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May 23

May 23

PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Thursday

Matthew Harper's Avatar Posted by Sr. Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

It’s been a busy month on the PSN front, as we put together yet another jam-packed PlayStation Plus update, kicked off the massively-popular Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekly Challenges, dropped the PSN exclusive game PixelJunk 4am as part of an epic PlayStation Store update, and more!

Regular maintenance is a necessary part of operating a service such as PSN. As part of our efforts to continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience on your PS3 and PS Vita devices, we will be performing maintenance on the network on Thursday, May 24th, starting at approximately 8:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT and concluding around 11:00pm PDT / 2:00am EDT.

During this maintenance period, you may receive a message that states “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting to access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home. Online play will not be affected and you will be able to enjoy apps such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video during this maintenance as well, provided that you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period.

We will update you with any changes that may occur in regards to this maintenance. If you would like to receive a notice when PSN is fully restored, be sure to follow the official PlayStation Twitter account.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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WolfyHopeless said:

May 25th, 3:06 am

James, it is true you’ve been trolling every single page of this thread. Everyone that’s content with their service and defends it, you cry “TROLL”, dish out some generic insults, then splurge out several long needless posts filled with cliches we’ve all seen a million times around the internet.

Relax man. Go do something productive because this isn’t it. You’re claiming to be an adult, above everyone else’s poor behavior but then immediately go on to lash out at every single person that posts something contrary to what you said. That’s not an adult, that’s a child retaliating. Drop it and move on.

WolfyHopeless said:

May 25th, 3:06 am

You want something to change in service? Write in to someone who matters, not the middle guy in charge of social management, and try to refrain from screaming about conspiracies and great injustices supposedly done to you, and when you’ve said your piece, stop. No one is going to listen to someone who just seems out to repeat the same crap over and over and obviously get himself more agitated by it. It’s annoying and an open invite for Prime, who I honestly can’t blame for more or less telling you to shut up.

There are proper channels and ways for getting things done, and when that fails, there’s a whole wide world of stuff to do while ONE OF A MILLION modes of entertainment is down.

monstergun280 said:

May 25th, 3:39 am

Don’T work for me right now :( and i have played before this Maintenance


May 25th, 6:55 am

Ok so it’s almost 10am EST and I can’t sign into my PSN acct.. get connection timed out error. Is the maintenance complete? I was led to believe it would be over by 2am EST. So where are we with this?

CaptainJames99 said:

May 25th, 7:00 am

this is directed at the mindless troll who keeps coming here to harass. As you can see nobody agrees with you. Everyone here on the contrary has the same valid concerns as I do. Nor am I the one creating shill accounts to give the vacuous illusion of support that you clearly do not have. You are a indeed still a liar and a coward. Just so you know, I’m not mad, My friends and I are having a good laugh at your expense. Heres another lilttle factoid for you. This is the proper channel for voicing complaints, concerns or anything else on this subect which you have yet to address, that being PSN’s absurdly long maintenance which as predicted has borne no noticible results. Hint for you: Matthew Harpers title is “Sr. Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms” which is not as you would have us believe a job involving sitting on twitter all day but in fact directly related to making sure PSN actually works which is something he’s clearly having trouble with.

CaptainJames99 said:

May 25th, 7:10 am

So as everyone else can see, but not you that Mathew is responsible for this, which is why at least his name is on the post. So try some basic fact checking before you yet again before you come back to spew yet more ignorance troll. And if you do work up the courage to come back try addressing everyone else who’s blown your BS out of the water. You could also try using your real account this time, I did cause I unlike you am neither a liar nor a coward.

