrick Studios)
Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar (Cohort Studios)
Vempire (Impressionware Srl)

Coming Soon

PSP Titles:
3D Twist & Match (Sanuk Games)
Aedis Eclipse: Generation Of Chaos Legacy (NIS America, Inc.)
Bejeweled 2 (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Beta Bloc (D3 Publisher of America)
Brain Challenge (Gameloft)
Dead Head Fred (D3 Publisher of America)
Field Commander (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Gods Eater Burst (D3 Publisher of America)
Groovin’ Blocks (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
King Of Pool (Nordcurrent UAB)
Luxor: Pharaoh’S Challenge Umd Legacy (Mumbo Jumbo)
Major League Baseball 2K10 (2KGames)
Mercury Meltdown (Ignition Entertainment)
Mx Vs Atv Untamed (THQ, Inc.)
Peggle (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords (D3 Publisher of America)
Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors Legacy (Natsume, Inc.)
Split Second (Disney Interactive Studios)
Super Pocket Tennis (D3 Publisher of America)
The Red Star (XS Games, LLC)
Unbound Saga (Vogster Entertainment, LLC)
Undead Knights Digital (Tecmo Koei America Corporation)
Uno (Gameloft)
Untold Legends: Brotherhood Of The Blade (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Untold Legends: The Warrior’S Code French (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Work Time Fun (D3 Publisher of America)
WWE All Stars (THQ, Inc.)
WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 (THQ, Inc.)

PSP minis:
5 In 1 Solitaire (Digital Leisure)
Alien Zombie Death (PomPom Games)
Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling (Icon Games)
Babel: The King Of The Blocks (StormBasic)
Bashi Blocks (Icon Games)
Breakquest (Beatshapers)
Bubble Trubble (Creat Studios)
Card Shark (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
Carnivores: Ice Age (Beatshapers)
Cohort Chess (Cohort Studios)
Doodle Fit (Gamelion)
Doodle Pool (Big Head Games)
Duael Invaders (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
Enigmo (Beatshapers)
Family Games (Icon Games)
Farm Frenzy (Alawar Entertainment, Inc.)
Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
Fly Fu (Invictus Games LTD.)
Galcon Labs (Beatshapers)
Gamocracy One : Legend Of Robot (AYEWARE / Bearded Ladies Consulting)
Hero Of Sparta (Gameloft)
Hysteria Project 2 (Sanuk Games)
Ikari Warriors Ii: Victory Road (SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION)
Jelly Pops (PomPom Games)
Karimogi (StormBasic)
Labyrinth (Bigben Interactive, S.A.)
Let’S Golf (Gameloft)
Mecho Wars (Creat Studios)
Omg-Z! (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
One Epic Game (Grip Digital)
Pipe Madness (AYEWARE / Bearded Ladies Consulting)
Pix N Love Rush (Sanuk Games)
Red Bull X-Fighters (Xendex)
Rumble Trucks (Playerthree Ltd)
The 2D Adventures Of Rotating Octopus Character (Dakko Dakko Ltd.)
The Impossible Game (Grip Digital)
The Marbians (Nordisk Film Distribution A/S)
Twin Blades (Sanuk Games)
Wackylands Boss (Creat Studios)
Yetisports (Xendex)
Zombie Racers (Big Head Games)

It’s been almost three months since we launched PS Vita here in the U.S. and we’re continuing to find ways to add to your portable entertainment experience. With the recent launch of non-gaming apps such as Skype and Paint Park, and upcoming apps such as Treasure Park and Wake Up Club, all available for free, the PS Vita is an ever-evolving platform that keeps you connected to the content and experiences that are most important to all of you gamers.

What PSP games are you most excited to play on PS Vita?

Add Your Own

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WolfDNC said:

May 16th, 9:41 am



May 16th, 9:43 am

Where is PJMonsters Deluxe? you LIED to us, made us buy an unplayable game on our Vita, GIVE US A REFUND!!! This is the damn last time I’m an early adopter and believe in your bullc**p

mcbuttz78 said:

May 16th, 9:57 am

@222 10 fresh new ips a month is more than any held held device upon release. os tonl y do 2-5.. plus ps had 22 new game ip upon relase that not countingonein japsn that we(usa) willn ver get they had 30-40 new ips game upon release.. we should be thank full to ben even getting 10 new ips a month plus alomost all the psn game to dl on ps vita in the given time..

I agree the other ps regions have alot more content than usa.. its not a fair shake either direction you start from but it alot legal aspect to that. We have more game than they have at times, but they have more dlc and etc than us at times. I own 7 ps vita game the library is over 100+ to own in 3 mths.

