Sack it to Me: Sackboy Takes To The Stars!

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Sack it to Me: Sackboy Takes To The Stars!
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Starhawk Minipack Coming Soon!

Next week we will be releasing a brand new Starhawk Minipack containing a trio of costumes from the amazing game by the awesome folks over at LightBox Interactive.

To celebrate this release we have put together a cool new wallpaper for you all to enjoy!

LittleBigPlanet - Starhawk,jpg

Eagled-eyed blog readers will have noticed that there are only two characters on this wallpaper…Stay tuned later today for a post from our friends at LightBox Interactive, where they will reveal the third and final costume to be included in the Starhawk Minipack!

Mm Picks

This week’s Mm Picks include a delve into the platforming fun that is Water Caverns, the chance for Sackboy to have an out of body experience as he becomes a spirit in Ghosting and a few awesome mini-games for you to challenge your friends against!

Watery Caverns
Watery Caverns by ThePurpleWaffle

Ghosting (1 Player Only)
Ghosting (1Player Only) by PacJonno

Tiles by tevlon1

Bricker by DJD2010

Colortrain NEO [1-4 Player]
Colortrain NEO [1-4 Player] by DeKa1357

Sack it to Me: Sackboy Takes To The Stars!

Community Highlight – The Weekly Planetarium

Every week the incredibly dedicated folks over on work hard to release a newsletter updating the community on absolutely everything that has been happening on LittleBigPlanet throughout the week!

Weekly Plantarium Logo

There’s not a single news post, video or quote that they miss from the week’s news and they even have time to put together their own features and articles to make this awesome newsletter truly unique.

So head on over to to read the latest scoop on LittleBigPlanet!

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5 Author Replies

  • OMG Starhawk Sackboy…. SO AWESOME!!!!!

    • Steven Isbell
      Steven Isbell

      Glad you like them! We’ve worked very closely with the awesome folks at LightBox Interactive to be able to bring them to you!

  • So…whats the third costume going to be? Sydney Cutter?

  • We need to get together Steven, I am the CIO/Community manager at Urgent Fury… hit me up on twitter and Ill get you my email @UF_Shane

  • We need a Dylan Jobe and Harvard Bonin Jr. Edition :)

  • Once I know that DLC is compatible with LBP Karting, that is when I start buying these newer costumes.

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82

    @5 im on the same boat..although that shouldnt stop you from buying a very awesome game like lbp k..costumes dont really change or improve anything. to stay on the LBP2 hoping we can get new level packs..a starhawk level pack would be very impressive..yet again…theres plenty of good online stages to try out as im not REALLY COMPLAINING :p

  • Steven, can you speak to the team about a level pack too?

  • That’s really cool.

  • Hope I get in the LBP Vita beta!

    • Steven Isbell
      Steven Isbell

      Keep those fingers crossed, the beta invites will be going out very soon!

  • Hey StevenI, good to see you on here. Im guessing the stickers/decorations will also be revealed later today.

    • Steven Isbell
      Steven Isbell

      There’s no Stickers or Decorations in the upcoming Starhawk Minipack.
      Just a trio of rather awesome looking Starhawk Costumes!

  • TheGremlinKlown

    EPIC Thanx

  • Sackboy is just so cute!
    I love the many options when it comes to mini kits, although will we be able to see more expansions like the Playstation Move pack?

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Starhawk is cool but man I am getting pissed with the noobs that camp out at the spawning main spots it ruins the game. I hope they patch it to where we all can spawn anywhere on the map up to 50 % of the map. Past that 50% heading to the enemies area we can’t land on. Just making it where we have to spawn on our compound and noobs camp it in tanks is bulls*it. I end up just leaving the game when I enter one where compound camping noobs are at. They need to patch that asap. But other than that this is cool on the LMP Starhawk gear and Starhawk in general is a great game.

  • Aww, it’s now going to be hard to think of Emmett as a bad *ss when he’s so cute. I’ll ask again, is there no end to how cute Sack Boy can get? Or will Kevin Butler be the ultimate in LBP cuteness?

    • Steven Isbell
      Steven Isbell

      Sackboy is most definitely cute but there’s a few meanies who have certainly learned that it’s best not to mess with him!

  • Rebirth_Of_Una

    Will there be any Starhawk/LBP Avatars?

  • It can’t be Starhawk without the Starhawks. It would be awesome if the 3rd costume is the Starhawk Mech mode.


    Agreed with Shy_Guy92 that it should (and wouldn’t be surprised) if it was a hawk in mech mode…it would make the most sense. It would be perfect to have a level as well and you could be able to ride a sidewinder.

  • a couple weeks ago i was playing LBP and ther was an update. so i updated LBP and all my stuff are gone. costumes, create items, and my lvls i was working on. i thought ” maybe this is part of the update maybe ill get it all bak tommoro. now still i do not have it and i want it to change. this was my afv game cas u can make like ANYTHING but pls change it.

  • Fingers crossed i get into the LPBVita beta…

  • C_Y_P_H_E_R

    This is cool. Though I can’t tell if that’s a mustache or a shadow.

  • foodlionslave

    Those are AWESOME!! I’ve never played Starhawk but I will be buying those.

  • An actual Starhawk costume would be so boss… so hopefully that’s the third one. I can see that work… if not, hopefully we’ll get another later. :P

    Man, I love LBP and the support it gets. I like costumes, and since I love LBP I’m happy to continue to support it by buying awesome costumes for it.

  • Buying the starhawk minipack. I don’t buy DLC much but this one is an exception I love starhawk and would like to have the LBP costumes to :D.

  • awesome costumes :D, can’t wait to see the third one

  • so the costumes are for starhawk and LBP?

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