Matthew Harper This will be shorter and is directed to you. These maintenance periods are very poorly announced and have yet to achieve any real results. Must do better. No other service routinely goes down all day and night this often and still manages to have such frequent problems. You’d also be wise to address the concerns of those of us who actually use the service and not rely on the lunatic fringe to answer for you. It is hilarious but that doesn’t make it excusable and says nothing good about your Professionalism. Start taking some pride in your work Mr. Harper there’s more to it than just a Bi-weekly Paycheque.

pass-ya-snit said:

May 25th, 7:28 am

i am from uk i was playing black ops last nite now ive tryed 2 sign in it says taking to long sign in check internet conection …..why is that people say u can still play online i cant even sign in 2 play online wihen will this be solved buy

pass-ya-snit said:

May 25th, 7:29 am

why does the time say this was sent at 7.29 am when it is 15.29 pm in afatoon


May 25th, 7:32 am

well everything seems to be in order

pass-ya-snit said:

May 25th, 7:38 am

During this maintenance period, you may receive a message that states “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting to access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home. Online play will not be affected and you will be able to enjoy apps such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video during this maintenance as well, provided that you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period. <— load of crap where u get that from a milk carton as mine dont work u talk outa ya ass mate :)

dilbig5 said:

May 25th, 9:06 am

So much hypocrisy…..its so sad -_-

xHailTheVillain said:

May 25th, 9:37 am

Unfortunately you are still unable to create a new PSN account still. So it looks like this is still not 100% corrected yet.

Marveloso313 said:

May 25th, 9:55 am

Soooooo…..Anyone know when the networks will be running again?

wesleydafoe said:

May 25th, 11:12 am

This Has Nothing To Do With This Post And 4 ThisI Am Sorry But I Am Currious Y Play Station Pluss Users Cant Use The New Closed Betta On Home What Do You Have To Doo 4 An Invite Give Play Station Your First Born LoL No But Seariousley I Would Love An Invite

herbalsticky said:

May 25th, 12:03 pm

@18 – Yeah, Xbox doesn’t have these updates, but how many games a month do they get? And those 5 or less games that are on xbox live a month: 3 of them are usually kinect games made for kiddies. Which would you rather have? Xbox with no updates and no games. or Playstation? Updates and games? I’ll take Playstation anyday. Yes, I own 360 too.

soccerstar876 said:

May 25th, 12:36 pm

why will it not let me create a new account it keeps saying error when can i!!!!!!

PRzKiLLz-RaMbOo said:

May 25th, 12:36 pm

Excuse me but I still can’t sign in in my playstation to play online can you help?

Peniner49er said:

May 25th, 12:45 pm

ummm…its like way past the time that you said all the services would be available and i still cant get on to the playstation store because im getting the maintenance message

soccerstar876 said:

May 25th, 1:14 pm

oh thnx for awnsering!!!!

mater9 said:

May 25th, 1:19 pm

For some reason it wont let me sign in, it will for a lil while then it will sign me out why is it doing this D:

HoZr said:

May 25th, 1:48 pm

Ok it is now 1:42 PM PST and almost everything is going good. Last night I couldn’t play Borderlands because every-time there is maintenance with PSN, Borderlands goes screwy. No worries. I can deal. LAN and Solo only, discconect from PSN while playing…easy. I start up my PS3 a bit ago and the store comes up and what not but when I try to access my list of purchases to install something….”Undergoing Maintenance”. WTF?!?!?! Just the Download list? Really? I haven’t even tried to turn on Borderlands yet so no telling how that will go. Any ideas on when all goes back to normal? Being unable to install a purchase I made and PAID FOR is a touch…aggravating.

Taddict89 said:

May 25th, 1:56 pm

People on the internet need to remember that Sony has people running around non stop trying to get PSN up and running. They didn’t just go over their scheduled time and say “oh well, we’ll get to it when we get to it.” But that being said it is quite annoying, I just got a credit card yesterday and couldn’t wait to get on my Vita and buy some new games. And then, maintenance….. An estimate as to when it will be back up would be nice though.

CaptainJames99 said:

May 25th, 2:12 pm

Home is still very buggy, loads of those Z( -1, xxxx) errors almost non stop. Still many problems logging in. As predicted nothing at all has been fixed. And NO sony doesn’t have people “running around nonstop” trying to get psn up. Their heavily understaffed, nearly all of the employees responsible for home have been layed off in the past few months, all of the security staff has been gone over a year. Whoever says sony still has a full and efficient network staff should be writing fantasy fiction. Best advice after last years fiasco is don’t use your credit card at all on psn, either get a psn card or a prepaid credit card those are what I used when I was still buying things on psn.