Thats not a lack of sorry kid titles or not it not a lack of games. maybe alack of game you like. they have alot of hard core titles out too in japan.. we may nvr see them..But it just not reue to say its alack of games for ps vita becuase 100 games in total it can play, that is far from a lack of game.. Im sorry i understand what your saying but the point your making is far from true

vp-psn legioniaree group

lalolalolalol said:

May 16th, 10:04 am

more monster hunter please.. pretty pleaseeeeeee

massimodo said:

May 16th, 10:43 am

The vita has hit an all time low in japan in sales, gamers in NA and Europe are complaining bitterly about the lack of vita content, Sony brings out an uber lame psp b/c update that is a complete and utter joke, they falsely advertise a game, PJM deluxe will be compatible with the vita in a weeks time, and nobody at sony has any clue about this.
What a bunch of circus clowns.

massimodo said:

May 16th, 10:46 am

Now my comments are being moderated by a blog team that doesn’t even bother to respond to legitimate complaints. They have time to moderate my comments but nothing else.

hotandserious said:

May 16th, 11:50 am

Hey Jamil (or someone)

Can we get some sort of response to the questions and complaints here?

The pixel junk monsters gaff has yet to be apologized for or explained.

I never owned a PSP before and purchased Motorstorm Arctic Edge / Twisted Metal: Head On two-pack off of PSN back in January in anticipation of playing them on my Vita (bought day one).

When vita launched, the blog hosted the video in a great effort to answer the community’s questions – but now we’re just left with week after week (month after month) of silence.

massimodo said:

May 16th, 12:04 pm

No one is responding to the PJM deluxe debacle. Morgan apologized and said he’d look into it. So far, nothing, which is where its going to end, I’m afraid. Even the developer doesn’t know what the hell is going on with sony. If he can’t get answers from sony, how can we? Sony also lied to him. He was told that it was 99% certain of being up in the UK store today and it isn’t. Sony’s credibility is rock bottom.

From Dylan Cuthbert’s twitter.

Daryl Bird ‏@sc0u5emad
@dylancuthbert Where is Pixeljunk Monsters for us uk vita users???? Very sad right now

3h Dylan Cuthbert ‏@dylancuthbert
@sc0u5emad they told me it was 99% certain …. :-(

Sevyne said:

May 16th, 1:06 pm

I’m actually extremely disappointed with this list. For starters most of these games aren’t the games people want, and the ones that are are actually already playable on the Vita. You’re telling me that after almost 4 months of “More to come in the coming weeks” this is all you have to show for it? A list of half bad games and half already playable games? I’m insulted and you should be ashamed trying to pass this off as something great when it’s all a complete sham.

d1150 said:

May 16th, 1:13 pm

well it’s a start but all those vita new release coming from psp are craps game that were ranked just above the freezing point by critics…please offer us good titles!!!

Sevyne said:

May 16th, 1:20 pm

Decided to actually go digging for a real list of working games and also check my own library of games. At the very least 16 of your so called “coming soon” titles already work, but just aren’t listed on the Vita store. Don’t try to play us for fools.

akibake said:

May 16th, 1:28 pm

For a Vita owner like myself, who never owned a PSP, making the full library of PSP games available would open up a lot of purchase options, while I wait for Resistance: Burning Skies and Gravity Rush. That’s money in Sony’s pocket that apparently they don’t need.

For PSP owners who have already purchased games that aren’t available to transfer to the Vita or who don’t have a PS3 to make the transfer, the “freeze” is outrageous. There are many situations in which that user might not have access to a PSP to play those games, such as if they replaced their PSP with a Vita, under the impression all their games would work. Perhaps they gave the PSP to their little brother. Who knows.

Even if a stable of games do work on the Vita now, a list of mostly mediocre PSP games aren’t going to cut it in 2012. If Sony’s witholding its AAA titles like MGS Portable Ops, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, or Resistance: Retribution because they plan to re-release an upscaled version, it would be nice at least to get a little communication from the source. Of course, for previous owners, or for those like myself who bought MotorStorm: AE, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, etc. and still can’t use the games on the Vita, it’s unacceptable.

akibake said:

May 16th, 1:31 pm

For a more complete, unofficial list of PSP games that work but must be transferred via PS3, google the following phrase:
“Complete list of PSP/minis games playable on Vita”

NS-4701 said:

May 16th, 1:35 pm

As exciting as this is, there are only a couple game I’d really like to see. Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Hot Shots Tennis. Those were the games I played the most and would really love to see come to Vita. The rest of the PSP games that I had were on UMD, so until there is a transfer method, I’ll stick with what I already paid for.