Oh yeah HOZR, borderlands online is always a headache. Took me forever to actually get it working enough to grind up over level 50 so I could hit the platinum. Seeing how easy it is for people to glitch the game online often makes it harder unless you can find some good players.

CaptainJames99 said:

May 25th, 2:15 pm

just to toss a fact back in the fray, this so called maintenance isn’t about adding games on psn, thats what store updates are fore. And no the other systems don’t get that much less, its about on par for numbers with the exception that psn seems to get stuff much later due to timed exclusives. One late example is D&D: daggerdale, we just got it earlier this week while those other people had it a full year ago. It’s a game I’m actually considering getting despite it being download only.

AwK-Doctor said:

May 25th, 2:23 pm

i have a problem here, i cannot make a new account why is that ? maintenance should be over already !!!

AwK-Doctor said:

May 25th, 2:24 pm

please answer my question

Mr-Mutt said:

May 25th, 2:32 pm

I love it when Xbox trolls can only find one thing to complain about, and that’s when PSN went down. In case you guys don’t remember, Live has been hacked on more than one occasion.

WolfyHopeless said:

May 25th, 2:37 pm

Careful, jamie will just call you a troll and accuse you of being one person. Also expect it to be long and drawn out, but you’ll have to forgive him. He’s only a 13 year old from Canada.

horus299 said:

May 25th, 2:50 pm

Two or three times if i remember

xHailTheVillain said:

May 25th, 2:58 pm

still unable to create a PSN account…. any timeline on when this will be fixed?

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:08 pm

I just came back here out of curiousity… and sure enough CaptainLames didn’t let me down! Let’s see, where should begin…

“As you can see nobody agrees with you”

Except for the people who posted here pretty much saying you’re in the wrong. But of course, in your paranoid mind, those are my alt accounts… which I actually don’t have. This really is my only account. Face it, multiple people disagree with you. Everyone else who would disagree with you probably doesn’t even like posting.

“My friends and I are having a good laugh at your expense.”

You have friends? If you do, you’re all really laughing… at… THIS? Now I feel even worse for you. I already felt bad for you because you’re clearly a miserable person, but now… oh man.

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:09 pm

“This is the proper channel for voicing complaints”

No, it really isn’t. Too bad you can’t figure that out. But even if it was, you’re doing it wrong. No one is going to feel like helping such a bitter, disrespectful person such as you. There’s a right way to voice your concerns, and a wrong way. You’re doing it the wrong way. I know that if I was a Sony employee, I wouldn’t give a crap about your posts. If you were a customer of mine and you were in my business talking like that, we’d ask you to take a hike. We can live without you. Our business won’t collapse because one miserable person decided to take his money elsewhere. You’re not the only customer.

“PSN’s absurdly long maintenance which as predicted has borne no noticible results”

It’s all fine on my end. Maybe you’re doing something wrong. Speaking of no noticeable results, have you noticed that your whining like a spoiled brat has yet to produce any results?

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:10 pm

“everyone else who’s blown your BS out of the water”

That actually hasn’t happened. Keep telling yourself that it has though. Whatever makes you feel better.

“You could also try using your real account this time”

Here it is. My one and only account.

“says nothing good about your Professionalism”

And I guess you think that behaving like a jackass is professional? For the fourth time, look in the mirror.

“Whoever says sony still has a full and efficient network staff should be writing fantasy fiction.”

Join you in that department? No thanks. You can keep all your delusional fantasies about me having shill accounts and being a member of the “Sony Defense Force” away from the rest of us, please.

“D&D: daggerdale, we just got it earlier this week while those other people had it a full year ago”

And there is content that Sony gets before the other guys. It all comes down to contractual agreements pertaining to exclusivity rights. You would know that if you’re as keen on the industry as you pretend to be…

CaptainJames99 said:

May 25th, 3:15 pm

Listen up trolls, We’re all getting bored of hearing your idiocy. It was mildly entertaining for a short while but to put it in terms you’ll comprehend you got pwned hard. Everybody, and I do mean everybody sees through your crap. It’s repetitive, nonsensical and untrue. And yes its clear theres multiple accounts being used to make the appearance of having “support”. Tough luck crybabies you lost again. *yawns*

dilbig5 said:

May 25th, 3:16 pm


He doesn’t play games so i dont know why you bother replying lol -_-

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:20 pm

“We’re all getting bored of hearing your idiocy”

It’s the other way around. I promise.

“you got pwned hard”

Again, it’s the other way around. I guess you just can’t realize it though.

“everybody sees through your crap”

And again…

“It’s repetitive, nonsensical and untrue”

Yet again…

“And yes its clear theres multiple accounts being used to make the appearance of having “support”

Is that what you were doing last night? Because I don’t need to do that. I can stand alone, junior.

” Tough luck crybabies”

Who’s crying? Again, mirror.

dilbig5 said:

May 25th, 3:21 pm


The only troll here is you -_- and you aren’t doing a good job at it either.

You argue on a blog because you are too afraid to do it in real life (hypocrite). Not only are you being untrue but you come on the blog and ONLY comment on the maintenance posts. I wonder why that is. You must obviously have multiple accounts if you’re accusing others of having them. To talk about needing support, you try to point out that everybody agrees with you. 2 or 3 people is not everyone. And only one i see crying is you lmao. Not to mention you don’t even play games -_-

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:21 pm

WolfyHopeless, dilbig5, and myself have all thoroughly destroyed your arguments, CaptainLames. I hope you’ll get a clue soon.

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:23 pm


I’m just killing time, waiting for an important phone call… after that I’m going to get some lunch and then get back to gaming here on my day off…

Taddict89 said:

May 25th, 3:25 pm

@CaptainJames99 … you basically just said that Sony has this HUGE service, that millions of people use daily to literally give Sony piles of money, and getting it back up and running isn’t there top priority right now. So what if they are under staffed, PSN+Down time = long, hard hours for Sony employees. Oh and a side note, Home sucks anyway it has since day one, if your main source of entertainment from your PS3 is Home, then you wasted $299.99.

dilbig5 said:

May 25th, 3:25 pm


I got my nephew over playing LBP while I play on my PC. Add me if you got any good games.

WolfyHopeless said:

May 25th, 3:27 pm

Boom, roasted. lol

WolfyHopeless said:

May 25th, 3:28 pm

Off to work, but feel free to add me as well fellas.

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:33 pm

Holy… 26 platinums?!?!

Yeah I’ll add ya… simply because you actually have some sensibility.

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 25th, 3:34 pm

I’ll add you too Wolfy.

dilbig5 said:

May 25th, 3:35 pm

i got a guy on my friends list with 59 platinums, if not 60 yet

Taddict89 said:

May 25th, 3:41 pm

Oh and also “don’t use your credit card at all on psn, either get a psn card or a prepaid credit card” … no one said my master card isn’t a pre-paid credit card…..did they?

waldowalso said:

May 25th, 6:43 pm

Wow PSN is still not working very well for me tonight. I logged in ok, bought a few games, but downloading them…a total nightmare. I’ve been struggling for hours now. Worst night I’ve ever had with PSN. Still trying to get my games downloaded correctly into my PSP. Now its telling me it can’t transfer for some reason. So now I’m re downloading the game…I’ve never experienced such an awful night with PSN.

waldowalso said:

May 25th, 9:42 pm

So fed up with it. I’ve been using PSN for years. So I bought Persona 3 and Valyrie Chronicles 2 DLC tonight. I try to download them and it takes forever. But after many attempts they are finally on my game list. But that’s a problem too. The list is broken down into categories as you know, minis, PS1, PSP…well my two new games went into the “not installed” list and no matter what I do I CANNOT down load them to my psp. Even reformated on of my cards, no good. I get the wonderful error code 80048A80.
Now I can download other games on the “good lists (minis, ps1, psp)” so I know the info can indeed be transferred. When they downloaded they come come up in “bubbles” on the list rather than squares if you know what I mean.
I cannot find the answers and I probably won’t find them here either. Can anyone here please help me access the games I just blew 40 bucks on? I have only one PSP connected to the same account I’ve been using for years.

Mr-Mutt said:

May 26th, 12:00 am

I think it’s funny how people are yelling at others for using a blog to seem smart, when they’re doing the same thing back by saying that. And really, can you blame them for using a blog? Do you want them to come to your house and fight you?

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