VantXX said:

May 16th, 2:10 pm

I think they should add some of the japanese exclusive releases. I’d bet a lot of people would buy Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It can’t be that hard to just add english subs to the game, and translate some of the commands.

Sk8t3r_SWAGG said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm


akibake said:

May 16th, 2:57 pm

Sk8t3r_SWAGG, all three GTA games are reported to work, if you have a PS3 to transfer them to your VIta.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

fourDtraveler said:

May 16th, 3:13 pm

No Burnout? :-(

massimodo said:

May 16th, 3:16 pm

The following are my psp games currently residing on my vita that work but aren’t on the psvita store.

Little Big Planet
MGS: Peace Walker
Valkria Chronicles II
Sega Genesis Collection
Killzone Liberation
Pursuit Force
Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

Care to explain sony?

fourDtraveler said:

May 16th, 3:27 pm

I don’t have PS3. Sony, please release many of the working games listed here in the comments on the store for my Vita!

Silveraga said:

May 16th, 3:43 pm

PSOne support for VITA, c’mon, please, Sony! (Not the Remote PSone there, the real one where we could install the psone on our VITA! That’s one of the reason I bought it!

Silveraga said:

May 16th, 3:44 pm

Killzone Liberation is one the PS VITA store. For the others, I dunno.

Silveraga said:

May 16th, 3:45 pm

hot shot tennis is on almosy all stores. But not the US. Dumb uh?

SkyNet003 said:

May 16th, 4:07 pm

“What PSP games are you most excited to play on PS Vita? ” Why, thanks for asking. How kind of you.

Anyway, mine are:

-OutRun 2006
-Phantasy Star Portable 1 and 2
-Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
-Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (but maybe that one’s getting and enhanced version for the Vita, right? Seeing that MGS 2 and 3 are, but one can only hope…)
-Mahjong Artifacts (or a Vita port of Ancient Wisdom for PS3)
-I’d like to play Wall-e again, too.

Again. Thanks for asking. How kind of you.

SkyNet003 said:

May 16th, 4:08 pm

Oh, you meant “among the games we, in our mercy, are offering”, right?

My bad :(

SkyNet003 said:

May 16th, 4:10 pm

But you should add all our other suggestions to your goodwill list. I mean, we’re gonna have to pay for them again, anyway : /

fourDtraveler said:

May 16th, 4:18 pm

On PS Vita, went to PlayStation Store, select “New Releases”, none of these games are listed. Sony; highly recommend you rewrite the store app on Vita to show all new releases to Vita, including PSP titles. Would be more user friendly.

massimodo said:

May 16th, 4:35 pm

+ Silveraga on May 16th, 2012 at 3:44 pm said:
Killzone Liberation is one the PS VITA store. For the others, I dunno.

No its not. Not in NA, anyway.

SoldierDragon said:

May 16th, 4:36 pm

I don’t have the time to read all the comments for this post right now but i wanted to help point out a minor detail that Gods Eater Burst is already compatible with the Vita. I had no problem copying it and it’s dlc packs from my ps3 to my Vita on day one when i got it and it plays just as well (loads faster) as it did on the psp with no problems.

akibake said:

May 16th, 4:36 pm

Totally agree with fourDtraveler. If Sony is going to dole out the PSP titles little by little, it would be great if they were included in the New Releases section, when they become officially available for the Vita.

SoldierDragon said:

May 16th, 4:38 pm

oh and @SkyNet003 Sega isn’t going to make phantasy star portable 1 or 2 compatible cause they’re making Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PSVita

noob365 said:

May 16th, 5:40 pm

here is a question for someone who knows…

I own the PS Mini as a PS Plus member a few weeks ago
I own a vita, tied to the same PSN Account

I have read several reviews from reputable sources (such as this one: indicating that the game was played on the Vita for review purposes.. YET I AM UNABLE TO GET THIS TITLE ONTO MY VITA.

I cannot see it on the Vita PSN storefront, and I cannot transfer (or even see) it in content manager when connected from the Vita to the PS3..

am I doing something wrong?


dallscowboys88 said:

May 16th, 6:28 pm

i’m disappointed because i only have one game one the list. massmodo and many others are right, we should have all psp titles. and does anyone else notice that we’re not getting feedback here from the guys (and girls maybe) from sony?!

nielkainama93 said:

May 16th, 6:29 pm

is there any chance that GT (Gran Turismo) will be on PSVita because we need a REAL racing game, thanks

dallscowboys88 said:

May 16th, 6:32 pm

also if your just going to give us these kinds of games anyway there should be an update to give trophies

xcmac041x said:

May 16th, 6:41 pm

I have been waiting years for Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core to be digital and Im very surprised that Im still waiting. It was such was awesome game and yet i still cant enjoy it on my Vita.

Ozmafire101 said:

May 16th, 8:35 pm

I’ll be set if you just put on Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep…


May 16th, 9:37 pm

I would like to have Dracula: Undead Awakening on the Vita, please.

Jadehope said:

May 16th, 10:50 pm

I know it’s selfish of me, but can we please please please get “White Knight Chronicles: Dogma Wars”, translated and released on the psn???? I want to finish the trilogy really bad.

supercyc10 said:

May 16th, 11:09 pm

i dont know the logistics to this
but wouldn’t it be a wise business sense
to put your psp classics up ASAP
@Jamil, if you have or know anyone with influence
can you request patapon 3
i know its available in europe, but c’mon, why not in america
it would just seem like a right decision to do so

supercyc10 said:

May 16th, 11:11 pm

didn’t patapon 3 sell well enough

massimodo said:

May 16th, 11:29 pm

I tweeted Dylan Cuthbert concerning PJM deluxe and the foul up.

He responded. He mentioned internal red tape and the following.

I think they are overly cautious since that whole hacking incident and need to make sure everything is nailed in place

First off, props to Dylan for responding. Nothing but boos, hisses and bronx cheers to the blog staff here for their lack of response.

If games are being withheld due to hacking concerns, then the vita is screwed. You’re going to go around making sure each and every psp and mini and psone title are hack proof? Are you effin kidding me? We’ll never get these games in our lifetime. This is absurd. Sony and their petty squabbles with hackers. Yeah, screw your customer base, sony. That makes so much more sense.

R-O-Ofaliss said:

May 17th, 1:08 am

What some of you fail to realize, those already “playable” games only count if you have a PS3. For the large group of people who don’t, and just for the principle alone, the games need to be able to be downloaded using a Vita. There are a lot of people who only or mostly game on handhelds. No one is going to go out and buy a PS3 after they spent upwards of $400 on the Vita alone, just to download and play games they already purchased.

RichZpace said:

May 17th, 1:30 am

Funnily enough, it’s these troublesome hackers who opened up the remote play feature and made it work for all PS3 games, found a way to play emulators efficiently on the Vita and to top it off I recently saw a video of a hacker playing a Psone game on their Vita. Sony is holding back their device too much which is putting off a lot off their customers from spreading their wallets wide. The hack-proofing nonsense that Sony is in will most definitely delay the majority of Psp games from turning up in the coming months. SInce, it took about 2-3 weeks for Sony to patch Motor Storm Arctic Edge which was used by hackers to exploit the psp emulator. Afterwards, when Psone emulation is eventually released, the drought of content will resume and we’ll be getting about 4 psp games and 2 psone games a month. It appears that Sony doesn’t want our money, even, when we try to fling it at them.

Castellon503 said:

May 17th, 4:50 am

When will we be able to play Ps3 Games on the Ps Vita through remote play? :(

fantasyplayer said:

May 17th, 4:59 am

What is kind of crazy about the whole hacking thing also is that sony delays putting things on the vita that could stop a lot of the people from hacking there system.Then the only ones that would hack it is the people that are going to do it anyway just to see if they can.Right now a lot of people are going for hacks that if they were already on psn they would just buy or install them instead of going to the hackers to make them work .As long as we have been waiting for ps1 and certain psp games I would be tempted to do it myself if I knew anyone that could do it. Even though I disagree with it.Right or wrong when people wait to long they make things work any way they can.

Amatmulisha68233 said:

May 17th, 5:30 am

Final Fantasy Type O.Cmon,here come to papa.Cant wait to play it on my lovely vita.


May 17th, 5:58 am

PLEASE ADD Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact and the other Naruto games and DBZ! PLEASE!!!! for psp!

dallscowboys88 said:

May 17th, 7:47 am

my wishlist:
jack and daxter:lost frontier
littlebig planet
modnation racers
angry birds(because i dont see angry birds space)

these are some of my favorite games for my psp and if there are psp games for ps vita then i think i should have these

jboyjeeks said:

May 17th, 8:02 am

When will PS+ subscribers be able to use minis on the Vita?

When will PSOne and PS2 games be able to run on the Vita?

Skype on the Vita doesn’t work for video longer for more than 2 minutes at a time before crashing.

Flickr doesn’t allow you to see your own photos without crashing.

Facebook is slow and frustrating to use.

When will we see a Youtube App for Vita?

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